A new entry to @dacommissioner2k15 4th of July Jam commissioned by @ironbloodaika depicting several evil ladies from across the cartoon spectrum showing off their pride in the red, white, and blue. Or moreso getting a bikini contest confused for a chance to rule the entire planet, somehow, and are ready to destroy the competition. Quiet literally by the second panel.

Something I realized about Drakken was that he never really did anything about Shego’s sass or lack of respect. All he ever did was yell. And while he was constantly trying to get rid of Kim Possible and planning against his old college ‘friends’, he never plotted against her even after she left him in prison or continuously put down his plans. The only examples I can think of are when he took her as prisoner with Warmonga, and when she lost his body when he switched. The way he treated her also drastically changed after the Sitch in Time movie. He began seeing her more as an 'evil partner’ rather than a sidekick. And if that doesn’t prove that he undoubtedly cares for her, I don’t know what does.