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let your hair down, part 3

 Smut. Very smutty. I warned you ;)

Rating: Mature. Strong language, some c-words for example. Sexual content. Obviously. 

If you are looking for one of those stories in which Newt is shy and unassertive or unsure- keep looking. In my headcanon he’s very confident when it comes to things he’s certain of. And uh, of this he is certain.

Part 1 https://newtscamaginesfanfics.tumblr.com/post/153971357808/let-your-hair-down-part-1

Part 2 https://newtscamaginesfanfics.tumblr.com/post/154065505973/let-your-hair-down-part-2

“Neither of you rushed to move just yet; after all, you had all night.”

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