warm woolen mittens

Elijah: Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

Rebekah: Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.

Kol: Black body bags tied up with strings.

Elijah and Rebekah:

Klaus: These are a few of my favourite things!

Raindrops on Roses

“Betty? Betty are you listening to me?”

“Huh? Oh, no. Sorry.” Betty let out a breathy laugh, shaking her head as she attempted to bring herself back to reality. 

Jughead slowly closed his laptop and climbed off of her bed, moving to join her in the bay window. She pulled her knees into her chest, wordlessly creating room for him to sit.

“What are you thinking about?” He asked, running his hand up her calf and bringing it to rest on her knee. “You’ve been staring out this window all night.” He absentmindedly rubbed his thumb back and forth across her skin, a small gesture of affection.

“It’s raining.” She whispered as she looked out the window, a small smile crossing her lips, her mind millions of miles away. “I love it when it rains.”

Jughead followed her lead and looked out the window, a small but steady stream of water rolling down the window pane. It was a beautiful rain, gentle but consistent, the sound of raindrops on glass slowly lulling Jughead into the same trance that had seemingly taken over Betty.

“’And in this moment, like a swift intake of breath, the rain came.’” When he spoke he recaptured Betty’s attention, with her turning to him, silently questioning where his words had come from.

“It’s Truman Capote.” He explained.

“It’s fitting.” Betty smiled, a warmth in her eyes. She brought her hands over his, letting her fingers become entangled between his. “You know,” she began softly, “when I was little, I was scared of the rain. I’m not sure what it was, whether it was the thunder or the tapping of the rain on my windowsill or the gray in the sky, but it terrified me. So every time it rained, Polly would come into my room and sit me down on this window seat and wrap me up in my comforter. Then she’d hug me and we’d look out the window, and she’d sing.” As Betty spoke, she became lost in her memories, and began to sing,

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright cooper kettles and warm woolen mittens…”

She stopped, embarrassed at her own instinct to sing. She allowed Jughead’s hands to ground her once more, returning to the present moment, cheeks flushing with embarrassment as she felt the heat of Jughead’s eyes on her.

“Polly always had a thing for the Sound of Music,” she shrugged with a smile, pulling her hands away from his and placing them in her lap, staring down at them to avoid Jughead’s eyes. “Anyway, it worked. Eventually I began to love when it rained, it always reminded me of Polly. Well,” she laughed, “Polly and Julie Andrews.”

Jughead leaned forward, placing his hand beneath her chin and guiding her head upward until her eyes met his.

“That was a beautiful story Betty.” His tone was almost solemn, his way of acknowledging the gift Betty had given him with her words. Betty lowered her knees into a cross-legged position, allowing her torso to lean forward and kissing Jughead softly on the lips. Pulling away, she rotated her body and leaned back into Jughead, his arms instinctively wrapping around her waist and pulling her close. She fit herself between his legs, nestling her head into the crook of his neck, each piece of her body melding perfectly into his.

“I love the rain,” She sighed heavily, contentedness filling her from her head to her toes.

“And I love you.” Jughead replied, resting his head against hers. 

Betty smiled, rolling her head to the side to look at him. “I love you too.” She whispered, capturing his lips with hers. They stayed in that window seat for a while, with her head rested gently on his shoulder, letting the rhythm of the rain wash them away.

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Hello! Could I request the RFA and the Minor Trio's reaction to finding out the MC is terrified of thunderstorms? MC tries her best to be brave and hide the fact that she's scared, but she gets found out. If you decide to do this, thank you in advance! I really love the way you write these headcanons!

When your internet crashes and everything deletes. Help! Lol, I’m dying inside

Thank you so much! And I’m sorry about this being late, I was working a lot on getting my Masterpost up, as well as school and such. Yeah, not fun. Anyway!!!!! Let us begin!!!


  • He was going to an acting workshop for the day, and it ended up thunder storming about fifteen o’clock (three o’clock in the afternoon)
  • He didn’t think much about it, until fifteen minutes later when you called
  • “Jagi, everything okay? Did the power go out?”
  • “Oh, um nothing! I was just wondering how things were going? But I won’t bug you I just wanted to say hi! Um, have fun and see you later!”
  • Before he could say anything you hung up with a quick and loud burst of static
  • He looked confused for a second, but went back to his workshop
  • When he got home you were no where to be found, all the lights were off, and there was no sound
  • You weren’t in the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen, your room
  • He went into his room and hear a sound from the closet, a sort of sniffling
  • “MC?”
  • He opened the door to find you, curled up on the floor in the very back of the closet, one of his shirts in you lap, your face stroking the blue plaid
  • “MC is everything okay?”
  • You jumped at the sound of his voice and tried to play it off
  • “Oh, oh hi Zen! Yeah, of course everything’s okay! Yeah, just um…”
  • He kneeled down and scooted next to you
  • “Are you sure?”
  • “Oh Zen! I just hate the thunderstorm so much!” You leaned into him
  • Just then a crack of thunder echoed through the room and you jumped, practically diving into his lap
  • “Oh Jagi.” He whispered affectionately, before scooping you up and petting your hair and you tightened your arms around him
  • Singing in your ear he decided to try something
  • “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.”
  • You jerked your head up at the familiar words and he smiled
  • “Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens”
  • “Brown paper packages tied up with strings” You replied softly
  • “These are a few of my favorite things” You two sang together, before erupting into giggles
  • He carried you to the living room, popped in “The Sound of Music” and you two spent the night to beautiful music, humming along to your favorite tunes
  • It ended up being a good night


  • He actually didn’t mind thunderstorms
  • To him they were quite calming
  • Unfortunately, you didn’t think the same way
  • It started thunder storming quite loudly one summer night and you bolted up out of sleep
  • Yoosung heard a small creak of the floorboards
  • “MC?” He asked groggily
  • “Yoosung, it’s really loud, do you, do you think it will pass soon?”
  • Yoosung sat up, reaching his arms out to you
  • “You okay?”
  • You accepted and ran over to him
  • He wrapped his arms around your back and you nuzzled up close to his chest, happy for the second body
  • It didn’t matter how muggy it was, or the weather outside, you two were happy to be in your small cocoon together
  • The next day it was still raining
  • Thankfully it was Saturday so Yoosung didn’t go to class
  • He managed to convince you to walk to the bookstore with you, despite you jumping forward every time you saw a flash of lightning in the distance
  • You picked out a book, as did he
  • “Here MC! A book about thunderstorms! That was you can study about it so you won’t be so scared!”
  • You thanked him gratefully
  • Outside you two walked home hand in hand, close under the umbrella
  • You didn’t feel as bad
  • And right before you two hit the house you gave him a quick peck on the cheek
  • He blushed thoroughly as did you lightly
  • You nuzzled up to him and he felt like the luckiest person alive


  • She sort of had her suspicions
  • You were always jumpy when it was stormy out
  • She figured
  • She was getting ready to go grocery shopping when it started thunder storming
  • Hard!
  • “I’m going out MC, see you in a bit!”
  • “But Jaehee it’s storming outside!” You jumped up quickly
  • “MC, are you okay?” She asked in reply, “You seem kinda antsy.”
  • “It’s just, well, I, I really hate thunder storms, I mean, what if you get struck by lightning!” You reddened slightly at this admission
  • Jaehee just smiled, despite herself
  • Kissing you softly your cheeks flushed again
  • “Want to come with me?”
  • You began to shake your head, but ended up agreeing
  • At the store you were on edge the whole time
  • Staring out towards the tinted windows, jumping at any sound the came from it
  • Jaehee noticed this, so decided to buy ice cream for the both of you
  • You went home and had it for desert
  • “MC you have some on your cheek.”
  • “Ahh! I’ll get it!!”
  • “No, it’s okay, I’ll do it for you.”
  • By the end you were so red and distracted to notice the storms ;)
  • Hehehehehehehe


  • Jumin was unfazed by everything
  • Including weather
  • There could be a tornado on fire outside and he’d still be in his office, looking up the highest quality cat back scratcher products on sale
  • You, unfortunately, were much less like that
  • It was storming especially bad outside
  • And you were pacing around the whole house nervously
  • Jumin was at a conference, but came home early
  • Right as the power went out
  • He hear you shriek and ran over to make sure you weren’t hurt
  • He found you tangled in your sheet
  • “Jumin!”
  • He couldn’t help but laugh at that picture, but you were wriggling in frustration
  • Untangling you he realized you were shaking slightly
  • “Are you okay” He asked, voice full of worry
  • You held onto his shirt
  • “T-thunderstorm” You whispered softly
  • He smiled again, wrapping you in a big bear hug
  • You were swept up to your feet with a slight gasp of surprise
  • He put on a CD and you two danced around the room, the light of the moon being the only possible chance for you to see
  • It was altogether very relaxing
  • He knew just how to make you feel better


  • He was typing up on the computer, half buried in his thoughts, trying desperately to ignore you
  • When the first crack of thunder sounded
  • You were lying on the couch, huddled up, trying to ignore the person in the same apartment as you, the bomb, everything, when the sound made you jump up and run for the hills
  • At first you ran to talk to him, but when you saw him you had a moment of recognition, and instead headed towards your room
  • He heard sniffs, and his first instinct was to run towards you, but he forced it down
  • But when it didn’t stop for five minutes he gave up
  • “MC?!” He ran around the house, trying to locate the sound, which seemed to echo everywhere
  • Finally bursting into your room, knocking be damned, he saw you surrounded by blankets, pillow in your arm, sniffling
  • A flash of lightning passed, and you burrowed deeper into the pillow
  • “Hey.”
  • You jumped when he went behind you and put a hand on your head
  • You turned to see him crush you in a big hug
  • You were still slightly shaking, choosing to wrap yourself around him, arms tightly around his neck
  • He kept stroking your hair and you kept holding on tightly
  • “I’m sorry.”
  • You looked at him in disbelief after hearing those words
  • “I’m sorry MC, I need to stop pushing you away. You’ve done so much for me, and I’ve done nothing to help you.”
  • You nodded at those words, leaning into him once more
  • “That’s all I’ve ever wanted to hear.”
  • He held you closer, determined to never let you go like he had before
  • He was blind, so he didn’t care much about it
  • But you hated the lightning
  • One time you two were driving home and a huge flash sparked across the sky, like ones in pictures in meteorology books
  • He noticed you stopped talking, but thought you just wanted to focus
  • You were gritting your teeth the whole way
  • When you two got home you excused yourself and V sat down on the couch
  • He noticed you were gone for a very long time, so he went to look for you
  • “MC?” He called out to you
  • Stepping into the bathroom he heard you
  • Even though he was practically blind he could still see that there was not nearly enough light in the bathroom to be normal
  • “MC, are you okay?” He asked worriedly
  • He heard sharp rustling, and almost sighed in relief when you pressed yourself against him
  • “Yeah, it’s just, well I really hate the lightning in thunder storms, but I shouldn’t bother you.”
  • “MC, don’t be ridiculous.” He kissed you lightly on the forehead
  • “It doesn’t matter what, if you are distressed about something then it’s not a bother to me.”
  • Scooping you up, he was very good at carrying bridal style, he brought you to couch and turned on Outlander
  • He knew you loved it, besides the music was very relaxing to him
  • You fell asleep to the sound of Scots running around the pastoral lands of Scotland
  • V was glad you could get your mind off the lightning


  • Let’s face it this boy would not care at all about thunder storms
  • So, when you acted jumpy around it he would always say with disbelief;
  • “MC are you really scared of some thunder?”
  • And you would say no, trying not to dive under the table for fear of the winds whipping about outside
  • He didn’t understand how someone could be scared of it, and let’s face it, despite your every effort he knew you were scared
  • He felt like he shouldn’t care
  • It’s just a storm
  • But one night you were especially nervous, and no one was home
  • Saeran was outside, walking along the beach like he would sometimes, when it began thunder storming
  • Walking a bit farther, he finally turned back and began to walk home
  • When he got home you were pacing in the kitchen
  • You jumped when he got it, completely soaked to the bone
  • “Saeran are you okay?”
  • “Yeah MC why wouldn’t I be?”
  • “Oh, no reason.” You looked away, and began to walk to get Saeran a towel
  • When you came back Saeran was sitting on the couch
  • You gave him the towel, just as thunder sounded and you flinched
  • “MC, really, are you okay?” He asked
  • “Y-Yeah.”
  • “No, seriously.” He pulled you down onto his lap, and ignoring his sopping clothes you wrapped your arms around him. “Look MC, please tell me.”
  • “Well, I know that you don’t really care, and that it doesn’t bug you, but I really, I really hate thunderstorms.” You buried your face in his shoulder, trying to avoid eye contact
  • He pulled your chin up gently, and could see you were shaking slightly
  • Kissing you gently he picked you up and carried you to the bathroom
  • You looked confused and he replied; “Due to my carelessness you are sopping. Care to join me in the bath?”
  • You blushed profusely, but nodded slightly
  • “And don’t worry MC,” he added, “I don’t care if you hate thunderstorms, if you really hate them then I will make sure that they will never bug you.”
  • Hugging you tighter he put you by the side of the tub
  • You two had fun in the bath, and Saeran finally knew what it was like to worry about someone
  • They honestly didn’t notice
  • Vanderwood we love you, but you’re super dense
  • You didn’t even have to hide it, they wouldn’t realize it
  • But during the summer when there was a string of huge storms, they had a chance to realize
  • The first day you dealt with it, but by the second night you were practically running around screaming
  • When you had to go out to the grocery store you practically rammed your cart into some random stranger
  • It was a draining day
  • When you got home there was no Vanderwood in sight
  • And when an especially bad part hit you dove under the table
  • Vanderwood was practically dead on their feet
  • “MC?” They called out, but there was no answer
  • Looking around they finally found you
  • “MC? Tell me, what’s wrong?!”
  • “Thunderstorms.” You replied, barely over a whisper
  • They nodded, as if processing the whole thing, then coaxed you out from under there and sat you on the table
  • “I’m going to cook tonight, Ratatouille?”
  • You nodded shyly, they knew exactly what your favorite food was
  • After dinner there was cuddling, and Vanderwood made sure you didn’t notice outside
  • You were very grateful

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Fic title! How about: Tongue Tied

Ten x Rose, on the Powell Estate:

The Doctor has brought Rose home for a brief visit, and Jackie has done tea for them. She’s trying a new dish, eggplant parmesan. Unfortunately for the Doctor, he’s allergic to eggplant. ( “You said you were allergic to aspirin and aubergines!” “Aubergenes ARE eggplant! That’s what aubergenes are called in America!” “Well, how was I supposed to know what they were called in America? I’ve never been further west than Bristol!”)

Luckily for the Doctor, the allergy he has towards aubergenes seems relatively minor, causing only a mild swelling of his tongue. ( “Buh Wose, why do we hab do sday heew?” “What’s he saying?” “Mum, he wants to know why he has to stay here. Doctor, because you’re not well enough to fly the TARDIS.” “Am doo!” “No you aren’t!”)

As the swelling of his tongue goes down, the situation deteriorates rather than improves, as the difficulty speaking leads to a form of aphasia commonly called “Word Salad”, but instead of jumbled English words, the Doctor uses random vocabulary from thousands of languages. ( “Rose, we need to  rumpemshprect the sprinkleshnapp, before the kernoogles invade the ringspalla and zoom the reppanspan.” ) As the night wears on, his words make less and less sense, frustrating everyone. Jackie, inspired by something she’s seen on telly, suggests that perhaps if he sang what he wanted to say instead of talking, maybe it would come out clearly. After all, that’s what the stutterers did on that segment of AM London she’d just watched. It’s worth a shot, but is a spectacular failure. She finally suggests that perhaps they’d all be better off if he just gave it a rest. To the shock of all of them, the words “Piss off” erupt from his mouth. Affronted, Jackie goes to bed.

The incident gives Rose an idea. Maybe he could speak clearly if he said something that he felt strongly about. It’s a great idea, but after attempting to wax lyrical about bananas, space travel, and bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, words are still coming out as jumbled as ever. Apparently the effects of the eggplant allergy will take some time to wear off.

Yawning, Rose turns on the telly and snuggles against him on the sofa. He wraps an arm around her. Despite the frustrating evening, despite being stuck at Jackie’s, he is perfectly content. He leans down and kisses her on the top of her head. She sighs happily.

“I love you, Doctor,” she says sleepily.

“I love you too, Rose Tyler,” he says, perfectly clearly. 

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Raindrops on roses And whiskers on kittens Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens Brown paper packages tied up with strings These are a few of my favorite thongs Cream-colored ponies and crisp apple strudels Doorbells and sleigh bells And schnitzel with noodles Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings These are a few of my favorite thongs


Favorite Things | Marinette and Thomas

[ao3 link] @miraculousfluffmonth

“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens~”

Thomas giggled when Marinette gently bopped his nose with her pointer finger.

“Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens, brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of my favorite things~”

“What are your favorite things, Mommy?” Thomas asked.

Marinette hummed, putting her finger to her chin as she pretended to consider her options. “Well… there’s your brother and sisters, and Maman and Ma and Daddy and Papa, and of course you!” She tickled her son’s stomach, smiling as he giggled. “Goodnight, little kitten.”

“Goodnight, Mommy.”

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hello! pass the happy along! when you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and then send it to 10 people!

thank you so much ma belle!

-umm I guess raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens jk (I just saw the sound of music live so it was the first thing I thought of i’m so lame)

- okay but actually @spideyparkerfilms aka my big sister bee makes me smile so much like I have no words!!

-my queens! (zendaya, halsey, natasha and @hufflepuffholland cause wow.)

-it’s so cute when people talk to me in french like i love it so much wow

-cute doodles make me feel so content

-just autumn in general like it’s so adorable and cozy wow

These are a few of my favorite things...
  • Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens: Libra
  • Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens: Virgo
  • Brown paper packages tied up with strings: Taurus
  • Cream colored ponies and crisp apple strudels: Leo
  • Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles: Pisces
  • Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings: Scorpio
  • Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes: Aquarius
  • Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes: Capricorn
  • Silver white winters that melt into springs: Gemini
  • When the dog bites: Sagittarius
  • When the bee stings: Aries
  • When I'm feeling sad: Cancer
  • I simply remember my favorite things
  • And then I don't feel so bad
What I Associate With the Hogwarts Houses

Hufflepuff: playful laughter, the warm sun beating down on your face as you look to the sky, cloud watching, letting a handful of soft sand sift between your fingers, the smell of bread baking, handfuls of colorful flowers, long and tangled hair, a shy smile, warm woolen mittens, the feeling of a forgotten word slowly coming back to you, daydreaming, chasing butterflies, a basket of clean laundry, tall grass rustling in the breeze, the smack of flip-flops on pavement, cuddling in a nest of blankets, blank paper, chirping birds at sunrise, spinning in circles until you feel dizzy, bright yellow umbrellas, a lullaby, a small footpath wending through the forest, the shine of lip gloss, bendable straws, the creak of old wood, holding hands on the first date, gentle kisses, telling the truth, ripping a piece of gum in half, the clack of marbles, scribbling hearts in a notebook, afternoon tea, sweat cooling on your brow, lit candles, sliding your tongue across the inside of your cheek, popping the last bit of candy into your mouth, mismatched socks, uncomfortably long hugs, little shoes lined up in a row, scuffed sneakers, untying the bow on a present, a partially visible rainbow, a rose-colored blush, and a patchwork quilt sent from home.

Slytherin: life in the big city, the numbness of diving into the ocean, blood-red lipstick, black lace, a half moon at midnight, the tingling scent of pine needles, black and white photographs, nails tapping on the desk, a symphony of crickets, the edge of a blade, ornate mirrors, empty rooms, jewel-toned ballgowns, the flash of lightning during a rainstorm, loose change, seeing your breath on a cold day, a strong hand upon your shoulder, family heirlooms, a bottle of alcohol, brushing the dark velvet stage curtain before the show begins, the fluid stroke of a paintbrush, 3 am, touching cold marble, dancing shadows, a pair of dice, closed doors, effortlessly brushing through silky hair, a thin layer of frost, perfect handwriting, twinkling stars above your head, spilled ink, silence, dark chocolate, hitting the bulls-eye on a dartboard, mahogany tables, a wax seal, the Cheshire Cat’s grin, slippery fish scales, unsolved mysteries, tracing a name with your finger, hooded cloaks, what you hear but cannot see, stiletto heels, the sweet satisfaction of a lie, eyes adjusting to darkness, blackberries, ear piercings, and the dull whisper of secrets.

Ravenclaw: swaying branches of a willow tree, old parchment, cathedrals with stained glass windows, ticking clocks, the slender tip of a pencil, a game of chess, a coffee mug filled to the brim, abandoned buildings, the final math problem of the exam, tightly woven braids, a full calendar, the hum of a computer, steampunk decor, written correspondence, glue dried upon your fingers, a sigh of content, motionless rocking chairs on a porch, fingers caressing bare skin, a mass of sticky notes, rusty springs, putting on a new record, the sound of a doorknob turning, sewing needles, speaking a poem aloud, witty banter, a pile of antiques, elaborately spun cobwebs, waking up before the alarm goes off, eating sushi with chopsticks, unspoken words, undoing the clasp of a necklace, a telescope, bent paperclips, a pair of glasses folded neatly, half-completed crosswords, saying the right thing at the right time, calligraphy, cats scratching at the windowpane, overcoming a rival, shortbread cookies, maple syrup, extra buttons, arms wrapped around a textbook, white chalk, skipping stones across a quiet lake, puzzle pieces fitting into place, incense, and the orchestral vibration of string instruments playing in unison.

Gryffindor: the bustle of a lively marketplace, skydiving, riding a roller coaster, the crackle of a campfire, singing off-key, a gilded throne, finding a lucky penny, swing jazz concerts, the moment before you break into a sprint, the crisp autumn air burning in your lungs, requited love, screaming until your throat hurts, the height of a raging party, making a bet, open windows, crossing the finish line, the climax of a novel, a rush of adrenaline, pricking your finger on a thorn, cherry pie topped with whipped cream, passionate staring contests, stepping inside a new home for the first time, speeding trains, blindfolds, hanging upside down from a tree branch, heat pouring from an oven, brick walls, riding your bike downhill, traffic jams, hot buttered popcorn, carrying a friend on your back, cracking knuckles, saying the first thing that comes to mind, glowing with happiness, static electricity, the feeling of Christmas Eve, horror movie marathons, chasing frogs in the backyard, tattoos, fairy tales, standing on the roof, pulling an all-nighter, the sting of a high-five, a pair of scissors, and the deafening blast of fireworks.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings:  Very long, FLUUUUUUUUFF

Key: (Y/F/M) is your favorite movie, (Y/F/S) is your favorite song, (Y/F/M/A) is your favorite music artists, and as always, (Y/N) is your name

Requested by: Anon - Steve Rogers imagine? The reader gives Steve a list of songs that he should know from when the time he missed. The list includes famous songs and her personal favorites. One night, they’re both at her apartment and she has her music on shuffle. Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli (from the list) starts playing. They dance around the living room and share their first kiss. Flash forward. Steve and the reader are dancing their first dance as husband and wife to the song. Thanks much. :)

Author’s note: My heart fluttered every time I though about writing this UGH THE FLUFF Thank you so so much for requesting I love it so much AAAHH Ok I hope you enjoy! 

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

(Find the song here - Can’t Take My Eyes Off You)

    “Uh… Secrets by One Republic… Songs from Sound of Music are good… Oh and (Y/F/S)… Pretty much anything by (Y/F/M/A)… Let’s see”  You started going through your phone looking for older songs for Steve to listen to.  You wanted him to catch up and become well-versed in music.  He was writing down the previous songs and artists while you looked for another song that wasn’t as modern as the last few.

  “Ooh, you need to listen to Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Frankie Valli, it’s a great song-” Your last word was cut off by Tony walking in.

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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens Brown paper packages tied up with strings These are a few of my favorite things You’ll be humming that all day ;) 1. Ray Jardine uses a Victorinox Classic, but I reckon the Signature trumps it with a pen and tweezers. A whole tool/manicure set at 22g. 2. The Photon packs such a punch. I love lots of flashlights, but for EDC this is is as ‘light’ as it gets. Sowwy. 3. A Belgian master carver made this for me. I’d love to be able to carve as well as this. In Belgium they are called porridge spoons, but can be used for anything. A work of art. 4. This French Army satchel is my everyday bag. The inside is completely lined with the same brown leather. Bombproof. 5.Timepiece, masterpiece. Art Deco, 1922, green gold Abe Lincoln, 21 jewels. I could wax, so I’ll shut it. 6.Michael Morris is a wonderful maker of knives from the USA. He will make knives to suit you. Note this little devil has a hidden bottle opener. 7. Hat is old and battered but still keeps the weather at bay. I added some paracord, just in case. 8. This is Michael Morris’ EDC 60, made from an old file. 9. I wore this at my wedding so it means a lot. I usually only wear it when I wear a waisty 10. Copper imparts its fine purities into the water. Leave in the fridge overnight and all the goodies are there ready to be absorbed. 11. I copied this design shamelessly from a photograph. We need coins here so this fits the bill. I mean, the coin :) 12. This was my Grandad’s belt, handed down. Apparently it did service on my Dad’s derrière. 13. I made this to carry bits in, currently my fire stuff. 14. I always carry this loupe. At 20x it is excellent for seeing details in nature, and a splinter in your finger looks like a Cadbury’s flake in an ice cream! 15. Roger Harrington at Bison Bushcraft makes all his own excellent knives on special order. I am just about to get a new one after an 18 month backlog, so this is up for grabs. 16. I designed this case for a notebook a buddy had bought me. 17. I’m always looking at minimalist wallets and am currently designing a new one. This is an experimental fill-in, but very useful as it will just take a single folded £20 note, and about eight cards at a pinch. 18. Mr Pen in the UK is a wonderful gentleman, and gave sterling advice on purchasing a pen for life. My signature colour ink is sepia. It’s old, like me. 19. My handle on forums is White Knight, and part of my company logo. My white steeds have two wheels, however. 20. Just in case I spot that special piece of wood that has a spoon hidden in it. 21. I’m into Celtic stuff, and the triquetra is an ancient symbol, with many meanings eg eternity, earth symbols. Each of our wedding guests left with one. 22. A bandana has so many uses; I never leave home without one. 23. Fred Rowe is a wonder smithy. This feels great in the hand, and puts food on his table. Amen. 24. This compass is good enough for Ray Mears, and it works for me too. Love the magnetic declination adjuster and built-in clinometer. 25. This was supposed to last for at least ten years, and it’s 12 now. Still allows me to find my key easily in the dark. 26. This watch is so old they don’t make it any more. It is super accurate and was able to distinguish the height of two separate peaks 100m apart by three metres, saving me falling off a Scottish crag. 27. Making these bracelets is such good fun. It becomes a tad tiring when all your mates and their wives want one, however. 28. This means a lot to me as it was given by a special someone. Looks good on my sickles too. 29. Ray Mears even made me a case for my compass. Well, his lovely leather crafter Becky did, on his behest. I also use if for loads of other things - pack of cards, snifter flask etc. But not at the same time ;) 30. This was the first ever kuksa I made. It’s got lots wrong with it, but I use it all the time. Kuksa is Finnish for 'little cup’. 31.I switch cases but this is soo luxurious. Can you smell the leather from there? Samsung Note 4 fits in. I got a second Note 4 as the new 5 has no sd card / battery access. Humph, but I do love the phone, and the pen. The pen. NB. I usually only carry one of the knives, if it is appropriate to task, especially living in the UK.

~my favorite things~

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Aries - doorbells and sleigh bells
Taurus - raindrops on roses
Gemini - girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Cancer - cream colored ponies
Leo - whiskers on kittens
Virgo - bright copper kettles
Libra - warm woolen mittens
Scorpio - wild geese that fly with the moon on their wing
Sagittarius - crisp apple strudels
Capricorn - brown paper packages tied up with strings
Aquarius - silver white winters that melt into springs
Pisces - snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes

alienajackson  asked:

(1/?) I'm gonna send this one off anon bc it might be too spoilery but I need to some to roll around in emotions with. I saw someone else's hc that Adam goes on to be a children's rights lawyer but imagine him telling Ronan his plan and Ronan being like "yes that's perfect but I can't let you do that" and Adam's all ??? and Ronan's like "you'll want to adopt half the kids you represent and I can't raise that many kids" which is true but he does it anyway

(2/2) And Ronan can’t say no bc he just sees little Adams so they have like 15 kids before Ronan finally goes to Adam with the idea of opening the barns as a children’s shelter. Okay I’ll be over here crying if you wanna talk about this. 

Oh god…. oh lord oh god THIS DEFINITELY HAPPENS NOBODY CAN TELL ME DIFFERENT. I work with children so this is just… GAH I’m so in love with this idea. Bless you.

  • Adam and Ronan loving all the children as if they were their own
  • Adam reading bedtime stories with all the kids gathered around him like he’s Old Bear or goddamn Wendy Darling or something (Ronan is definitely lying on his front with his head propped up on his hands, there’s a child on his back and a child lying either side of him)
  • Ronan play fighting with the little ones and pretending to be fatally wounded because they’re so strong and he’s no match for their mightiness 
  • Adam Parrish, gossiping with the moms in the parking lot at school
  • Ronan having to go into school to talk about one of the kids behaviour and the kid thinking he’s gonna be in a lot of trouble, but Ronan just sits him down when they get home and explains why what he did was wrong and that his education is important
  • He also adds that once he’s in high school, then he can make the decision to drop out if education isn’t his thing. Adam overhears this and tells Ronan he needs to speak to him for a moment in private
  • Ronan ruffles the kids hair and makes as if to follow Adam into the kitchen, then turns and runs outside and the kid chases after him laughing
  • Family trips to the zoo
  • Adam being the ultimate comforter after nightmares, cuddling the little one close and rubbing their back soothingly while they cry into his shoulder
  • Family Movie nights
  • Competitive games of Monopoly with the older kids
  • Ronan crying when the eldest kid graduates from high school because he’s so proud of her
  • Picnics out in the field. Picture that scene in the sound of music when they sing do re mi and they’re all wearing matching curtain outfits
  • Also following the sound of music theme, all the children running into Adam and Ronan’s bedroom when there’s a thunderstorm and they all end up sharing the bed (raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens)