Thor is the next feminist film you’ve been waiting to see since Wonderwoman (spoilers!)

* Hela is a badass female villain who is so powerful and unbeatable they have to create a super-powered team to combat ONLY her

* Thor admits Hela is the rightful heir to the Asgardian throne (over him)…and the only reason he fights her for it is because but she’s a warmongering asshole

* Valkyrie drinks like a sailor, is drunk half the time (and not in a cute, giggly, girly way - the chick is hammered) and gives zero fucks about your sob story - plus, instead of getting the usual tragic victim backstory reserved for women, she has the guilt-ridden backstory and character arc usually reserved for male anti-hero characters

* The movie is female-gazey af - Valkyrie is fully covered in utilitarian armor the whole film, but Hulk has a naked ass shot and Thor walks around like a Chippendale dancer half the time…and the camera is super into it

* The most elite warriors in Asgard were a group of women on flying horses

* Thor admitted he wanted to join the Valkyries as a boy - when he learned they were all women it didn’t make him want to join less, he was just bummed out bc he knew they wouldn’t take him

* Nobody ever calls Hela a ‘bitch’, and nobody underestimates her scary ass just bc she’s a woman - she might be the most frightening villain Marvel has had outside of Thanos

* Though there are definitely stirrings of romantic interest between Valkyrie and Thor that may be explored in future films, she’s not the *love interest* character - Thor wants her around bc she can fight

Angsty Cuphead headcanon - Bad Ending

After the bad ending of Cuphead is completed, the debtors are forced to return to hell and be locked down there for the rest of their days. 

Moe Tato, Weepy and Psycarrot say goodbye to Betty Beet*, leaving her as a guard to their garden as they dig their way to the gates of hell. Moe is stunned, Weepy keeps sobbing, and Psycarrot feels their pain and can barely hold themselves together.

Goopy Le Grande stupidly bounces around, trying to be brave and great as his name suggests. But his bounces aren’t as strong and thudding as they were before. They sound muted, almost lazy. 

Hilda Berg hugs all her tiny missiles and flies off with a joke, giggling, because that’s what she does. But she will miss them. And she will miss the stars. Will there be stars, in hell?

Ribby and Croaks look at each other’s hand at the gates. They’ve always been fighting side by side, since they were tiny tadpoles, and that’s what they will do once more. They take off their boxing gloves and hold each other’s hands. 

Cagney Carnation clings to his boomerang like a prized possession. He’s required to let go of it as he reaches the gates of hell, and he angrily throws it, gritting his teeth to hide his fears. 

Baroness Von Bon Bon gives one last goodbye kiss to her weeping followers. All of them. She recommends them to take care of her kingdom in her absence, lets go of her staff, lifts her skirt, and walks in, one lonely tear tracing her face.

Beppi The Clown hugs his green penguins and books their beaks. He smiles and gives zany comments about what he sees, because these are ways of clowns. 

Djimmi The Great takes one last puff off his pipe. He takes off his turban and holds it to his chest, stroking the feather. He doesn’t feel that great now. Genies don’t deal well with being imprisoned. It’s part of their nature. At least, he thinks, he’s not alone.

Wally Warbles… well, letting go of his beloved chick was the hardest part. After leaving him with the carnival staff, and a long, tearful goodbye, he saluted his bird minions and flew off in an unlikely, out of character silence. 

Grim Matchstick twiddles his fingers, sighing. He hugs himself, because his three heads are all in need of support, and shyly looks around. His tiny flames wave their hands. Some are crying. 

Rumor Honeybottoms reunites all her worker bees in the main hall of the Honeycomb Herald, and gives them a long, winded speech about how things are going to change for them. But she gives up, delivering a warm hug to her guard bee before buzzing off. 

Captain Brineybeard salutes all his crew and pats his ship on its side. His sea minions wait next to the dock, angrily looking at the gates of hell that are about to swallow their captain.

Sally Stageplay leaves a sobbing Jack** behind, and gives him her umbrella as a goodbye gift. She then cradles her child and kisses them both. To fight off tension, she plays with her locks and her wedding ring.

Werner Werman is forced to leave his tank behind. He salutes it, military-style. and a mechanical hand lifts off, waving him goodbye. He then clenches his teeth on his cigar and hugs himself. Defenseless. 

Cala Maria also has a lot of hugs and kisses to give to her sea friends. She leaves Toby Turtle*** in charge. He resists for a few moments before breaking down and hugging her. As she moves to the ground, her snake hair brush their faces on her cheeks to cheer her up.

Dr Kahl’s Robot almost squishes his owner in giving him a hug. He embarrassedly places him on the ground and pats him on the head as a farewell. He doesn’t even seem that scared. Hell looks so… new. 

The Phantom Express is split apart, as the Blind Specter and T-Bone are now unemployed and have to watch the Blaze Brothers and the Head Of The Train being dragged down through the gates. They awkwardly hold each other. It feels so… unnatural!

*Betty Beet is a deleted Cuphead boss and a supposed fourth member of the Root Pack. 

** Jack is the name I gave to Sally’s husband. Jack Stagehand. Guess what the reference is. 

*** I gave that tortoise the name Toby Turtle. Guess why. 

It was fun hurting you. 

(small brain) haha john mccain has brain tumor

(bigger brain) it’s cruel and wrong to make fun of people dying, even if you disagree with their politics

(even bigger brain all glowy) John mccain has actively fought against healthcare for others and is a warmonger, he’s caused his share of death and deserves no empathy from us

(giant brain on fire) wait this one is just john mccain’s CT-scan


Hello Everyone!

Here’s the WIP of my latest commission - Thousand Son Marine aka “The Flame of Tzeentch”.

Soon some painted pics as well as the beginning of the Warhound Titan project for which i will create separate folder so that You can see the whole process in one spot.



Hello Everyone! 

Here’s the progress i have made with Bjorn the Fell-Handed. This time i have been painting some freehands to make his armor a bit more interesting, and a bit less empty :)

After 9 weeks of work on this diorama, this commission is getting close to the finish line :) Just 4 more days left for painting, and then - Golden Demon!

I have so many Anduin feels

Clearly, if you couldn’t tell, and I wanted to write it down otherwise I feel like I might explode from emotions. This entire cinematic was beyond beautiful. Blizzard really went above and beyond in the artistic department - everything looked so damn -real-, which took my breath away. But the main thing that really struck with me is the fact that you can clearly see Anduin’s personality in this moment. So please excuse me, but there’s a lot of pics and a long opinion below the cut.

When we first see him, he’s got the lion helmet on, looking all badass. Even after he’s knocked off his feet, he gets back up and proceeds to go after the troll who tries to kill him, granting us this amazing image -

Looks like he’s channeling Varian to me. He’s standing all, big and trying to be imposing. And almost immediately after, they focus on his face, going from this -

- to this -

Look at him. Look at that face. This isn’t a life-long trained/skilled warrior. This isn’t a battle-hardened paladin who’s fought for years and years. This is a child, a teenager (WoWpedia says seventeen, and we all know how Blizzard is with lore, but it does sound about right), who has been shielded from the harshness of actual war for most of his life. War is brutal; war is dirty and cruel and this world has seen it constantly. And I don’t know how much time will have passed from Legion to this expansion, but regardless.

He looks so sad, almost out of place and worried, and just…-scared-. Like the sudden realization of what he’s in the middle of, of what he’s leading here - not Genn, not his father, him. He’s the one who’s leading the armies of the Alliance, thousands of soldiers against an army equally as powerful. Stormwind and the Alliance could fall in this moment and it would be his fault. And I think it all comes at him at once. This is what his father was talking about, it’s what he was trying to protect him from.

But this is Anduin we’re talking about. This isn’t a warmongering character, we all know how much he would prefer to solve things peacefully, and (I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Blizzard doesn’t totally and completely butcher his character of course) it must have been something to drive him to this point. Look - His mother died when he was a baby, his father was gone most of his life and was only around for a few precious years before he was killed, his ‘aunt’ Jaina has been MIA until lately and Velen is who knows where. I’m hoping we’ll get an answer to that between then and now, but my point is this - Anduin, High King of the Alliance, leader that everyone looks to for guidance and support, really doesn’t have a support system himself. He doesn’t have anyone he can really depend on. The only one who’s been shown to constantly be around is Genn, and whether for good or ill, I suppose it’s something, but it’s not enough. He’s probably been struggling to keep things together for a while. I doubt he’s been eating or sleeping much.

And what does he do, surrounded by death and destruction of hundreds of lives? We see that looks around the battlefield in a moment of calm and is clearly distressed by it. 

It’s in this moment that I think he really shines, no pun intended. We know what his father would do in this situation, we know what other characters would do. But Anduin is different, it’s what makes him so special in this game. He looks at his father’s sword, a sword of legend no less - 

You can see the confusion, the uncertainty, the self-doubt even now. Shalamayne responded to him yes, but you can absolutely see him still coming to terms with it. He still feels like he isn’t worthy of it.  
“I cannot do this father. I can’t be the hero you were. I can’t be the king you were…”

And no, he isn’t. That’s what I love him. He’s his own man, finally able to step up and make his own imprint on history. Because of that, I think it’s important to note the imagery of him throwing the sword back down - 

Something about this really strikes me not only as beautiful but incredibly moving as well. There is some very deep in this shot. He’s beginning to accept the fact that no, he isn’t his father. No, he isn’t a warrior. That isn’t his path. What does he do instead, then, when surrounded by injured and dying soldiers? Do what he does best, of course - 

Heal. Resurrect. Anduin has had an affinity with the Light that few have had before, especially humans. We know this and it’s really beautiful to finally see it in such a wonderful cinematic. I think it’s really touching that if you look closely you can even see tears in his eyes -

We know from lore that Anduin has resurrected his father before, which is something that happens so rarely in canon. Casting such a spell for one person would be difficult enough, but an entire army? That’s practically impossible. We also know that for a character to channel such a spell for a long period of time takes a lot of stamina and strength. It’s exhausting. But he doesn’t give up. He doesn’t stop to take a breather. He stands tall with the rejuvenated army surrounding him once more.

“Stand as one!”

Which just hearkens back to previous cinematics, I think. 

“What am I supposed to do now?”
“What a king -must- do.”

“For the Alliance!”

What I find most interesting is that he doesn’t say ‘For Azeroth!’ like his father in the previous expansion, he says Alliance. Which makes me wonder just what has happened to cause all of this. 

The point of all this rambling is this - Anduin Llane Wrynn has been underestimated both by other characters as well as players for too long. Many people call him names for wanting to find a peaceful way to solve problems and for some reason that’s a bad thing? I don’t understand it, but I’m so happy and proud to see him standing alongside us on the battlefield. This boy does not get enough credit and I’m glad they finally have let him do something amazing. He is much stronger than I think even he realizes, and I would love it if people would finally give him the love and recognition he deserves. 

Anduin is too good for this world and we don’t deserve him.


Hello Everyone!

I have finished Gabriel Angelos, Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens :) This time in Terminator armor.

In this piece, I wanted to show the difference in painting red’s. I have painted Gabriel’s armor the same way i have painted the previous version on a bike (i have added metallic paints to the armor). Then i have deliberately added another red mini (Khorne), and red blood, to show his red armor painted in more classic way - without metallic’s.

Hopefully the difference in textures is visible, and You will like the end result!

Take care and see You soon :)


More AU Arthurian lore junk @missyzero and I have been tinkering with.

If none of this makes sense, that’s ok! These drawings are only fragments of the story. I-it’s complicated. Maybe someday I’ll share more with you guys about it!

If you guys wanna know what Sonic’s armor is like, here’s a link to it’s reference! It’s old art, but I still kinda like it.

You know what’s REALLY unnerving about Ares? Everybody expects Ares to be Ludendorff. And why wouldn’t they? Ludendorff is a violent, warmongering antagonist that wanted to prolong the war. Why wouldn’t he be the god of war himself?

But no. It turns out, Ludendorff was just a human. A totally normal human being with flaws and temptations. Just a human. So who is Ares?

Turns out the god of war was hiding as the person advocating for peace the whole time. He talked about peace for the whole second act, but was interrupted time and time again by men who are unwilling to listen. He was the one fighting for peace. He was the one who gave Diana and gang the money to send them to the front lines.

What makes him such a good villain is that he brings out the worst in humanity. He wasn’t the direct cause of the war, he was only there to fan the flames. He even tried to douse it to some extent as Sir Patrick, but the fire grows stronger. He knows that it is human nature to fight. He was only there to encourage that instinct. If you think about it, the true villain of the Wonder Woman movie isn’t Ares, but humanity itself.

Humans are Weird-Death

Hey guys, so I wanted to add to the humans are weird thing that’s going around, and this kinda came to me in the shower, so…enjoy?

Zah Rem was dying. They knew it the moment the Ra-Sek corridors of the station began to feel cold. It had been easy to dismiss the chill at first. The Humans always kept the main corridors to a barely tolerable 24 degrees Celcius, the Terran unit of heat. So Zah Rem had kept to Ra-Sek corridors, content to survey the movement of their officers from the comfort of warmer areas.

But then they had Stopped in the Ra-Sek sustenance area. The area was used infrequently as most of the new officers preferred to communal sustenance area, and so some time had passed before a Terran ensign accidentally stumbled across them. The human had run to get help, and that’s how Zah Rem found themself in the infirmary, a heat unit glowing above their bed as machines monitored every pulse of their internal fire.

To the Ra-Set, the Cooling was a very private matter. It was some small mercy really- a natural death for a Ra-Sek happened over the course of only days, and after the initial passing ceremony the Ra-Sek left the dying in peace to contemplate their life. At least, that’s how it had been before.

A human, mouth closed in a Ra-Sek neutral expression, sat at the end of their bed, eyes occasionally flicking between the machines and their pad. This one was the human counterpart of Zah Rems previous station and they knew this one well. She would not be leaving unless the dying process miraculously reversed. Humans always seemed to treat this like a logical possibility.

Zah Rem had lived such a long time, even for a Ra-Sek. They had seen the rise of space travel for their people, the first contacts with other races, some friendly, some hostile. They had seen stars flicker out of existence. And then, they had seen the arrival of Terrans. What a ludicrous, terrifying thing that had been.

The humans had arrived in strange, nonsensical machines seemingly only barely capable of long distance space travel. Most of them had arrived asleep. The Ra-Sek had initially been very wary of this smaller race. Humans could regulate their own body temperatures. Humans lived short lives but took life-threatening risks, seemingly for pleasure. Humans reproduced quickly and freely, having offspring even in space, so far from their own world. Humans would fight, losing limbs they could not regenerate, and then fight more.

In short, they were too dangerous not to make allies of. And so the Ra-Sek had, and in their many years, Zah Rem considered this one of the wisest choices of their people. The humans had helped them explore planets previously thought uninhabitable. They had seen human shipmates run headfirst into aggressive unknown flora and fauna and categorize it, collect it, and make it known. In one instance, they had seen the entire brunt of humanity brought to bear on a now extinct warmongering race, simply because this race had been dubbed “bullies that don’t play fair”.

The human shifted in her chair. “Hey dragon, still alive?”

Zah Rem exhaled a plume of steam. They knew this word referred to them, and that it was a reference to a Terran creature that may have never even existed. They had seen a picture once, and they did see the similarities to a Ra-Sek. That didn’t mean they had to answer.

The human sighed and flicked her eyes up and across, a human gesture of annoyance. “I know you’re alive, your monitors are going. I wanted to ask if you need anything.”

“Need? I am dying, there is nothing more I need.”

The human curled her upper lip, almost perfectly mimicking the Ra-Sek gesture of annoyance. Human mimicry really was uncanny. “I know that, but, is there anything you want? Water? Food? A book? Are you just…gonna sit there until it happens? Aren’t you…y’know, uneasy?”

Now that was a strange word to use for this state, and Zah Rem wondered if their translator had translated the Terran Common incorrectly. “Uneasy? Why would I be…Uneasy?”

The general shifted in her chair again, suddenly transfixed by her pad. “Well, I mean, are you…afraid?”

Zah Rem tilted their head, trying to mimic a gesture they had seen humans use. “Why would I be afraid? I am dying, this is a normal process for all living things.”

The human seemed frustrated, and Zah Rem once again saw the wisdom of their own tradition of leaving the dying to cool in peace.

“I know that! I just mean…aren’t you afraid of what happens next? Like, to you…after you die?” her shoulders curled inwards.

After…death? Zah Rem snorted. “Nothing happens after death. Death is the end of life…is it…is it not so for Terrans?” A pang of fear twitched in Zah Rem’s core. Humans…died completely, true? They thought of all their deceased human shipmates the other humans had burned, or buried under soil, and suddenly they were…uneasy.

The general waved at the air “Don’t call us that. And yeah, yeah, human’s die all the way too-“Relief. “But, some humans…we have this…idea, that a part of us, the sentient part, lives after we die. And, I don’t know where it goes, but death comes to collect it, and guide it to where it’s supposed to go next.”

“Death…comes? As in, the concept of death is…sentient? and… travels to the location of the dying to take their consciousness? Where? Why?” Zah Rem’s internal fire quivered, and the monitors began to chirp and hum in complaint.

“Woah woah take it easy!” Their human counterpart stood, touching their forelimb gently. This gesture would have been aggressive among Ra-Sek, but they had long since learned that humans touched other beings freely. Her hand was warm, and the heat soothed Zah Rem’s own heat. The monitors quieted.

“Y’know what? Forget I said anything, it’s just a dumb Terran myth. You wanna see this picture of a cat I found?”

And, for once, Zah Rem really, really did.

The next few days passed quietly. Healers checked the monitors as discreetly as possible and the general was a constant presence, sneaking back in every time the Ra-Sek healers shooed her out. For the most part, she worked on her pad, guiding the directors of her officers. Zah Rem was mildly envious of this, but they felt the cooling settling in, and they were content to reflect on past action instead.

Well, mostly content. Try as they may, Zah Rem could not shake the idea of death as a sentient presence, and tendrils of fear began to snake into the waiting, fear that, like in so many impossible ways, the humans might be right about death. They did not want their consciousness to be taken. They took to scanning the room when their human wasn’t looking.

This fear was probably what exacerbated the process. It happened suddenly, their internal temperature falling, falling, and the general was shouting, calling for help and Zah Rem knew they were beyond help, nothing could help, but they were so afraid of Death being attracted by the cries, if only they could-

And suddenly they were alone in a space that was not bright, and was not dark. They…no longer felt cold, but not warm either. It made Zah Rem…uneasy. And then they heard footsteps, and in the distance there was a small flicker of light.

The light drew closer and closer, and with it Zah Rem began to make out a figure in strange clothing. The figure wore long, black clothing that flowed downward, with a hood that obscured the head. It was carrying a long stick with what looked like a small ball of fire on top. They also saw the glint of long, sharp looking metal, reminiscent of a Terran knife.

Zah Rem bared their teeth. A weapon. This must be Death. If it was, it wouldn’t steal their sentience without a fight.

The figure closed in.

“Stop. Come no further.” Zha Rem growled. “I am Zah Rem of the Ra-Sek. I have seen races rise and fall. I have seen stars flicker out of existence. I have fought alongside humans. I will not let you take my consciousness.”

There was a moment of silence. And then a strange sound came from the hooded figure. A soft, musical sound, not unlike a Ra-Sek trill, very much like…a human laugh. The figure lowered it’s hood.

Of course, Death would be a human.

Zha Rem felt the anger leave them all at once. The human smiled, mouth closed, and reached its dark hand out to touch Zha Rem’s forelimb. Their touch was warm, and Zha Rem felt the warmth coil around  their core, lighting it once again.

“Are you ready to come with me?”

And Zah Rem found they were.