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You Know Better - Part 15 - Bait

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Story Description: Peter and the reader develop a slow relationship.

Part Description: You make phone calls to Derek and Peter.

Warnings/Labels: Language, Sexual Tension?

Approx. Word Count: 1,500

A/N: So I hope this is okay. I feel like the reader goes from sad and questioning to turned on and all in way too quick… But it also felt kind of natural. I don’t know. Let me know if you think it’s too much.

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This is how I will love you. I will wrap my hands around each of my organs and rip them out one by one. I will call it poetry and make you watch. I will blame you for the mess. When it rains, I will take you out to taste the thunder with me. We will dance until lightning strikes the ground around our feet. We won’t stop until flames kiss our skin. When you complain about the way your toes burn, I will convince you that this is called love, and you will whisper an apology into my lips. I will be thinking of metaphors when you touch me. And when the winds become too strong, when it is all screaming chimes and unhinged doors, I won’t stay to clean up the mess. I will pack my things while you beg me not to go. I will write a love letter in the broken glass. I will sign it with my blood on the way out. All of my poems have sharp teeth and they are a warning that I do not do anything in a whisper. No. I am the type of person who comes with a first aid kit. Just in case you hurt yourself while loving me. Just in case it almost kills you.
—  Y.Z, I should come with warning labels

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Hey everyone. It’s yet another post about the divide of good and evil. This one is more on the level of what's appropriate. How do we decide what should be allowed,and what shouldn’t. And the decisions behind that.

You have probably heard of the new warning labels that have been proposed, to go on Cigarette packets, of people who have been affected by cigarettes. Ya’ know, gross lips, nasty teach, dried up lungs, etc, with a, “smoking kills message.” The Tobacco companies are now suing the government, because they’re being forced to basically rally against their own product. One thing’s for sure, a picture of a pack of Malboros with cancer lung won’t get any reblogs on Tumblr, haw.

I’ve been watching Breaking Bad like crazy, and on that show, one of the main characters, Walt was talking to his DEA brother in law about how the cuban cigars they were smoking were illegal,and that were they living in 1932 the beers they were drinking would be illegal, and in 1933, drinking that beer would be totally legal. And it got me thinking, “hey that’s right, suddenly it’s not bad anymore, that line of law was just, erased.”

Think about swear words. Fuck. That’s a bad word. Why? Because we were taught it was. What about F*ck. That’s printable, you can see that in any publication. Why? It’s the same word, just one letter is blurred. You know what that word is, you visualized it,and probably said it to yourself in your head. But it’s not bad anymore. Language fascinates me. It can offend,destroy,create,etc. Just say the word, FUCK. Just think of it without meaning for a second. Nothing. Granted, you can do it with any word, but my point is these words are just so looked down upon, even if it means the same thing as a less naughty word.  If you say it on TV and just bleep it, that’s fine. You didn’t hear the word. You’ll live. That’ll save the children.

Back to the case of the cigarrettes, where do you stand? Are you okay  with those labels on the boxes? Feel free to reply and be honest. I won’t judge either way, partly because I’m torn on the issue as well. I think the decision to smoke a cigarette is stupid, but there are a lot of things that are stupid. What if the government decides it doesn’t like some rap artists, because of their racy lyrics. And on his album,aside from the Parental Warning, there is a giant paragraph, with a picture of a murdered child, saying how the lyrics may result in violence similar,and that you should listen at your own risk? 

When you get in the habit of drawing the line, you constantly wonder, when that line needs to be adjusted. I think about my decisions all the time. If I allow that, why can’t that be allowed? I presented this argument with the legalization of Marijuana. I don’t have any intention of ever smoking it, but on an ideological level, I don’t see any difference between that and beer. But beer is legal. And I’m fine with that being legal. But society decided that pot is more bad.

There are things that we’ll always decide are bad. Murder? There’s no benefit to that, it’s a horrible act that ends a life,and ruins those affected. Rape? Horrible,and the people who decide to do it ruin the affected person in more than one way.

But there are other things, where the lines are in question. Are the things we decided were bad really that bad?

The government draws the line at cigarettes today, that they should step in the way and warn people. Fine. But what else? I’m not affected, but I almost was, when that Video Game censorship case went to the supreme court. It’s just odd. Just something to think about. Why is that so bad?


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