warming soup

Heavens reaction to their s.o getting sick
  • Yamamoto: He has no idea what the hell to do at first, he's never cared for a sick person before. He ends up calling Eiji and asking for help, who tells him to give you medicine and blankets, etc everything a sick person needs. You two watch an action movie together before you fall asleep.
  • Eiji: Eiji is SUPER worried and goes out of his way to make sure you are absolutely comfortable. He makes you warm tea and soup and holds you the whole time.
  • Shion: He freaks out, and tries to do everything but turns out he's not that good at caring for people. He somehow managed to burn the soup, spill the tea water, break the D.V.D player, and many other things. In the end though you suprisingly start feeling better with his care.
  • Van: Van does his best to take care of you, not failing to flirt all the while. If he is free you two spend the day in bed.
  • You are going to get a lot of care and love today...
  • Nagi: Nagi would hear that you're sick and come straight over, and help care for you. He wouldn't leave your side and he would talk to you about anything and everything so you don't have to be lonely.
  • Kira: Kira is there for you and handles things if he sees you can't do it. He wouldn't talk much but just his presence alone is comforting and it doesn't take you long to get better.

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What's your favourite thing to do at the end of a long day?? X

In the summer, as soon as I finish work, I immediately head to the beach to soak up the last of the afternoon sun. I like to get in the water as soon as I get there and I make a point to float until my feet don’t hurt anymore. Then I usually nap in the sun for a little while or maybe read a book before heading home for dinner. Then I’ll drive back to the beach to watch the sunset while listening to Chelsea Hotel No. 2 by Lana.

In winter, I get home and immediately cook something warming for dinner. Maybe soup or roast vegetables. I tidy my room a little so it’s nice and clean for when I get out of a steamy and soothing bath with Epsom salts or a bath bomb. I make a cup of tea (black + soy milk and 2 sugars) and settle into bed and drift off to one of my favourite movies.


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Today’s Ed GiggleSqueal explosion was BEGGING to be ripped and edited. So I did and it was.  It’s just pure sunshine Ginger Perfection <3   (It also possibly may or may not be my OBFG chat/text notification….)

If anyone wants it, I’m happy to send it to you!  

Faith's totally accurate summary of the Ninjago Movie characters so far

-Ready to FIGHT!
- Actual embodiment of teen angst.
-”I hate my dad. nO DAD LOOK AT ME!!”
-Abandonment issues that would make a shoujo anime character blush
-Constantly on the verge of crying
-Needs a hug
-And a nice warm blanket with some soup and a movie

-Still channeling his inner anime protagonist.
-Looks at everyone to see if he should be ready.
-Turn that frown upside down.
-Treats his mecha like a Michael Bay Transformer
-Just stands there awkwardly looking around but plays it cool

-Is ready to FIGHT version 2.0
-Will comfort you if you need it
-An actual angel
-But can also totally kick your ass.
-I think her vehicle is like a spider??? Like one of those water spiders, whatever they’re called.

-2 kool for u man
-Do you own a proper shirt???
-Or scissors?
-Will probably drop the bass at some point
-Silent Anime Protagonist
-Edgy leans up against a motorcycle
-Has that one Decepticon from the beginning of Transformer Revenge of the fallen???
-Is really good at video games apparently???
-Is probably a huge fucking nerd.

-Is just happy to be here.
-Has an iPod on his gi???
-Soulless eyes
-Might eat your soul who knows
-What is his vehicle it’s like a mobile triangle.

-Awkward nerd who is doing his best
-Must be protected at all costs
-Will give you diabetes because of how sweet he is.
-An actual bird


today’s nourishing food ♡ :: 19/12/2016 ::

(i cook all my meals by intuition so quantities are really not my thing hehe. follow your gut! only way to learn is through experience :) & you’ll find exactly the quantities *you* enjoy & need! but of course, do feel free to ask me for a rough idea of what i put in if you really feel the need ~)

~ vegan pumpkin soup ~

:: pumpkin + potatoes + onion + garlic + sweet potato + chayote + carrot + a lil celery + fresh turmeric root + red lentils + ginger powder + sunflower seeds + himalayan sea salt + dried oregano & sprinkled fresh coriander once it is cooked. :: i cook it altogether with water in a pressure cooker & just blend it all when it’s done. easy & simple. soups are the best :)

~ simple couscous meal ~

:: chickpeas + couscous + carrots + himalayan sea salt = all cooked in the water where i cooked the chickpeas (with onion & garlic). & i added fresh celery (but probably won’t do that again hehe). & sprinkled nutritional yeast + fresh garlic smashed with salt and then mixed with olive oil once it was all cooked. :: i cooked the carrots in the chickpeas water & once that was done, i added the already cooked chickpeas into it & once everything was cooked & the liquid still boiling, i turned it off & added the couscous. meanwhile, because i don’t really enjoy cooking garlic as many of the medicinal properties fade away with the cooking process, i just learned a new trick with a friend that is super simple, you just cut the garlic in tiny lil pieces & then mix with salt and smash it altogether with a fork until it is like a paste. let it be for a while & then mix olive oil into it! & once the food is cooked, just add this oil on top & mix it all :) it gives such life & healing power to our food! and that’s that :) super simple too!

these pics are really not the best but my main focus is on the nourishment & healing of the food we eat :) as i was cutting the veggies & cooking everything, i always sing beautiful songs to my food hehehe. love really is the most important ingredient ~*~ in joy!!! <3

Unintended Consequences

Hey guys. Its Dawn back again with more Batfam fic. This one’s for @whore4batfam. Thanks for the idea.  : ) I hope you like what I did with it. 

Summary: In trying to hide his own illness Damian ends up getting Tim sick. 

Warnings: none

The only thing Damian hated more than being sick was Father knowing he was sick. It meant the immediate suspension of everything he enjoyed. Patrol, practice, and casework. He could still read, but Pennyworth had declared sick reading to only be ‘fun’ reading. He’d then be forced into bed, and as much as he enjoyed the warm soup Alfred made or Dick’s visits, the cons outweighed the pros.

The morning he woke with a stuffy nose and aching head he resolved to keep it as secret as possible. He’d learned from previous attempts that simply concealing his illness did not work. It always backfired on him and ended up making him worse.

He had learned and adapted his technique. He halved practice times, kept a water bottle on him at all times, and moved as little as possible. In this way he felt no worse by the time patrol came than he had in the morning. He might say he was feeling a bit better. He kept up the routine for the next two days, even as he felt well before the end of the time. Experience had also taught him that it didn’t do well to be hasty with his recovery.

By day three he was feeling pleased with himself. He’d beaten the sickness and not a soul had found out. That was also when Drake had begun to sneeze. He swore it was allergies, but his face was washed out and his eyes redder than they should be. By the end of the day it was obvious Tim was ill, and not taking it as well as Damian had.

He voluntarily stayed back from patrol, allowing Alfred to bundle him up the stairs and to his room. Damian’s experience with illness had taught him another thing, that sometimes the sickness spread to others. He thought he’d been careful about what he’d touched, and where he’d been. He’d consciously stayed out of the way of others to avoid passing the sickness.

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Hello I was wondering if you could write some happy grantaire hcs? I'm feeling like crap rn and I could really use it. Thank you.

Elise do you have any happy Grantaire headcanons?

  • Grantaire waking up sandwiched between Joly and Bossuet after they all decided to nap together. Bossuet is his very own heating system, and Joly is so cuddly he may actually be made of 100% polyester. Grantaire smiles. It feels good.
  • Grantaire telling a joke that makes everyone laugh in the group. He can see all the happy looks on their faces. He did that. He can make them happy, even for the time of a joke. He can hold on to that on days he’s not feeling so good.
  • Grantaire eating a warm, almost boiling hot soup of Musichetta’s, feeling the warmth seeping through his bones and reaching his soul. Soul food, after all, doesn’t just feed the body
  • Grantaire getting a spontaneous cuddle from his cat, who won’t budge from his lap. He’s claimed. Kitty keeps rubbing its head against Grantaire’s hand, and Grantaire can’t help but feeling loved
  • Grantaire waking up after a nine-hour night of sleep, feeling completely rested and peaceful, for once. It smells like nutella crêpes in the apartment. There’s a sleeping, purring kitten by his side. The fresh air going into his lungs feels pure and cleansing. Today’s going to be good
Autumn: where change is the only constant


It’s spilled ink, it’s anticipation, it’s cool breezes and pressing leaves, it’s crispness, it’s hope, it’s lingering aromas.

It’s trying a pumpkin spice latte for the first time because you had called it basic before you even tried it (and then ended up liking it), it’s reunions, it’s swaying trees, branches, and twigs, it’s vibrant, it’s a reminder that things can fall and change, but they can be beautiful and greater after it all.

It’s giving, it’s effort, it’s appreciation, it’s patience.

It’s cozying up with hoodies, oversized sweaters, and soft scarves, it’s warm soups,  it’s potlucks, it’s transformation.

It’s nostalgia, it’s melancholia, it’s searching for a greater meaning.

It’s texts and calls from loved ones asking if you are okay because it’s pitch black outside, it’s nature, it’s photography, it’s creation.

It’s the season of decision and reflection.
Accept and forgive or stay bitter?
Love or let go?
Sweater or coat?
Coffee or tea?
Scary or sweet?

It’s opportunity, it’s realizing that the crunching leaves on the ground will become flowers six months from now,  it’s a chance to create something new for yourself.

It’s giving yourself space and chances to breathe and feel, accept and release, laugh and heal.

Autumn: where change is the only constant. And it’s golden.

dinahjane97: Such an honor to perform for our gal @meghan_trainor at the Billboard Women in Music ! I love you so so much ! Thank u for being an inspiration to us ALL! You’re killing the game for us women !! Showering you with lots of love , warm soup 🍵, a blankyy, , and a warm snuggie !! get better soon my love ❤️❤️

And i <3 you, anon! Stay warm this season! 

Genji - Concerned boyfriend. “Did you bring a sweater?” No? Well good thing he already has one for you. One of several benefits of having a cyborg boyfriend is that he can control his body temperature aka here cuddle me, you’re cold and i’m warm. It’s for warmth, totally not another reason to cuddle with him. 

Hanzo - Doesn’t know what to do at first? Like should you go see a doctor about it or something like that?? He’ll wrap a free arm around you and keep you close since he’s basically a heat source all on his own. You aren’t leaving your room without a scarf or a sweater or both because of him. There’s also a lot of homemade warm soup for whenever winter rolls around. 

Mccree - Will take this as a sign that this were meant to be aka please let the cowboy cuddle you til you’re warm and then hold you forever. Would hand over his serape to you whenever you wanted it in a heartbeat and eventually would get you a serape with your favorite colors or the closest he can get to them. 

Soldier 76 - You’re the only other person in the world that gets to wear the 76 jacket, congrats! In all seriousness, 76 would be the guy that always has his arms open for you. He could be in the most serious of conversations with someone else before suddenly opening his arms and letting you in without losing his train of thought. 

Wounds - Part Three

You can find the other parts of this story and my Masterlist HERE!

Synopsis: You and Negan sit down and chat about one another’s situations and things heat up

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1,881
Warnings: Curses, smutty stuff

You were sat at the small circular table which was covered with a red and white patterned tablecloth which was peppered with holes, curtsy of the mice that now infested the lodge. Before you sat a can of warmed soup, you hadn’t bothered too put it in a chipped, dusty bowl.

You had boarded up all the windows so no orange light from the small, sweetly scented candle would attract the dead.

Opposite you with a matching can of soup was the man you had saved; his greased back hair wasn’t as precise as you had seen it as a few wayward strands of hair fell in front of his face. He licked his lips as he looked at the canned soup that you had so kindly prepared for him.

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all I want is for Yoko to come and snatch Sora away, so furious that people are using kids like soldiers, and Sora being deeply, legitimately shocked that this adult actually cares about him and wants to take care of him

I want Sora to be actually overwhelmed by the fact that Yoko actually wants to make sure he gets fed and that he’s warm and safe, like Sora gets stuck out in the rain and can’t get into the house so he just falls asleep on the porch cause this is normal, but Yoko gets home and panics like “oh my god this tiny child was out in the rain he might get pnEUMONIA”

And Yoko just starts fussing all over him, getting a towel to dry his hair and telling him that he could have just called her and she would have told him where the spare key was, here have some warm soup and some cocoa and three blankets are you feeling okay maybe i should take your temperature–

and Sora just starts…crying??? because he doesn’t know how to react to his, this woman actually cares about him and he’s never known his parents or that a mom could be like this and Yoko just holds him and hugs him and strokes his hair and tells him that it’s going to be okay, he’s not all alone anymore and Sora just keeps crying because he doesn’t know what he’s feeling but it’s nice and he thinks he must be dreaming but if he is he really, really doesn’t want to wake up


yoko and sora interactions