Tara Leg Warmer | Icelandic Design

These gorgeously bold 100% wool legwarmers are knit in Nepal and have a delightful mix of ribbing, stripes and zig zags to brighten your spirit while they warm your legs.

  • Cuff Stretch: 18 inches
  • Body Stretch: 16 inches
  • Bottom Cuff Stretch: 14 inches.

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Warm Climate Led to Viking Expansion

“Drilling in glaciers in the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard confirms that the Viking Age was as warm as today, something that made it possible for the Norsemen to colonize Iceland and settle down and grow barley in Greenland.

With ice cores from three Svalbard glaciers, it has become possible to say something quite certain about climate change in the archipelago and in Northern Norway all the way back to the Viking Age (c. 793 – 1066 AD).”

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