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on a plane: Luke

“Yeah, I have all my luggage checked and I got through security and everything, now I’m just waiting for my flight to be called” I said to my mum on the phone. She was worried I was going to run into trouble on my first flight alone but so far I was fine. I was travelling to Australia to visit my cousins, and I was so ready to get to somewhere warm and sunny. I went to the bathroom and gave myself the once over in the mirror. I thought my outfit was very travel-appropriate. I had on my favourite yoga pants and sports bra, with a light tee and a hoodie, with my Nike runners. Since it was winter here I had also put on a beanie over my two french braids. 

I wandered around the airport and checked out some of the little kiosks that were there. I got a bottle of water and a book, now fully ready for the long flight ahead. Making my way back to my terminal I settled in one of the chairs, double checking I had everything I needed in my backpack. Extra shirt, extra socks, i-pod and phone, chargers and chapstick, and a few tiny toiletries for when I arrived in Melbourne. I was just zipping up my bag when I heard the intercom:

All passengers on the 10 o’clock flight to Melbourne, please proceed to terminal 14, your plane is ready for boarding.

I could see a crowd of people lining up to get their tickets checked. I scanned the area and wondered who I could be sitting beside. I wonder if it’s the young woman in the tracksuit? Or maybe the old man with the neck pillow? I thought to myself. I was too engulfed in my own thoughts to pay attention to where I was going and I ended up bumping into a very tall individual. I immediately started apologizing.

“Oh my goodness I am so sorry, I must have spaced out and I wasn’t looking where I was going and…” I rambled.

“It’s okay, really” chuckled the stranger, and as I looked up I saw a very handsome face with an expensive looking pair of Ray Ban’s on. Good god, way to go y/n, you bumped into a Greek god, I internally chastised myself. He was wearing a pair of dark skinny jeans and a black tee, with a very nice black jacket. His blond hair was casually tousled to the side and he had a light scruff on his chiseled jaw. He smiled at me and I remembered that he had said something. 

“Oh, well okay,” I replied with a weak smile, feeling my face heat up, “Sorry about that.” I ducked my head and adjusted my beanie and tried to calm down. 

The line shuffled forward, and pretty soon I was handing over my passport and ticket and after they were approved I was taking the long walk into the plane. I sent one more text to my mum before shutting off my phone and stuffing it into my bag. Quickly I found my seat and tried to put my backpack in the compartment above, but I just couldn’t reach it. I kept struggling until I felt a presence behind me life my bag out of my hands and place it gently in the spot above. I turned around in the narrow isle to thank whoever had helped me. But I was very surprised to find a familiar stranger standing right in front of me. It was the guy I bumped into earlier! 

“I, uhh…thank you” I stuttered, suddenly very aware that we were standing very close to each other in this isle. 

“No worries, I noticed that you were having some difficulty, and I thought I’d give you a hand” he smiled. “My name’s Luke by the way,” he said, offering his hand. 

“Y/N,” I replied, shaking it. “Well I’m sure you have to find your seat so, uh..thank you again.” 

“Yes well I’ve already found my seat” he said sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck. “It looks like we’re sitting together.” My eyes widened and he noticed. “I mean I don’t think I’m that bad to sit beside, but I guess if you don’t want to…” 

“Oh no! No I didn’t mean to…No, I just…” I was having difficulty with my words, but who wouldn’t if they were talking to a model? “I just…you’re very attractive and I…you caught me off guard and..well…..” I squeezed my eyes shut and took a breath before starting over. “I was just surprised that’s all, it’s not every day I get to sit beside a handsome stranger.” When he took off his sunglasses and smiled at me I knew I had said the right thing. I grinned back as he took his seat beside mine. 

“Well Y/N, we have a long flight ahead of us, we might as well get to know each other.” 

Why I Don’t Eat Ice Cream Anymore

by reddit user bearsbeetsbella

Trigger Warning for Pedophilia

When I was little, I spent a lot of time at the park. My mom was a stay-at-home mom, so she’d take me and my friends there almost every day during the summer and if we were lucky, she’d buy us each something from the ice cream truck.

It was one of those lucky days when this story takes place. I was 6 or 7, and my mom had taken me and three girls from the neighborhood to play at the park. It was sunny and warm and pretty much one of those absolutely idyllic days you see in the movies. Everyone was in a good mood, my mom included. When we heard the ice cream truck approaching she gave us all some money to buy treats, opting to hang back and chat with a friend - after all, we weren’t leaving her sight, so nothing bad could happen.

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Magickal Uses for Sunflower

Planetary Association:  Sun
Astrological Association: Leo
Gender: Masculine
Element: Fire
Deity Association: Apollo

Magickal Uses:  Because of its strong sun aspect, this plant is good for building a healthy ego. It is also associated with fertility on account of its numerous, prominent seeds; it is said that women who wish to conceive should eat them. Sometimes considered a haughty flower due to its height, the sunflower is also thought to exemplify loyalty or adoration, because of how it follows the Sun’s path. Like all Sun herbs, the sunflower is great for rituals for acquiring wealth and for creating a relaxed, comfortable happiness–the same sort you feel on a warm, sunny day.  It is connected to solar festivals. The petals are a nice addition to a bath, especially a ritual bath to attract happiness.

In Aztec temples of the sun, priestesses carried sunflowers and wore them as crowns. As sun sumbols, these flowers symbolize the healthy ego, the wisdom, and the fertility of the solar logos. To protect yourself against smallpox wear sunflower seeds around the neck, either in a bag or strung like beads. If you cut a sunflower at sunset while making a wish, the wish will come true before another sunset - as long as the wish isn’t too grand.
An herb of happiness. When eaten they help a woman conceive. Place one under your bed to know the truth. They will also grant wishes. Cut it at sundown while making a wish. One who has been anointed with the juice from the stem of the sunflower will be virtuous. Sleeping with a sunflower under the bed allows you to know the truth in any matter. Sunflowers growing in the garden guard it against pests and grant the best of luck to the gardener.

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Sleeping in the Rain by dSana

Summer was sunny and warm, but recently I have been waking up to the sound of rain almost every day. Even though summer is still here, there are tiny signs of oncoming autumn… So here’s something for my slice of life series, where I tried to capture this rainy late-summer mood. Please let me know if this attempt is successful.

Doggy Goggles

With the doggy goggles your canine friend will be able to enjoy a warm sunny day without exposing their eyes to harmful UV rays. The specially designed goggles feature an ultra wide nose bridge and a deep lens that protects the eyes from all external threats.


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Awesome Sh*t You Can Buy


In this National Dog Day, i can finally present you Chekov ! He’s a 6 weeks old Borzoi, he’ll come home in October ! I’M SO FREAKING HAPPYYYYYY !!!!!! But, there is conditions. They can’t go in the yard for their business, i have to take them on the front yard. That means Loki needs to learn to poop on leash. I have to walk them both morning and night, be it cold or warm, rainy or sunny. And i need to move out when my parents will move out. I have to buy a cat tree for my kitty. He doesn’t have any up space, i’m gonna buy him one. Now i have to buy puppy stuff. Save up money. And wait until october. PUPPPYYYYY


Top left: woke up this morning and got ready for practice. It’s a beautiful day out, nice and warm, also cool, and sunny. I have been feeling so strong, so solid, and really proud of my body and myself lately. I am determined to become a MACHINE. 

Top right: while my team did a workout on the track today, I worked my ass off on the bike. I’ve been cross training consistently and trying to mimic our workouts on the bike. Today went well and I had a great sweat. 

Bottom left: protein shake post-workout was DELICIOUS. It was a banana, mocha Vega protein powder, hemp seeds, cinnamon, cacao powder, and water. YUM YUM YUM <3

Bottom right: a representation of how I feel these last few days. Despite the frustrations of not running still, I keep receiving constant signs to just keep going, to stay positive, and to do what I can. We have a new assistant coach, not too much older than us, and I spoke with him and my coach today and I actually started crying during my long and comforting conversation with them. Our new assistant coach was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia JUST going into his college running career, and he dealt with a lot. He reminded me to stay focused on getting better, staying positive, and to remember that this will pass and in the meantime, “do what you can.” He reminded me that the mental strength I have now will push me further than anything.

My coach also said to me, “I’ve been having conversations with the Big Man upstairs (God) and He’s telling me things are going to be okay!”

I’m sitting here smiling and crying. But it’s all good things. A lot of love. A lot of hope.

Desert Iguana (Dipsosaurus dorsalis), Joshua Tree National Park, California, USA

Unlike humans, cold-blooded lizards use the environment to regulate their body temperature. Lizards bask in the warm sun and move to cool shade and burrows to maintain body temperature.

Since lizards are only active when their body is at its ideal, warm temperature, the sunny, warm climate in the desert provides an environment where they can thrive.

One of the most heat tolerant species at Joshua Tree is the desert iguana. It will remain active and continue foraging long after other lizards have sought shelter from the scorching midday heat.

photograph: NPS/Brad Sutton