warm welcoming

winter w seokmin ↴

— lee seokmin ♡ seventeen . *⊹˚  

  • there would be a lot of cuddling
  • a lot of “Im cold”
  • and he’d use that excuse to hug you
  • “aw my baby’s cold”
  • he’d rub your cheeks with his sweater paws
  • trying to make you warmer
  • and you’d melt under his touch
  • his nose would get red and you’d giggle
  • “what’s so funny? you’re the one freezing”
  • you’d bop his nose
  • “you’re so cute, rudolph”
  • he’d pout at his nick name
  • your place would be lit up with winter scented candles
  • seokmin loved them
  • he also would start decorating for christmas super early
  • he’d have the whole place decorated
  • the christmas tree would be up before thanksgiving
  • and since you’d spend the holidays with seokmin
  • that meant all his other 12 loud friends would come over too
  • it’d be such a warm and welcoming christmas
  • so much love and happiness under one roof
  • and seokmin was more than happy to have you by his side
  • “you know I love you right”
  • you’d nod and he’d smile
  • “I love you more”
  • “I love you most”

↠ masterlist ↞

tips for public speaking
  • take a deep breath
  • it’ll be over before you know it 
  • pretend like you’re obama (it’ll help you talk slower)
  • stand up straight
  • in a class setting, people don’t typically pay attention anyways so it’s not like your classmates are watching your every move. they don’t care.
  • don’t lock your knees
  • bring up a note card with important topics or quotes
  • make eye contact if you can
  • or look at people’s hair. it’ll make it seem like you’re making eye contact, but it’ll be less awkward
  • don’t memorize your entire speech. instead, memorize a couple bullet points of topics you need to hit
  • project your voice as if you’re speaking to someone sitting in the back of the room
  • talk with your hands to help you feel more warm and welcoming
  • don’t put your hands in your pockets
  • walk around a bit, but let it come organically. don’t force it.
  • don’t bounce one leg the whole time, it’s distracting
  • spit out your gum
  • smile
  • don’t eat a big meal prior
  • if you have to present for a certain number of minutes, have a friend sit in the back of the room and hold up finger signs for how many minutes you’ve been up there
  • don’t wear loud jewelry
  • practice your presentation/speech to a friend or family member who is unfamiliar with the material. if they don’t understand your presentation or don’t follow, you need to be more detailed
  • stick to the built-in themes on power point. yes, colors are pretty, but some color combos can be hard to read, and you won’t know it until it’s up on a big screen/projector.
  • put pictures in your power point. they’re more entertaining to look at than a paragraph of text.
  • speak with formal language. stay away from curse words and slang.
  • remember that everyone in your class is going through the same stress.
  • if you absolutely cannot handle the idea of public speaking, talk to your teacher and see if it’s okay for you to do your presentation after class.
  • it’ll be okay.
  • you got this.

Okaeri(?), Dazai-san~

My Dazai nendo arrived, so I had to take pictures!! 😭👌


It had been three years since I attended NYCC—or any convention—and it was such a great experience. The people who came through both signings were so warm and welcoming. Thanks to all of you for waiting in line and for all of the kind things you each had to say. It was such a trip to still see so many ATLA/LOK costumes at the signings and on the floor… 💜💜💜

A huge thanks to the staff at First Second Books and Dark Horse Comics for all of your help. And thanks to Irene Koh and Janet Varney for joining me! It was great to see you both.

I’m back in my studio in LA, grateful, excited, and recharged to dive back into my layouts for Threadworlds. Until next time!

Love, Bryan

Warm Welcome

TITLE: Warm Welcome


AUTHOR: christy Winchester

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine asking Loki for a selfie when you saw him in New York, which greatly surprised Thor because he thought you were going to ask for his (Thor) selfie.



You brushed your purple and black hair out of your face as you pushed through the crowded streets of New York. The subway was horrible, but the streets were worse. And you were running late for your tutoring gig at the community centre. 

“Come on Raven! We’re gonna be later than we already are!” Your friend Sammy called as she drug you around by your wrist. You two stood at the street corner and waited for the crossing light to change. You heard squealing up ahead and peeked around Sammy to get a good look. Before you could see, she squealed herself and drug you up to the commotion. 

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Daisy Ridley on porgs, Kylo Ren and more 'Star War: The Last Jedi' teasers

USA Today

Daisy Ridley can’t escape her Star Wars fame, even as a mysterious murder suspect riding the opulent 1930’s train in Murder on the Orient Express.

While filming Murder (in theaters now), director Kenneth Branagh offered to let Ridley use alightsaber in a key scene (she declined) and co-star Josh Gad peppered her with Star Wars questions offset on video, even pulling in Judi Dench for one Force interrogation.

We, too, had a few queries as Ridley gets set to ride as Rey again in Star Wars: The Last Jedi (opening Dec. 15). Here’s what we learned.

Ridley is so pro-porgs (Rey not so much).

The free world fell in love when the chubby porg creatures made a screaming debut in The Last Jedi trailer last month. It hit Ridley, too. She lists a porg toy as one of her prized possessions.

“It’s bringing a lot of pleasure right now,” says Ridley, calling the character “adorable” and “hilarious.”

The love affair started on set with the goofy looking puppet, operated by the same crew who handle droid BB-8. “It’s wonderful to be working around practical things on set that have such personality,” says Ridley,

But Rey won’t fall for the creature’s charms. “Rey, honestly, is too wrapped up in her own journey to pay attention to porgs,” says Ridley. “Which is a sad thing.”

Snoke will provide the worst kind of ‘test’ for Rey.

Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis) ain’t pretty and acts worse. “He looks mental. Snoke is an evil guy, if you can call him a guy,” says Ridley.

Last Jedi’s trailer shows Rey screaming under Snoke torture. Ridley says the torture scenes were long enough to leave her hoarse. “It was painful. My throat hurt after that one,” says Ridley.

“Snoke is one of those tests for Rey,” she adds. “And when I say testing, it’s the worst use of testing ever.”

Watch for Kylo Ren and Rey time.

Is there something special going on with Rey and the Dark Side-dwelling Kylo Ren (Adam Driver)? The two seem to have a special connection in the trailers.

Ridley choses her words carefully.

“These are two people who represent two very different sides of life, good and evil,” she says. “That’s going to be explored more in this.”

Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) does not like visitors in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ even when they bring gifts. (Photo: Lucasfilm)

Luke Skywalker is annoyed with Rey.

Rey is expecting Luke Skywalker to be thrilled to get his lightsaber back in Last Jedi. But he’s not happy to see her. “She thinks there’s going to be a warm welcome. But Luke went to this island to get away and he doesn’t want to be disturbed,” says Ridley.

Don’t fret. Skywalker takes “a tremendous journey from the beginning of the relationship to ultimately where they end up in the film.” Our personal theory: He had coffee.

Judi Dench really doesn’t know squat about Star Wars.

Dench seems to be a Star Wars nut, grilling Ridley in one of Gad’s videos on fan-minutia such as whether she had been tested for midi-chlorians, living cells in tune with the Force (from Episode I – The Phantom Menace).

She played the part well, but Dench doesn’t have Force fever.

“She was like, 'Medi…Midi-chlorians, what is that?’ Josh and I had to explain,” says Ridley, who says she had Gad had to stifle their laughs when cameras rolled.

Dench did ask Ridley to shoot a personal Star Wars video for her grandson. “Obviously he’s very interested.”

USA Today