warmup jacket


YOI x 2017 World Team Trophy Merchandise Set (Clear file, badge, acrylic keychain, sticker)

Original Release Date:
April 20th, 2017

Featured Characters (8 Total):
Viktor, Yuuri, Yuri, Georgi, Guang Hong, JJ, Leo, Minami

With the WTT coincidentally taking place in Japan this year, I thought the YOI team was incredibly clever to hold this collab, where the canon skaters who are actually part of the participating teams (USA, Canada, Russia, China, Japan) appear in the visual! The real Team USA even imitated the poses at the stadium.

You can actually see the bottom parts of everyone’s FS costume below their warmup jackets, and the head accessories also correspond with their home cultures. And even though Viktor is holding the trophy…Team Japan ended up taking it home in real life ;)

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My roommate found her old Juicy warmup jacket, which has a sequin snake on the back, and I hear her yell from her closet :


You Can't Go Home Again

So, I’ve seen a lot of speculation about how beautiful Meryl, the gold medalist, world champion, and all-around amazeballs woman could have been less than completely confident in herself before meeting Maks.  Here is my (fictional) take on what that might be.

Feedback always loved and appreciated.

Meryl pulled open the door to the ice rink, savoring the blast of cold air conditioning that escaped into the hot summer afternoon. She smiled at a couple of obviously star-struck new skaters who stared at her and giggled nervously.  This was home ice, the place she knew perhaps better than her own apartment.  She could find her locker in her sleep, and felt she had sometimes. Four strides, right turn. Through the door to the Ladies locker room, left at the third row, fifth locker on the left, bottom shelf. She spun the combination without thinking of the numbers, opened the door, organizing by rote. Keys on a hook on the door, sneakers on the floor next to the shower caddy, street clothes hanging from a hook in the back. She checked her phone. No messages, but the time showed that she was due on the ice in two minutes. She finished lacing her skates and left the locker room through the back door.

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Being that couple at school that everyone is jealous of because all the girls want calum, and all the boys want you but somehow you two ended up together. And of course he’s the captain of the football team so that’s even better and all the little freshman girls getting jealous when you wear his jersey, or his warmup jacket to games or at school. And never missing his games, and supporting him when he has a bad game or when he scores the winning goal at the championship and the entire school congratulating him, but he knows he gets his real congratulations later that night.