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Hmm. General Bell strikes me as anything but a cretin. A sociopathic warmonger, perhaps, but he doesn't seem stupid.

Agreed. Generals are typically quite brilliant, though sometimes myopic. They lead armies, devise strategies, work around practical and political limitations. No successful ruler does well placing a cretin in charge of their military resources, though some rulers may overlook a man’s shortcomings in favour of his successes. I suspect - well, I know Queen Sonorie tolerates a degree of insubordination and disrespect in General Bell simply because he did so well keeping Cresce out of the brunt of the Foi-Hellick Affair years ago, and because he’s very popular among the nobles.

Probably shoulda had him backstabbed before now though. Might be too late.


Hello Everyone! Here’s the diorama i have made some time ago, called “On the road again”.  The idea behind it is to show Blight Knights marching to war, but without any fear at all. Idea rather simple, but i wanted to achieve the merry mood of those characters, which are just having a good time while walking towards their next prey, which on the other hand will suffer terribly and most likely end being eaten or something.

Okay, so…

On the new chapter of One Piece, 826…

We’re introduced to Winch Green Yonji

… to Pink Poison Reige

… and lest we forget our resident Black Leg Sanji

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Is the Germa 66, the evil warmonger group that works from the shadows…


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Hello Everyone!

I have finished Gabriel Angelos, Chapter Master of the Blood Ravens :) This time in Terminator armor.

In this piece, I wanted to show the difference in painting red’s. I have painted Gabriel’s armor the same way i have painted the previous version on a bike (i have added metallic paints to the armor). Then i have deliberately added another red mini (Khorne), and red blood, to show his red armor painted in more classic way - without metallic’s.

Hopefully the difference in textures is visible, and You will like the end result!

Take care and see You soon :)

Read the fucking Iliad. Pretty please.

I love the fandom of ‘The song of Achilles’, or in general anyone who ships Patrochilles, ok?
Like, if you so much as utter the name ‘Achilles’ or ‘Patroclus’ or, hell, even 'Agamemnon’ in front of me I’ll instantly consider you my friend. Just thinking about the fact that there are other people out there who appreciate the classics makes me happier than a kid on his birthday. But sometimes it SHOCKS me how little people really know about them.
Maybe you’re a fan of Percy Jackson, or just casually passing by and happened to get interested. And I KNOW there is actually no canon, since these are stories that have been written thousands of times and were around for generations and generations long before that. But it breaks my little warmongering heart to see people that are genuine fans, and really into the characters and stories, and yet there is SO MUCH MORE they could know and don’t. Every time people talk about their Patroclus headcanon of him being a sweet cinnamon roll I want to yell at them: “Your headcanon is fantastic, and beautiful and sweet but DID YOU KNOW that in the Iliad Patroclus is actually the second strongest man of the Myrmidons and slaughters dozens of warriors before it takes FUCKING APOLLO’s intervention to stop him?”
There are so many other possibilities, so many other roads that the ancient tried while you know nothing about it. They were the first fanfiction writers, the first shippers, so you might as well lern from the best.
If after discovering that Homer’s Achilles was not exactly a feminine and delicate boy you decide you don’t like that, and that a pretty blond teen suits you better than a bloodthirsty warrior, I can very well respect that, and might even agree with you. But if you never read these masterpieces you’ll never know what you’re missing out on.

On the eve of my next fruit production test:

Not at all friendly reminder from your resident horticulture student that the stereotype that nature is a peaceful, gentle sort of thing is a filthy lie.

Nature is a bunch of hungry, pissed off things scrabbling for resources, stealing from one another, committing murder, cannibalizing each other’s corpses, and tricking others into doing their work for them. Nature is not a hippy commune. Nature is a gang-war perpetually in progress. Nature hates your tomato plants. Nature hates you. Nature hates the entire damn modern agricultural system, and the only reason it hasn’t destroyed it yet is because all the component parts are caught up in competition over who gets to loot the corpse.

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Greetings, why is western media so obsessed with portraying Africa the way it does?

You’ll notice that all abusers work to portray their victims as being the cause of the abuse; wife beaters, rapist, pedophiles, and capitalist swear that their victims had it coming, that their own actions provoked their victimization. 

So, the Western Media promote African nations as “failed States,” that Africans are just incapable of self-governance, so they must engage in military and economic intervention to keep Africa from totally collapsing under it’s own corruption and incompetence.  They will always show Africans as beggars, as dependent, even though the Wealth and Industry of the West was built on and sustained on Africa’s labor and resources!

If this anti-African propaganda was not sustained it might be revealed that the so-called Developed Nations are the thieves, the murderers, the destabilizers, the thieves, and the warmongers.  It’s simple PR; were the invaders/colonizers paint themselves as the saviors.  They been doing this since the first White man reached the shores of Africa and stole the first piece of gold from African.

It our job to research, construct, and spread the reality of Africa, the African Diaspora, and White Aggression and Domination.  We have our own media now, we need to fund, support, and help to spread it.  

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