Warmer: A collection of poetry comics about climate change
For the fearful & hopeful. 1 book, 16 comics to celebrate the world for what it is, and mourn for what it is becoming.

I have a 10 page watercolor comic in Warmer called Pollination. It has honey bees @ajttk I know you love them! Thanks to Raighne for designing my title page and final page :D

The line up for Warmer is spectacular: @alyssa-berg with Catalina Jaramillo, Andrew White @whitecomics, Caitlin Skaalrud @rosebudskud, Ellie Schmidt, Graeme Shorten Adams @foreshortening, Jonathan Bell Wolfe @bell—wolfe, Kimball Anderson @earnestattempts, L. Nichols @wormulus@madeleinewitt with Anya Grenier, Maggie Umber with Raighne, Nick Soucek, @olivereast, Tor Brandt, Warren @craghead, Wenting Li, Will Cardini @hypercastle.

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Y/n and William have been dating for very long. But one day William breaks up with her because decides that she’s not good enough for him
She’s upset but decides to move on with her life
But when William sees her with another guy he can’t help but intervene. Because he never thought she wasn’t good enough. He was insecure and afraid that she will dump him so he did it first

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Hope you liked it

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What if when Victor learns that Yuuri prefers hand-made presents over store-bought, he tries learning how to knit and showers him with little projects like plushies and scarfs whenever he can. Yurio makes fun of him by comparing him to a grandparent, and Victor tries to shut him up by knitting tiger leg-warmers.



Warmer is a collection of comics about climate change for the fearful & hopeful, brilliantly curated by Madeleine Witt & Andrew White. I’ve read through the collection and it is so good. It’s especially good reading right now, with current events, but also all the time since climate change is going on with & without politics. Here are some excerpts from it, by Alyssa Berg, with Catalina Jaramillo; Maggie Umber, with Raighne Hogan; Nick Soucek; Warren Craghead; and also a page from my piece. If you’d like to read it/ help others get a chance to read it, please support the project on Kickstarter:


(seriously, this is good reading)

the freckle in the corner of dans eye and the one on phils collarbone is actually what keeps the clouds floating but thts just me


When I first met you, I honestly did not know you were going to be this important to me.