As asks estão abertas!

Pt: Oi anjinhos, estou aqui para avisar que abrirei as asks novamente^^ já que elas estão fechadas por causa do grande número de asks. Mas agora ela está de volta! Então,podem começar a fazer seus pedidos. Mas é claro,com educação ✊💞.

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Eng : Hi angels, I’m here to tell you that I’ll open the asks again ^^ since they are closed because of the large number of asks. But now she’s back! Then they can start making their requests. But of course, with education ✊💞

Hey guys, just a heads up -

Viagogo is advertising Queen tickets on here.

Do not, under any circumstances, purchase anything from Viagogo.

They routinely add additional fees – $50 tickets at the check out, but then they charge you a $200 processing fee (yes, $200), and there is no way to get your money back. And then you rock up at the concert in question and find that there are four other people with your same ticket, because you were all sold fakes.

A colleague of mine had this happen – two tickets, and they should have been $70 all up. $475 was taken from her account. They weren’t able to get the unapproved money back.

Adding insult to injury, weeks later they arrived at the show, went to buzz in their ticket and it bounced. Someone else had already used that ticket to get in. Security went and found the person, and while this was happening, more security brought over a third person who also had the same ticket. The person who had arrived first had the legit ticket, and the other two were fakes. Fakes that cost nearly $500.

They have 2,479 one-star reviews on Product Review, the last of which was shared 17 hours ago, all with similar stories.

Don’t buy anything from Viagogo. They will rob you blind, and you won’t even get to see the show.

If you receive a YouTube link to EiRPoAFl-P4 DON’T click on it

It’s a music video with rapid flashing colours/lights. I have very minor epilepsy, just focal seizures, and I maybe watched ten seconds before literally nothing was real around me and I think I’m going to throw up and have a heart attack.

@ the asshole who sent me that, launch yourself into space and die.


There is a blog out there called:


PLEASE I beg of any of you who post selfies, body pictures, weight loss progress, if you have an eating disorder, if you use the tags ‘me’ or 'mine’ to BLOCK THIS BLOG.

He will steal your pictures, he will not remove them even if you ask, and it doesn’t matter if you are underage. This person is a predator. He will reblog your pictures and attach a disgusting and usually degrading caption to them, please do yourself a favour and block him. He will most likely steal multiple pictures if he can, so it’s best to block him before he can steal more or steal them at all. His followers will harass you also, it is very very annoying and not worth the hassle.

Spread the word to any of your friends who post selfies or any form of body pictures. You all deserve better.

To all parents out there: when you’ll go watch Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR LITTLE KIDS ALONG

Okay, I need to say this. When I went to the theatre yesterday, a good half of the audience was composed by children. Most of them looked like they were somewhere between four and six years old, and they were all happy because they were going to watch dinosaurs on the big screen. But I want you to know that THIS IS NOT A MOVIE SUITED FOR LITTLE CHILDREN.

Especially during the second half, there was a particularly strong scene involving the little girl and one of the dinosaurs. It was nothing graphic (as were a lot of other scenes oh my god no baby deserves to see those things), but it had a lot of suspence and was honestly creepy. Now, I’m a grown up gal, I can go to sleep peacefully after watching something like this. But the kid two rows ahead of me, the poor baby who started sobbing uncontrollably and kept repeating that he was afraid? I don’t fucking think so, and it pisses me off.

I don’t want to walk into a room just to find children screaming in terror because their parents didn’t gather enough information on the movie they were about to watch, and that’s exactly what happened yesterday. NO KID DESERVES TO BE SCARED SHITLESS LIKE THE ONES I SAW YESTERDAY.

So please, parents, if you want to watch Fallen Kingdom because your little ones asked you to, please tell them no. If you want to watch Fallen Kingdom because you’re a fan, please hire a babysitter for two hours. And please, pass it on.

hey tumblr, stop romanticizing mental illness

•stop romanticizing mental illness

•stop romanticizing mental illness

•stop romanticizing mental illness

•stop romanticizing mental illness

•stop romanticizing mental illness

•stop romanticizing mental illness

  • stop romanticizing mental illness
  1. stop romanticizing mental illness











nobody appreciates this. it’s not cute. it’s not beautiful. stop it.

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He really is the realest ~

aahhhhh guys!!!! heres the finished collab with @satur-nya!! I am over the moon about how this came out! I did the lines and Saturn did the colors! she’s the sweetest and im so glad she wanted to work with me. <3333 She even turned it into a gif???? omfg. 

I cant wait to work with you again Mi <33

Continuation to this

!I tried to redraw my old concept about a dating game (sort of) with youkai.

You are some guy who is investigating some strange phenomena at a certain school and you suspect some students are just youkai in disguise. It’s up to you to uncover their secrets. The true end is you dying.

Depending on your choices, you might get the bad (but true) end where you will uncover their secret and they will kill you. The false good end is that you will never know what they are and you will get to date them. 

Here are their original sketches from 4 years ago haha

Redrawing concepts is fun~

for every note this gets I won’t self harm for a day. if you reblog this i’ll put your URL into a jar and each time i feel like harming myself, i’ll pull out a name & dm that user “thank you for caring.”

I’ve felt like self harming more and more lately, but haven’t because I cant find anything to self harm with.