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my favorite fics [3/?]

my heart’s a stereo (and this melody is meant for you) by Zayz/@avengerlexa [122k]

Louis Tomlinson, an ex-boybander now stuck in the rut of a comfortable has-been, gets the chance to resuscitate his career when a pop star asks him to write a duet for her highly-anticipated comeback album. Through a chance encounter, he finds a quirky lyricist in Harry Styles, the curly-haired baker and former writer with an above-average sense of rhyme and inexplicable interest in personal questions.

Or: the Music & Lyrics AU that no one asked for, in which Louis is Hugh Grant, and Harry is Drew Barrymore, and the slow burn is (hopefully) worth the wait.

can i just… it just warms my heart that the actors in the balloon squad get this rare opportunity to be a part of something extra than just the show, like adam and mutta would be the side of side characters without the hei briskeby channel but in those videos they get to shine, they all get to portray these characters with this confidence, this silliness, this normality, and it adds this extra emphasis that we normally wouldn’t get because the videos don’t have to be structured to move the main plot line along, they exist outside of that restriction, and they offer so much more exploration than any of the other forms of social media skam uses and i’m just so happy that these boys get more of a platform

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And if you leave your brother behind, it’s lame! 

 Cause it’s an effed up world, but it’s a two-player game!

@gayradwhitedad has pulled me into musical hell, and I couldn’t be happier


Can we just just look at the amount of love and support other fandoms are giving to BTS’s Spring Day MV? ♡

and sweetheart,
i promise you
one day
someone will look at you
and see past all of the things
you think make you unlovable
and they will treat you
the way you deserve to be treated
they will be the kind of friend
you’ve always longed to have
they will hold you
as if you are the most precious thing in the world
(and you are)
and they will love you
in spite of your past
i promise
one day
it will happen

but until that day comes
don’t worry so much
about someone else falling in love with you
and focus on falling in love
with the way your chest rises and falls with life
with the way sunlight travels hundreds of thousands of millions of miles just to bring warmth to your day
with the way listening to your favorite song makes you feel as though you’re hearing it for the first time
with the way the stars have aligned in such a way that has made it possible for your life to intertwine with someone else’s
with the way your infectious smile can bring so much joy to others

instead of worrying
about someone else falling in love with you
just remember that it will happen
and focus on falling in love
with yourself first
—  and i guarantee, you aren’t as unlovable as you think you are
(cc, 2017)

anonymous asked:

I would literally, LITERALLY love you forever if you drew a fem!Keith or a fem!Lance. Absolutely ADORE your art.

You can have both, anon!


I got a call to go in and read for this character, who was 6 out of 12, I think it was. It was a short arc character. So I went in and read the scene. It was very brief. I was like, I don’t know, I can’t really remember what it was, I was falling off a motorcycle or something. And then I did this flip and saved [Buffy]. There was something mysterious and brooding about it.