warmth purposes

When you forget how to love yourself,

1. No matter how broken, your heart will always pump blood through your veins, because it’s sole purpose is to make sure you survive today.

2. A butterfly can never see its own wings, and therefore cannot know how stunningly beautiful it is. People are like that, too.

3. If you choose to be kind to yourself, it means you are better than the people who hurt you.

4. You have made people feel like they’re special and that’s the biggest gift you could ever give to someone.

5. Every single soul on this planet deserves to be loved. You are no exception.

6. Every time you leave the house the sun is so happy to see you it can’t stop itself from caressing your skin with its warmth.

7. When your mother first held you in her arms, right after you were born, she felt complete for the first time in her life.

8. Someone out there, a soul you don’t yet know, is wondering how it would feel like to know somebody like you.

9. It’s okay to have a bad day. Or a bad week. Or a bad month. Or a bad year.

10. You are always, always enough. Even on the days you don’t quite know how to love your own self.

—  Poetic Moon Child (When you forget how to love yourself)


Summary: You moved to Derry when you were 12 years old, and, to your luck, the monster that haunted the town was nowhere to be seen. However, he had been able to get a glimpse of you–proceeding in taking the chance to sneak into your dreams for the next five years. Until he opens his eyes, yours would stay closed too. And only to crimson dreams.

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Words: 3.4 K +

Warning: Violence?

You sat in your bed, your focus blurry and your eyes heavy from the sleep that still lingered. Having gotten up and scrambled to make sure the map was still safely hidden in your nightstand, a part of you hoped it hadn’t been real. That you wouldn’t see any balloons, nor have any more dreams. But nevertheless, they persisted. After taking the crinkling paper between your fingertips, you then began to stare intently at the lines that led through the town. 

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‘Love’ was this word in your brain kind of synonymous with ‘mutually assured destruction’. It was the excuse your mother gave for why you were meant to fall asleep to the sound of her screaming and crying most nights, the thuds and breaking glass, your suitcase always packed and your mind running escape plans.

Romance isn’t something you ever really felt comfortable with, despite a persistent low-humming loneliness and a soppy heart. You felt like there was theoretically someone out there, but they seemed like they’d have to be such a weirdly specific bundle of things - and even if you found them you’d started to hate yourself so much you couldn’t imagine them ever reciprocating. You stop even considering it, I guess. Years ago.

Then.. You meet this person. And you get this weird pull in your gut, like the video game UI signalling to the player they’re on the right path. But your brain is on edge and your life is in pieces and you misread their sincerity as everything /but/ that, and it almost takes too long to see who they really are. You have to salvage your friendship from the mess that unfolded.
But things work out. Better than that, even. Maybe the bad stuff even ended up bringing you closer together. Life is weird.

You decide to get on a plane for the first time, fly halfway around the world. Everything feels strange and kind of magic (but goofy and awkward and human) and you feel alive for the first time in years.
So you get to have your first kiss at 26, with someone who understands. And you fall asleep night after night all limbs tangled, their face gently illuminated by the yellow glow of their Super Mario lamp, and feel this completely different type of happiness
and awe
at someone else’s existence.

I know, life doesn’t have happy endings. Two people don’t meet and fall in love and.. that’s that, that’s the whole thing sorted, everything will be grand and good forever. There’ll be bills and crappy dayjobs and all the costs of travel and paperwork and health issues and family stuff and countless other things that might go wrong, and things we both already deal with, and not to mention the world is a mess right now, too. But knowing this amazing person would be by your side through all of that makes it feel worthwhile, gives it direction and purpose and warmth like there wasn’t before.

And my brain still wants to catastrophize – what if? All these ways caring about someone might hurt. All these ways I’ve seen other people get hurt. But when someone makes your life so much richer and calmer with their presence, and inspires you to want to try harder and be better and kinder, because you see how hard they work and how much of their heart they put into their creative work and their relationships? When someone gives you those moments where you can’t help but grin like a huge dork just at the sight of their beautiful face? Those worries melt away. There’s no other choice.


To echo something @destiny-smasher said: this all happened because we played this little French video game with these two characters we fell in love with and related with, and a dissatisfying ending that kept us creating fan content afterwards.
That story pushed me to realise you can’t live your life worrying about the future, trying to second guess what might go wrong, being too scared to embrace the present.
That story, and it’s fandom, got me through one of the lowest points of my life.
That story brought me and @destiny-smasher together.
I don’t think there’s a way to sufficiently say thank you for that. To dontnod. To any of you.

But, thank you.

If Enjolras is the sun, then Grantaire is the moon.

The moon cannot shine without the sun. It yearns to be seen, but on its own it is dark and mysterious, always longing for the light.

But the sun will always continue to illuminate what is around it. Nothing can dull its fire, its very being of rage and passion, of warmth. Light is its purpose. It does not heed the moon for existing.

50 Thoughts While Watching BTS Spring Day MV

1. Taehyung and the slight trip he did while stepping off the platform just broke the internet.
2.The sound of the snow crunching is delicious!
3. Where can i get the bracelets on his arm?? Also smart to freeze your hands off and save your ears.
4. Jungkook you look beautiful *sighs*
5. Lol for a split second Kookie looked like Yugyeom istg
6. Who told Rap Monster he could be this soft??? These blue contacts!!!
7. Jimin is cancelling my future goals in life with that smile by the ocean.
8. Even the subs are in color! Ughh so much prettttyyyy.
9. The train dropped him off at the world’s smallest hotel.
10. Then Rap Monster ended back on the train because..um…reasons
11. JUNGKOOK why are you looking so thoughtful?? Is it because you’re thinking about me? *hint hint*
12. I always knew Namjoon was royalty.
13. Lol let’s just throw random things at our leader in slow motion. At least Jin was throwing a pillow.
14. Neverending “Stairs” symbolizing i don’t know do I look like a psychologist to you?
15. There Jin goes always taking pictures.
16. Honestly they are all so beautiful that I’m dying.
18. The vocals are so sweet and pure help me.
19. Yoongi is brushing his teeth and I’m on the edge of my seat.
21. Tae is taking pics too. I hope my eyes weren’t closed.
22. I just want to point out that Jimin is eating Tostitos. THIS IS MARKETING PEOPLE!
23. That birthday cake is depressing.
24. Jin is wearing a sweater and shorts. The purpose of warmth is being defeated.
26. There is way too much to look at i am seriously overwhelmed by this entire MV.
27. My heart is tumbling like the clothes in the dryer.
30. (I should probably stop screaming)
31.Suga in this pink sweater and contacts shall be my ruin.
32. Can you die by aesthetics?? Is that possible??
33. I just want to touch the softness.
34. How do you get a ticket on this train? Is it like the polar express?
35. Jungkook has been at this abandoned fair deal all day in one spot, clearly he needs some milk or something.
36. You can’t sit on a moving train and throw a paper plane forward. It would fly backwards. #PHYSICS
37. Kookie finally left his window view and is now searching for his purpose.
38. Who am I kidding I don’t even care what any of this means.
39. The vocal line is so smooth like butter on the toast of my life.
40. AWH the squad just fell in line. Maknae life must be sweet.
41. *Starts humming Run under breath*
42. Yo did this turn into Inception or something? Did bro really just catch himself on the train??
43. This mountain of clothes is growing clearly wash day isn’t happening anymore.
44. Wait now everybody is on the train?? Darn you BigHit for always messing with my mind!!
45. All this slow motionnnnn gahhh
46. Slay them Hoseok freaking last
47. Where was this shot? It’s so beautiful!
50. Why..is…it..overrrr??

To the orange FUCK UP of a president,

Are transpeople not citizens of this country? Even if they aren’t citizens, do they not contribute to the economy, let alone to life?! To call them “burdens” is calling YOUR PEOPLE, the PEOPLE that YOU represent, “burdens.”

Transgendered people are just as equally fitting to serve. They are full of life, and passion, and love, and warmth, and fight, and purpose, and protection, hell the list could fucking go on and on. In fact, transpeople should be the FIRST to be allowed to enlist because they fight internal battles EVERYDAY. They know what strength fucking is. They know what war is. How is THAT not fitting?

“In any capacity” my fucking ass. I DARE you to go around the country and meet transpeople. Hear their stories. Hear their PASSION. Hear their STRENGTH. See how valuable and WORTHY they are.

Here’s what I have to say to you. YOU are a burden to transgendered people. YOU are a burden to their everyday fucking lives. YOU stop them from living. YOU stop them from growing. YOU stop them from protecting this country when they are willing to risk their lives to protect those they care about. This is YOU.

The 8th House Planets


what each planet in the 8th house oozes. if you do not have a planet in the house, you can always use your original 8th house sign (whatever planet the sign rules over) but it won’t have an effect as strongly as the planets do, the planets are what you naturally are influenced powerfully by. look at it like the planets have longing desires while living in the house, they control whatever sign that is in the house, even though the sign typically doesn’t agree but it’s less powerful than the planets. the 8th house is always activated subconsciously, especially with planets making a stronger impact. 8th house is sexuality, inheritance, death, rebirth, transformation. it’s the underlining ego at it’s core.


☀️Sun ☀️

Oozes: vibrance, brightness, warmth, enlightenment, purpose, valuation, masculinity, drama and ego.

Colors: Gold & Orange


✨Moon ✨

Oozes: sorcery, mystics, enchantment, nature, sensitivity, vulnerability, femininity, vengeance and emotion.

Colors: White & Silver


👁‍🗨Mercury 👁‍🗨

Oozes: stimulation, sharpness, hidden, intelligence, penetration, curiosity, convertibility, anxiety and thought.

Colors: Yellow & Grey


💕Venus 💕

Oozes: harmony, artistry, lush, attraction, fragrance, sensuality, femininity, obliviousness and love.

Colors: Green & Pink


☄️Mars ☄️

Oozes: passion, radiancy, impulses, arousment, flesh, dominance, masculinity, aggression and sexuality.

Colors: Red


🏞 Jupiter 🏞

Oozes: liveliness, faith, optimism, expansion, knowledge, comprehension, masculinity, greed and luck.

Colors: Blue


🏠Saturn 🏠

Oozes: concrete, field, control, responsibility, experience, patience, masculinity, hatred and discipline.

Colors: Black & Brown


⚡️Uranus ⚡️

Oozes: electricity, glitter, bolts, uniqueness, visibility, glamour, masculinity, detachment and change.

Colors: Matallic & Silver


☁️ Neptune ☁️

Oozes: ecstasy, bliss, smoke, alleviation, heavenliness, relaxation, femininity, delusion and dreams.

Colors: Purple & Lilac


🔮 Pluto 🔮

Oozes: deepness, intensity, death, possession, hunger, transformation, masculinity, violence and power.

Colors: Dark Red & Matallic Black


Originally posted by midnightshine

I apologise for the face, but I do have something to say. So, today, we did a run with school and I got so hot that I had to take two of my layers off and reveal my luscious thicket of underarm hair… To which somebody responded by talking about how “embarrassing” it was as I walked past. 

Firstly: Do I look embarrassed? I just posted a picture of myself and said hair on the internet for anyone to see! If you’re embarrassed by underarm hair, just shave yours. My hair has fuck all to do with your life. 

Secondly: why should women feel pressured to shave? Why? It doesn’t change your personality, fitness, etc… So why is hair, or lack of it, a redeeming factor in being considered attractive for a woman? And no, it’s not “unnatural” - humans evolved hair over thousands of years to serve the purpose of warmth and pheromone distribution. Besides, if your preference is “no hair" you have no right to impose this on other people (whether they be male or female). My preference is "not a judgemental idiot” but clearly you aren’t respecting that (it’s kind of sad that the only reason I was exposing said hair was due to necessity - I’d like to wear dresses and tank tops without shaving but I’m too susceptible to judging looks… But I want to change that).

Finally, believe it or not, I am still the same person I am with hair than I am without. I am still mildly attractive, I still have amazing breasts, I still have the best friends I could ask for, I still have an amazing partner who finds me attractive regardless of amount of hair and I am still hygienic, friendly, respectful, intelligent (or at least I try to be!) and the level hair on my legs, between them, on my stomach, on my feet, on my face, under my arms, on my arms and anywhere else should never be a factor in how much you respect me.

001. spaces

prompt: the space in the blanket between you and boyfriend!jimin that lets the cold air in, just had a fight so he’s mad or you’re mad and one or the other are fighting the desire to snuggle up for warmth. hope i explained it well! love your work ♡

There had been lots of instances where Jimin and I had fought. Like when I replaced the sugar with salt making his coffee taste extra bitter and spoiling his already foul mood on that particular Monday morning. Or when he had replaced my shampoo for blue hair dye and I had emerged from my shower crying. Our pranks were lighthearted and we had always made up before the day ended. 

However, this was new. 

As we lay in bed, Jimin’s body was curled away from mine. He lay on the edge of his side of the bed stretching the blanket as far as it would allow. The space between us letting the cold air caress our bodies robbing our warmth. The purpose of the blanket was questionable as it refused to warm our hearts. 

I gazed at the back of Jimin’s head and pursed my lips, trying to decipher what I had done wrong to make him behave this way. To make him curl so far away from my body as if any contact with my skin would end him. 

My mind wandered to the coincidental meeting I had with Jeongguk. As far as ex-relationships go, ours was the one relationship that had ended with both of us on good terms. So when Jeongguk asked me to have a harmless cup of coffee with him, how could I refuse? As we spoke Jeongguk continued to enlighten me with details on his soon to be fiancée who he was meeting that same evening to propose. 

Just as he had taken my number, to invite both Jimin and I to his wedding, Jimin had appeared. The concern was evident on his face when he saw Jeongguk and I together but he hid it quickly and brushed off any explanation I offered him saying it doesn’t bother him. 

Ah, I’m so dense. Of course he’s bothered. 

I let out a deep sigh and turned away from the ceiling to face Jimin again. I bit my lip and rolled towards Jimin as if I were as sleep. I wrapped my arms around Jimin’s torso, holding my body tightly against him. 

“Yah~ What’re you doing?” Jimin said, attempting to push my arms away. I tightened my arms around him and sighed into his shoulder, pretending to be asleep.

“I know you’re not asleep,” Jimin said, his hands pried weakly at mine, I intertwined our fingers and smiled into his shoulder as he let out a sigh of frustration. 

“I’m asleep,” I mumbled back, caressing the back of his hand with my thumb.

“No, you’re not.” Jimin said bluntly, I frowned at his tone, moving to untangle our limbs. However, he tightened his grasp on my hands, restricting my movements. 

“I know you’re not asleep because whenever you sleep you not only throw your arms around me but also a leg over me, completely immobilizing me.” Jimin said, his usual playful tone slowly creeping back into his voice. I fleetingly kissed the back of his neck, causing a shiver to run through him and wrapped my leg around him. 

“There,” I said, smiling against him. he abruptly let go of my wrist and turned around in my arms to face me, forcing our bodies to mesh perfectly. 

“This is better,” Jimin murmured, brushing his hand across the length of my face. He ran his hand down the length of my arm and intertwined our fingers once again. As I stared at his sleep filled eyes, I bit my lip unable to hold my words in anymore.

 “Jeongguk is engaged,” I blurted. Jimin looked up at me with his eyebrow raised. 

“He asked for my number so that he could invite us both to his wedding.” I continued, squeezing his hand in mine. Jimin’s lips quirked into a small smile as he quietly listened to my outburst.

“I know you said that you weren’t bothered, but I know you. I’ve been with you long enough to know when something has upset you. I’m sorry I didn’t clear this up sooner.” I murmured, my eyes drifting to out intertwined hands. 

“I wasn’t upset with you, I was upset with myself.” Jimin murmured, his hands playing with mine. 

“I was the one that acted like it didn’t bother me in the first place when I was dying of curiosity …and jealousy.” Jimin admitted bashfully, he quietly laughed at himself and ran a hand through his tousled hair. As he moved to turn away from me, I grasped his hand once again and intertwined our fingers. I leaned forward and placed a firm kiss on his unsuspecting lips. As I moved away from him, he gazed into my eyes, searching for an explanation. 

“The spaces between my fingers, in my bed, and in my heart are occupied by you, Park Jimin. I love you now and forever, don’t you ever forget it.”

You can smell the change in the air as you gaze out over the ocean. You can see the subtle changes in the clouds above. The monsoon god is coming, blessing drought-stricken lands with torrential rain, bringing back the green to the earth. When he arrives, it will be all at once, like a wave; the powerful caress of his breath will make you feel like you’re flying. He wants what is promised. You lay with the monsoon god once a year in order to secure the next season’s rains – no one else is acceptable to him. That knowledge fills you with more warmth and purpose than you could possibly contain.

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aww bby i hope you’re doing ok :((( i miss u so much pls stay happy and healthy for me!!!

30. Too quick, mumbled into your scarf

The chilly winter wind harshly blew in your face, making you wrap your scarf even tighter that it almost cut off any oxygen. Hwiyoung’s grip on your hand tightened to pull your hand closer, eventually turning to hand-holding to his arm wrapped around your waist. You looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

“It’s for warmth purposes,” he winked. You playfully hit his chest. “I’m sure it is. Have you forgotten all the times you blushed merely because of I kissed you on the cheek?”

“Hey, just let me be romantic for once!” He laughed, earning a chuckle to escape from your lips as he tugged your waist even closer.

Winter walks with Hwiyoung usually consisted of you almost getting your feet knocked over by the wind’s force and Hwiyoung holding you closer “for warmth purposes,” as he would always say. Every time the wind would blow, your scarf would come slightly undone and Hwiyoung would stop you.

“Wait,” he paused walking and turned to face you. He adjusted your scarf and then once he was done, he patted your shoulders as a last step and smiled lovingly. You looked up at him and couldn’t help but to think he was so cute that you blurted, “I love you.”

He froze for a second before a blush slowly creeped up his face. He quickly hugged you and buried his face in your scarf. “Iloveyoutoo,” he would mumble.

“What was that?” You teased.

“I said ‘I love YouTube.’” He pulled away and resumed walking with his hand on your waist. You shook your head and laughed. A winter walk wasn’t complete without him getting worked up over a confession.

I hope this made you feel better my thirsty child <333 Don’t give up bb!! Send me more “the way you said ‘I love you’”!

Spring Fling Works - Batch 3

Seeing things (for the first time) by tringic for justanotherpipedream      

Tony learned at a young age that it was better not to be different (Unless you were better than everyone else, then it was okay), and he’d always been grateful that he’d learned that before he learned that not everyone could see the red strings.

A Lone Wolf by Niki for Amonae      

“Before was pack and Steve and family, safety and warmth and purpose. Now is loneliness and pain and hunger and cold, and soon is when he’ll reach the source of that incredible scent reminding him of home.”

The Itsy Bitsy Spider by Lunatical for Kellen 

When the light disappeared, he opened his eyes again to find the witch gone, together with her monsters… and a little girl with bright red hair standing where Natasha was just a second before, Widow’s catsuit pooled around her, barely hanging on one of her shoulders.

“Ahhh, shit,” came Clint’s voice over the comms “that looks bad.”

This time, even Steve’s “language” sounded weak.

Stealing the First Kiss by MassiveSpaceWren for JustAnAvidReader     

AvAc first kiss.

Burn and Boil (Through the Skies) by justanotherpipedream for MassiveSpaceWren   

Tony was used to running. From Alliance soldiers, raiders, you name it, Tony’s outrun them all. He’s a man on a mission, and can’t afford to fail. Not even for the devilishly handsome Bucky Barnes, smuggler, rogue and all-around space pirate.

A Firefly/Marvel story of space, explosions and falling in love.

Up Close and Impersonal by Hanh for Fluffypanda      

“This rickety cot was not made for two people, big guy. …Bucky? You there?”

MMFD FANFIC: A Shady Lane, Chapter 8

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7


This chapter is dedicated to the lovely pissingonursoul! It was originally going to be the last chapter but I am gonna keep writing this because it’s realllllllly fun!

Warning: This chapter is SMUT-TASTIC


Chapter 8

“That was amazing. I don’t know why we don’t come back to Lincolnshire more often,” said Rae, stumbling hand-in-hand with Finn down the high street toward his dad’s place.  Finn’s tie hung loose around his neck. Rae was clad in his leather jacket, freezing her figurative bollocks off in her short dress and stockings. She clung to his arm for the dual purposes of warmth and stability. She’d lost count of her drinks a few hours back and was impressed she could even put one foot in front of the other.

“Yeah,” he replied, stumbling over a bit of uneven sidewalk. He collapsed against a storefront, chortling to himself and pulling Rae over with him. He wrapped his arms around her and Rae steadied herself, pushing her face into his neck. His smell was heady and thick. She was shivering a little in the cold January air. She looked past Finn’s shoulder to find that they were back somewhere familiar.

The Chippy. It was closed for the New Year, but it still looked basically the same.

Finn turned to recognize the fluorescent-lit haunt of their youth. His mouth sort of hung open for a minute and it was as if his eyes suddenly came back into focus.

“Rae. I gotta ask you summat.”

Rae felt a weird sensation in her belly as if the ground had fallen out from beneath her feet. She was suddenly keenly aware of the unfinished business tucked away in her clutch. She awkwardly wrapped her freezing fingers in the front of Finn’s suit jacket and pulled him level with her. She felt if she lost hold of him she might just float away.

“I didn’t finish reading the letter,” she blurted out.


“Yeah, so…what did you want to, er, ask me?”

He pressed his forehead to hers and fumbled in his pocket. His breath was tinged with alcohol and cigarettes and it warmed her lips, which already tingled (like the rest of her body) in anticipation. She closed her eyes and took a breath that seemed to last an eternity.  

“I know it’s not been long.”


She opened her eyes and felt his face come into harsh relief: Every freckle that dusted his nose, the stubble that graced his jaw, his moody brows knit together in that much too serious look he often adopted when he was at a loss for words.

“And, we don’t have the best examples. I mean, if your cynical toward the whole institution, I’d understand. I mean, I was for a long time…”

“Finn,” she said. “What are you banging on about?”

He took her hand in his and looked her square in the eyes. She’d stared into those eyes a million times but it was like he was seeing her for the first time. His eyes bore the heat of a thousand suns and she felt her face go hot as tears poured out of her eyes. She was making an absolute twat of herself. She giggled uncomfortably, causing Finn to drop his gaze.

He opened his mouth to say something, but instead pressed a tender kiss to her lips. The knot unfurled in her stomach and gave way to something else, longing and comfort all wrapped in one.

He whispered against her lips, “Well, do you fancy it?”

“Fancy what?” she whispered back. She wanted to hear him say it.

He pressed the ring in her hand. “You and me. Proper married and that.”

He studied her face as she looked down to study the ring. It was breathtaking. She didn’t know anything about jewelry like that, but it was hers. From him. And the weight of what that meant knocked the wind out of her. She wiped the tears from her eyes, careful not to spread the mascara that was surely running all over her face any further. She slipped it on her finger and examined it before looking up at his face. His beautiful, perfect face. She swallowed hard, a lump in her throat causing her breath to catch on her words:

“I reckon I would fancy it.”

Finn pulled her tight into an embrace to end all embraces. It was like a fucking movie, except she was freezing in a ridiculous gold dress in front of a fast food restaurant at 2am in the morning, hair blowing every which way. It was perfect.

Rae barely remembered the walk home. She was on another plane of existence. Finn and Rae made comedic attempts to keep their drunken voices down as they slipped through the front door of his dad’s house.

Finn pulled her up the stairs and into his room and wasted no time pulling his suit jacket off, revealing a white dress shirt and suspenders. He fumbled his way toward the record player, selecting a Cure album and dropping the needle, accidentally skipping on the vinyl. He winced at the dreaded scratching sound as Rae hooked her fingers onto his suspenders, pulling him down and on top of her on his bed. He tangled his hands in her hair and kissed her like it was going out of style, running his tongue over hers and nibbling on her bottom lip. She felt something warm and wet against her cheek and broke apart from him.

“Are you fucking crying?”

Finn wiped his eyes, laughing as he sat up. “Piss off, dickhead.”

He pulled his suspenders over his shoulders and began to unbutton his shirt. Rae stood up to examine herself in the mirror. Her hair was a mess and her makeup was a bit splotchy. A small smile played across her lips. She looked happy. She felt happy. More importantly, she felt happy with how she looked. Fucking finally, she thought.

Finn came up behind her and began to unzip her dress, brushing his lips against her neck. A chill ran down her spine and she felt her entire body give in to him. He pulled her dress down over her shoulders and worked it over her hips. She found herself standing in front of the mirror in ridiculous pair of black lace knickers and a bra that Chloe had convinced her was a necessary investment. Chloe always said that it was important to feel sexy underneath your outfit too. She had even convinced Rae to get a garter belt for her stockings so she wouldn’t be hiking up tights the entire evening. Finn swore under his breath as he appraised her body in the mirror.

“Are you fucking joking?” he whispered, running his hands down her sides and landing his fingers on the straps holding her stockings up. She felt a pang of horror that was quickly assuaged by the feeling of his hard cock pressed up against her back. His breath was hot against her back and she turned to face him. He held her hips in his hands and pulled her towards the bed.

His hands raked her body as he made a methodical inventory of every exposed inch of her flesh with his mouth. She wriggled from the attention, occasionally gasping when he found a particularly sweet spot with his lips. He worked his way down to her thighs, carefully unsnapping her garter with his callused fingers. The sensation was almost unbearable in it’s profound eroticism. He slid her panties and garter belt down her legs, leaving her stockings. He then planted soft kisses up one side of her thigh and down the other, lingering over her lady-bits so she could feel the heat of his breath and moving on.

“Don’t be such a fucking tease, Finley,” she whispered.

Finn did not hesitate to oblige her. The instant his tongue made contact she felt electricity course through her. He had always been way too good at this for his own good. She couldn’t believe she had this level of skill on lockdown. She ran her fingers through his hair, pressing him deeper into her. She felt her legs tense up as he repositioned himself, wrapping his strong arms underneath her and pulling her to him with shocking force. He moaned against her and she felt herself about to come undone when he sank his index and middle finger inside of her. She cried out in spite of herself. He surfaced to shush her, eyes clouded with both lust and concern.

“Oi, keep it down.”

“Well, maybe if you weren’t so bloody good at that…” said Rae, cut off by her own groan as he sank himself back down between her thighs, pulling out all the stops. She been with a fair few blokes in her time, but everything had been a pale imitation of this. She ran her hands through his hair again she lost herself, her body shuddering against his shoulders in ecstasy. He pulled himself up and held her against him, gently brushing her fringe out of her face and tucking her hair behind her ear.

“How was that?”

“Let’s just say that you’ve proven yourself to be ‘marriage material,’” sighed Rae. She was aching for more. She reached for the zipper of his trousers. Finn was apparently a step ahead of her, kicking off his shoes and pulling off his socks. They clumsily worked to free him of his unnecessary clothing, exchanging sloppy kisses and knocking things over as they did. Rae reached back and undid her bra. Finn fell over and off the bed as he tried to remove his trousers and pants in one motion. This happened enough that it had become a bit of a joke between the both of him. Finn always blamed the uneven distribution of blood in his body for his lack of balance. He wriggled out of the situation and lay Rae on her back.

He lay down next to her and pulled the duvet over them as they had both surfaced enough to realize that the room was actually quite cold. He gently repositioned Rae on her side and lay behind her. He lay for a moment, face buried in her hair, hands pulling her close to him, caressing her breasts. He began to whisper in her ear, crazy plans for the future, promises he intended to keep, places he wanted to see with her. She sighed and felt his love wash over her.

He planted one swift kiss on her jaw before entering her. They both shuttered against one another as he slowly pushed himself in and out. It was blissful agony. Rae felt herself tighten on him, her entire body pushing against him in wanton need. Rae could feel herself growing impatient, needing Finn to stop taking his bloody time and give it to her. Now. As hard as he possibly could. But he kept this dreamy pace that was driving her absolutely mad.

She could no longer control herself. She pulled herself apart from his body, suddenly feeling cold without him. She swung her leg over him and positioned herself on top of him. By the look on Finn’s face, he met this change of position with immense approval. She took him in her hands and swore as she lowered herself onto his cock. She leaned forward, pressing her breasts against his chest as he pressed his lips up onto hers. He gripped her hips and guided her up and down against him, building up to a more frantic speed. Rae threw herself back, grinding herself against him with increasing abandon. She knew it wasn’t going to be long before she came again. She quickened her pace, which caused Finn to lose all control he had. He threw his head back and moaned, bucking his hips up to meet her. It only took a few moments of this for both of them to crash together in the most exquisite orgasm either of them had experienced. Rae lost all control of her lower body, spasming against him. She rolled off the top of him, unable to catch her breath.

They lay side by side, both covered in sheen of sweat and exhaustion. Rae keenly felt the alcohol again, making her eyes droopy and her head dumb. Every major muscle group was spent. Finn pulled her to him and wrapped her up in the crook of his arm.

“I think we should get engaged more often, yeah?”

Rae intended to swat him, but couldn’t muster the energy to raise her hand. Finn laced his fingers through her hair and closed his eyes. Well, 2006 is pretty great so far, thought Rae as she drifted off to sleep.


I’ve not forgotten about Archie! And I’m both drunk AND high as I write this, so if there are a lot of mistakes…soz babes!

cheers m'dears!


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5 for zimbits pretty please

Everybody loves Bitty. It is a fact of life at this point, and Jack has always been aware of that. In fact, it used to make him even more frustrated with Bittle because Jack seemed to be the only one to dislike him; Jack couldn’t rant about his twirls or pies or southern belle-esque vernacular to anybody because they would always say something along the lines of “how could someone hate Bits?” Or “just give him a chance, Jack”.
And Jack did, and he realized that it is essentially impossible to not be charmed by this ball of southern sunshine.
Jack began to admire Bittle’s ability to put a smile on anybody’s face, and he’s incredibly impressed by Bittle’s skilfulness when it comes to making small talk seem much more meaningful, his ability to make anyone he talked to feel like they were the center of his universe. It was no wonder that Bittle had gentleman callers coming at him from every direction with no reprieve. But Eric Richard Bittle is the most ridiculously oblivious boy, and his admirers know it, so they always up the anty. Jack always chuckled and chirped at Bitty for essentially being an accidental man-eater. He always found it entertaining.
But now? Oh my lord, if Jack has to hear about one more guy hardcore flirting with his oblivious boyfriend, he’s going to put his boxing training to use.
Jack loves Bitty. Jack loves Bitty and how much he loves people, and normally he loves how much people love Bitty; but now he’s starting to get annoyed by it. It isn’t platonic love anymore, he knows it, Ransom and Holster chirp Bitty in the Haus Group Chat all of the time for just how often Bitty is being propositioned now.
Holster: “Bits at least let them in for a glass of water since they’re so thirsty”
Ransom: “Bitty I made a spreadsheet of how many times you’ve been asked to, and I quote, Netflix and Chill’ since Junior year has begun”
Ransom: “it’s a lot by the way. you have some serious game boiii”
But Bitty still hasn’t noticed, he firmly believes that only Jack is interested in him and he still has his doubts about just that sometimes. By Bitty’s obliviousness, he goes on accidental dates all of the time, and when he and Jack have their nightly Skype sessions where they talk about their day, this is what Jack has to listen to,

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The Haunting

Ship: Bathing Bird (Sam x Josh)

Summary: Sam wakes up to Josh next to her. He explains why he can’t sleep at night, and she asks him to just take a break.

Notes: Sorry for how short it is. Just kinda what was on my mind…

Light hits cornea, pupils focus, colors turn from grey blotches to clear, crisp cut pallets of cool greys and warm browns. Skin prickles of cold and fingers can’t feel from loss of circulation. The body slowly starts to register its existence, its purpose. Warmth stung against resisting cold as a gentle exhale escaped lungs and passed over soft lips. Arms… Warm, toned, gentle arms. A heartbeat. Very strong, yet steady and slow. Legs tangled with another’s legs, a nose pushed against golden tresses. As if to comfort its owner with the familiar scent of strawberries.

Once Sam was fully aware, blood rushed to her face, causing her cheeks to turn a dark crimson color. It was Josh. She’d know those hands and arms anywhere, but why was he there? Did he stay the night? Wait… was she even in her own room? No, not a room at all. She was asleep on the couch. His couch. How? Her eyes wondered, seeing the modern globe like sphere that hung from the ceiling at the lodge. That was right… She was at the lodge, about to read a book. But how the hell did she end up here, on the couch? She tried to move away, but Josh groaned, pulling her tighter against him. Oh god, he smelled like beer… Great, so he fell asleep on her drunk. That means Chris was here, too. Sam tried to move away again, her leg stretching to push against the armrest on the other end of the couch. “Josh… Let me go…” She whispered, pushing her arms out to get free.

Josh woke up slowly, a groan escaping his lips. “Huh..?” He shook his head gently, trying to shake himself awake now. He had terrible bags under his eyes, which meant he still didn’t sleep much. He still beat himself up over his sister’s deaths… He kept blaming himself for everything. Maybe if he didn’t get drunk that night, he could’ve run out to save them. If he didn’t even invite his friends, the prank wouldn’t’ve even happened. “Sam? Oh shit. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you. I just kinda.. passed out and the couch caught me.”

Sam made a face, sitting up now that Josh let go of her. “You normally don’t drink on Sundays. Is Chris here?”

“No.” He answered sadly, yawning a bit. “He left when Ash called him last night. You were already out. Long day hiking?” He teased. No matter what mood Josh was in, he always found a way to tease about something. Even if it wasn’t funny, he still commented on it. Sam always thought it made him feel better about whatever was going on.

“Har har.” Sam stood, pulling the blanket with her as she stood. “And I guess… I mean, I did hike for 3 hours…” She muttered, yawning quietly.

“Sam… I saw them again..” Sam froze, looking back at him with scared eyes. “It’s why I started drinking. I thought if I drank, they’d go away, but it just got worse. I couldn’t… fight them off. They ganged up on me and—“

“Stop, Josh.”

“And they tormented me with all their songs and jokes… they shoved me to the floor and told me I was a useless brother, that I couldn’t help them. That I never helped them…”

“Josh! Stop. Now. I don’t need to hear—“

“Sam. I need you. The others don’t get it. I tried telling Chris, and he just told it off as a dream. Mike didn’t believe me either. No one does, but you. Please, don’t leave me, too… It’s really dark here, and I hate it.”

Sam sighed gently and sat down slowly next to him, looking in the distance as she thought quickly. “Josh… I think you need to take it easy, okay?”

“I was drunk last night. How much easier do I need to be?”

“No, I meant you need to take a break. No alcohol, no drugs. Just sleep for a few days, eat normally. It’s really scaring me how bad you’ve become. You’re really thin and you have terrible bags under your eyes. Just… Do this for me, please?”

Josh sighed tiredly, running his fingers through his own dark hair. “Fine, fine. I’ll sleep in.” He mumbled, staring down at the coffee table before them.

Sam leaned over and kissed his cheek gently, removing her blanket and wrapping it around his shoulders. “Thank you…”

“No. Thank you… For caring about me.”

I’m so happy to be single and myself and free and loving

like I’m so ready to pour my heart into taking care of myself and getting where I want to be. I’m so ready to feel love again. And warmth, and purpose, and pride. I’m so happy to be going towards healing myself and finding people who love me as myself. I’m finally ready to keep undeserving people out of my life, and to put myself first, and to not tolerate anything less than kindness. 

N: As soon as you get close to N he’ll stop you with his finger to your forehead making you stumble backwards. As much he wants to hug you, he doesn’t want to get wet and possibly sick in the process. Besides, your fun won’t last long as he’ll start to scold you for staying wet and not drying and risking pneumonia. He’d make you quickly come into the house and then fix you some hot tea. “Apparently you want to be sick and have germs and cough and sneeze and stuff!”

Leo: Leo will allow you to hug him as a trick so he can wrap a warm blanket around you. He’d then wrap you up nice and tight and throw you over his shoulder while ignoring your constant protests. Depending on how far the relationship is, he’d then throw you in a warm bath or make you a cup of tea. “And don’t move until I say so.”

Ken: Ken would accept your hug as well as just to play along with you. He’d pull you into a nice bear hug and then try to warm you up by rubbing your arms up and down. Eventually he’d take you inside to get out the wet clothes and then make you some warm beverage like the others. “Okay, enough of this wetness. Besides, this isn’t wetness I really want you to be.” (DearlyB: Kenneth, plz.)

Ravi: Ravi would let you hug him for warmth purposes, but immediately let you go because you’re so cold. You’d have to excuse his momentary stupidity. He’d then drag you inside and throw a towel over you to help you dry off and then give you a pair of his dry clothes to change into. “You are freezing! Let go of me! *grabs your hand* Let’s go!”

HongBin: HongBin would be the one to run away from you because he does not want to get himself wet. He’d also be the one to leave you out in the rain in fear of you tracking mud inside the house and getting the furniture wet. So, he’d toss you a towel or two and tell you not to come inside until you were at least halfway dry. “Rub your feet on the mat and stay right there. *extends arms way out like you have the plague* Here’s a towel.”

Hyuk: Hyuk won’t let you hug him simply because he doesn’t want to get wet. He’d usher you inside, but he wouldn’t touch you until he was certain you were dry. Nonetheless, he’d laugh at your misfortune of being soaked to the bone and how life is better when you’re dry. “I don’t want to get wet, so don’t come close to me. It’s simple logic. Plus, I like that my teeth aren’t chattering like yours. Your jaw is gonna break.”

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