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Why is is that whenever Hiro and Tadashi are standing next to each other I keep expecting Tadashi to lift Hiro up in his arms and give him a big squeezy hug :3

Because Tadashi seems like the kind of person that would give big squeezy hugs (lets face it, he learned how to give those type of hugs from Aunt Cass). 

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Staying cozy! by Jane
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On a chilly and blustery weekend the best way to stay warm is to snuggle up with cuddly friends like these!! Hope everyone has a warm and snuggly Sunday!!

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Allium, Daffodil! And Aster!

Flower Ask - OOC

Allium: What’s the best thing you can cook?

Uhhh XD I dont do much cooking. However, I do like to make different styles of eggs. ^.^ And I like to bake. Baking is fun. 

Daffodil: What’s the most thoughtful present you’ve ever received? 

Ok I have to say my first Iphone. I still have it and use it. Its an IPhone 4S. I went to a small private school and I was friends with my teachers. My Bible teacher noticed I was the only student in his media class without a smart phone. He’d just upgraded and he offered me his old 4 free. 

Aster: Would you rather be cold or hot? 

I am a very snuggly person and I really dislike wearing summery clothes like tank tops and shorts. So I wouldnt say I prefer to be cold.. but its better than too hot. Plus you can only go so far when you’re too hot. If you’re too cold you can wrap in blankets, cuddle, start a fire, drink hot coacoa. Ah, I just love it <3 Sitting out in the warm sun is great too though. Just not too hot. I’m picky. ;P 

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Darcis gently awoke from bed. Her two husbands, Farkas and Al, were cuddling her from both sides, keeping her warm and snuggly. Her body was covered in love bites from a rather fun night.

“Normally I’m not one for sharing the bed with two people,but I’ll take an exception” Al said grinning

Friday 5

I was all snuggly and warm this morning. Bam the power went out. Stupid wind.

It is officially sweater weather in H'town. I had to dig for 30 minutes to find one.

Work tonight ought to be more fun than a barrel of hungry tigers on fire.

I have started drawing house. Had it mostly worked out when I realized I forgot laundry room. Time to think more.

Daughter will probably go ape shit. She’s in Birmingham and never really seen snow. I look forward to her texts.

I imagine Darcy to be looking like this after a nap. Big eyes, crazy hair and a tonne of smiles! 😍💋



Just imagine her and Harry waking up from a nap together, all drowsy and warm and snuggly, both still blinking the sleep from their eyes, both of them with hair in absolute shambles, Harry’s got a little pool of baby drool on his tee shirt. And the first thing she does is smile up at him and reach for his face and of course, Harry smiles back and kisses her little palm and can’t help but chuckle at her bed head and he kisses her forehead as he smoothes his fingers over it. ‘Hi there…Did you sleep good? It looks like you did!’ And there are so many sweet little kisses and cuddles. Ugh. Yes. This is what my heart lives for. xx.