warmth of breath

I want to kiss her.

Not because I want to feel the softness of her fair lips or the warmth of her breath as she exhales against me.

I want to kiss her because I can’t think of any other way to fully express the beauty that she is. I want her to know that I see her as perfect. That she is perfect.

—  catlanta23

The way his hair looked in summer sun. His face when he run. His eyes, solemn as an owl at lessons. This and this and this. So many moments of happiness, crowding forward.

I conjure the boy I knew. Achilles, grinning as the figs blur in his hands. His green eyes laughing into mine. Catch, he says. Achilles, outlined against the sky, hanging from a branch over the river. The thick warmth of his sleepy breath against my ear. If you have to go, I will go with you. My fears forgotten in the golden harbor of his arms.
T h e   m e m o r i e s   c o m e,  a n d   c o m e.

The Signs Kissing (Public vs Private) ((check sun and moon signs))

Aries in public: kisses you firmly and quickly completely out of no where

Aries in private: firmly holds you by the shoulders or side of your neck as they completely pull you into their powerful lips

Taurus in public: watches you until they see you have a free moment and will lean over to place a single warm kiss on the corner of your mouth

Taurus in private: looks at you with half lidded eyes and absorbs the warmth of your breath before closing the distance between you and their soft lips

Gemini in public: probably catches you mid conversation or in the middle of working on something when they attack everywhere but your lips with butterfly kisses; runs off with a cheeky smile when you try to kiss their lips

Gemini in private: loves to run their hands through your hair as they give deep and fast paced kisses, and smirking whenever there is a break for air

Cancer in public: Wants to hold your hand and has been kissing you at every moment they can get your attention

Cancer in private: Likely to have set up candles and rose petals, but then asks your permission before completely rocking your world the rest of the time they have with you

Leo in public: confidently strides up to you, grins, and pulls you in by the back of your neck for a rehearsed and captivating kiss; hopes the whole room sees

Leo in private: lifts you up onto a counter or crawls over you in bed, putting on the performance they’d been ready to give you all day, and not letting up until your moaning into their mouth

Virgo in public: waits until no one is around or until they are sure no one is looking before lightly pecking your lips or cheek and then pretending like it didn’t happen with a serious blush

Virgo in private: straddles your lap seductively and runs their hands over your chest and shoulders as they ghost over your lips, making you have to really stretch and try to reach them, and then only kiss you long enough to leave you drooling for more

Libra in public: gives you seductive looks, slowly moving closer until they’re practically the only person you are aware is present in the room, and then capturing your lips in purposeful movements

Libra in private: caresses your face gently, but kisses you as if they need you in order to live

Scorpio in public: Will kiss you for the mere fact that you were having a good conversation with someone else, and does it so possessively that it’s hard to tell if they’re mad at the other person or with you

Scorpio in private: throws you onto the bed, pinning you there as they nip and lick and kiss all the way up your body before finding your lips

Sagittarius in public: Pecks your lips between complimenting everything they love about you

Sagittarius in private: Lovingly wrestles with you, constantly rolling around on the floor and giving victory kisses every time either one of you is pinned

Capricorn in public: awkwardly tries to brush your hair out of your face, even if there’s no hair that needs to be brushed away, and shyly tries to kiss you, probably missing your lips

Capricorn in private: runs through all the techniques they’ve Googled about kissing before trying every single trick in the book on you

Aquarius in public: uses their finger to tilt your face up, holds your gaze, and then gives you a single reassuring and calming kiss, perfectly placed on your lips

Aquarius in private: turns on their favorite album, taking their time with enjoying the music before beginning to lean towards you; eventually nuzzles your face warmly, starting off with cautious kisses and eventually gaining all the confidence in the world with much deeper kisses

Pisces in public: probably uses some sort of game, like The Nervous Game or Truth/Dare, to get you to kiss them; pulls you in by the small of your back

Pisces in private: wraps you in a warm blanket because they want you to be as comfortable as possible as they play with and tease your lips with there’s until you take the initiative to make them really get down to it

your hands;
a slow burn under my stomach
growing unbearable
uncomfortably warm, it itches
but my hands are tied up in yours

and you did make me feel beautiful
you said it over and over
spitting the murmurs out like sugar pills
until I started to sink into the words
taking them as gospel
from the lips of a goddess

I crave feeling needed
and it seemed like you really required
the warmth of my breath
and the iciness that always accompanies my fingertips
to bring your own heart to beating
but I should have seen how soundly you slept without me

you were my sunshine
you were my golden everything
that coated the world in a rosy hue
and promised only the best times ahead
you were heaven to behold
and I was luckless Lucifer

but I no longer see myself as helpless
nor you as the savior I waited for
for you are a storm, a poison to my system
wrapped up in the sweetest of smiles
and for the toxins we carried on our tongues and fed each other quietly
the only antidote is time

—  See, Someday I Won’t Belong to You (December 20)
I woke out of a sound sleep sometime later with a half-scream.

“Ssh. ’Tis only me.” The large hand lifted from my mouth. With the candle out, the room was pitch-black. I groped blindly until my hand struck something solid. 

“You shouldn’t be out of bed!” I exclaimed, still groggy with sleep. My fingers slid over smooth cold flesh. “You’re freezing!” 

“Well, of course I am,” he said, somewhat crossly. “I havena got any clothes on, and it’s perishing in the corridor. Will ye let me in bed?” 

I wriggled as far over as I could in the narrow cot, and he slid in naked beside me, clutching me for warmth. His breathing was uneven, and I thought his trembling was from weakness as much as from cold.

“God, you’re warm.” He snuggled closer, sighing. “It feels good to hold ye, Sassenach.” 

I didn’t bother asking what he was doing there; that was becoming quite plain. Nor did I ask whether he was sure. I had my own doubts, but would not voice them for fear of making self-fulfilling prophecies. I rolled to face him, mindful of the injured hand. 

There was that sudden startling moment of joining, that quick gliding strangeness that at once becomes familiar. Jamie sighed deeply, with satisfaction and, perhaps, relief. We lay still for a moment, as though afraid to disturb our fragile link by moving. Jamie’s good hand caressed me slowly, feeling its way in the dark, fingers spread like a cat’s whiskers, sensitive to vibration. He moved against me, once, as though asking a question, and I answered him in the same language. 

We began a delicate game of slow movements, a balancing act between his desire and his weakness, between pain and the growing pleasure of the body. Somewhere in the dark, I thought to myself that I must tell Anselm that there was another way to make time stop, but then thought perhaps not, as it was not a way open to a priest. 

I held Jamie steady, with a light hand on his scarred back. He set our rhythm, but let me carry the force of our movement. We were both silent save our breathing, until the end. Feeling him tiring, I grasped him firmly and pulled him to me, rocking my hips to take him deeper, forcing him toward the climax. “Now,” I said softly, “come to me. Now!” He put his forehead hard against mine and yielded himself to me with a quivering sigh. 

The Victorians called it “the little death,” and with good reason. He lay so limp and heavy that I would have thought him dead, if not for the slow thump of his heart against my ribs. It seemed a long time before he stirred and mumbled something against my shoulder. 

“What did you say?” 

He turned his head so his mouth was just below my ear. I felt warm breath on my neck. “I said,” he answered softly, “my hand doesna hurt at all just now.” 

The good hand gently explored my face, smoothing away the wetness on my cheeks. 

“Were ye afraid for me?” he asked. 

“Yes,” I said. “I thought it was too soon.” 

He laughed softly in the dark. “It was; I almost killed myself. Aye, I was afraid too. But I woke with my hand painin’ me and couldna go back to sleep. I was tossing about, feeling lonely for ye. The more I thought about ye, the more I wanted ye, and I was halfway down the corridor before I thought to worry about what I was going to do when I got here. And once I thought …” He paused, stroking my cheek. “Well, I’m no verra good, Sassenach, but I’m maybe not a coward, after all.” 

I turned my head to meet his kiss. His stomach rumbled loudly. 

“Don’t laugh, you,” he grumbled. “It’s your fault, starving me. It’s a wonder I could manage at all, on nothing but beef broth and ale.” 

“All right,” I said, still laughing. “You win. You can have an egg for your breakfast tomorrow.” 

“Ha,” he said, in tones of deep satisfaction. “I knew ye’d feed me, if I offered ye a suitable inducement.” 

We fell asleep face to face, locked in each other’s arms.


Think of...

Lance working late at night in his hangar, it’s late enough that mostly everyone is asleep. Pidge gave him the schematics to his gun and Hunk brought over extra parts to add onto it. Lance being just full of restless energy, especially after a calm day with surprisingly no real distress calls or fights, uses this time to work on his bayard a bit, reading over the schematics and fiddling with bits and pieces.

With Blue’s helpful push of course since she knows a bit more about the intricate workings than he does. She sees him poke or prod at something that doesn’t need to be prodded at she’ll gently tell him and he’ll thank her as she explains why and move on to the next part.

He doesn’t notice anyone had come into the hangar until he feels a solid warmth at his back, sleepy breaths tickling his neck as equally warm arms wrap around his waist, hugging him from behind.

Lance smiles, a tinge of red dusting his cheeks as he feels Keith unconsciously rub his face against the back of Lance’s shirt, a soft slow rumble sounding from his chest. And if that is the cutest thing in the universe Lance doesn’t know what is.

Keith feels warm and pliant, and smelled of the Altean body wash that was kept in the castle, so he must’ve been training and then took a shower before coming to Lance so he wouldn’t smell of sweat and metal. And, now that Lance thought about it, it must’ve been extremely late in the night for Keith to have to come to him, forgoing sleep to find him.

That thought causes a warmth to flood his chest, placing a free hand on one of the arms wrapped around him and rubbing his thumb in smooth, random circles on the shower warm skin.

He smiles, a full grin before going back to what he was focused on before, the sound of Keith’s even breathing a welcome background noise to the silence that once enveloped the hangar.


Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam takes the reader into the woods for a romantic night, but what she tells him causes a shift in the mood.

Word Count: 1,294

Warnings: semi-public smut (they’re in the middle of the woods), Sam being sweet and adorable, fluff

A/N: My first [decent] aesthetic! Told from Sam’s POV. Inspired by this song.

Laying in the bed of my old truck, the wind whirled around us, cool air running over the skin left uncovered by the blanket I’d brought along. My lips connected with the soft skin of her neck, barely touching, the warmth from my lips and breath leaving a spot that was especially affected by the chill. She gasped in sharply, her hands came up to grip at my shoulders as I moved to hover over her.

Her head leaned back on the balled up t-shirt she was using as a pillow, and the speakers permitted faint bumps of bass drum beats to come through the windows. The bed liner rumbled under her back, but all I could focus on was the pounding in her chest, like her heart was physically trying to jump up at me.

The chilled breeze whipped around us, following my fingers through her hair. If I could commit one thing about this night to my memory for the rest of my life, it would be the way [Y/N] looked. The moon was so bright, shining down and illuminating her in ways the sun never could, casting shadows of the trees across her face and body. 

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10. “Are those my clothes?” (Damon x Reader)

You curled further into your bedsheets, the soft white fabric covering you from head to toe. It felt like you were laying on a cloud drifting off further into the sky without a care in the world. Everything was perfect, well almost perfect. It would be a lot better if you had your boyfriend Damon next to you but you understood that he had things to take care of. You rested your head back onto the pillow and you sunk into it feelings the comfort and warmth overtake you. You breathed out a sigh of relief and gently shut your eyes. It wasn’t until you heard the click of the door that you opened them again.

“Hey babe,” a voice said in a calm and soothing tone and you could hear the smile entwined into the words.


You smiled at the thought of him being back, he was safe and you had nothing to worry about. Not that you worried a lot you knew Damon could handle himself in a lot of situations but it didn’t hurt anyone to be cared for.

As you opened your eyes you saw him slipping under the covers with you and you felt his cold feet. You flinched away and a low chuckle escaped his mouth.

“What?” He asked teasingly with the smirk still spread across his lips.

“You and your feet just come sauntering in here to make my little den all cold, I don’t like it.”

“Oh yeah and what are you going to do about it?” You could tell he was trying to get something out of you, whether it be sarcasm or anger he just loved to tease you. You responded him by shoving him as hard as you could. Seeing as he wasn’t expecting it he rolled straight off the bed. You laughed as you saw his confused expression while he rubbed his head.

“Come on Y/N, be nice.”

“Tell that to your cold feet.”

The breeze hit you and made you realise that the covers and fallen off of you, not that you minded as you were toasty in Damon’s clothes but this was something he obviously hadn’t realised before.

“Are those my clothes?”

“Yeah, is that a problem?” You asked in a low and almost seductive tone which you knew drove him crazy. He glared back at you.

“Yes it is because you just look so damn good in them,” he growled. You raised one eyebrow and stared at him for a little. You knew all the ways to make him love you and they worked every time, wearing his clothes was one of the many ways.

When her head is buried half way into your neck, and you feel the warmth of her breath seep into your skin, you kiss her forehead lightly, eyes closed but you feel her arms tight around you and know she’s smiling. That feeling, is probably the best one out there.
—  Cravings
Venus-Neptune contacts ♆♀

Venus conjunct Neptune, Venus sextile Neptune, Venus square Neptune, Venus trine Neptune, Venus opposite Neptune

Originally posted by yourdaniforever

When Venus makes contact to Neptune in the birth chart the individual dreams of turning love and love into a Disney story. There can be a redeeming glory about love, in all it’s fantasy and sweeping madness and peace. The spiritual elevation can also be profound, the individual may experience divine light through love, she can laugh like God, through the arms of another she comes home. Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. There is a shared symphony here. Aphrodite rises from Neptune waters in gracious magnificence. Social intuition is acute here, often the individual has a tremendous perception, she can read strangers like books, soothe the broken, and empathize with the disturbed. This also creates a conflict throughout life, considering her diluted boundaries, she radiates the crown of the redeemer, and so wounded people are drawn to her presence. In her hospitality, she heals and breathes warmth. But she can also draw malefic characters, those who manipulate her vulnerabilities and concern. The individual may fall into destructive relationship patterns, there can be such an exhuming spiritual ache for love that she holds onto false relationships, fooled and mistreated. Creative expression can be rich and exquisite with Venus-Neptune.

There is typically an entrancing factor involved in art, design, music, and especially dance. Pleasure is the ocean, sweet sounds, good wine, sweet cuisine, and enchanted love. Baz Luhrrman was born with Venus conjunct Neptune, and the film Moulin’ Rouge provides an extravagant, inspired and poetic Venus and Neptune symphony. She may search for a partner that exudes the Prince Charming ideal, a luminary who will protect her and safeguard her. The individual may also seek this sort of individual love with the spirit. A relationship with the spirit can emanate like true love, she can feel like a princess in the palace of heaven, a special lover of the divine. The individual actively expresses love in all it’s fantastical, wonderful, artistic, and delirious ideals. It involves the projection of lovers into heavenly states, and the experience of betrayal when this person reveals themselves as imperfectly human. There can be such a sparkling, glamorous array of seduction that billows from the individual like intoxicating smokescreens. Through touching another person, she is seeking a reunion with everything. The divine twinkles through the eyes of every friend and lover. Romance is the ultimate drug of life, the peak intoxicant, the beautifier. A lover becomes the hookah. Someone to fight against the resistance with, someone to hide with, someone to rest and rust with. She feels she is more beautiful and rich and godly in love.


The Ice Queen`s Daughter

because @sonador-reveur told me to write something about it. 

Snow covered the mountain tops, and the stars, almost competing about sparkling the most, looked down at her. Lucy covered her frozen ears with the hood, and tucked herself in her cape. The fur around her neck gave warmth as her breath steamed into the air, leaving small traces of life. 

Why are you so sad?

The question almost overwhelmed her. Trying not to think about feelings at all, Lucy felt it like a piece of ice covered her heart. Trying to feel anything made it possible for her heart to move, and the pain, the unbearable pain would almost force her to give up. 

I have to keep going! 

She almost couldn`t feel her feet anymore, or her steps for that matter. It was quiet around her, she could walk as slow as she wanted, as long as she continued to walk. 

The view, though, was fabulous. How could something so terrible, be such a wonder? How was that even possible to feel joy in a moment like this?
Where was she supposed to go? She didn`t even recognize her own fatigue, and how the energy got drained from her body. 

That she secretly wanted to just, relax a little in the snow…

Imagine Mark Watney, after many years of being indoors with no direct sun, feeling sun for the first time. I imagine it happens when he’s first out of quarantine, and the crew comes to visit him. I imagine he’s sitting there, staring at the sun, and somebody, maybe Johanssen, because for all her computer-ness she still knows what he wants, offers to move the party outside. Maybe Beck protests a little, but one of the doctors says it’s ok, he can go out, but he can’t walk out there, so mark sits in the wheelchair, and they roll him outside, and he just lets the sun hit his face, enjoying the warmth and the light, and breathing in fresh air and maybe someone (vogel) takes a picture of him. It doesn’t leave their phones, but the whole team has a pic of Mark basking in the sun, and they feel bad, Lewis especially, because in their minds, it’s their faults, they did this, but that pic reminds them that, regardless of what happened, they fixed it. They brought him home, and they have the picture to prove it.

Ashtrays [LiS AU]

A glowing ember burned at the end of a white cigarette. In a smooth instant, it seemed extinguished, replaced by the ashes of burned paper and tobacco while the after-effects were captured behind Chloe’s lips. While the smoke lingered and sifted through her tastebuds, Chloe looked at the Blackwell campus that was stretched out in front of her. Winter break had pulled students away from the campus, as well as most of security, so step dick-head wasn’t around much either. Besides getting into the building, which wasn’t going to be difficult at any point, campus was isolated and covered in snow. 

Chloe let the smoke out from her mouth in a wide, thin stream. It floated along with the warmth of her breath into a cold winter atmosphere. Chloe shrugged her jacket on a little tighter, a thick sweatshirt beneath a leather jacket. The cold bugged her. If it wasn’t for the fact that she needed a smoke, she wouldn’t be hiding out in the middle of campus. Not that she couldn’t smoke in her rust-bucket, but it got old. And as much as she said otherwise, she did think that the snow was nice to see. Picturesque. Max would like it. So would Rachel.

She flicked her stick and expelled gray ashes onto white snow. It was like she was doing graffiti on it. It wasn’t quite as satisfying as she hoped. She’d have to tag something later. “God, this fucking blows,” she sighed, frustrated. She scratched the blue hair beneath her beanie with her free hand. “I’m bored.” 


LOT/CC fic: Central City Rendezvous, ch. 16 (of 16)

Rip Hunter never came for the Legends. But maybe some meetings are meant to be. (A Captain Canary AU.)

Well, this is it. All told, CCR is the longest thing I’ve ever written. And this post comes one day before the one-year anniversary of the posting of my first CaptainCanary fic-my first fanfiction in more than a decade. It’s been amazing, being a part of this fandom, and no matter what happens in the next three episodes of “Legends,” I have no regrets.

Thanks to everyone who’s been reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed it! And, as always, many thanks to @larielromeniel, who’s kept me on track from the beginning. :)

Can also be read here at AO3 and here at FF.net.

He’s conscious, first, of warmth.

Then, his own breath, deep and uninterrupted.

The steady thud of his heartbeat. The “beep” of medical equipment.

Light, diffused through closed eyelids, but there. The faint scent of disinfectant mixed, oddly, with a whiff of a crisp, light perfume.

He knows that scent.

It takes a Herculean effort to do so, but Leonard Snart opens his eyes. Just a crack, at first, as the light hits him like a physical blow and actually draws a faint, painful grunt from his throat. Then wider.

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“It’s been a while.” Frail. Her voice sounded so goddamn frail. She didn’t know how they’d ended up alone together in the barely lit garden when they’d been in a crowded room a heartbeat before, and how he’d gotten so close that she could count the freckles on his nose in the weak lamplight. “Yes. Yes, it’s been a while,” he echoed, so close that she could feel the warmth of his breath on her face. Too close. He smelled of cheap vodka and something sweet - cherry, maybe. The confusion was visible in his brown eyes, the way he didn’t quite know how to act around her, the way he tried to suppress his initial reaction of reaching out to touch her. “Please stay where you are,” she whispered and the hurt that flashed across his face broke her heart all over again. He’d never shared her view on life, had always failed to understand why she was so afraid. She knew that with every time she said hello to him came a goodbye, like thunder unrelentlessly followed lightning. And while he would always choose everything over nothing, accepting the bad times if it meant also getting the good ones, she’d rather stick with nothing at all, too scared of the tears and the heartbreak and the prospect of having to move on if things didn’t work out. Always careful.
“Talk to me, please,” he begged, shivering slightly in the cold, “there are so many things we should talk about.” He was right - they had turned their backs on unfinished business, paused arguments and unsaid words that now squeezed her throat shut. But she couldn’t do it. Couldn’t run back to him simply because the opportunity was there and he was drunk, both on vodka and on her, and because it would be easy to return to what she knew. It would be just as hard to let him go again. “Can’t we try to work things out? Can’t we try to be friends?” But how could they ever be just friends if he had seen every inch of her, if he knew her deepest secrets and how to break her?
“I can’t. I can’t just be your friend.” She saw his face fall and her heart seized. But the knowledge remained: she could never say hello to him because it meant just another goodbye and if she never had to say goodbye again, it’d be too soon. But where did they stand when being friends wasn’t enough but being more than friends was too much?
—  excerpt

It felt like the weight of the whole world was crushing down on your shoulders.

That sounded like nonsense, but it was how you felt at the moment. You couldn’t help it. You tried to be strong, tried to smile, tried to say everything was alright, but it were all lies. Sometimes you just wished you could bring up the courage to tell somebody, but till the day of today you had pulled back every time when you wanted to tell someone.

With a sight, you looked down at your hands which were lazily placed in your lap. You were currently sitting on your bed, lost in your thoughts. Because of this, you didn’t notice the door of your bedroom opening slightly, not the person that walked inside. So when you suddenly felt two strong arms wrap themselves around you, you almost jumped a metres up in the air.

You were slowly pulled into a warm chest and relaxed into the new warmth. You felt someones breath right next to your ear and also felt a slow heartbeat, which calmed you down.

‘‘Mark,’‘ you spoke in almost a whipsering voice. ‘‘What are you doing?’‘

‘‘I’m hugging you,’‘ he spoke, like that explained everything. Without pulling back, he continued to speak, his voice right next to your ear.

‘‘I figured you could use a hug. I noticed how you looked a bit down the last few days. I hope you know that I’m always right here for you if you need me and that I love you. You are an amazing person, and I firmly and truly believe in you.’‘

You felt a silent tear run down your cheek. You cuddled up a bit more against Mark and closed your eyes.

‘‘Thank you.’‘

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millenniumpharaoh  asked:

Kiss <3

    She is DRAWN to him in ways— she doesn’t even understand, and yet she finds herself somewhat COMPLETE. To the man whose ALLURING gaze plagues her thoughts and intrudes her heart, she cannot help but question: exactly when had he become so IRREPLACEABLE to her? Touching the light brims of his visage, her palms REST upon the curve of his SLENDER cheeks. Their gaze meeting in SILENCE as she felt the warmth of his breathe against her own lips. Her heart BEATING an irregular rhythm that drowns away the remnants of her own common SENSE; ( how did they even get so close  )SPELLBOUND to the beauty of his crimson orbs, her presence lingers on. Eyes carefully MEMORIZING every detail of his fair countenance— his eyelash LONG, his nose contrast sharp, and his expression awfully STUNNED. Surely, if anything was to happen, he’d FORGIVE her for falling towards this unprecedented TEMPTATION?

    Within this INESCAPABLE space that confines the both of them, she reaches after HIM once more. Toes lifting herself slightly before finally GREETING his brims against her own. LIPS momentarily colliding before everything she knew TURNED into dark. Her fervent expression EMITTING a rose tinted glow as she shifted her gesture ACCORDINGLY to the side. Feeling the closed space between them, her arms are pulled into a TIGHT embrace. Her sense now DRUNK with his scent and warmth, before an awkward realization DAWNS into her. She just KISSED her best friend. She broke one of the most SACRED best friend rules— ( her FIRST kiss, nevertheless )!  But somehow, she finds herself unable to care. Instead, she decided to CHERISH every second before the need for air becomes so great that she FINALLY breaks the spell. 

SOME KISS MEME FROM LIKE 2 WEEK AGO || @millenniumpharaoh

If I could have just one wish,...

I would wish to wake up everyday to the sound of your breath on my neck,

the warmth of your lips on my cheek, 

the touch of your fingers on my skin, 

and the feel of your heart beating with mine. 

Knowing that I could never find that feeling with anyone other than you.