A sampling of da newer titles and printed matter I’ll be selling at TCAF this weekend, including the completely new desert fox print I made specifically for TCAF.

This will be my second time tabling at TCAF, and it is hands down my favorite North American comics-focused festival ever. Looking forward to discovering new work, stalking favorite artists and seeing you all there. (At table 158 on the first floor with my favorite artist person Kelsey Short) <3 

#SourDough #Bread hot out the oven - I may have killed #HenrythePlant but my starter #survived and flourished into this #crusty #beast perfect as #winteriscoming = #carbocide #warmfuzzyfeelings #dough #foodporn #loaf #artisan #craft #caterer #catering #instafood #weekendishere #friday #foodgeek #chorlton #manchester #food #ChaskaCreations

less than three.

do you know what it’s like? to have a feeling, a warm, fuzzy feeling building inside of you from the pit of your stomach and all the way to your chest? how does it happen anyway?

maybe it happens in the simplest form. like being walked home without asking the person to. like video chatting with one another on Friday nights or term breaks. like instant messaging almost every other hour of the day. like, like just a simple ‘Hi, how are you?’ and a simple comforting phrase to uplift yourself away from the blues.

“Calm down, you dummy, it’s just Math, I’ll help you okay?” he pats your head.

“How can you calm down on Math, you dummy!” you bicker back by using 'dummy’ too and stick your tongue out at him. he shakes his head and ruffles your hair.


you have that warm, fuzzy feeling growing in you now.

it’s funny how that sort of feeling works and happens. it’s a less than three situation. just you and him. that’s all.

less than three.