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FALL has arrived for our Kagehina Fic Zine collab announcements!

Trees changing color, warm weather clothing, and bright foliage crunching underfoot are all sure to leave an impression in these collabs!

GhostFox | Kidovna

accordingtomyresearch | Ainu

Winter is our preview next weekend, so stay tuned!

I also really like that in the first 3 issues Misfits hasn’t played into the idea of it being a reality show would be super intense drama of it.

The comic has this very real world feeling to it that I adore that shows up in both the writing and the art and I really appreciate that, because while Jem and the Hologram’s everything is great and always works out perfectly thing is enjoyable and really fun, I do like seeing The Misfits having these much more grounded problems and solving them in a more realistic way.

In today’s issue it was really nice seeing Pizzazz not freak the fuck out about Blaze having her own band and encouraging her in it because she’s good and should be the lead singer of a band. I just really like Pizzazz being supportive and encouraging to her bandmates.

And another fashion post -  I said this when issue one came out, but adding to the much more realistic tone of the series, I like that the fashion also looks way more like something you’d wear in the real world - I keep seeing things and going ‘oh I own/owned that’ or ‘I’ve seen that around a bunch’. Every Jem artist has been so on point with fashion and there hasn’t been one who I haven’t loved, but Jen St.Onge’s tends to feel the most grounded…

I really love that while this is a cute outfit, it’s still something that I can see being worn in a casual setting since she can just toss it on, hair in pony tail, bit of make-up and go.

Blaze and I share a similar style with warm weather clothes…
But once again, it’s genuinely something that is more of a realistically casual outfit. If I saw her I’d go ‘hey that’s a cool person’ but it wouldn’t be super unusual. 

I just really like seeing cool people who look like real cool people….and that through this and Jem fashion is always very consistant with what fits best with their personalities…

and then there’s the contrast between messier dressed down casual and their on stage outfits which are more glam with their hair fully done and the outfits being more complex/less comfy. Most of the time everyone looks pretty damn comfy.

And the contrast of Stormer having to dress up and look perfect for a meeting where she went in knowing her appearance was going to be picked at because that’s what you do when you’re anything out of the perceived ordinary that you are expected to “make up” for (*sigh of having to live this*) and then the more dressed down look.

I’m sorry for the long post - the clothes in this series just really stood out to me so much and being perfect every time and I’m just sad this isn’t going to be an ongoing series :(

Northeastern University Freshmen Packing List, 2015

Hello future Huskies!!

Now that July is about half way over, many of you are probably starting to think about packing up and moving to Boston for your freshmen year, since it’s only about ~a month and a half~ away. Pretty soon, it’s going to be time to plan the road trip route, buy your airfare, and make the hard decisions about what to bring to college.  Like Andy in Toy Story 3, you’ve got a whole room full of sentimental necessities/crap you never got rid of, and pretty soon you’ll have to decide what stays and what goes.

As surprised as you surely are, forgotten essentials oftentimes aren’t the problem that new freshmen face when they move to college.  Instead, it’s the overbearing monster of too much stuff that simply won’t fit in your residence hall which becomes the real challenge during Move-In Day.  So, before you go and buy the complete Dorm-Home Makeover set at your local Target, consult the below list for the things you should, should not, and should really think about bringing to college.

*Note: bolded things are things you should bring from home.  Everything else? Get it in Boston, unless you already own it/it’s easy to move. More info below.

Should Bring:

  1. Clothes - This is self-explanatory, but beware: oftentimes, pre-made college packing lists will get really specific about what to pack.  Don’t follow them.  You don’t need 10 nightshirts, 10 socks, and 4 different types of jackets: all you need are the clothes you regularly wear and you’ll be good to go.  If you have 30 pairs of jeans and only wear 2 of them, donate the rest and call it a day.  Make sure you have a few pairs of warm weather clothes, but remember that it will probably be between 20F - 60F during your entire freshmen year, so a mix of cool weather clothing is probably best.  At the end of the day, if you have a big winter jacket there’s nothing more you’ll desperately need.  Know that the built-in closets in freshmen residence halls are pretty big, so do bring all your favorite outfits….just don’t over do it. Gotta look chic, but also gotta save some space. 
  2. Rain Boots - I know this technically fits in the above category, but I can’t stress it enough: Boston is rainy in the fall, so you need to make sure you have more than a single pair of Toms to wear to class.
  3. Mirror - You wanna look good? Know that there isn’t a mirror in your room, and you probably won’t want to go to the bathroom every time you want to check yourself out. 
  4. Comforter - Make sure it’s warm! I recommend a Twin XL Down Duvet, and cheap duvet cover. You’ll thank me in the winter. 
  5. Twin XL sheet set. 
  6. One or two pillows 
  7. Twin XL Mattress Pad 
  8. School supplies - Since you won’t be at home, also remember to get things like hole punchers, tape, scissors, etc.! 
  9. Lamp - Whether it’s a floor lamp (which I recommend) or a desk lamp, you’ll find that most freshmen housing have fluorescent lights which aren’t always the best.  I have one collapsable floor lamp and it’s the only light I use. 
  10. Bulletin Board - Throughout the year, you’ll accumulate tons of papers, flyers, info brochures, etc. I used a bulletin board to organize everything over my desk, which also helped to save space and fill up empty walls. 
  11. Collapsable Clothes Hamper
  12. Laundry Bag 
  13. Laundry Detergent and Dryer Sheets
  14. Shower Caddy 
  15. Hangers
  16. Towels/washclothes 
  17. Bathrobe 
  18. Alarm Clock 
  19. Surge Protector 
  20. Extension Cord 
  21. Trash Can 
  22. Fan 
  23. Cleaning Supplies - Don’t go crazy with these, because it’s mostly for incidentals.  However, getting some Clorox Wipes or some Febreeze is usually a good idea. 

Maybe Bring, It’s Up to You:

  1. Area Rug - For me, this is absolutely something I needed since most freshmen residence halls have tile floors.  To protect you from the chill, I would definitely suggest a rug.  However, if you don’t think the tile will bother you, then save yourself the space and go without. 
  2. Iron/Ironing Pad - Only bring one of these if you frequently wear clothes that have to be ironed.  Otherwise, leave it at home. Some people would suggest you bring a hand steamer, but in my experience they don’t work that well. Also, note that I wrote an ironing pad, not an ironing board. Pads can just be laid on the floor, and take up way less space. 
  3. Posters/artwork - Good to have, but only in moderation.  Don’t bring every single movie poster for every single movie you’ve ever see.   
  4. Drying Rack for Clothes 
  5. iHome/Speakers for Music 
  6. Desk Organizers for Pens/Pencils/etc. 
  7. Hair Accessory Caddy for Blowdryers/Straighteners/etc. 
  8. Egg Crate - Highly recommended! Put it under your mattress pad and your bed will be extremely comfortable.  However, again, it’s definitely not necessary. 
  9. Throw Blanket
  10. Under-the-Bed Organizer Drawers - Usually a small, plastic chest of drawers or a series of bins, these are really the only pieces of “furniture” that you should be bringing. Everything else, the university will provide for you. 
  11. Keurig Machine - Remember, you’re not allowed to bring any other type of coffeemaker! 
  12. Photos of family and friends 
  13. Calendar or White Board 
  14. TV - Up to you, but definitely bring a small one if you want it (I’m talking like 15 inches).  You won’t have a ton of space to put it, you won’t be able to attach it to the wall, and you probably have Netflix on your computer anyway.  Know that your freshmen Common Room will have a TV in it that you can use, but if you do decide to have a TV in your room then the University will provide cable and premium channels for you for free. 
  15. Over-the-Door Hooks - Use it for towels or jackets or anything you’d like, but make sure it’s thick enough to fit over the door! 

Should Not Bring:

  1. Christmas Lights - Fire hazard (lame) and your RA will make you take them down. 
  2. Mini Fridge/Microwave - Fire hazard, you’re not allowed to bring your own.  If you want either, you can rent them both from the University for $100 for the entire year. Split it with your roommate. It’s a pretty good deal.
  3. Cooking Appliances of any kind - Doesn’t make sense, you don’t have a kitchen.  Also, your RA will make you get rid of them. 
  4. 3M Sticky Hooks - They don’t work on our walls!!! I don’t know if it’s the humidity or the type of paint, but they’ll all fall down and just won’t work. 
  5. Furniture - As said above, you won’t have space! The University will provide everything you will need. 
  6. Crazy Collections - I knew one girl who didn’t have space in her closet for the 19 designer bags she brought to school her freshmen year.  I also know someone who brought a whole bunch of succulents (you know? the plants?) as decoration, and was shocked when he didn’t have endless table space in which to arrange them.  Be very reasonable about any “extras” you bring, and remember: you’re living with another person. 
  7. Bedbug Repellant Anything - When you begin shopping, you’ll see that there are specialty college items sold to be “bedbug repellant.”  Because Northeastern provides all your own furniture, this isn’t a problem.  If you buy these bedbug repellant things, you’ll simply be wasting money. 
  8. Curtains - Just unnecessary, don’t bother. 
  9. Anything labelled as a “dorm accessory” - LOL don’t buy these things. Don’t be the freshman who shows up with a “dorm chandelier.”
  10. Bed Risers - At Northeastern, your beds will probably be lofted to 3 or 6 feet.  Do not bring your own risers, because a). you won’t be allowed to use them and b). if you do, your bed won’t sit in them right so your bed will probably collapse.  It’ll be like Step Brothers, except it won’t be funny and you’ll probably have to go to the ER. 
  11. Ironing Boards/Vaccuums/Large Cleaning Supplies - You won’t have space for these, and you don’t need them.  If you need a vacuum, you can borrow it from the RAs. 
  12. Books from Home - Now, if you have a few things left on your summer reading list, bring them.  However, between textbooks and everything else you’ll naturally acquire, know that you won’t want to be bringing a whole library with you.  Leave them at home. 
  13. Any kind of kitchen utensils - If you have a Keurig then bring a few mugs, but otherwise just limit yourself to paper plates and utensils.  Remember: you won’t have a sink in which to wash these dishes, other than in the bathroom! 
  14. Decorative Pillows - These will be thrown on the floor Day 1 and will never not be in your way again.  Kick’em to the curb. 
  15. Extra Chairs - Yeah beanbags are cool, but there isn’t room.  Those bungee chairs at Target are cool, but you’ll never actually sit in them.  Leave extra chairs at the store. 

Getting Stuff in Boston

  1. Bed, Bath, and Beyond - 401 Park Drive, Boston (Highly recommend the BB&B College Lay-Away Program! Go to your local store and ask about it)
  2. City Target - Opening in Fenway in August
  3. TruValue Economy - 219 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston 
  4. CVS - 231 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston

And there you have it! Do you think I forgot something? Is there something you have questions about? Let me know, send me a question, and good luck packing up! 

My DCP Tips!

Fall 2015 apps just came out, which means this is the last application season I have to sit idly through before I can apply for my next program - Spring 2016. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m going to do differently on my second program, so I thought I’d share my ~*CP Knowledge*~ with those of you doing the program for the first time. I hope these help you on your Disney journey, but if you have any other questions feel free to ask!

1. Do your research. Before you apply, research all the roles and get a good understanding of each - don’t just judge based on your assumptions! Check what people are saying on tumlblr and YouTube and rank your roles based on what you think you will enjoy and be good at. Also, make sure you have good reasons for picking your top roles to show your interviewer that these are the best fits for you!

2. Pick the right roommates. It’s hard to find a perfect group of people to live with for 4-6 months on Facebook, so if you’re doing this make sure you want to live with these people! Get to know them by talking a lot, filling out and sharing roommate surveys, and make sure you’re all on the same page about where you want to live. My roommates became some of my best friends and I met them through Facebook, I promise it is possible to find amazing people!

3. Pack smart. Fun fact: it does get cold in Florida (just kidding, that’s not fun at all). And even if you are coming from 25 degree weather like me, you will quickly adjust and 60 degrees will feel freezing to you. Pack a good amount of warm and cool weather clothes. I only brought one pair of jeans with me on my program and I think I wore shorts less than 15 times the entire time I was there. Also, make sure you have good shoes that you can walk a lot in, my only warm weather shoes I brought hurt my feet so badly. Don’t make this mistake! And if you have a limited amount of packing space, don’t pack too many clothes, you’ll be working five days per week anyways.

4. Buy stuff when you get there. This goes along with the last one, but, again, if you have limited packing space, consider buying new things once you get to Orlando. Towels, bedding, toiletries, food, and cookware all take up a lot of space and can be bought fairly cheap at Walmart or Target. However…

5. Spend your money wisely. You will be tempted by the overpriced food and merchandise at the parks and resorts constantly, but don’t forget to be wary of buying things in the “real world” like food and clothes. For a lot of people, this will be the first time they are paying their own rent and buying their own groceries, so try to keep to a budget. It will really suck when all your roommates are planning to go out to dinner and you can’t go because you only have $10 in your bank account. The best way to do this is to buy cheaper food (or food that costs the same but will keep you fuller longer.. oatmeal > poptarts, multi grain bread > white bread, etc.) and bring your own lunch to work, or snacks to the park. It’s okay to go to an expensive dinner every now and again (I spent $80 at California Grill once, so worth it) and splurging on something at the parks, but don’t make it a habit.

6. Take advantage of cast member benefits. Speaking of saving money, as a cast member you get amazing discounts. 20% off most merch and dining, plus full service resort restaurants are 40% off for lunch (and some for breakfast). If your family or friends are coming to visit you can get discounted resort rooms and dining plans (I got my family one week at AKL for $1000 (regular would be ~$3000) and dining plans for $35/day.. regular $55). Also, be sure to routinely check out Cast Connections and Property Control (cast member only stores) where you can get insanely discounted merchandise. I have bought mickey ears for $1, a charm bracelet for $0.80, t-shirts for $5, and so much more. There are a lot of other random benefits for cast members, too. One night we got to ride Rockin’ Roller Coaster with the lights on and then watch Frozen at the Sci-Fi dine-in! Keep your eyes and ears open for these typed of opportunities!

7. Try new things. There are tons of things to do at WDW, try them all! Before I did my DCP I hated fireworks, but Wishes quickly became one of my favorite things to do. Even if you don’t think you’ll like it, try it because you’ll never know until you do!

8. Learn to love your role and location. I guarantee you there will be days when you HATE your job no matter where you work. So, I challenge you to find the best in what you do. I was custodial, and !surprisingly! I disliked taking out the trash and cleaning toilets, BUT all I had to do was remind myself I am working at the happiest place on earth and that I am making magic for thousands of guests and I started enjoying myself. Do your best and be grateful for your job. Just remember, every job has it’s ups and downs, it’s all about your attitude!

9. Don’t be afraid to call out. Keep your sanity and give yourself a day off from work once every now and again if you need it. I called out three times during my program, and I think it was necessary. Take the day off and relax, go to Universal or the beach - just don’t go to any Disney parks! (But remember: one call out = one point, three points in 30 days, six in 60, or nine in 90 = one reprimand. Three reprimands means you get termed)

10. Make a definitive bucket list and get it done! Whether it’s character meet and greets, foods you’re dying to try, or maxing out on Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin (it’s possible!) you have time to do it all. The best way to accomplish the things you want to do is to write them down and start working on them immediately! If you wait, you will find yourself at the end of your program with way too much to do.

Good luck on applications, and don’t forget to have fun! FT&PD :)