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“A drink! We should make time for one. Once the conference is concluded, I mean. By my reckoning, ‘tis long overdue.”

Driving (Me) Crazy

Request/Prompt(s): Ay eye mee, if you’re still doing your ficlet celebration (woooooo!!! 🎊 🎉 🥂), what about Bucky being surprised af when he’s in the car with you for the first time and realizes this tiny ass chick is a raging driver (is me. no shame).

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 1057

A/N: Hahaah Nicole!!! Don’t be mean to my Bluetooth speaker! Here you go. J I skipped the queue to write this because it made me laugh.

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“I am not getting in that car,” Bucky insisted. He stood resolute with arms folded over his chest, positioned at least 5 feet away from your car. You rolled your eyes and shot a bored look to Sam as you leaned against the opened driver side door, flipping the keys around your finger.

“Man, you are a hundred years old, a war veteran, a POW, a stone cold assassin, and you’re not going to get in your girl’s car?” Sam prodded, leaning out of the back seat.

“After 100 years I’ve learned not to needlessly endanger my life,” he snapped, “but you enjoy the ride!”

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things I appreciated in spider man homecoming: major SPOILERS INCOMING please scroll if you haven't seen it yet

-SPOILERS do not complain I warned you.


-uh. it was hilarious. holy shit, that awkward spider man is a 15 year old boy AND a super hero comedy is gold.

-Peter’s crushing on a girl of color who’s really smart, and on the decathlon team. also the kid who bullies him is on the same team. In general all of the high schoolers felt like actual high schoolers and not just dumb watered down stereotypes which was nice.

-zendaya was so funny. “It was built by slaves” lmao, socially conscious teen. and all the apathetic high school teachers. It felt like a genuine high school, god bless.

-Ned. Loved him. He was sweet. And really funny too, the man in the chair 😂

-liked the juggling of the normal life and the superhero life. Spider man always does that but this did a really good job of emphasizing how he’s a kid. He really is. At first it’s played for laughs and then we hear him crying crushed under rubble and it’s painful cuz he’s really just a kid in a bad situation. Loved that scene.

-I also love how he was ignoring his real life trying to be a hero and then at the end he realized he was ok with taking things slower. That was a really mature decision and it was hilarious when tony had the reporters in the room asking about the big announcement, lmao. It was a funny moment and a great character moment.

-action was great! I love that kid, his sense of humor was really classic spider man quipping. It was just so good.

-I also like the villain he felt like a real guy. Also that plot twist that he was Peter’s girlfriend’s dad, did NOT see it coming, I gasped and laughed a little.

-that stinger? that was nice of him. nuff said.

-Peter’s suit is badass, holy shit? Wtf stark, that is so extra. I love it.

-amazing movie. Seriously.

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we got 3C with victor how about consider this....3C with yuuri. He'd probably be sooo embarrassed ;;;)

snz meme


“Can I copy your homework?”
“Yeah, just change it up a bit so it looks like you didn’t copy”

Business and Pleasure - Part 11

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,776

Warnings: Swearing, smut, lots of detailed smut

Originally posted by complete-fandom-trashhh

After that, the rest of the evening seemed to pass by in a blur. Sure, you were concerned about Bucky leaving for his business trip. Your relationship was only just beginning to heal. Who knew what the extended time apart could do. It had the potential to be extremely damaging, but it also might help. Nevertheless, you felt strangely calm. 

The conversation flowed easily over dinner, and by desert, you found yourself laughing and smiling again, the nervousness now gone completely. You were still a bit shaky after Bucky’s earlier confession, but that discussion could wait until a more opportune time. Slowly, the Bucky you knew and loved was beginning to come back.

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he y so… ive been thinking about stuff and i came to the conclusion that i have this really bad habit of Loving a thing very much & drawing lots of fanart for it but never actually posting it anywhere bc im embarrased or something like that

and i really really wanna break said habit, so i think im gonna start posting more diverse content on here from now on!!


The Grand Inquisitor was able to use the right and left hands equally well, but I like to think he was primary left-handed (especially when it comes to using Force. He favored left one even when he had lightsabers in both hands). So have a few gifs with Inquisitor using his left hand in various situation :)

Bathroom Mishaps

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!Reader

Prompts: #3: “This isn’t what it looks like.” // #4: “I really wish you’d told me your mother was in town.”

Warnings: language - but, uh, nothing else really

Word Count: 1.1K

A/N: Y'all, I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday and I’m pretty much scared shitless. So, uh, that’s cool. Anyways, here’s some awkward-mom-encounter content.

Soft sunlight shines through the open window next to your spot on the couch. It’s almost noon, but you’re still in your pajamas, a book in your hands, and a mug that once was full of hot coffee near your arm on the side table.

“Mornin’, doll,” Bucky hums as he shuffles up to you, placing a quick, soft kiss to the top of your head. He plops down next to you, gently pulling your legs into his lap, and scoots closer to you, rubbing soft circles into your calf.

“Buck, it’s almost noon,” you laugh at him. He blinks and turns his head towards the wall where a small, antique clock hangs in the middle of framed pictures.

“Huh,” he huffs. “I guess you’re right. Oh, shit,” he closes his eyes and throws his head back against the couch. “I’m supposed to meet Steve at one for a mission briefing.”

“Well, you should probably get goin’ then,” you close your book, then set it on the table next to you and swing your legs off his lap. “There’s some extra hash browns I made earlier on the counter if you want ‘em.” You stand up and grab your mug, walking over to the coffee pot on the counter.

“You’re amazing,” Bucky comes up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist and lightly kisses your neck. He pulls away and reaches for the hash browns a few feet away from you, actually grabbing some with his hand.

“Bucky, you do know what a fork is, right?” You can’t help but laugh and shake your head at him.

No time for forks, doll,” he manages through a mouthful of hash browns as he walks into the hallway towards the bathroom. The door shuts softly behind him.

You decide to busy yourself with cleaning-up the dishes you had dirtied from making breakfast. After turning on a playlist, you get to work, scrubbing away the dried, caked-on food. A few minutes later, a knock on the door swiftly catches your attention. Grabbing a hand towel from the drawer by to your hip, you pad down the hallway to the front door of your apartment while you dry your hands. You turn the doorknob and crack open the door as far as the chain lock will allow.

“Mom?” You blink, close the door and slide off the lock, then quickly open it again. “Mom! What are you doing here?” You smile and give her a quick, tight hug, then motion for her to come in.

“I haven’t seen your new place yet, and I thought I would stop by with these,” she reaches into her purse, pulling out a large baggie full of chocolate chip cookies.

“These look wonderful, thank you!” You plant a light kiss on her cheek and take the cookies from her. “Would you like something to drink? Coffee? Water? Oh, how’s Mama doing?” You lead her over to the kitchen island, walking around to the fridge.

“Coffee would be wonderful, dear,” she responds as she sits on one of the stools. “And Mama misses you, just as much as I do. Without you living so close to us, I think she’s been getting a bit more anxious and worried than usual. But I’m sure she’ll be fine soon.

“One coffee comin’ right up,” you chirp and reach for a new mug from the cupboard next to the fridge. You walk over to the pot and grab yours from earlier. “Tell her not to worry about me, Bucky and I have been having a great time in the city. Cream?” You turn around, tilting your head.

“Yes, please,” she smiles. “Oh, and where’s your bathroom? I can’t tell if it’s the long car ride or my aging body, but -”

“Oh, God, Mom, T.M.I. It’s just down the hall, first door on the right,” you wave away her thought from the air and turn back to the fridge. You swing open the door and grab the bottle of cream. You start to pour some into the first mug when you suddenly remember about Bucky. “Mom, wait -!

But you’re too late.

O-Oh my!” Your mother’s shrill voice carries down the hall. You drop the bottle of cream on the counter and jog over to the bathroom, stopping in the doorway. The scene before you is one that sends a mixture of horror and embarrassment racing through your body. Bucky stands in the middle of the bathroom, water still dripping from his hair and off his body as he holds his shirt from last night over his waist. Your mother is clutching the counter with one hand, clutching her chest with the other, and staring at Bucky’s nearly-naked figure in shock.

Y/N…I know this looks weird, but - one: this isn’t what it looks like, and two: I really wish you’d told me your mother was in town.”

“Oh, M-Mom, I-I -”

“D-Don’t worry, Y/N,” she turns around, stopping in front of you. “You have a fine taste in the opposite sex,” she whispers and pats your shoulder, then brushes past you, out of the room. You lock eyes with Bucky.

“Did she -”

“Oh, trust, me, she saw everything,” Bucky mutters, trying his best to suppress a sly smirk. “The whole package.”

“I can’t believe this is happening,” you groan and drag your hands down your face as you turn out of the room, softly shutting the door behind you. You inhale deeply and wander back into the kitchen to find your mother pouring coffee into a to-go mug.

“Oh, Y/N, I hope you don’t mind,” she carefully lifts the mug into the air. “I kinda figured I should, uh…get going. Mama wants to go out for a late lunch, and I really shouldn’t keep her waiting.” She starts off towards the hallway just as Bucky opens the bathroom door, walking out with a towel wrapped around his waist. “Bucky,” she stops in her tracks and nods to him. “Nice to see you again, as always. But, maybe next time, it’ll be under more, uh…appropriate circumstances?” She keeps walking, not bothering to wait for him to respond. You trail her and open the door. She stops in the doorway and looks at you, smiling, and presses a light, feathery kiss on your cheek. “Take care, darling.”

You close the door and press your back flush against it. A deep exhale escapes your tight lungs as you look back up at Bucky.

“Well…that went well,” he shrugs. You groan and drop your gaze to the floor, pinching the bridge of your nose. I’m never going to live this down.

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A Real Hero

A Real Hero

Peter Parker x Reader

Requested: No

Warnings: uh, a pissed af reader?

A/n: I was inspired to write an oneshot because of all the imagines I’ve been reading. A song I currently love is ‘A Real Hero’ by College and it gave me a quick little inspiration thing and AHH IM SO AWKWARD HELP. And OMG? This is SO MUCH SHORTER THAN I WANTED???


“Y/N? Y/N what’s wrong? Why are you ignoring me?” Peter grabbed my shoulder and spun me around in the hallway so he could look at me.

“What’s wrong? You ditched me!” I glared at him, “Again!”
I could see the guilt in his eyes as he tried to fumble around for and excuse.

“Baby, you know that-”

“I know Parker,” I cut him off. “You have the ‘Stark Internship’, but that’s still not an excuse! How can you have it, EVERY DAY?” I turned to walk away but he grabbed my arm.

“Y/N let me make it up to you, please!” He was practically begging me at this point.“

“Save it for someone who cares Parker.” And with that I yanked my arm out of his grip and stormed out of the school.

(Later that night)

I sat in my bed, working on a science write up that was due the next day. Normally I had Peter to help me, but I didn’t want to ask him for anything.

I was just finishing my paper when I heard a knock on my window. I jumped and fell off my bed, jumping up on my feet immediately.

I walked over and unlatched the window, and in came none other than the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man himself.

“Spider-Man? W-what are you doing here?” I stumbled backwards, almost tripping over the carpet.

“I’m sorry,” he croaked out. “I’m so sorry y/n! Please forgive me!”

“What?” I backed up confusion gracing my features, “I don’t-”

And with that Spider-Man pulled off his mask to reveal a red, puffy eyed Peter Parker.

“Baby, I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you, I just didn’t know how and then you got mad at me for standing you up and-”



“Shut up.” I stepped forward and placed my lips on his, grabbing the back of his head. He put his arms around my waist before we pulled apart.

“I’m sorry Y/N, I just didn’t want you to have to deal with my secret. I didn’t want to stand you up I swear!” He looked at me worriedly.

“It’s ok Peter, I get it,” I smiled before continuing,

“You’re A Real Hero.”

touch • zach dempsey pt. 1

a/n: i combined like 3 requests for this bc i’m a terrible person that couldn’t come up with strong enough individual plot lines. 2 of the 3 were pretty similar so i guess it kinda works out??? also this is gonna be in 2 parts hehe.

warnings: uh u already know what i’m about to say, SIN. it’s minor sin though, just some good ol’ dry humping. 

 walking through the halls of liberty high was definitely not a task that you enjoyed. at first, you passed all of the cheerleaders everyday, wishing that you could look like them. with their flat stomachs and small thighs. you cursed your genes for giving you your wide hips and larger breasts, but over time you grew to love and cherish them. that was until that stupid hot or not list started circulating. someone had put you down under “best tits” and the harassment still hasn’t subsided. you’re now greeted with animalistic grunts, thrusting movements, and boys making cupping motions around their chest when they see you.

 it was the boys like bryce walker and the rest of his little clique that made your blood boil and your life a living hell. you walked past them, the disdain clearly evident on your face. you rolled your eyes as they started up their little show. you looked down at your shoes as you passed zach dempsey. you always had a soft spot for him and you never knew where it came from. for some reason you liked to imagine that he actually had a sweet heart and wasn’t like the company that he kept. 

 "guys knock it off, you’re being so annoying.“ zach said, attempting stop the shenanigans. you walked even faster towards your class, hearing the boys all taunt zach for defending you. you didn’t know why he had done it, but you weren’t complaining. your heart fluttered, but you pushed the feeling deep down as you continued your day. 

 the most dreaded time had approached quicker than you wanted it to. 8th period. the class where you had to deal with all of the jocks at once. your teacher decided to make matters worse by assigning a partner project. seeing as the class was small, it was practically impossible not to be paired with one of them. 

 "okay let’s see here: justin with alex, bryce with marcus, jeff with monty, zach with y/n….” she called out. your heart froze. “zach with me? me? and zach?” you thought to yourself. you drowned out the teacher’s voice with your internal screaming. there was nothing you had wanted to do more in that moment than to melt into the ground. 

 zach walked over to your desk, flashing you his signature colgate smile. “damn zachy boy, you got a good one!” justin says to zach while smirking at you.

 "stop being a dick justin, just leave her alone.“ zach shoots back. justin threw his hands up in surrender, backing off from zach’s words. you looked down at your paper and began scribbling, speaking without looking up at zach. "look, i get it. you don’t wanna mess up your rep. you don’t want to be seen with me. let’s make this easier for the both of us and-” you say and zach’s smile faltered. he cuts you off. “why would you think that, y/n?” he asks you with concerned eyes.

 "your friends have made it pretty clear how they feel about me, zach.“ say to him quietly, not meeting his eyes. "yeah, well, i’m not my friends y/n.” he says and you look up to find his eyes trying to read your expression. his gaze made you blush, but soon you laughed bitterly. “you’re hilarious dempsey. i’m just the butt of the stupid joke of a list that you guys made.” you answered.

 zach scratched the back of his neck, suddenly becoming nervous. he was usually oozing confidence, so seeing him flustered was adorable.

 "y/n, i’m sorry about the list. it’s my fault that you’re on it. y- you see, the guys put you on there to mess with my head because i- i think you’re really cute and-“ he says quickly before you cut him off. 

 "you? thinking that i’m cute? i never knew you were such a funny guy, zachary.” you said rolling your eyes and shaking your head. you didn’t know what kind of game he was playing but it made you furious.

“can you please just look at me and be serious for a sec y/n?” you looked him in the eye. “this is weird. i’ve never done this before but i really like you y/n, and i’m really sorry for the boys. i’ve tried to stop them but you know how they are. the only reason why they tease you is to get to me, because they knew i was scared to tell you how i feel. you probably hate me but i just really, really like you. i like the way you bob your head to whatever music is going on in your mind when you think no one is watching you. i like the way you crinkle your nose when you’re frustrated or confused, and then shake your head and mumble to yourself. i like your laugh, especially when it’s loud and unexpected, and then you try to hide it with small giggles. i like it when you speak your mind and don’t hold back. there are so many things that i just like about you so much y/n.” he says. 

 you blink, stunned by the words that just came out of the basketball player’s mouth. registering everything he said, you start blushing and biting your lip. “oh, and that. stop doing that, it kills me.” zach groans.

 you smile widely and put your hand on top of his. “for what it’s worth, i like you too.” you say to him. the bells rings and you leave quickly, leaving zach still sitting at his desk, speechless. you walk home, still smiling like a madman. zach dempsey had a crush on you. 

 you walked into school the next day with your head held high. the boys didn’t start up their usual game when you passed, they simply nodded at you. the only thing is that zach wasn’t with them. you approach your locker to see zach leaning 4 lockers down from you, laughing and talking with sheri. your heart feels heavy as you scoff and slam your locker.

 zach jumps up and sees you, but you walk away from him swiftly, making him run to catch up with you. “y/n, wait!” he says to you. you can’t help but to roll your eyes when he grabs your wrist.

 "i hate you zachary dempsey. i hate you for making me think that you actually liked me. i hate you for making me like you. ya know, last time i checked, you don’t tell someone that you like them and then flirt with one of their best friends.“ you yelled at him. zach laughed and you wanted to punch his stupid face. "you’re a piece of shit you know that right, you’re the worst, and i never want to tal-” you started.

 "christ, y/n shut up!“ zach argued. he walked towards you until you were pressed against the locker and his face was inches from yours. you inhaled sharply, looking up at him. "i was asking sheri what you liked. i was gonna ask you out.” he whispered. “bullshit.” you said back. 

 "why can’t you just believe that i like you y/n? you’re driving me insane right now.“ he says, his voice still low. "because zach, boys like you don’t like girls like me.” you mumble, looking up at him through your eyelashes. zach put his hand on your cheek, and then lifted your chin so that your eyes could meet his.  

“you’re insane if you think that, y/n. i definitely like you. i can barely control myself around you. i just want you be mine so bad, let me prove it to you.” he says as his fingertips brush against you, tracing random patterns on your arm. you pull him closer by his letterman and kiss him hard. his kisses back with just as much need and desperation, before pulling you into an empty classroom. 

he sits down and pulls you into his lap. you smile when you feel that he’s already hard. zach grips your hips before slamming his lips onto yours again with a bruising force. you grind down on him and he moans into your mouth as you grip his hair. you move your lips down his neck and suck on it while still rolling your hips. 

 "shit y/n, this is better than i could have ever expected.“ he says as he let’s his head fall back. you smirk against his neck as he grips your ass to pull you closer to him. you gasp and moan out, feeling more pressure on your clothed sex. you move your hips faster earning a satisfied groan from him before he starts sucking on your neck. 

 "zach.” you moaned breathlessly. he nipped at your neck, marking you as his. you were putty in his hands. zach pulled away suddenly, leaving you confused. “did i do something wrong?” you asked wide eyed. “god no, y/n. the complete opposite actually. if you wouldn’t have stopped, i would’ve came in my pants.” he admits. you blush and step towards him, grabbing his phone out of his pocket. 

 "come to my place at 6. we can work on the project and maybe pick up where we left off?“ you said with a smile, putting your number and address in zach’s phone. 

 you walked out of the room, once again leaving him speechless and watching you.


Annoying Interruptions [Eggsy Unwin Imagine - Request].

A/N: Hello lovelies, here’s a Eggsy Unwin imagine, based off this anon: 

  • Eggsy imagine, please? You both are sexually frustrated because Merlin and Harry is always interrupting.  

Pairing: Eggsy x Reader.

Part Two. 

Warnings: Uh, there’s nothing explicit, but there is some content that is sexual in nature, nothing detailed. If that’s not your thing, please don’t read and to be sure, please, please, only read if you’re an adult

Rating: M, just to make sure, because I’m paranoid! 

Disclaimer: Nope, I don’t own anyone. All the characters go to their respective owners/creators. 

P.S.:Thank you for requesting and I hope this is all right! :) I’ve checked this over for mistakes and whatnot, but if any have managed to slip through, please forgive me.

Living the life of a spy was a tough business. Dealing with terrorists and plots to destroy the world, was something you had to deal with on many of your missions. You weren’t complaining, but when you actually found some spare time to relax, you’d like to be able to do that freely. If you weren’t on a mission, then you were training, or helping new recruits train and if not doing any of those things, you were busy filing through paperwork and briefing for upcoming missions, or debriefing for past ones. It constantly felt like you were doing something, so when you got back to your room after an exhausting day, you collapsed on your bed, just wanting to fall asleep.

Your boyfriend, Eggsy Unwin, had other ideas. He waltzed into your room unannounced, a breezy, carefree smile on his bright face, his light green-blue eyes sparkling in the evening light.

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What's a Boy Want?

Oh hey! It’s the sequel for ‘What’s Your Kink?’ Can you believe it?! Find the first under the tag : “what???”

Genre: angst, smut, fluff

Word Count: 1.8k+

Warnings: uh!!!! I don’t think anything! Some mentions of dubious consent to certain activities, mentions of drugs, a little self hate I guess? Mostly dan doubting that phil actually likes him, phil beats himself up a little, also cursing and a mention or two of blood, I think that’s it, but tell me if anything else!

Tags: phil is oblivious, so is dan, cumplay, mentions of being tied up and used lmao, rimming, fingering, sex obviously, the neighbors prob hear them I love exhibition, dan ditches phil, it’s their anniversary but rly it’s only been 2 months, Dan’s a cumwhore, degradation but also praise??


It’s been exactly two months since Phil and I started dating; and we haven’t had anything but vanilla sex since that first night. I don’t know what got into Phil’s head but it’s like he doesn’t want to do anything other than vanilla now that we’re dating and I don’t know what to do.

I’m ripped out of my slightly panicked thoughts by Phil’s warm breath against my ear, “Hmm. You ready, baby?” I nod, melting into his touch almost immediately, I’m falling into headspace at the simplest things lately, in my defense, Phil has a terrible habit of playing with my hair and whispering in my ear.

I press my back into his front, a little whine coming from my lips, for just a moment before he’s gone. “Hmm. Let’s get going then.” I shake my head to clear my thoughts a bit and follow Phil out of my apartment.

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catfish- jared k. x soulmate!reader (part one)


also wtf tris is the SWEETEST PERSON on the planet she deserves all the love in the world and more. so this is dedicated to @pacman-tattoo thank u for the inspo <3

basically it’s a soulmate au, the one where u write something on your skin and it appears on your soulmates skin too and i love jared kleinman so here is a gender neutral jared x reader for y'all!

(also i did research and since benj pasek based deh on something in his personal life and he was born in pennsylvania im assuming deh takes place there)

my masterlist!  part two!

warnings: swearing (surprise surprise!), uh angst? fluff?, mention of genitals/nudes ’,:) it’s like pg-13 dw, incorrect grammar, shitty writing, i say “you” WAYYY too much even tho it’s an x reader and thAtS the PoiNt

word count: 3,182

(one last thing: jared is bolded and you are italic)

You always thought that whole ‘soulmate’ thing was bullshit.

You thought that whenever you found random things written on your arm it was your brother playing a weird prank on you.

But then ‘the talk’ came…

Because no one really addresses soulmates, it’s a private thing. You found out your parents weren’t soulmates when you were a kid so you know it’s a sensitive topic for them and never brought it up out of respect.

Once you learned about it, you realized your soulmate had been trying to talk to you for a long time and you never responded. Then you continued not responding because 'what if they thought I was rude for never writing back?’ even though, most of the time, it was just little notes to themselves.

So ever since then, you’ve been petrified of writing on yourself. Just the anxiety of the potential rejection from the one and only person the universe thinks you’re perfect for was enough to make you not even want to touch a pen. You’ve been told it’s irrational but isn’t the whole thought of soulmates irrational?

But then, as you were about you get into bed, big letters started to appear up your thigh.

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