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'Justice League' Statues Give Us Best Look Yet at DC's Upcoming Movie Team (Exclusive)

Ready to get up close and personal with DC’s new super friends? Yahoo Movies has the exclusive first look at DC Collectibles’ upcoming line of premium, screen-accurate 12-inch statues based on the Justice League lineup.

The meticulously detailed poly-resin sculpts were designed in coordination with Warner Bros. and present our best look yet at the costumed characters who make up DC’s premier hero team: Ben Affleck’s Batman, Henry Cavill’s Superman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, Ezra Miller’s Flash, and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg.

Each piece, mounted on a Justice League stand, will retail for $150, be limited to a run of 5,000 copies and will be available timed to the film’s Nov. 17 opening. They’ll be on display at this weekend’s New York Toy Fair.

This version of Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight features his tactical-armored Batsuit. (Courtesy of DC Collectibles)
Henry Cavill’s Superman survived Doomsday’s attack and returns in his iconic suit for ‘Justice League.’ (Courtesy of DC Collectibles)
Gal Gadot’s Amazonian warrior princess models the same version of her classic costume featured in both ‘Wonder Woman’ and ‘Justice League,’ complete with sword, shield, golden lariat, and tiara. (Courtesy of DC Collectibles)
Jason Momoa’s Aquaman is depicted in his Atlantean armor and wielding his powerful trident. (Courtesy of DC Collectibles)
Ezra Miller’s Flash suit even has lightning bolts on the boots, fitting for the fastest man alive. (Courtesy of DC Collectibles)
The new hero on the block, Ray Fisher’s Cyborg, is more machine than man. (Courtesy of DC Collectibles)

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