warm welcoming

The Pharaoh’s Bride




The group made their way into the Egyptian wing, thankful to have finally made it. As they stepped over the threshold, a woman appeared from the shadows.

“Mother,” Ahkmenrah whispered, stepping forward into the woman’s embrace.

A man stepped forward now, his stony face revealing a warm smile. He, too, welcomed his son back with open arms.

“Mother, Father, these are my friends,” Ahkmenrah said, indicating the group behind him. “This is Larry, guardian of Brooklyn. He’s the one who got us here, brought us to restore the tablet.”

“The tablet?” Ahkmenrah’s father said.

Larry handed the tablet over and began explaining what had happened to it. Ahkmenrah paid attention for a moment, but then his eyes were drawn back into the shadows once again.



Everyone watched as a young woman appeared, around Ahkmenrah’s age. The two ran towards each other, wrapping their arms around the other.

“Dad?” Nick asked. “Who’s that?”

“I… I don’t know… his sister?”

“Don’t be absurd, my boy,” Teddy said. “Look at how they’re embracing. That’s more than a familial hug. I would think that’s his wife.”

“Wife?” Larry asked. “Ahkmenrah’s married?”

The rest of the New York posse shrugged—they’d never heard Ahkmenrah mention a wife during all their years in the museum.

Finally, Ahkmenrah and the woman let go. Larry noticed Ahkmenrah’s hand slip down into the woman’s.

“Everyone,” Ahkmenrah said. “This… is Y/N. My wife.”

“Bully!” Teddy said. “Congratulations, my boy.”

“Wife?” Larry asked again. “I… she… that’s… that’s great, Ahkmenrah.”

“She’s been here the whole time,” Ahkmenrah’s mother said. “She was buried with us… buried with you, Ahkmen. But when you were transferred to the other museum…”

“She was left behind,” Larry finished.

Ahkmenrah gazed down at you. “I never thought I would see you again, my darling.”

“I never thought I would see you, either,” you replied.

“I have so much to tell you,” Ahkmenrah said. “I’ve had so many great adventures… adventures I wish you could have been a part of.”

“Go,” Ahkmenrah’s father said, small smile still on his face. “You two explore the museum. We’ll figure out what to do with this tablet.”

Ahkmenrah gave a slight bow to his father before leading you out of the exhibit.


The two of you wandered around, watching the other attractions come to life. You smiled at them in wonder; Ahkmenrah had to keep reminding himself that this was the first time you’d gone through this.

“It’s wonderful,” you said as if reading his mind. “Though I’m sure it’s almost boring for you.”

“I remember what it was like, the first time my eyes opened because of the tablet,” Ahkmenrah said. “It… is truly magnificent.”

“What’s New York like?”

“Beautiful. Though not nearly as beautiful as Egypt.” A trio of bronze statues clambered past, their footsteps echoing throughout the hall. “And not nearly as beautiful as you.”

“Ahkmen,” you said, a slight blush on your cheek.

“I cannot believe… after all these years… your beauty has not tarnished.”

“We can thank our preservers for that.” You gazed up at him. “You don’t look a day over twenty-five.”

“So much time has passed,” Ahkmenrah said, taking both your hands in his. “And yet… I feel as though we’ve picked up right where we left off.”

“I feel the same.” Your eyes grew sad. “But… what will happen when you have to return to New York?”

“You could come with me.”

“But what about your parents?”

“There is room in my display for all of you.” Ahkmenrah squeezed your hands. “Please, Y/N. I cannot think of spending another hour apart from you.”

“Ahkmen, won’t they think it strange to find no mummies here and three new ones in New York?”

“Exhibits change places all the time.”

“And we are one of the most popular ones here. If we left…”

Ahkmenrah realized that what you were saying was true. “Then I will stay here.”


“Please, darling. I cannot be separated from you again.”

You nodded. You didn’t think you could be apart from him again, either. And now that there was this tablet that had brought you to life… well, the world was full of wonder and possibility.


The tablet’s power was restored. Ahkmenrah approached Larry, prepared to tell him the bad news.

But Teddy intervened.

“Ahkmenrah,” he said with that little grin, his eyes shining. “We’ve come to a decision.”

“As have I, my good friend.”

“We want you and the tablet to stay here.”

“I… what?”

“You belong here, my boy. With your family. With your wife.”

“But… the tablet…”

“It’s yours. Always has been. We can’t ask to keep it.”

“But if you leave it here….”

“We understand. And we’ve agreed that… we’ve had our time in the moonlight.”

Ahkmenrah was quiet for a moment. “I cannot thank you enough.”

“Use your time wisely. Never take a moment for granted. And above all, love your wife with everything you have.”


Three years later, Ahkmenrah carefully helped you from your wooden crate. He plucked a stray piece of straw from your hair with a smile. “How was your journey?”

“Claustrophobic.” You looked around. “This is… New York?”

Ahkmenrah nodded. “Come. I have some friends I want you to meet.”

the sun

warm and welcoming

its soft rays comforting me

I am enveloped in a blanket of happiness

the grass

prickly beneath my feet

the blades tickle my feet

it is a long-awaited feeling

the birds

chirping and calling

filling the air with their songs

making music for themselves and no-one else

the breeze

a breath of cool air

drying my sweat

the solitude

along I can be myself

standing in silence

I can be comfortable

in nature

it exists not for our pleasure

no symbiotic relationship exists

it can survive without us

but we can not live without it

it asks for nothing

yet we destroy

when we need only

to enjoy

Here’s a late earth day poem. I was enjoying the weather and being outside yesterday so I wrote this.

Hello all and thank you for the warm welcome I have already received. This is my first time rping in the land of supernatural things. I am totally addicted to both TVD and TO. I havent watched TVD since halfway through season 7 but I will watch the rest eventually after starting back from the beginning. I’m Aly, age 23 and so happy to be here. despite me playing the evil guy, but I love all Mikaelsons so playing him will be tough. *how dare he try and kill elijah* bad Marcel…

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Thank you, everyone.

Mostly just wanted to say thanks for sticking with me and my work. It really does mean a lot, and I don’t say it enough. A warm welcome to the new followers I’ve picked up (hi, how are you?), and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Escape Velocity 4 is done the drafting stage. I may have written it at work in a little notebook, so I have to type and edit it still, but that’ll be up soon ™. I plan to try and pump out some finished art before I return to more writing. I appreciate the patience (I still feel bad about the month long period between TD chapters… whoops). 

It’s tricky to juggle working 7 days a week with all of the creative stuff I want to do. There never seems to be enough time. >.>

a contronym is a word which is the opposite of itself, having two meanings which defy each other, two reverse Janus faces. for example, when you look at her she is both your whole world and why you are massively and horrifically empty. for example, kissing her on a sunday both feels like prayer and hellfire. 

for example, you are your own contronym. someone who is solely intent on self-destructing while somehow also the only one working to save you. it is the mornings you can’t get up contrasted with the nights you can’t fall asleep. it is the way you feel everything at once like a meteor is reflecting off the solar panels of your bones while also feeling nothing at all. it’s that you want to be in love and you’re also not good enough. it’s that you’re terrified that tomorrow won’t come and you’re also terrified of what happens if it does. 

for example. one shaking hand dusts to remove dirt, white gloves around a white throat, or one can dust dirt over a grave to replace it. a contronym. you are alive and yet completely unsure if this is living.

MBTI expectations/reality

ENFJ: Easily damaged and offended / a strong personality, hard to break.

INFJ: Very fun and open minded / secretive, a shitload of walls.

INFP: Weak and sensible / sudden unexpected heroism.

INTJ: Arrogant and somewhat proud / more insecure than they will let you know.

INTP: Low understanding of emotions / can be incredibly deep, understanding and soft.

ESFP: Self-absorbed / has a huge heart full of love. 

ISTP: Cool and confident / really awkward. 

ISFJ: Warm and welcoming / very shy. 

ISTJ: Cold hearted / can be sensitive and deeply feeling.

owl emoji review

a very realistic approach!! i love the way she looks of into the distance. so mysterious! what do you see over there, friend? 8/10 only a little misshapen

wow!! she looks lovely!! beautiful feathers on her head!! she looks very warm and welcoming!! the one problem is her talons, which are just ovals, but i love that heart-shaped body, and i love her!! 9/10 would let her into my home

a sneaky girl. she looks like you just caught her in the act of doing something not good! and also, her body’s a tube! 5/10 leave her alone

does samsung know what owls are? has anyone ever shown samsung an owl? i wish samsung knew owls. 2/10 might be a penguin-dodo bird crossbreed

a small girl, but she’s got a lovely little branch to perch on!! and look at those beautiful tufts on her head!! 7/10 eyes are a little large, but i still love her

i like the art style here! and look at how she’s puffing her chest out so proudly! a confident girl! her eyes seem a little bit empty, though! 5/10 would still hug her

this poor girl. this poor poor girl. who did this to her? who made her so misshapen and weirdly shaded? 1/10 someone help her

you think you can do this to me? in my home? you think you can just fukcing walk in here and show me this and tell me it’s an owl? get the fuck out of here. get out of my home. fuck you. -20/10 out of my sight

just the head, but the head’s all we need! look at those beautiful eyes!! her feather tufts frame them perfectly and she looks ready to give you lots of love!! 10/10 i love her so very much

How to Make Small Talk at Parties

What you should say and how you should act depends on the context and who’re you’re with … but here are a few general ideas:

1. Smile – It’s welcoming, warm, and makes you seem more approachable.

2. Compliment people all the time. Most people feel awkward and ill at ease. So try and find something that is worth complimenting. You’ll help them to relax and to feel more confident (and they’ll also feel more positive about, and around, you).

3. Try and have a few stories up your sleeve that you’ve used before, and that make people laugh. This is really helpful when things go quiet, and the conversation dries up for a while.

4. Say nice things about people you both know. It makes you seem trustworthy, and a loyal friend.

5. Encourage people to talk about themselves by asking open questions – then probing a bit more. But stick to safe topics – and try to keep things light.

6. Make sure you mingle well and don’t talk for too long. This takes off the pressure when you don’t know others well. It also make you look more confident and sociable.