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and don’t worry Stanley, you’ll get that cute belly eventually :D

(anyway I had to wait almost three hours at the train station today and so expect more useless and silly gafou doodles, ok? Ok.)

hey,,,,marvel,,,,,,,,,,,,,please let my son anthony have a good time as a superdad to his new superkid,,,don’t unnecessarily make him someone’s shitty supervillain origin story without someone actively on screen out loud calling that out as being bullshit,,,,let him have a friend,,,,be comfy in his kitten shirt,,,have a 30 second vacation before infinity war,,,,be shown as a responsible and competent adult,,,let him live pls and thank u


I feel like I’ve seen a few peeps in the Jonsa fandom comment about a lack of angry!sex and I definitely agree.

So I did a thing….

Please note:  description of rough sex.  You’ve been warned!

A small group of lords and knights from the Vale had gathered around the training yard.  Sansa watched them carefully.  They were clearly impressed with Jon’s talent.  She was annoyed that he still devoted so much time to training when there were so many matters that needed attention.  They were hearing strange rumors out of Pike and the Stormlands. He needed to focus on gathering intelligence and building a navy, not knocking Waynwoods into the dirt.  

The match finally ended and the men cheered.  Lord Royce asked Sansa what she thought of the match.  

“My cousin is quite skilled with a blade.  If he spent half as much time with a quill, the North would want for naught,” she said loudly.  

A silence fell over the crowd.  They were stunned that Sansa would speak to him like that in front of them.  They looked to Jon.  His face remained neutral.  He forced a laugh.

“If only my sword were as sharp as my cousin’s tongue, the North would have no enemies,” he said as lightly as he could.  The crowd laughed, and eventually parted.  

Jon didn’t have the chance to speak privately to Sansa until after dinner.  He had only gotten angrier as the day went on. As he climbed the steps to her chamber, he so angry he thought his teeth might crack from grinding them.  

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