warmest girl

fun story

so ever since i came out as queer to my father, he’s made an effort to like… consume and share with me every piece of wlw media there is. which is really sweet and it’s fun to discuss a lot of it with him – and one day, he brings home this movie called “blue is the warmest color” and asks if i want to watch it

now, i’d heard rave reviews about this movie, and i knew there was some sex in it, but i assumed it was normal “soft lighting, jazz music in the background, you-can-tell-what’s-going-on-but-it’s-not-too-explicit” movie fare, so i said “sure”

and for the most part, it was a nice father-daughter movie night, watching this sad french lesbian couple sad french lesbian all over the place

but then, sometimes, we’d get treated to not one, not two, but THREE over-five-minute-long sex scenes. 

a father, and his teenage daughter, who is notoriously squeamish about anything concerning sex, sitting there, desperately trying to NOT look at the tv screen, which is showing some of the most graphic sex i’ve EVER seen outside of porn, and is, as an added bonus, obviously filmed not for the lesbians in the audience but for the straight guys (seriously, i may be a total virgin, but even i knew that about 90% of what they were doing is not how lesbian sex works. or any sex, actually.)

this happened THREE TIMES.

so that’s why i haven’t rewatched “blue is the warmest color,” despite it actually ranking as one of my favorite movies. it’s a beautiful film with superb acting, but it also reminds me of that time i was uncomfortable for 187 minutes



I want a

Reagan to my Amy

Lexa to my Clarke

Carmilla to my Laura

Tamsin to my Bo

Lucy to my Amy

Delphine to my Cosima

Alex to my Piper

Alison to my Emily

Emma to my Adelé

Naomi to my Emily 

Karma to my Amy

Shane to my Carmen

Tara to my Willow

Lauren to my Bo

Santana to my Brittany

Sophie to my Sian

Luce to my Rachel

Korra to my Asami

Callie to my Arizona

Rose to my Rosie

Lauren to my Camila

Emma to my Regina

Kaelyn to my Lucy