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Me at my house: jackets are for squares

Me on the 10 minute walk to school in windy 20 degree weather in only a long sleeved shirt: fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck

Me 5 minutes after a get to school: lol jackets are for squares

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Can I ask for a Nine/Rose fluffy ficlet?

“Can I ask you something?” Rose asked late one night when she was helping him tinker. The help extended to her handing him tools or holding something, but it was nice to have an extra pair of hands around.

He grunted, and Rose took that as a yes. “Today, on that space liner, you wouldn’t let me have dinner with Grayson. Why?”

“Told you, he was a Heison. He was planning on seducing you.” He held up a hand. “Spanner.”

She passed it to him. “But Gilly told me to watch out for our nails turning purple, which means he was initiating the link. But whenever his nails did turn purple mine never did, so he probably wasn’t trying to get my attention.” She grabbed the wires he handed her. “I think he sorta fancied you,” Rose grinned, teasingly.

“Not my type,” he said breezily as he hoisted himself up. “You said your nails didn’t turn purple?”

“Nope,” she replied as he cleaned up the area. “So you don’t think I was the object of his affections?”

“The only way Heison’s links don’t work is if the other already has a link, or if they’re in love with someone else,” the Doctor replied as he tested the system. “So he must have been going after another person on the liner.”

Rose bit her bottom lip. “Right.” She hesitated. “Doctor…?”

He grinned at her. “All’s in working order! Where to, Rose Tyler?”

There was time, she thought, and matched his grin. “What about that planet of ice you were talking about, Women Wept?”

“Excellent choice!” He agreed. “You might want to hold on to something.”

Rose laughed as she clung onto one of the coral struts. She never, ever wanted this to end.


“There are two kinds of guilt. The kind that’s a burden and the kind that gives you purpose. Let your guilt be your fuel. Let it remind you of who you want to be. Draw a line in your mind. Never cross it again. You have a soul. It’s damaged but it’s there. Don’t let them take it from you.” 

―  Sabaa Tahir An Ember in the Ashes



My Summer Glam tutorial is ideal for those of you going to a Wedding, a Prom, or just a special occasion in the daytime where you want to sport something subtle with a touch of glam! 

I decided to include how to prep your skin before makeup to help keep you shine-free all day, as well as keep your makeup in place for longer. It’s important to prep your skin first, particularly in the Summer months as the warm weather will aid the wear of your makeup much quicker than in the Winter months. 
There are tips and tricks in there for all skin types, particularly oily skin. 

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Shamy as teenagers part2

Missy had only been on restriction for two days of her nearly two month long sentence. Already she was bored out of her mind. Her mother had taken away the phone from her bedroom, unhooked her TV and put a lock on the plug, and had forbid her from leaving the house. All becuase the perfect little Sheldon had tattled on her and her mom had been waiting for her as she snuck back into her room.

Missy vowed she would get that little snot back for ruining her social life for the next two months. Only She had no idea how. Shelly never did anything wrong. So with her life void of other amusements she began to watch her twin brother like a hawk looking for anything that might incriminate him. At first this was the chief cause of her boredom. Watching her brother study, play video games, read comics. She began to wonder if his goal had been to make her life as boring as his. Then one night she noticed something odd. At exactly seven o'clock the phone rang and Sheldon grabbed the cordless phone on the first ring and went into his room with it.

Missy had never seen him use the phone before except to talk to Memaw. Sheldon stayed in his room for thirty minutes then he came out and put the phone back on the charger. The next night the same thing happened. In fact every night that week Sheldon snuck off for thirty minutes to talk on the phone. On Wednesday Sheldon made his normal call only this time Missy snuck into her mother's’ room and picked up the extra receiver quietly so she could listen in. Mama went to extra bible study on Wednesday nights. Normally Missy would accompany her but Mama said she would only use it as an opportunity to socialize.

“Hello.” She heard Sheldon say and then she almost dropped the receiver as she heard a girl’s voice answer. So this is who Sheldon has been sneaking off to talk to.

“Good evening Sheldon.”

“How is your evening going?” He asks.

“Well, and yours?” She replies

“Fine.” Missy rolls her eyes at the most boring conversation a boy and a girl have ever had. He calls her every day for this?

“Did you take notes during Mr. Totherows class today?”

“I don’t need to take notes it is all up here… You couldn’t see that but I tapped my head.” Then the girl giggles like that was the funniest thing she had ever heard. “Besides you only want to know so you can borrow them tomorrow.”

“Like I would borrow your notes! You write so small I would need a magnifying glass to see them.” The girl says in a teasing tone.

“I would tease you about your handwriting but it is impeccable. My tiny handwriting is of no concern in ten years we will all be using computers anyways.” He tells her and Missy can’t believe her hears. Her robot like brother is flirting. It is the nerdiest, weirdest flirting she has ever heard but there is no denying that that is what it is. Could her goody two shoes twin have a girlfriend?

“You think the whole world will be run by computers. “ she says laughing. “However I do pride myself on my handwriting. I used to practice it for hours.” Missy as to stifle a giggle as she pictures this mystery girl writing Mrs. Sheldon Cooper all over her notebooks.

“It shows… Are we still on for tomorrow?” He asks and Missy’s ears prick up.

“Of course, my mom won’t be home until seven tomorrow so we could come here… Or we could go to your house.”

“We will go to your house as planned. I know you are still grounded and I would not want to cause you anymore trouble.” Missy practically squeals with excitement. She hangs up the phone softly. She already has what she needs no need to listen in on the world’s most boring conversation anymore.

She has got him now he is sneaking around with some girl and she is going to get him for it. Who could this girl possibly be? Most of the kids in school they have known since kindergarten. The girls in Sheldon’s would be senior girls. While Sheldon was technically a freshman he was in all senior classes. Sheldon was so smart he did not even have to be in high school. The school wanted him to skip a few grades but their father thought it make him turn out weird. So Sheldon went to classes where he was smarter than the teachers and aced classes with almost no effort. What senior girl would want her brother. Unless she was using him to help her do her homework. Yet that couldn’t be it. Sheldon spoken with the girl like he respected her.

Last year her friend Casey Michaels had tried flirting with him so he would do her science project for her. It was like she was talking to brick wall for all Sheldon cared. Casey was one of the prettiest girls in school but Sheldon did not notice at all. Casey had tried all her best moves, but when she tried to grab his hand he snatched it away like she had burned him and went to his room and locked the door. Missy thought then he might just not like girls.

Missy just has to see who this girl is and catch him in the act of sneaking around. It is so absurd even thinking about Sheldon doing something that might break the rules she has to see it for herself.The next day Missy gets out of her last class early faking a stomach cramp. She looked at Sheldon’s schedule in his planner while he wasn’t looking and discovered that he had Computer lab as his last period. So she waits in the hall by the door for Sheldon to get out. He is the first one out of the door hurrying down the hall his bag slung over his hunched shoulders. He walks quickly and with his head down trying not to be noticed. A move he perfected to avoid bullies in the hallway who might try to stuff him into a locker. Although how they would manage to squeeze his lanky body in now after his growth spurt was anyone’s guess.

Sheldon goes out the front door and stands near the flagpole looking towards the doors. Missy watches as people flood out the doors and walk past him like he does not even exist. Suddenly his face lights up. In their sixteen years together Missy can count on one hand the number of times she has seen Sheldon genuinely smile. She has seen him smirk, seen the forced grimace he gives in photos, but a real smile was few and far between. He almost looks handsome when he is not scowling at the ground.

Missy has been looking at all the girls leaving the building and none seem to fit the description of his mystery girl. Then she sees her walk up to him and she knows how she missed her. She looks like a schoolgirl in bible study books from the seventies at church. She has long stringy brown hair and thick glasses. Despite the warm Texas weather she is wearing is brown cardigan, a brown corduroy skirt and knee high socks with mary janes. The girl is beaming just as big as Sheldon as she almost skips over to where he is standing. She wonders if they will hug or kiss, but they don’t as they start walking away. Missy follows at safe distance wondering where they are going.

They walk close together as close as you could get with out holding hands. They talk the whole way even though Missy can’t hear what they are saying. Whenever the girl isn’t looking he sneaks glances at her. Looking at her like she is the most perfect special thing he’s ever seen. Missy stops being mad at him. In fact her twin brother has finally made her feel warmly towards him. He was so in love that it was etched all over his goofy face. From the glances the girl was throwing him when she thought he was not looking the feeling was mutual.

Sheldon had done his best to distance himself from her and the rest of the family.Sometimes it was so hard to think of her brother as a person with feelings. Missy had often wondered if he could even feel like normal people did. Or if his emotions had somehow never developed at all. Seeing him like this made her happy and she decides not to try and bust him. But she is going to try and wheedle out of him who this girl is and how he feels about her.

Sheldon had the full intentions of bringing Amy to his house. Then his sister had gotten herself grounded and his plans had changed. If she wasn’t on restriction Missy would be so preoccupied with her own friends and activities she would not notice Amy at all. However now all her attention would be on him and devising a way to get him back for telling on her. He knew the moment his sister saw Amy and him together the dreaded word would be brought up…girlfriend…

Immediately they would ask him him if Amy was his girlfriend and he would not not know how to answer. Amy was a girl who was his friend. They spoke on the phone and in person every day. Yet from what he knew of girlfriends the definition did not fit her. They did not kiss sloppily in the hallways like animals, there was no unsanitary exchanges of salvia at all. They did not walk around holding hands like they were stuck together.

Yet his feeling for her were not purely purely friendly either. There had been the almost kiss in her bedroom after he scaled the wall to see her. The kiss on the cheek that still made his stomach feel funny when he thought about it. How is hand seemed to almost itch with the need to grab hers when he walked with her.How he knew how badly she wanted him to do that. Yet he knew if he did there would be a shift in their relationship. It would finally be acknowledging something he was not sure he was ready to acknowledge.

Though it was something he had been aware of since his first day at her house. That first time he had left early citing early onset flu symptoms. His head had felt foggy, his stomach was nervous and jittery. His palms were clammy and he kept wiping sweat off of them. The Symptoms disappeared as soon as he was out of her presence. Only to return again the next day when she held her cool hand to his forehead at school to check for a fever.

Then there were other troubling symptoms he could not explain. Like how every time he saw her he felt for lack of a better term twittterpatted. Without his consent ,a dopey grin invaded his face and his heart pounded wildly in his chest. How just hearing her voice on the telephone seemed to soothe him. Every night he felt like was counting down the minutes to seven when Amy was able to call him. How answered on the first ring so he did not have to miss a moment of her phone time. How sad he felt when he mother would pick the phone exactly at 7:30 and announce her phone time was over. As hard as he tried to find a logical explanation in his large book of medical diagnosis he could not. The only conclusion that he could come was that he was in love.

Not just in love, but as his mother put it whenever his brother or sister had a new suitor. Gobsmacked, knocked over the head, over the heels in love. But what did he do with that information? Love was not something he ever wanted or expected for himself. His life was going on a strict trajectory. He would graduate this year, go to Caltech, study hard get his doctorate. If his dad had not been such a stubborn asshole, he would already have his doctorate by now. Then he had to go and die last year. Leaving him feeling confused, angry, and sad.The only time he did not feel that troubling mixture of swirling emotion was when he was with Amy.

As he sat in computer lab stewing that he had to sit through this demeaning trivial class. He knew more about computers then his teacher ever would. He could hack into the school’s computer system and change everyone’s grades. He could rewire the schools bells to ring whenever he wanted them to. From the slow computer in the lab he could break into the CIA’s mainframe. Instead he was made to do some inane coding project he had finished in a second. Now he was just staring at a blank screen his teacher forbidding him to use the computer for personal use. All he could think about was changing the school’s alarm bells so he could see her sooner. As soon as the bells do ring he rushes out. Hurrying to their assigned spot by the flag pole.

He stares at the doors waiting for her to come out. He sees her immediately her head down her books hugged to her chest. Then she looks up and sees him and he face splits into a heart achingly beautiful smile and she waves. The sun illuminates her from behind shining on her head. Making her dark hair shimmer like it was woven of a thousand different colors. She looks so happy to see him. No one has ever looked that people to see him including his family. He annoyed everyone he met. No one ever wanted to spend time with him willingly. No one but her. When they walk to her house it feels like they are in their own world.Lately she has started making them a snack for when they study. As soon as he arrives in her kitchen he checks her cookie jar to see what kind she made.

“Oatmeal raisin… Yuck…” He says disappointed putting the cookie back.

“I know they are my mother’s favorite, brownie points you know? Speaking of which I remember you telling me you hated raisins so….” She says walking over to the oven and pulling a foil covered dish from inside. “I made you brownies instead.”

“You are the best.” He says smiling at her as she cuts him out a large brownie and sets it on a plate. Then she pours a glass of milk and brings it over to him.

“I know.” She says pleased as he stuffs the brownie in his mouth.

“Where did you learn to cook so good?” He asks polishing off the brownie. “In home economics?” Amy gives him an are you serious look and he smirks. “I was joking , just to clarify.”

“I would never waste credit hours with such a wasteful subject.” She tsks. “I kind of taught myself actually. My dad died when I was young and my mom always had to work.. So I had to fend for myself a lot. If I wanted cookies I had to make them. My mother did not really approve of me having sweets anyways.”

“When did your father die?” He asks taking a sip of the milk.

“When I was three, I don’t remember him at all.” She admits.

“Then you are lucky.” He says.

“You don’t get along with your father? “She asks, he has never mentioned his father before.

“He is dead too, died last year.” He says quietly.

“Oh, I didn’t know I am so sorry. I guess you were not close.?” Sheldon shakes his head no.

“He was a drunk, he was mean to my mom, and he is the reason I am stuck in a normal high school and not already in college.”

“Why wouldn’t he let you go?”

“He thought that letting me go too soon would make me weird. Well I am weird anyways and now it will take me until I am twenty to get my Phd.”

“I don’t think you are weird.’ She says softly.

“Well I am weird and you are too.” He says sharply and Amy looks deflated. Sheldon notices and backtracks. “But that is why I like you. You are not like everyone else… You are like me. The only person like me I have ever met.”

“I like you too. Sheldon there is no shame in getting your degree later.” She says trying to comfort him.

“I know…it’s just that sometimes I sometimes wish he had died sooner so I could have gone.” he blurts out and then he looks horrified at his admission. The secret thought that had been nagging at him since his father died. “But mostly I wish he hadn’t died at all.” Then it happens the tears that he was told he should cry since his father died start leaking from his eyes. Sheldon Lee Cooper did not cry, had not cried since he was a small child but now he was in Amy’s kitchen blubbering like a baby. “I am sorry, I don’t normally cry.” He admits wiping his eyes and trying to regain composure.

“Sheldon, it’s okay to cry.” She says wrapping her arms around him in a tight hug. Normally he hated being hugged. The only person he ever let hug him was his Memaw. Amy’s arms felt good around him and he wipes his eyes on the soft material of her sweater.

“I know , I just normally don’t.” He says lifting his head up. “I have never told anyone that.”

“You can tell me anything. I won’t think less of you.” She tells him and he looks up at her face. Her eyes are so kind and gentle, he knows she is telling the truth. He knows that she loves him as much as he does her and it is comforting.

“Amy… I think I… “ and he stops not sure if he should say it. Saying it would change everything. But somehow he knows everything has changed anyways.

“Think you what?” She asks and he takes her hand gently.

“I think I might be… That is to say… I think that I… Maybe… love you?” And she beams at him and kisses him softly on the lips. He has never kissed anyone except his mom and memaw and never on the lips. The thought of kissing had always grossed him out a little. Amy’s lips on his was not gross and he kisses her back. Far too quickly she pulls away.

“I think I maybe love you too.” She tells him.

“So does that mean that you are my girlfriend?” He asks unsure how things like this worked.

“Yes it does.” She says firmly.

“I’ ve never been anyones boyfriend before. I might not do it right.”

“I’ve never been anyone’s girlfriend before. Nothing has to change though. We will just act like we always have.” She says squeezing his hand.

“Good, I can do that.” He tells her smiling before leaning in to kiss her softly.

Later that evening when he returns home he is humming a happy tune. Missy greets him at the door with a smile like the cat who ate the canary.

“Hey there ,brother.”

“Hello.” He says walking past her.

“You seem awfully happy.” She says following him.

“I am.” He admits.

“I wonder why?” She asks coyly. “So Shelly where were you? You always come home right after school.” She asks hoping to catch him in a lie.

“I was at my girlfriend’s house. I go there every Thursday.” He says nonchalantly as he goes to his room and shuts the door. Leaving Missy staring after him with her mouth open.


Wearing: Spotted

<<outfit details: top: Asos. jacket: c/o Gap. skirt: N/Tice. shoes: Zara. necklaces: REZN and H&M.>>


on an orange and red kick so far this week. p.s. its raining and i swear warm weather will never come!