Double rainbow over Bathampton by Ian Redding
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Panorama of countryside on outskirts of Bath, UK, following heavy May showers…or “the view from my kitchen”.

Earlier this year, one South Jersey property owner got a notice: Chemicals from a nearby military base had seeped into the well that supplied drinking water to the site — contaminating it at a level 20 times higher than the federal government considers safe.

It’s a familiar story to residents from New York to Colorado, Pennsylvania to Idaho. Contamination from former or current military installations, including in Horsham, Warrington, and Warminster, has ignited a nationwide review of water on or around bases that used a firefighting foam containing toxic chemicals. In the Philadelphia suburbs, about 70,000 residents have contended with tainted water running from their taps.

—  Nearly 400 military bases must be tested for drinking water contamination — and it will take years 

Are school children in the UK being prepared for an announcement that aliens have visited Earth, by taking part in dummy UFO crash site exercises? Are UFO crash scenes at schools getting us ready for alien disclosure?

Are the exercises, involving real police officers and actors in forensic suits which take place at primary schools up and down the country part of a Government bid to “soften the blow” for the next generation when the truth “that aliens do visit Earth” is announced to them?

The authorities have covered up the existence of intelligent ET life forms for years, but now could be planning to reveal the truth. The school UFO exercises could be being carried out so it comes as less of a shock to them when they are older.

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The Ghost of Longleat House

If you visit Longleat House in Warminster, England, it’s likely you will see this spooky apparition clambering down the staircase! The “ghost” is actually a rather clever piece of technology that attracts many visitors- Designers created a special kind of Hologram that looks like a very convincing spirit. Even though it’s not the real deal, it’s definitely creepy and worth a watch!