It’s just that

Everytime the sun goes down

And the night finally comes

And I go home again

Home where I can chill

Home where I should be fine

Home where I should be safe

From myself

And it turns out that

It’s totally the opposite

So I go home




That at last

I’ll go home

That at last finally

I’ll feel at home

That at last

I’ll finally come home to someone

To my someone

And that when

I’ll see you

Or I’ll just hear your voice

I’ll be good

And all the weight of that day

All the weight of these years

Will just fades away

And then I’ll wrap my arms around your waist

From behind

And I’ll hold you tighter

And lay my head on your shoulder

And breathe


And I’ll feel your scent on me

Damn you always smell so good

They say that you cannot smell the scent of your house

But now

You’re my house

You’re my place

You’re my everything

And I’ll never be able forget that scent

God what did you do to me?

If this ain’t happiness

then I don’t know what it is

But now


I feel like this will never happen to me

So I’m here

At my home

At an house that I never felt mine

And I struggle

But it doesn’t matter at all.

things that make life suck a little less (i)

[15 for the 15th day of the year.]

  1. mornings when i wake up after just the right amount of sleep and my bed feels all cozy and warm but not at all tempting.
  2. my boyfriend, who rubs my neck and massages my hands and kisses my head and whispers “i’m here, everything’s gonna be okay.”
  3. moments when i feel such overwhelming gratitude towards my mom, who almost always fails but tries so hard to show me she loves me.
  4. progressive churches where you don’t have to be straight and physically immaculate to feel welcome.
  5. food. specifically mozzarella sticks paired with pesto and some warm milk tea to wash it all down.
  6. when a cat voluntarily walks up to and brushes its body against me.
  7. witnessing/receiving random acts of kindness.
  8. getting a chance to show/do a random act of kindness and not messing it up.
  9. the black cat that welcomes us home every night, even though it doesn’t live in our house.
  10. compliments like ‘your hair is so pretty.’ 'you look like a doll.’ 'i love your eyeshadow.’ 'you’re so good at writing.’ 'your voice is so soothing.’
  11. the existence of language and the power it holds.
  12. water.
  13. coconut oil, which solves ¼ of all the problems in my life.
  14. having two hands, two feet, two eyes, two ears, and a chance to experience the world in all its beauty.
  15. the knowledge that i matter to people, no matter how few.

- 🍂 180115.

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musicians who live with musicians: Can I get yo opinion

Alright tumblr, help me out. I’m a high school band director who lives with two trumpet players doing their grad degrees. One of them sometimes practices at home, but mostly does the five minute drive to the University where he uses the practice rooms. I practice at home because I don’t go to school, and it’s typically 1.5-2 hours, about three times a week. I try to practice when nobody else is home, because the trombone is loud and I don’t want them to be bothered. My other roommate practices 4-5 hours a day, almost entirely in our home. He don’t care who is napping, who is trying to get work done, who has a migraine, or who already started trying to squeeze in a 20 minute warm-up because they thought this dude was finally done for the day.

Would it be rude to ask him to spend some time in the practice rooms at school? I understand he pays rent just like the rest of us, and we practice in the house too, but not for FIVE HOURS A DAY. We also make an effort not to bother each other with our practicing. When he’s not practicing, he’s composing loudly, and without headphones on. My downstairs neighbors have expressed dissatisfaction with how much noise there is up here, as well.

What do you guys think?

  • Aries
  • Keep being: Exciting, spontaneous, fun and playful, unpredictable, exhilarating, energising to be around
  • Stop: Getting frustrated when we can't keep up
  • Taurus
  • Keep being: A dependable and warm friend, a thoughtful lover, an endearing comic, mischievous and childlike
  • Stop: Shutting yourself off from us when emotions start building
  • Gemini
  • Keep being: Clever and sassy, comedic and witty, interesting and educational
  • Stop: Assuming we are too dumb to keep up with you
  • Cancer
  • Keep being: Kind, warm and soothing, transporting and wise, motherly and comforting
  • Stop: Taking your moods out on people who love you the most
  • Leo
  • Keep being: Exuberant and fascinating, creative and fun loving, playful, funny and big hearted
  • Stop: Thinking you are on a solo mission to save the world - work with us
  • Virgo
  • Keep being: Helpful and sympathetic, clever and educational, quick witted and intriguing
  • Stop: Locking us away when you think we won't understand
  • Libra
  • Keep being: Amiable and warm, friendly and comforting, understanding and nonjudgmental, loveable
  • Stop: Thinking you a lesser than us
  • Scorpio
  • Keep being: Interesting and wonderful, seductive and knowledgeable, wise and soothing, evocative
  • Stop: Thinking we all have ulterior motives
  • Sagittarius
  • Keep being: Active and exciting, spontaneous and unpredictable, funny and educational, free spirited
  • Stop: Judging our beliefs because you haven't experienced it
  • Capricorn
  • Keep being: Brave and inspirational, strong, good willed and comforting, dependable and resilient
  • Stop: Assuming we can't help you
  • Aquarius
  • Keep being: Unpredictable and exciting, eccentric and intelligent, shocking and fun, playful and free
  • Stop: Assuming we haven't put thought into our opinions
  • Pisces
  • Keep being: Cordial and good natured, different and soothing, creative and mystical, transporting and loving
  • Stop: Shutting us off and escaping when it all gets too much

my wishes for you this new year

  • a spontaneous adventure
  • improved health, in mind, body, and soul
  • new genuine friends; a reliable support system, no matter how small
  • a successful project; effort rewarded
  • an epiphany regarding self love
  • a new skill
  • safety
  • a majority of good hair days
  • more frequent moments of pure joy catalyzed by the simplest of things
  • to experience unadulterated love, and be distinctly aware of it

- 🍂

Beautiful things to look forward to:
  • People you haven’t met yet who will come to love you
  • New flavors of ice cream
  • Summer 2016 memories 
  • Your favorite bands releasing new music 
  • Finding a book that speaks to you 
  • Thrift store finds that make you feel beautiful
  • Noticing that you are drifting down the path you want to go in life
  • Finding the courage to be who you are no matter who is with you

sleepy!keith!!!! x, x

  • that bed hair tho
    • lance tries smoothing it down but it just floofs back up
      • keith: lance?? are you crying??
      • lance, looking at his bf’s hair sticking up in every direction possible: you’re just…so cUTE….
  • keith likes sleeping in blanket cocoons 
    • lance often needs to check to make sure he’s still breathing in there
  • either he’s curled up in a little ball or splayed out across the entire bed…there is no in between
  • he snores
    • lance loves him so much but sometimes its so hard to sleep by him
    • keith denies it
      • keith: there’s NO WAY i snore…i’d hear it
      • lance: keith…babe…bear
  • the kid is a human radiator 
    • lance likes being the big spoon when they sleep because he’s so naturally cold himself
      • one time he was the little spoon and keith had such a death grip on him and he was so warm he thought he was going to die
  • keith used to think he was better off sleeping alone but now he can’t sleep without someone near him
    • after they first started dating, keith would often slip into lance’s room at night just to sleep next to him and know someone was there
    • lance doesn’t mind at all
  • keith kicks lance a lot when he’s sleeping
    • keith: why do you have so many bruises on your legs
    • lance: why do your dreams always involve kicking something
Pillows - Peter Parker

request -  OMG I LOVE YOUR WRITING!!! Can you write a Peter Parker smut where the reader is Tony’s daughter and they’ve dating for a while now and one of the avengers hear them one night and eventually slip it to tony who freaks out because of the funny business in the heardquarters! I hope it makes sense

a/n - i had a lot of fun writing this and this became super duper long i’m sorry if this is a flop like me but don’t forget to request a peter parker / spider - man fic if you’d like and follow!

I was sitting towards the top of my bed, a book sprawled on my lap while the moon was teasing me outside. It was close to one o’clock in the morning, and I found myself not being able to sleep for the second night in a row. My bed was always so cold and stiff at this type of night, and staring at the city view only made me more awake.

I sighed and closed my book, letting out a breath of laziness. It was at that point in the night where my inability to sleep caused me to become frustrated, falling back onto my pillow and staring up at the ceiling.

With my father being the leader of the Avengers himself, I would usually be deprived of sleep since Rogers and Barnes would be talking up a storm at the dining table while my own father and Barton was cracking open a bottle of wine. Everyone within the tower was asleep now, but it was still quite difficult to go to sleep.

I began to think about the other ways I could’ve been passing the time until my eyes became dreary, and then it hit me.

Peter might still be awake.” I thought to myself, heart beginning to pick up it’s pace.

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It’s New Years which means at midnight, Jake willl be kissing Amy, Holt will be kissing Kevin, and Rosa will be kissing her girlfriend to start off the New Year, and that thought just warms my heart and butters my bread roll. Happy New Year, everyone!