Cavis Tapes 10 Year Anniversary Show

If you’ve never been to the Anchor, finding it might be a little tricky. The venue borrows commercial space behind some businesses and churches. Once you park, cut through the church parking lot, and head towards the back of the building.

Here are the set times for Saturday:

7pm - Doors
7:20-7:50 No Better
8:05-8:35 Mildura
8:45-9:15 I’m Glad It’s You
9:30 - END Warm Thoughts

Spooning Thoughts

Snuggling her backside deeper into Maks’, Meryl sighed in content as his huge body spooned hers, surrounding her with his body heat as it radiated off him and warmed her to her core. Her head rested on his bicep, allowing her to breath in his fresh out of the shower yet masculine scent. After all, she had always loved the way he smelled. She never understood why, but being in his arms always made her feel safe and secure. The way he wrapped his body around hers to keep her warm as if to block her from any harm, like the chilling night air that threatened to attack as they slept. The way he burried his head into her hair as he whispered sweet nothings into her ear, letting her know she was cherished and loved and that he would be there when she woke up, she always felt so secure. ‘Mmmmmm’ so warm she thought to herself, ’…and secure…and safe…and warm…and comfy…night Maksy.’ She was out.


Moving his face around for the hundreth time that night, Maks tried to get the long mahogany long hair out of his face while trying not to disturb his sleeping princess. Shuffling around a bit Maks blew as hard and as quiet as he could. When the hair finally fell out of the way, Maks tried adjusting his evening erection caused by his petite bed mate snuggling her pert bottom into him as she slept. Lifting her thigh slightly, Maks let it rest between her legs so he didn’t have to move away from her. After adjusting himself, he immediatly felt his arm that was currently pillowing Meryls head begin to tingle due to no circulation. Sighing, Maks gazed down at his love, deciding that he didn’t have the heart to wake her just so he could get comfortabe. Laying back down, Maks dozed off, completly uncomfotable yet more comfortable than he’s ever been


Warm Thoughts // VLHS // 12.13.2014

“You can write it, date it, and send it And someday I’ll be there to receive it, But the book stores are going under Because books are a fucking waste of paper” - Respiratory by Dad Punchers


Warm Thoughts // Altered Course 029


WARM THOUGHTS is the continuation of Elliot Babin’s bedroom recording project, which he started in 2010 previously under the name Dad Punchers. His solo project has evolved in to a revolving cast of Babin and his friends playing loud, sweaty, and occasionally sad, rock and roll music. You might know him as the drummer of Touche Amore, but if you haven’t heard his solo work yet, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Fans of The Weakerthans, Joyce Manor, and The Beach Boys will love WARM THOUGHTS.

We’re happy to be re-releasing his “Mar Vista” LP this fall with 3 previously unreleased tracks. You can hear one of them here: https://soundcloud.com/asianmanrecords/warm-thoughts-everything-should-grow

Warm Thoughts is already working on new songs which we’ll also be releasing on a 7" in the hopefully not too distant future.

Cold Starters
  • "Here, have my jacket"
  • "Do we have any more blankets?"
  • "I think I/you have frostbite"
  • "You're shivering"
  • "It's not that cold"
  • "Let's get a fire going"
  • "Just think warm thoughts"
  • "We're snowed in"
  • "Do you want to build a snowman?"
  • "Your lips are turning blue"
  • "I can't feel my feet"
  • "Make sure you bring a jacket"
  • "I'm so cold, I can't stop shivering"

new WARM THOUGHTS song is up!

Pre-order the 7" here: ASIAN MAN RECORDS - Warm Thoughts “Intangible” 7"