Guys, I just want to re-alliterate:

Episode four is really, really bad.

There is a fuckton of triggering content and things that will set you off. I don’t cry about stories or books or movies or games unless an animal dies, but this episode had me physically ill for hours after.

I’m not saying don’t play it. In fact, do it; it’s hella good, and I think it’s the best episode so far. But if you are someone who gets triggered easily, play with someone beside you or talk to someone the entire time so they can help you get through it. There are parts in the episode that are traumatizing just from audio alone; if it gets too much, the best advice would be to either take a break and come back to it, or put some headphones in, listen to peaceful music and play just on subtitles.

I just want to look out for this fandom. Most of you are nothing short of precious cinnamon rolls, and I don’t want any of you getting hurt.

That being said, not everyone in this network have played yet, so not everyone can help you. If you’re worried about ruining the game for someone by asking about a spoiler, we can add our main blogs below so you can ask someone directly.

Please be safe guys. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, reassurance, or just have someone to talk to about the episode.

We’ll add our urls at the bottom. Stay safe, everyone. I love you.

- Admin Kait

People who have played so far in the network: Admin Kait - Admin Minx - Admin Charmander - Admin Liz - Admin Janine

I hate seeing OCs and Canon characters receive anon hate or complaints because their characters are “too dark”, especially Dark!Tens/Time Lord Victorious RP blogs. Even in their descriptions they warn and tell you that they are playing an evil character and to expect evil things to happen and possibly happen to you. If you can’t handle this, you probably shouldn’t follow their blogs nor argue with them about such things when you were warned about said things. Just saying…

Anon messages
  • Lately I have been getting some creepy and mean anonymous hate on this blog... So this is a warning. If the anon hate continues I will turn off anonymous messages entirely. If you have a problem with me I get it... But don't ruin it for all my followers who want to submit stuff to me and are shy. Please be considerate of others.
  • Thank you.
  • -ImaginesEverywhere
WARNING: Disable Adobe Flash ASAP.

Please disable Adobe Flash until further notice. A group of hackers have hacked into the program for it and leaked a vulnerability that lets a malicious program do whatever it wishes to your computer via flash. This is currently ranked as a critical rating by Adobe.

These can mean forcing different sites to appear with flash on it (Screamers or revolting videos) and possibly encrypting your entire HDD.

Please, do not open any untrusted flash content. Try to avoid opening flash content in general. I am begging you to share this information. Make your own posts, tell your family and friends, or anyone you know who has a computer. This is for you and your computer’s safety.

Source: Adobe and CERT

Please update your Adobe Flash to solve this issue. Thank you for all the people who contacted me with the update. 


Over the past 24 hours I have been notified by several people about pages of Peter & Company and other pieces of my artwork being supposedly “available for sale” through a site called Wallpart (which I will not link in this post, for reasons explained below), and in the same time span I have seen many other artists make journals/submissions/posts talking about finding their own work on there as well. Naturally, the inclination of any artist finding their work available for sale without their consent is to head to the “Report Violation” link attached to every listing and file a complaint to have it removed.


This site already has a bit of a history, and I’ve read several posts from people who dove into their site code and snooped around. Long story short, there are some very devious bait-and-switch tactics going on. Essentially:

- I have not found any confirmation that they are actually selling any of the images/prints that appear on their site. Their “search function” is nothing but scraper software, which essentially just loads up hits from Google Images and displays them within a pre-built “shop” template based on the image’s resolution. This is why every single piece on there has a title that is lifted directly from whatever gallery site (FA/DA/Weasyl) or general website was hosting it. Example: They have my title card from my Kickstarter page for the P&C pilot, with the title lifted straight off the description.
- The dependence on Google Images is also why doing a search for your own name will turn up different results each time, or possibly no results at all, even though the listings still seem to exist if you have a direct URL to them. Their “search” function never actually searches their own listings; it even offers the same real-time suggestions that you’d get from a Google search bar. Confusingly enough, performing the same search multiple times often returns different results at different times throughout the day. I was able to find dozens of P&C pages supposedly for sale by searching my name yesterday, but today none of them show up in search results – even though the direct links to the page forms (which I saved) still exist.
- Their “Report Violation” link is actually a 100% phishing form. If you fill it out, no matter what you put there, you will be sending them a LOT more than you anticipated. This is actually the main purpose for the site’s existence – they completely anticipate artists being upset about their work supposedly being sold, so they developed a system to exploit those who complain.
- Various pieces of malware and other malicious code have been found embedded throughout their pages at different times. This site is just bad news all around.
- The site itself is hosted in Russia, and has already swapped web hosts 4 times in the past few months. The current host is listed as ENOM, and other bloggers/artists have already sent complaints and reports to their contact page, with little luck. It looks like it’s already been branded and caught in the past and is trying to keep itself alive.
- Also, for a site claiming to have “billions of images” available for print, to only have a little over 3,000 “happy customers” should be a pretty big red flag on its own.

So please – DO NOT VISIT THIS SITE. Do not attempt to search for your own artwork in its listings; if your work shows up on Google, it is guaranteed to be on that site. They’re even listing “prints” of web banners and other graphical elements that were never intended for printing. Do not give it page views, and most importantly DO NOT FILL OUT ANY VIOLATION FORMS, EVEN IF THE ARTWORK ON THE PAGE IS YOUR OWN. Instead, there is a petition asking for the domain to be stripped and brought down.

Please share the word around as much as possible so other artists don’t potentially fall into their trap by thinking that their “Report Violation” page is actually what it claims to be. These people are pure scam artists, plain and simple. Avoid them at all costs. 

Ward was brainwashed

warnings: heavy mentions of physical/mental abuse. 

Please do not read it if anything of this could trigger you.

What is brainwashing?

It’s true that Ward wasn’t put through the Faustus Machine, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t brainwashed. Let’s take a look at Merriam-Webster’s concise encyclopedia definition of brainwashing:

“Systematic effort to destroy an individual’s former loyalties and beliefs and to substitute loyalty to a new ideology or power.

Ward had no former loyalties to give up which made it even easier for Garrett to take a 15 years old boy and force that child to be loyal to him and to him only plus to make him pursue his own egoist goals. The goal being saving his own ass, no matter what.

The techniques of brainwashing usually involve isolation from former associates and sources of information;

Garret cut Ward completely of contact with anyone but him, also becoming the only source of information from the exterior world.

an exacting regimen calling for absolute obedience rewards for cooperation; physical and psychological punishments for noncooperation; deprivation of food and sleep, constant reinforcement and they’re especially good at reinforcing in the victim, that all things wrong are their fault.”

I’m just gonna leave here some quotes:

Garrett: Out here, son, if you want something, you have to earn it. For here on out, you earn everything. You want a warm place to sleep, you make it. You want something to eat, you kill it.

Ward: Wait, wait. Y-you can’t be serious. All … all I have in here are some clothes. Right? This isn’t fair. If you’d have told me, I-I’d have brought tools or food… 

Garrett: Stop blaming me for your own failure! Makes me not to like you.

Garret left Ward in the woods for 5 years and already the first day blamed him for not bringing clothes, tools or food when all Ward knew was that he was going at SHIELD Academy.

Ward: So, is S.H.I.E.L.D. academy near here?

Below there are Who are the best victims for brainwashing? and Lifton’s Brainwashing Technique.

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requested by anon. PSA; again, I don’t condone cheating in any way shape for form and if you don’t want to see imagines that are about cheating I’ll tag each with ‘cheating’ so block that tag. :) xxx

“What- (y/n)?!”

You broke apart from Pietro, instantly feeling absolutely horrible, “Steve…”