The RFA keeping you warm

The heating here derped out I´m cold and I feel bad anyways so I gotta write this to get warm thoughts - also I needed to write some fluff to make myself feel better.

Its a bit shot but I lag energy.


  • when the heating in the apartment failed neither of you noticed it till it got night.
  • You started to freeze and got up to check the heater it was cold.
  • Since it was the middle of the night you could not do much.
  • Zen woke up right after you he was not cold but he was he felt bad that you are freezing.
  • He tells you to come back to bed and just cuddle up to him he will keep you nice and warm.
  • So you do that and he is a living heater so you warm up quite fast again.
  • Zen fully enjoys this situation even when he has to control himself.


  • You are playing games with him when you notice it keeps getting colder.
  • Yoosung gets up to check the heating its cold.
  • He thinks about to call the landlord but its Saturday and he does not reach anyone.
  • So he does the next best thinks and gets all the blankets he can and wraps them around you two.
  • It keeps you both nice and warm and you also keep close so thats a bonus.
  • This time he actual does not mind that the heating doesn´t work.


  • She does notice it gets slowly colder is the apartment.
  • Jaehee goes to check the heating and its cold she sighs in annoyance.
  • She calls someone to fix it but they can´t come till tomorrow.
  • You get the blankets ready and Jaehee makes you both something warm to drink.
  • Jaehee is a bit shy at first but she enjoys the cuddles with you a lot.
  • You both end up passing out on the couch while cuddled up.
  • By morning the heating works again but you just keep in cuddling anyways till Jaehee has to go to work.


  • You notice it first since Jumins body temperature is low anyways.
  • You check the heating its cold.
  • Jumin calls someone to fix it right away but it will still take some time.
  • He is not happy that you have to freeze now till someone finally fixes the heater.
  • You tell him its not that bad you can just get some blankets and he can join you on the coucvh to keep warm too.
  • He is not really cold but he joins you he likes being close to you.
  • He ends up under the blankets with you you warm him up more then anything but you still enjoy it.
  • Jumin is not really happy when the heating is fixed but you keep on cuddling him anyways since he is cute.


  • When you are with him and the heating stops working you go to check it and you tell him it stopped working.
  • Then he checks it and he agrees but he is warm so he does not mind it.
  • You get some blankets to keep yourself warm.
  • When he sees that he comes to you to warm you he tells you he just wants to take a break but you know he just wants to help you.
  • You cuddle up to him and he calls you a heat vampire but he really does not mind it when you steal his warmth.
  • He is more happy then he wants to admit about cuddling with you.
  • When the heating starts working again after like 2hours he not really wants to stop the cuddling so you pretend that you are still cold

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Pride Prompt Request

This was requested by Anon: 41. “You’re sweet.” + Pride.

Word count: 231

Warnings: fluff

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns)

You thought you could get away with being sick.  Not on Pride’s watch.  He ordered you to stay in bed until you were better.  You wanted to be out in the field with your team, but Pride was having none of it.  He did however compromise with you.  Now you were going over case files, finding possible connections to the murder.

The agent poked his head into the bedroom, offering you a warm smile as he walked in with a cup of warm tea.  “Ah thought ya might like somethin’ta drink,” Pride spoke in a low, loving voice.  “How’s it comin’ along [Y/N]?”  Pride laid down at your feet, letting out a long sigh.

“You’re sweet, you know that?”  Once you set your tea on the nightstand, you placed a file on his tummy, smiling confidently.  “That’s your guy.  He’s the connection.”  You retrieved the cup of tea from the nightstand, taking a sip.  He always made the best tea, iced or not.  “How’s the case?”

Pride sat up, reading the file you handed him.  “Well it just got a whole lot easier thanks to you,” Pride smiled.  He got up from the bed, pressing a kiss to your forehead.  “Great work darlin’.”

You sighed contently, gathering the other files beside you and putting them back in the box.  You felt a little better knowing that you helped the team.  

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if there is anything you learn from me, let it be this:
there is no statute of limitations on healing.
there is no expiration date on the ache
that wonโ€™t stop following you around
no matter who tells you there is.

i do not mean to hurt you when i tell you this;
your kiss with trauma or the nights you spent with death,
these things are not going to leave you as quickly as you wish they would.
it hurt and itโ€™s going to keep hurting.

do not forgive and forget.
do not bury this and believe it is leaving.
it isnโ€™t going to leave you as suddenly as it came
so stop trying to pretend it is.

cry if you still need to.
breathe if you still can.

do not be angry at yourself for hurting still.
do not be angry at yourself for hurting still.
do not be angry at yourself for hurting still.

—  On Healing, Sarah Kate Osborn (to follow On Grief)
Love herโค

Gently kiss her on the forehead while she falls asleep in your arms. Hold her hand and rub your finger against hers. Run your fingers through her hair with your other hand to calm her. Pull her closer to you to keep her nice and warm. Then break the silence to tell her you love her.

I want you in the most innocent of ways, I want you to hold me tight. To wrap your arms around me, lips pressed agains my forehead while you tell me you love me and that everything will be alright.
—  lips against skin and good thoughts (k.h)