FOMO: The Fear Of Missing Out

It’s everywhere. That party you didn’t attend last night? Photos on Facebook. Hangouts you weren’t invited to? On Snap chat story. Suddenly your mood drops from a 10 to a 0. “Why were they hanging out without me?”, “What did I miss?”, ladies and gents, this is called the fear of missing out. Now it’s time to get down and find out what it really means, is, and how to stop it from happening again.

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I’ve been waiting until I was in the shite and wheezy camp to repost this – it’s the only good part of getting sick – but Malcolm’s snuggly fleece always makes me feel loads better.

I mean, just look at him strutting into the office with his hands in his fleecy  pockets all happy and smiley and relaxed from stabbing Steve Fleming in the back (while clearly also showing the influence of spending time with Julius what with the highly specific attention to extraneous extra detail) and not caring at all that he looks like a suburban dad out running errands – proving once and for all that he doesn’t need a suit to have authority. 

okay, but consider with me… Andrew and Neil in a blanket fort

  • they’re both almost always cold, their apartment is covered in blankets and blanket capes are a wardrobe staple
  • Andrew is also making Neil watch every Disney movie because the fact that he hasn’t seen them is, quite frankly, unacceptable, this is possibly the only thing Andrew has ever verbally agreed about with Matt
  • also, Andrew likes watching kids movies bc they’re all just relaxing and safe (when he’s feeling bad he puts them on as background noise, also Aaron likes them too and watching films was pretty much the only thing they did together when they first met, but all this is for another time)
  • so they get hold of a shit tonne of Disney movies and sweets and they’re ready
  • and then construction begins on the fort because on the rare occasion that Andrew actually puts effort into something he doesn’t do it by halves, the final product is a mess, but a very warm and snuggly mess bc they’ve moved their mattress into the living room and gathered every pillow and blanket in their entire house
  • they’re both so tiny that they can sit up under the ‘ceiling’
  • Andrew is eating all the sweets and Neil is still in awe of the fact that he can keep eating, where is it going Andrew??
  • So they sit there and work their way through the stack of movies
  • ‘Lilo and Stitch’ turns Neil into a sobbing wreck (’ohana means family. family meant nobody gets left behind’) Andrew ups the hate percentage as he pretends he isn't stroking Neil’s hair to calm him down
  • they’re also low-key holding hands most of the time, or they have their pinkies linked together 
  • Andrew has now eaten all the ice-cream in probably the entire northern hemisphere, he also gives Neil a spoonful every so often, Neil doesn’t even really like ice cream but he always accepts bc Andrew doesn’t care about a lot of things but ice cream is really up there and sharing it is about as close as Andrew gets to saying ‘i love you’
  • It’s like 2 am when they’re both really tired and they’ve reached that point of no return when you can’t bring yourself to get up and actually go to bed 
  • so they just lie there and turn the volume down and Neil is snuggled against Andrew's side (they’ve been together for so long now that they’re used to sleeping together and don’t try to knock each other out whenever they move) and they fall asleep like that and it’s all soft and warm and safe and lovely

Oh my, this is too too cute! 

Le Chat Blanc

by Stephanie Mason - This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download.  

This adorable cat hoodie can be crocheted up in time for halloween to keep your baby warm and snuggly while looking cute as a kitten. Meow!~ It has a super cute cat eared hood with appliqued embellishments and features options for closed sleeves (to look like paws) or regular sleeves for fussier kittens.

PS: There is a knitted version too.

Imagine Yachi stealing Kageyama’s hoodie and him not quite being able to make her give it back because she looks adorable when she’s snuggling in it with the hood up, swamped in the folds of material.

the signs as sensations
  • aries:the feeling of a warm fire after a long day
  • taurus:sand softly falling through your fingers
  • gemini:the cold crisp wind gently running through your hair, awakening your face
  • cancer:putting one hand under a cold stream of water, the other under a hot stream of water, then switching
  • leo:the sun on the back of your neck, warming you gently, not burning
  • virgo:lying on the ground, the grass tickling your face
  • libra:the warm vents at shopping centre (mall) doors that welcome you in gladly from the cold
  • scorpio:the shower that you really needed, with the exact right temperature and pressure
  • sagittarius:fresh sheets against your skin making you all warm and snuggly in the winter
  • capricorn:the bark of an old tree
  • aquarius:the wind blowing hard on your back, urging you to keep going
  • pisces:raindrops falling strategically along the parting of your hair