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“I’m sorry, Dominic. I’m-“ Harry tugs on his trousers again, finally getting them to slip over his arse. “I’m pretty sure my boyfriend would be opposed to me going on a date with someone else.”

Harry thinks he delivers the lie pretty convincingly but he doesn’t stop to check, reaching for the next shirt on his rack. Isn’t there supposed to be someone helping him with this?

Dominic stiffens at Harry’s words. “You have a boyfriend? Who is it?”

“That would be me,” an absolutely gorgeous man that Harry’s never seen in his life answers…

Rose Quartz was a New Gem Soldier

Okay so I hope no one has done this before but I think I have a pretty good idea of who/what Rose Quartz is.  Let’s start by listing things we know about Rose:

1. Rose Quartz (as we see through Steven) has abilities that so far we haven’t seen in other gems such as

The ability to float/descend as she pleases

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The ability to create sentient plants warriors

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And most importantly her healing powers

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We haven’t seen any other gem besides Rose use any of these powers, but it’s her ability to heal that seems really unique.  In the episode Bubbled, Eyeball tells us that a gem having healing powers was unheard of in Homeworld:

“There were rumors back during the war that Rose Quartz could heal her crystal gem soldiers, keeping her small army in contention with the superior forces of Homeworld”

According to this quote, Rose seems to be the only gem that can heal other gems, otherwise she wouldn’t have had an advantage over Homeworld in the war.

Which brings me to my 2nd point:

2. There is probably only one Rose Quartz

Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone in the show refer to Rose as “a Rose Quartz”. Not any of the Crystal Gems, not any of the Homeworld gems, no one.  She’s simply Rose Quartz.  In the episode Bismuth, Bismuth describes Rose as 

“Just another Quartz soldier, made right here in the dirt”

Why does she refer to Rose as another quartz soldier, not another Rose Quartz soldier?  If there had been other Rose Quartzes you’d think she’d say “another Rose Quartz soldier” but she doesn’t.  Just the way Rose is talked about in the show makes it seem like she is the only one of her kind.

So here’s what I’m thinking:

What if Rose Quartz was a new super soldier that Pink Diamond created?

We already know that the Earth colony had an abundance of resources for Homeworld. In Back to the Moon, when Eyeball is talking about the beginning of the Earth colony she says that:

 “Big, warm pieces of quartz – like this mountain over here – were being created from its rich minerals with great success.” 

What if Pink Diamond decided to use these resources to create a new group of gem soldiers with brand new abilities: Rose Quartzes? So she created the first one, the Rose Quartz we all know today, as a test to see if she would create more.  This is why Rose is more powerful than most other gems, which usually only have one or two powers.  This is also why she has a power unique to only her: healing abilities.  

If Rose is in fact a new super soldier for Homeworld it would also explain why she has such a strong sense of identity and independence.  She never thought of herself as a simply another part of a machine because she was the only one of her kind.  She never had to identify as Rose Quartz Facet ___ Cut ____ like all other gems.  She saw herself as her own, independent being. If she was created to be a test it would also mean she didn’t have a set place or role in Homeworld’s system yet, so she felt she could shape her own destiny.  She wanted other gems to have the same opportunities too.

This is just a theory so let me know if anyone finds anything to support or disprove it.

TL DR: Rose Quartz was the first/only member of a new group of gem soldiers, explaining why she has so many unique abilities and a strong sense of independence