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“Are you cold?” Victor said. His gloved hand slid up and down the length of Yuuri’s arm. “We need to get you a warmer coat before Russia.”

“I’m … .” Yuuri trailed off and swallowed. “No. I’m not cold.”

Because really. What sane person could concentrate on being cold when Victor Nikiforov was touching them?

“Mmm, that’s too bad,” Victor all but purred in his ear. “Russians know many creative ways of keeping the body warm.”

Winter Song, Chapter One by proantagonist / @borntomake

Finally finished this! I love the heck out of this fanfic and wholeheartedly recommend it to any other victuuri fans out there. uwu I don’t know why, I just really wanted to draw this little bit.

Went to the gym for the first time in way too long. It felt good to be back, and I’m going to try to establish a rhythm to go every day. Now that it’s getting warmer, the coat has come off and the body image issues are resurfacing, so I want to feel like I’m in control again.

Also, going at 10am is apparently a good time to go since 99% of the people I saw there were just average student-looking types and not ripped muscle gods. So that’s nice.

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When winter arrives, Birdman Dex blow up his feathers so he has a warmer under coat, making him extra poofy. Nursey finds it adorable and very comfy to cuddle with him when he has his winter coat.

His new feathers are super soft and Nursey just loves taking naps with his head on Dex’s chest.

He hears the dogs barking in the distance, through the violent howling of the wind outside. They sound agitated, not as ferocious as when they see a bear coming. He grabs his rifle, and slips into a warmer fur coat. The pack of stray dogs doesn’t respond to his whistle; he’s the one who hunts, and sometimes feeds them the bones and leftovers of his preys. They ALWAYS come, when he’s the one calling. Not this time. He walks through the storm, rifle hanging from his right shoulder, boots sinking into the high snow at each step. The dogs seem to be looking for something, the fur around their muzzles stained, and RED with blood. Vigilant eyes take a more meticulous look, before noticing the outline of human bodies covered by snow. He drops the rifle to the ground, quickly falling to his knees to begin digging with his bare hands. Something is moving, not far from him. A WOMAN, alive, and not entirely buried.  ❛  Девушка… вы меня слышите?  ❜   @embittvred    

0821-0829 FCPOSTS

❤️160821 JIN

*Sunday It’s Sunday.Let’s have chicken.

*If you listen to ‘FIRE’ while eating hot chicken,that is so-called 'fight fire with fire’.

*If you listen to 'FIRE’ chicken would taste better.

❤️160822 JIMIN

Monday Fighting

❤️160827 V

*ARMY I miss you

*Now I have started shooting.Although I can’t take part in the ISAC,please support our members a lot.And I’ll do well in Hwarang too.I love you.Good night.

*Suddenly it gets cold in the evening.So I put on more warmer clothes.ARMY please put on warmer and thicker coats.Good night.

❤️160828 JIN


*Everyone I’m good at football!!Even though I stopped it and started to play MapleStory since my Grade 6 haha.It has been 12 years since I stopped it.

*There’s a misunderstanding.I stopped MapleStory.

❤️160829 JIMIN

*I’m looking forward to it Jin hyung.Actually I’m not looking forward to it.

*Taehyung got touched.
(Jimin:kekekekeke Fans are cheering for you too)

Five times Daryl wanted to kiss Carol and one time he did

This is actually an ask response to a wonderful prompt from memoriesinatrunk, but in tumblr’s usual genius fashion, when I tried to post it that way, tumblr promptly ate the post. In any case, this didn’t go quite where I thought it was going to, but that’s not unusual, right? Standard warning for gratuitous smushiness/fluff. And huge thanks to adrenalin211 for the encouragement and input:)

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