warming u

hi!ヾ(  ´∀`)ノ i hope everyone is enjoying their day/night! since it’s thanksgiving here, i want to list a few people i’m thankful for! ily guys so much thank u for being the best mutuals and making my experience on tumblr fun. i know i don’t frequently talk to some of you (srry i’m., a shy bean…i’m trying my best…..) but seeing you guys on my dash makes me happy, and everyone mentioned here has AMAZING blogs. i’m so grateful to be following all!! ♡ ♡

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i know we all have our own lives. we spiral in our own orbits. i’m telling myself the reason you never text is because you’re busy. i ask you how things are going, the conversation is stilted. remember when we were madly in love. when you would text me with every stupid joke you thought of. 

“how you been?” i ask. three days later i get, “fine.” 

i am trying to tell myself: at least you’re alive.


favorite scenes of all time: free people being free || the get down (s01e11; “Only From Exile Can We Come Home”)

new york is my canvas.