Under Pressure

Idea: Logan’s always been a little… tense, but Patton thinks he has a way to help. A massage! He’s not called magic-hand-sand(ers) for nothing!

(No-one calls him that.)

Genre: fluff.

Pairing: Could be platonic, could be logicality. you’ll never know~

Word Count: 1463

Click. Clack.

Patton’s attention drifted from the book he was reading to the Side beside him.

Click. Clack. Click.

Logan sat to the right of him, hands hovering hesitantly over the grey laptop balanced evenly in his lap. The logical side’s posture was lowered in a concentrating slouch, mind clearly elsewhere, yet Patton could feel the ache of muscles almost pulsing at both facets’ necks and the furrowing of his brow betrayed his concern. The laptop’s keys made sounds under Logan’s fingertips briefly before returning to their point in the air, poised like a bird of prey above a clearing.

Patton snapped his book shut. Logan twitched at the sound.

“Hey, Logan.” Morality began, uncharacteristically quieter than usual. Now, it still held the light ambiance and tone that came with anything he uttered - ever jolly, bright like day itself - yet it spoke to the logical side, warning him for what was to come next.

It wasn’t what he was expecting.

Still, he wasn’t surprised.

“If a dog was computer literate, would his bark be worse than his byte?”

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a smoke, a fire, a sea

Summary: In which Nico and Will are the sons of two rival families, which have gouged a divide through Siena with years of violence, blood, and hatred. Or, of enmity, destiny, and the consequences of falling in love with a man you’re intended to hate.

Nico di Angelo’s life started - and ended - with a kiss.

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