warming soup

Date a cute witch boy!

  • A witch boy who traces love & protection sigils on your thighs with his fingertips while he kisses your shoulders.
  • A witch boy with freckled kissed cheeks and sun in his hair. He paints you with his favourite watercolor set and dips his brush is warm sun water.
  • A witch boy who takes you on dates to the ocean and he tells you the name of every sea creature that crosses your path with excitement in his eyes.
  • A witch boy that makes enchanted soup that warms your soul and makes you curl your toes.
  • A witch boy who babbles to his deities all about you, and constantly asks them for your protection and safety.
  • A witch boy who not only does his own daily tarot reading first thing in the morning, but he does yours too.
  • A witch boy who writes your name and doodles hearts in his book of shadows.
  • A witch boy who reads you sections of his dream journal, and asks your thoughts , feelings, and opinions about it.
  • A witch boy who blesses your necklace with confidence spells because he loves you much, and you deserve the world.
  • A witch boy who whispers to his spirit guides late at night while you’re asleep. His pendulum swinging wildly in the moonlight.

Collision Course; Voltron Legendary Defender AU: Dads of Marmora; gen; 5,300+ words; PG-13; mentions of violence, tiny hints of Ulaz/Thace, but so little you have to squint with a telescope or something

Credit for this AU goes to @drisrt and this amazing picture that inspired this story. Also some lines of the dialogue are taken from the Blades of Marmora episode of Voltron.

Posted on AO3, too.


Keith gets adopted by the Galra empire rebellion, basically.

Keith has barely three years of life on his cells, has barely grown up to his Father’s knees and into his Mother’s laugh when he’s thrown into the first sense of flying, of fleeing, of his Father solemnly reading through the coordinates Keith doesn’t understand, that Keith thinks are just a pretty game of lights, lights that remind him of his Mom’s knife.

He’s holding it, holding onto it, tries to find the connection between the numbers and the faintest of glows, illuminating the insides of his fingers, misses how his Dad flinches when he asks: “When will Mom catch up to us?” already sleepy, already curling up beneath the safety straps of his seat.

Gently, his Father’s jacket is tucked around him and the scent is the lullaby that sings him into dazed, motionless dreams, the remnants of home, the flickers of the unknown.

(He sleeps through the harsh descent, the crib of his Father’s arms, the hushed ambush, the quietest of heists.)

He sleeps through it all.

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The Houses as Fall Things

Slytherin: Clouds creeping in to cover the moon. Pumpkin pie. Heavy coats and sweaters. A warm, glowing fireplace. Shades of orange, yellow, and red. The crinkling of candy wrappers. Ice freezing the tops of puddles and ponds. Family gatherings.

Gryffindor: The chill of the wind biting at your neck. Apples falling from the trees. Woolen scarves. Jack-o-lanterns grinning in the darkness. Cheap horror movies. Squirrels stuffing their cheeks with acorns. Nutmeg. Calendars with X-ed off days. Birds flocking south.

Ravenclaw: Happy laughter trickling out of doorways. Fuzzy socks and well-worn boots. Scented candles. Frost lingering on the grass. A cat asleep on your lap. Flannel shirts. Late nights and early mornings. Caramel. Journals filled with ramblings and poetry. 

Hufflepuff: The crunch of leaves underfoot. Steam curling from a coffee mug. Warm soup. Fingers flushed pink from the cold. Curling beneath a pile of blankets. Fraying shoelaces. Breath clouding in the morning air. Candy corn, squash, and apple cider. 

sitting inside one of my favorite coffee shops with one of my favorite people. it’s raining outside, my dream house is right across the street, i have ben howard playing, and i have time to simply d r e a m. it’s been a while since i’ve had the privilege of time to myself.

i’m dreaming of this house right across the street: it’s wood shake siding, brick chimney, big trees surrounding it, warm lights in the attic, and small front yard. it’s secluded while simultaneously being in the middle of the city. i dream of owning a home just like this very one; minneapolis is good at combining city living + lots of trees and lakes, so i’m thankful that that dream isn’t so unrealistic here. i dream of filling the house with a family and lots of food and laughter and love. i dream of slow sundays where the house smells like warm soup and pjs are worn all day. i dream of waking up early and walking across the street to the coffee shop i sit in right now to have a cup of coffee while i read the newspaper. i dream of flower boxes and cozy friday nights and favorite songs floating throughout the house. i dream of quiet, rainy saturday afternoons where we keep the windows open to hear + smell the rain while we read books and soft, classical music plays in the background. i dream of walking our pup through the neighborhood with friends and then having them over for dinner + wine + real conversation out in the front yard under string lights. i dream of you, of you, of you doing all of this alongside me. my heart hurts with how far i feel from you, with how far all of this dream feels. at the same time, though, my heart is hopeful for this. for you.

Hufflepuff Headcanon #4

There is a magical cabinet in the Hufflepuff common room filled with all sorts of comfort food. Tomato soup, warm mac and cheese, cups of warm melted chocolate with shredded wheat, you name it. No one knows when this cabinet came to existence, but everyone just assumes it was quite long ago because over the years, the cabinet has become a mini-supermarket with multiple floors. You will probably find Hufflepuffs perusing the shelves or, if they’re in a rush, making food fly to them with their wands, at any time of day, especially late at night.

Every year it grows bigger and bigger because new students are constantly introducing new comfort foods. The creators of this cabinet made it so that the cabinet restocks magically by itself so that students don’t have to sneak to the kitchen during late night study sessions and risk getting caught. They can simply walk across the room and find exactly what they want in that cabinet. 

Chicken Soup

Daddy married a new lady. She’s supposed to be my new mommy but I don’t like her very much, and ever since she started living here I’ve been getting sick.

She’s very good at pretending to be a good mommy. She gives me fresh soup and warm tea with all the honey I want. But she’s still not mommy. She’ll never be mommy.

I cry and cry to daddy for him to send her away but he tells me to hush. He tells me that she is doing her very best. That she cries over my health. I should give her a chance.

And the more she takes care of me, the sicker I get. I get so sick, that I end up in a hospital! The doctors make me better, and send me home after a few days.

And then I get sick all over again.

And it happens again and again and again, until the nurses know me by name. The doctors like to ask my daddy lots of questions about mommy. A strange man in a suit and a nice smile talked to me about her too.

I’m so happy. Daddy says my fake mommy was going away, and I’ll never see her again. He looks so mad, but I know he’s not mad at me.

He doesn’t know I was the one pouring bleach in the soup she used to give me.

BnHA Headcannon

Even after Izuku convinces Todoroki that his left side is not the manifestation of evil, Todoroki is still hesitant to use it, even for small things. ESPECIALLY for small things. Izuku notices this, because he notices everything and Cares For His FriendsTM. So, he is the first one to convince Todoroki to use his left half to warm a cold room and heat up the leftovers because the communal microwave is (mysteriously) broken and bake cookies on his bare hand because that’s just really really cool, okay? And Todoroki goes along with it because it’s Izuku and of course he’s gonna go along with whatever that green haired puppy asks him to, they’re friends and that’s important to him. And, slowly, he becomes freer with the use of his left side.

But Izuku isn’t done yet. He mobilizes his forces. At first, it’s just Uraraka asking Todoroki for a quick favor with his quirk, and he complies mostly out of surprise and confusion. Next, Iida marches up requesting fire-quirk assistance, and he’s all stiff and hand waving and in The Class Pres ModeTM, so Todoroki does the thing because it’s just a really odd interaction and those hands are making very strange movements and it’ll make Iida go away. Then, it’s everyone. Kirishima has a bet he needs Todoroki to use his left side to help him win. Tokoyami wants him to help him practice utilizing Dark Shadow while faced with fire. Bakugou marches up with a bag of popcorn to pop because someone keeps short-circuiting the microwave and “it’d be a waste of my abilities to do it myself that’s why.” All Might himself shows up with a cold cup of noodles and a grateful smile. Even Aizawa comes to him once, thrusting a cat he had mysteriously attained into Todoroki’s left arm with a short, “she likes the warmth.” It’s always stupid, trivial stuff – the kind of stuff everyone else is so free to use their quirk for. And then, one day, Todoroki realizes he doesn’t think of his father when he thinks of his left half anymore. Instead, he thinks of half-baked cookies and warming soup and saving his friends from the Hero Killer, because both the trivial uses and the critical uses are good and important to him now.

And then Endeavor gets launched into the sun. Because I hate him and that’s important too.

Neighbors (Part III)


Neighbors II

She hasn’t seen him for a while, the gym being empty and his car being away for a while. She tried to distract herself, she went to college parties, studied, worked a lot. They both have been busy with Shawn’s trip to Brazil coming up and her studying for her upcoming exams but she had to admit that she missed him. Those eyes and his adorable smile and his voice and scent and curls. But they wanted to take things slow, figure things out. 

She doesn’t even know what it is they are figuring out. But, oh well.

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SJM guy aesthetics


brass buckles polished until they gleam, the warmth of a roast dinner, warm smiles that reach his eyes, hair ruffled from riding in the wind, hugs that feel like home, eyes filled with steely determination, subtle tightening of his shoulders when he’s annoyed, strong hands that hold yours gently but firmly, wearing plain well fitted t shirts on days off, the crunch of leaves under his feet on morning runs, shiny leather boots with dirty soles, always wearing a belt, never wearing a tie


sparkling eyes and cheeky smirks, perfect fingernails, clothes so well fit they look like they were made for him (they probably were), frosted glass on cold winter mornings, warm room with cold tiles, bookshelves that look messy but have their own strange organisation system, cold hands and warm smiles, absentmindedly biting his lip when he’s concentrating, the relief of sinking into an armchair after a long day, perfectly polished shoes that always match his outfit, always being the big spoon, hugs from behind with his arms wrapped around your waist


eyes that catch every movement, muscled back, the cool shade of massive trees on a sunny day, unblinking stare, weapons always within arms reach, watching Aelin when she reads, never letting anyone see him cry but her, the smell of pine trees, the crystal glare of sun on undisturbed snow, old leather bound books, rough calloused hands, the ocean smashing against the rocks during a storm, climbing trees in a matter of seconds


the whine of metal and against metal, loud laughter, running his hands through his hair, trying to cook and it turning out terrible or amazing depending on the day, smiling at kids in the street, nights spent by the campfire telling stories, fiercely loyal, cheeky grins, always covered in scrapes and bruises, tight hugs, honest and open conversations, scuffed boots and polished weapons, cobblestones warmed from the sun, shaking out his wet hair like a dog would


smouldering glances over the dinner table before cracking a smile, warm hands, leather straps holding back his hair, physically feeling his warmth when you stand near him, knowing smiles, ruffling his ruk’s feathers as you would kids hair, kissing the top of your head and stroking your hair, holding one of your hands in both of his, the smell of home cooked meals, inside jokes with his hearth family, accidental hand brushes before he grabs your hand, riding leathers still warm from the sun, the exhilaration of flying fast and high, flushed cheeks after landing, warm soup and toasted rolls in the winter


compliments that could be poetry, black silk floating in the wind, satin lined blazers, perfectly timed puns, spreading his wings just to add drama, sultry looks from under his lashes at feyre (usually at important meetings), surprising everyone with his cooking skills, wandering around the townhouse shirtless, pointed comments about cassian and Nesta always seeming to disappear at the same time, the claw tips of his wings glinting in the sun, laughing and joking with the kids who live in Velaris, lying on the roof staring at the stars with feyre, flying low over the river close enough to touch the water


wearing his worn in leathers everyday, surprise hugs and kisses, thoughtful gifts, joking to lighten the mood, communicating with Azriel with one glance, the roar of a bonfire, eating dinner outside, telling ghost stories but laughing too hard at everyone to finish, stubborn, lying on roof tiles that are warm from the sun, getting drunk on whiskey with the inner circle, begging Rhys to let them get a dog to keep in the townhouse, barbecue dinners cooked over the fire, fireworks, falling asleep on the couch, exhausted but happy


silent smirks, dark circles and red eyes when he hasn’t slept well, silently drawing his weapons, watching Elain and garden and he can’t help but smile to himself, he reluctantly lets her put a flower behind his ear, gentle caresses, using his shadows to sneak up on cassian and scare him, deep late night talks with rhys, secretly he loves to read poetry, showing Elain Velaris from the sky, flying surrounded in his shadows when he needs space to think, always barefoot inside the house even though his feet are freezing, his bed is always made, black and white photos on his walls

*All My Fault* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Do you think you could possibly do an imagine where the reader and Newt are best friends but when Newt meets Tina he starts to ignore the reader. During the battle with Graves Newt gets really hurt while protecting the reader and Tina tells the reader to back off because it’s her fault. Can the reader act like everything’s fine but slowly stop eating and sleeping because of guilt until Newt notices. Lots of angst but a happy ending please. I hope this isn’t any trouble. Thank you!

This does include a salty, mean Tina. So beware. Take note I am not a Tina hater! But if you don’t like Tina written in a negative light, then this probably isn’t for you >.< That’s all! Carry on ^_^

Your stop in New York City alongside your best friend, Newt Scamander, had become a bit more adventurous than you two had initially planned. Unfortunately, some of Newt’s creatures had escaped his magical case and were scattered throughout the city. With the help of the new ‘friends’ you had made, you tried to work together to recapture them.

You didn’t dislike the new people you had met. In fact, Queenie was perhaps your favorite. Her constant smile and bubbly personality were welcoming and you warmed up to her rather quickly. Jacob, the no maj, was friendly and caring; someone you definitely enjoyed being around. Tina, however, seemed to capture Newt’s attention quite quickly and ever since he had spend nearly most of his time with her. Besides the fact that she had tried to turn you both in to MACUSA, Newt seemed to fancy her and seemed to pay less attention to you which honestly made you feel pretty awful. Newt had been by your side for years and you couldn’t imagine your life without him. He was like the sun in the sky and the stars at night for you. 

You were currently in search of one of Newt’s creatures, the Demiguise also known to you and Newt as Dougal. You were inside a Department store that was adorned in Christmas decorations and you were all huddled behind a giant mass of decorative wrapped gifts. 

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