Chanyeol will protect Baekhyun from the cold with his ’gentle giant hugs

ok i was talking about this with @abermb and she’s already made a post and we made up a lot of these characters together bc we’re both gay as fuck (this is pretty much a companion to that post so go read it)

so lets just think about the samwell women’s volleyball team’s group chat real quick 

it’s always fucking chaos bc they’d originally set it up to notify each other about practice and games but what really ends up happening is it’s all personal drama and memes and chirping much like the smh team’s group chat (ofc they don’t call it chirping but they make fun of each other constantly)

so much swv group chat goodness under the cut

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aaaaa kikaii iiiii i love you and your voice is angelllllsssss so nicee and warmm and deep it feellls like ahugg ggg i would trust you with my live e so soothhing sgg,,

I’m so glad what I do makes you happy…!!

Can we cuddle? You’re.. warm. [PrestonxNerris(?)]

Nerris was curled up in a few blankets on the couch, a small fire was going in the fireplace which made the room a bit warmer not to mention it smelt hella good. Burning firewood is like, her favorite smell for some reason? Anyways, moving on, seeing as it was snowing pretty hard outside and Harrison was stuck over in another state for who the fuck knows why? Some really important magic thing or such, it just left the house to Preston and Nerris.

Nerris was really cold, even with the fire going and three blankets. So she called in for backup. “Prestonn,, can you come herrree?” She called, sitting up a little. Once he got there she wrapped her arms around him and clung. “Holy shit you’re warm,, aaahh,, how are you so warmm-” She mumbles with a little giggle. “You’re like a fucking heater-” She says with a small smile. 


Imagine pocket-sized Jungkook sitting on your shoulder and watching you while you make him a new sweater.
“Hurry~ I’m cold~” *hugs the fabric on your shoulder*
“Okay… done!” *hands him the sweater*
*is about to take off his shirt*
“Y/n, don’t look~” *gets all shy*
*puts on his new sweater*
“AHHH SO WARMM~~” *hugs himself*

tumblr: uwu you’re a gorgeous, wonderful, lovely flower.. the universe is inside you and everything you touch turns to gold… you are so soft and gentle and warm

me: sweaty