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So, is Misha a good hugger?

SARA U KNO DIS, I TOLD U BEFORE AND I WILL TELL U AGAIN: HES A FANTASTIC HUGGER AND HES SO WARM N SNUGGLY. Also now that I’ve finally held his hand I can tell u how freakin soft it is *wow so soft*

Lazy surgeon noises can be heard.

(( Hai, yea i’m still here and stuff. Not entirely used to or wanting to be up as early as I am, could totally go curl back up in bed until I have to head out to work. I might do that I dunno. I wanted to do drafts and stuff on other muses and Lawsy here but I can’t stop yawning, even after caffeine. Bed looks cozy too and it’s chilly out so theres the whole warm and snuggly factor of life. *flails* ))


I’ve been waiting until I was in the shite and wheezy camp to repost this – it’s the only good part of getting sick – but Malcolm’s snuggly fleece always makes me feel loads better.

I mean, just look at him strutting into the office with his hands in his fleecy  pockets all happy and smiley and relaxed from stabbing Steve Fleming in the back (while clearly also showing the influence of spending time with Julius what with the highly specific attention to extraneous extra detail) and not caring at all that he looks like a suburban dad out running errands – proving once and for all that he doesn’t need a suit to have authority. 

Imagine Yachi stealing Kageyama’s hoodie and him not quite being able to make her give it back because she looks adorable when she’s snuggling in it with the hood up, swamped in the folds of material.


Hi everyone!!!!!
I’m finally uploading my Tampa sign!!

I decided to do the cancer ribbon for a few different reasons but the main one is too show how much we support taylorswift and Andrea.

Taylor has been my lifeline for almost 10 years now. She has been my warm snuggly blanket when the world was cold and rainy and has been such a huge support system even though she may never know it. She got me through the worst years of my life and breakups and the worst friends you could ever imagine. I’m not one to get into details about my horrible friends, bullying, or depression but I hope Taylor can know she was the one that got me through everything. And is still getting me through hardships this second.

I wasn’t going to upload this because I wanted it to be a surprise but my cousin was just diagnosed with cancer yesterday and has to undergo chemotherapy and radiation. She is being so positive about everything so I thought I would try and spread the positivity :)

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you’re going to Tampa I would loveeeeee for you to write something on the poster or sign it or whatever you want! I know Taylor has supported us soooooo many times so I want to show her that we are here and we care just as much as if it were our family. Hopefully I can get it to andrea since I’ll be on the floor but if not I will still post a pic of the signed sign after!

Please reblog to get as many Tampa peeps to see it as possible so they can find me to sign it :)

taylorswift I love you so much and can’t wait to see you in Miami and Tampa!