warm up run for the marathon


I moved my long run to today before work because we are doing the color run as a family tomorrow. 

I was tempted to just do 3 more miles and get my first ½ done but I didn’t for two reasons. 1) I had to get to work 2.) I am trying to stick with the training schedule and I know I have a tendency to overdo things and cause injury. 

So, I “settled” for a distance PR for now :) The best part was when I passed the 10k mark feeling strong. What seemed imposable - is now my warm-up. :)

56 / 100 June miles
391 / 1000 Annual miles

Run Away With Me // Jung Hoseok, Princess+TutorAU!

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Pairing: Hoseok x Reader (OC name: Hari)

Genre: Princess x TutorAU!, Fluff, Angst, Historical

Summary; You’re the Princess of a great Kingdom, but you’ve been in love with your ballroom dance Tutor, Hoseok, from the moment you laid eyes on him. The King, your father, plans to send you away to marry into another royal family to join together two Kingdoms in holy matrimony. Can you accept your royal duty and leave Hoseok behind, locking him away forever in your memories?

Authors note: This scenario was written for @screaming-hoseok as she won second place in my giveaway! This is the first time I’ve used a name other than (Y/N) for the reader, so I hope you will all enjoy this oneshot AU! (especially you, Hari!!) This story is loosely inspired by a little otome game I play called ‘Midnight Cinderella’.

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Summary: Jessica is relieved that you and Sam got back safe, and the brothers’ reunion with their father doesn’t go as you expected
Words: 4.5k 
Dean x Reader, Sam x Jess 
Warnings: episode-related injury

A/N: this is part of my ‘Jess never died’ rewrite, find the masterpost here
Beta: @blacksiren

Your name: submit What is this?

Jess was so relieved to see you when you eventually got back to the motel that she started to cry the second you opened the door.

She rushed over to you, pulling you into a rough hug and burying her face in your neck. You were certain you smelled terrible after your time trapped in a cage, but she didn’t mention it or seem to care when her tears were falling onto your shoulder.

“Hey, it’s okay,” you soothed, hugging her back and stepping the two of you to the side to let the brothers into the room. “Jessy, I’m here, we’re here, we’re okay.”

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Supercorp for the OTP ask thing

Which one cried during a fucking Disney movie?
You would think it’s Kara but it really isn’t. Kara has unlimited knowledge of Disney songs, she sings along to them all. She’s always singing and constantly humming and bopping along to them as she types up articles and does research. Kara shimmies up to Lena and sings into a spatula, she often distracts Lena when she’s cooking or reading by singing and insisting they dance to “Tale as old as Time”. However, it is Lena Luthor who is the movie crier. Lena sobs when the Fox and the Hound meet, she sniffles as Bambi’s mother gets shot and she’s in full hysterics when Stitch gets reunited with Lilo and Nani. Kara did not expect Lena to be so emotional and she doesn’t know whether to tease her girlfriend about it. She feels that there is something more to it but she never pushes the topic, instead she traces patterns along Lena’s forearm and rubs her back. Lena tends to curl into her and when she’s emotional she burrows, her head falling to the crook of Kara’s neck and her arms wrapping around Kara as she clings to the safety of her Kryptonian. Kara kisses Lena’s forehead and they enjoy the rest of their film marathons with Lena perched in Kara’s lap and Kara kissing away her tears.

Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
Kara when she first came to Earth and it scared the Danvers half to death. It happened to Lena once after a hell day, she was exhausted and not paying attention. She’s never done it again - not after the 20 page slideshow that Kara and Jess The Secretary put together on reasons why she is working herself too hard and reasons why she should be more careful. Nowadays they just use Kara’s heat vision.

Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing? 
Kara 100%. Despite knowing that only one person can fly through her balcony door Lena always plays along which results in soft giggles along her neck and soft kisses stolen before meetings.

Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
Lena. She was hesitant for touch at first being so touch starved so on her part she held back from touching casually. She flinches sometimes when they hug but their apartment can get really cold and after a few months Lena takes to padding out of the room in just one of Kara’s old t-shirts and her underwear, hair down and bare feet - which was definitely a mistake because then her feet get really fricking cold. Kara is still somewhat flustered given Lena’s appearance but what she definitely doesn’t expect is for her girlfriend to practically jump on her and attack her with cold feet. She doesn’t really care because she’s basically a toaster oven and any excuse to warm Lena up gives her free reign, running her hands over exposed thighs and kissing down Lena’s jaw line. Lena gets cold a lot…

Who had that embarrassing Reality TV marathon?
Kara forces Lena to watch horrendous shows and Lena protests but she always caves and indulges her girlfriend. Watching Kara talk back to the television set is one of her favourite past times. That was one of the first times she heard Kara curse. She was just amused that she wasn’t the only one putting money into the swear jar. That is until Alex and Maggie come round for a new and improved sister night. There is a lot of money along with her credit card in the jar that night. Lena likes to watch cooking shows and Kara finds it fascinating because it inspires the chef in Lena and then she gets lots of yummy food experiments to try.

Who laughs more during sex?
Kara is naturally giggly and the sound of her laughter warms Lena’s heart, she loves the melodic sound so she makes it her mission to get Kara to laugh at least once most times. Lena is all about comfort and given that Kara was initially scared to go further they took it slow and became comfortable with one another, lots of practising and finding out what the other liked. Lena and a reluctant Alex made very tiny doses of Kryptonite that Kara fully consented to so that Kara could let loose a little during more heated times. 

Lena usually. Kara feels comforted when she can hold Lena in her arms and she is really protective of Lena at night. They both suffer from nightmares and being comforted by the gentle but secure arms of their lover really helps. Lena has a thing for Kara’s arms and she is definitely supposed to be sleeping but she can’t help it when Kara’s arms are resting along her waist, it really isn’t her fault if that leads to late night activities. There are the times around Kara’s Earth birthday and Astra’s death where Kara needs to be the little spoon, she sobs and Lena holds her, singing Kryptonian songs softly as she lulls Kara to sleep. It gets easier when for Kara’s Earth birthday Alex and Lena decorate the bedroom with stars and things that look as similar to Krypton as possible, Lena goes further (with the help of J’onn) and manufactures a special bedside lamp that can mirror colours from Krypton. Kara proposes under the sun of bedroom Krypton.

(Side Note: If you couldn’t tell I love them and I have a lot of headcanons for them! Send me questions if you want and I’ll gladly talk about other headcanons I have or if you want little drabbles then prompt away!)

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You are one of my favorite writers! Do you have any advice if I maybe wanna add fan fic writing to my mile-long list of hobbies? How do you get into the heads of the characters?

Oh, gosh, thank you so much <3

As for advice, I can throw out some suggestions. Feel free to use all or none of them, as you like. (And I see you are a Shakarian person, so I’ll mainly go with that for examples.)

Start small. And by small I mean: short. Long stories are wonderful and rewarding but they are also hard. It takes more effort and energy to keep the story straight, to plot, to plan, to make sure everyone’s consistently in character. It’s like running a marathon. If you try to take on a marathon without training, you’re probably going to collapse partway through and never get up. So, do some training runs. Write some ficlets. Write some character vignettes. Think about scenes or moments that stood out for you, where you wanted to know more.

For example: My story A Good Day was only the second Mass Effect story I wrote. I wrote it because I’d played the games as Shepard, but I wanted to know what it was like for Garrus to find out about Shepard’s death and the Normandy’s destruction. It was the first time I wrote his POV, and I wrote it because I wanted to understand him better and because there was a lot of stuff the game couldn’t go into, because it stays pretty narrowly focused on Shepard’s POV.

Missing scenes, dialogues, writing about things from the games from the points of view of characters other than Shepard—these are training runs. They help you get understand the characters. Try prompts, if you think that’ll help. It’s amazing what a prompt can shake loose in your brain, sometimes. And once you’ve warmed up? If you feel like tackling a marathon? Go for it. (It will never be easy, though. Longfic is hard. Wonderful, but so, so hard.)

Don’t be afraid of your Shepard’s uniqueness. My Shepard is not the same as your Shepard is not the same as any of the other Shepards out there. There’ll be some similarities, sure, but fanfic really lets you play around and make them unique. Don’t be afraid of that. I, for one, love getting to hear about how a different Shepard deals with the aftermath of Elysium, or how a different Shepard ends up the sole survivor after Akuze. Every Shepard has a different relationship with Garrus. They see him differently. They have different conversations outside of what the game gives us. They start relationships with him for different reasons, and want different things from those relationships. There are so many stories in there. 

Write about things that mean something to you. My very first Mass Effect story was written because of a bug that made Matriarch Aethyta think Liara and Shepard were a couple. I thought I’d somehow broken the Garrus romance! I freaked out!! And then I looked it up, found it was a bug, and thought — there’s a funny story in there. So, I wrote it. Think about the scenes that made you laugh or cry or get angry. Those emotions’ll help you figure out what’s important enough that you’ll want to spend your free time writing about it ;)

Write what you love to read. If you love hurt/comfort – write yourself some hurt/comfort. If you love pretty dresses – by God, find a way to put Shepard in a pretty dress. If you love banter? Write banter! Kid-fic? Go wild! Definitely-no-kids-fic? Knock yourself out. Smut? Go right ahead. Fanfiction is yours. You don’t have to sell it to an agent or publisher. You can write whatever damn thing you want. Self-indulgent? Indulge!! It’s your hobby. Your story. Enjoy the hell out of it.

A couple of little practical things about getting into the heads of characters: watch YouTube videos (or play scenes in the game yourself); read the wiki; read your work aloud and try to gauge how the voices sound – can you hear Garrus speaking? Good! You’re on the right track. People (and characters) have different mannerisms, vocal tics, patterns of speech, vocabularies. Think about those when you’re writing them. Liara doesn’t use contractions in the first game. If you write her saying can’t or I’m or it’s all over the place, she won’t sound like herself. Little things like that go a long way.

It’s hard and scary, but try to find a beta who’ll read your stuff. If you’re very tender and worried about negative comments, that’s okay. Ask your beta to be gentle. Believe it or not, truly constructive criticism is actually pretty awesome. It gets easier to accept it with time.

Remember this vitally important piece of information: no matter how many similarities, no matter how much the characters or situations overlap, the stories that are in you to tell can only be told by you. Try not to worry about what other people have written or are writing. Only you can tell the stories in you to tell in the way that you can tell them.

Good luck. And above all: have fun!! (I mean it about the indulging!)


Jet lag hit hard so I was up at 5am this morning. On the bright side it’s finally warm enough here to eat breakfast outside.

This morning also included the 5k from hell aka the hardest 3 miles of my life. Definitely feeling the effects of not running for the past month but I still have a few weeks before I officially start marathon training so I’m not too concerned. It’s kind of exciting to feel out of shape and anticipate the progress I know I’ll make by the time the fall rolls around. Also- totally gives me a new appreciation for beginner runners, this sport isn’t easy.

Bellamy Blake Imagine: You Are Sick


Summary: Reader wakes up to find out that Bellamy has fever. Although he protests reader makes him stay in the bed for the rest of the day.

Prompts: 1-”What would you do if you would’ve never met me?”,
6- "You’re feet are cold, keep ‘em off me,“ “But you’re my heater.”

Word Count: 721

Originally posted by bellarke-stydia

I woke up snuggling closer to Bellamy just to be reculantly pushed slightly away.

“You are freezing,” he mumbled in raspy morning voice.

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She touches me like autumn. Her fingers are sunlight, her lips are rain, her voice is a river and it lulls me, carries me, drifting in darkness, into peace.

She loves me like summer. My heart runs marathons under her mouth, my skin shakes and sweats. I am swallowed in moonlight, lost in the stars, drowned in a hundred years of short nights and long, stretching sunsets.

I miss her like winter, like frostbite. The ache that warms me, the hands that shift and rub, the restlessness of cold feet. My ribs are naked branches, reaching up and up, waiting for sunlight, waiting for green, for life.

We live like spring, like memories of the sunrise and birdsong, like Easter morning and happy tears. Her hands are promises, fresh grass, new leaves, every budding flower. Our future is daylight savings, longer and longer with each waking, promises like moonrise and shooting stars. The future is cold like a new morning and sometimes chills still shiver our spines but the frost is turning to dew and the mornings grow warmer and brighter and better every time we have the courage to meet them again.


My boat made it out of winter storage for on open house hosted by our rowing club. It’s been hanging from our garage ceiling since it came out of the water on October 30th, and seeing it out of the cover made me so excited about rowing again. The official start date for Masters is May 1st, but I’m hoping to sneak it out on the water when the Juniors start in mid-April, depending on when the ice is out and how fast the water warms to safe temps.

I’ve got a 17 miler on tap for tomorrow morning, so I’ve get to get my mind off of the lake and back on the road! The New Jersey Marathon is April 30th and is creeping up quickly!

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Majorly judging you, 14!

sitting on someone’s lap

It’s easy, sometimes, to forget that Alura’s life on Krypton was, for her, not so long ago.

It’s easy to forget that for her, her planet’s destruction was not decades ago, but so recent, so, so recent, because she’s adapted to life here to quickly, and she’s built a life in the place of her sorrow. She’s happy, too, Lucy knows that, she can see it, she sees it when Alura laughs with her sister and embraces her daughter, sees it when she watches Astra and Alex lean together like they have no troubles in the world. She sees it in Alura’s eyes when the woman kisses her. She knows that Alura is happy, because the woman spent enough of her life pretending, and hiding, and she leads this new life with an open honesty that is more refreshing than Lucy can describe.

But its the little things, really, that remind Lucy that Krypton’s influence is still very much present and alive within Alura. Things like this; the way Alura glances away when Lucy cups her face and tells her she’s beautiful, the faint crease that furrows her brow, the dusky flush high on her cheekbones.

Lucy frowns slightly in response, running her thumbs over Alura’s cheeks, and leans forward to nudge her nose against her jaw. ‘Hey’, she murmurs, kissing the defined edge, ‘you okay?’

Alura nods, her lips curving, her fingers carding through her hair. ‘Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?’

Lucy purses her lips slightly, considering her words, running her hands up and down the woman’s back. Alura’s weight is warm and familiar in her lap, their hips pressed together, and Lucy reaches for the remote to mute the television, silencing their marathon of Brooklyn Nine Nine, before she settles her hands on her hips. ‘No reason, really, just…’ she cups her face again, fingertips curling at the hinge of her jaw, ‘you sometimes look… so surprised when I say that’.

Alura blinks. Her brow furrows slightly, and she murmurs, ‘I suppose… I suppose I am’.

Lucy’s frown deepens, and she loops her arms around Alura’s neck, twisting locks of her hair around her fingers. ‘You don’t think you’re beautiful?’

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you always steal his enormous t shirts

whenever an inappropriate scene on a movie or tv show comes up he covers your eyes, even though you’re 18

him teasing you about being younger than him

rock paper scissors to solve your problems

him trying to get away from his problems but you being there to tell him you’re gonna solve them together

you don’t like sharing

him annoying you for fun

him trying to understand what each make up supply does

putting make up on him while his sleeping


food fights

when you curse he gasps and goes like “I didn’t raise you like this”

burping in his face for revenge

trying to cook together for your parents

you being the one to approve or disapprove of his girlfriends (usually disapprove but you’re never wrong)

him being really protective of you at times

him scaring and threatening your boyfriend/girlfriend for fun

“Chris! Now he/she’s afraid to visit me again as long as you’re in my house dickhead!”

“I didn’t raise you like this!”

big hugs

him comforting you after you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend

you falling in love with one of his co-stars in avengers (I prefer Sebastian)

him trying to set you up w them

him turning on the warm water in the kitchen while you’re showering

“Chris, you’re dead once I’m done over here!”

water gun fights

playing pranks on each other, all. the. time.

when you drive he usually goes like “can you try not to get us killed this time please?”

taking part in his interviews

having movie marathons with him and the cast of avengers

comforting him when he breaks up

visiting his house really often and vice versa

running out of toilet paper and the other throws a roll at the one in need

replacing his shampoo with honey

“What the- Y/N!!!”

sleeping in his bed after having nightmares

sometimes being mistaken for a couple

“Ew, I’d never date this idiot.”

trying to set him up with your best friend


he thanks you for introducing him to your bff

once catching them about to have sex

“*gag sound* Oh God I think I’m going to throw up”

punching his ex in the face for trying to kiss him while you and him were at a club with the rest of the crew

“He’s in a relationship bitch.”

everybody being surprised with your move

“nice uppercut”

“thanks Scarlett, been training these babies *kisses biceps*”

sarcastic comments all the time

him taking care of you while you’re on your period (or comforting you in general if you’re a boy)

eating ice cream together

doing photoshoots together

having an amazing relationship with your big old bro ✌🏼

Fire Fox - Chapter 9 (Eric X OC)

Rating: M (violence/swearing/smut:p)

Notes/Warnings: Upcoming Trigger Warnings (Fox’s past isn’t sunshine and flowers)

Genre: Drama/Angst

Thanks everyone for the re-blogs and support!!! IT IS AWESOME!!!  

Please enjoy more of Eric and Fox!

@emmysrandomthoughts @beautifulramblingbrains @iammarylastar @tigpooh67 @bookwarm85 @frecklefaceb @mom2reesie @elaacreditava

The doctor came by the next morning, and cleared Fox to leave. She’d had a restless night, tossing and turning; shivering with cold without Eric’s body to warm her. Feeling like she’d run a marathon, Fox returned to the dorm. Word had gotten around about her medical emergency, and everyone watched her with wide eyes as she walked towards her cot.

“Heard you got real scared, Banjo. You gonna fail initiation?” Peter sneered.

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Little Fox

Happy 850 and happy Easter~! ( @musikat18 )

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You’d first met Pavel Chekov at the Academy Marathon. You’d been training for months, determined to take the Marathon off your bucket list. As you’d run through campus and across into the parkland to the west of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, you’d seen the young cadet enough that he was familiar to you. So when he crossed the finish line first on race day, you felt a swell of pride for him, like you already knew him. When he approached you to congratulate you on your completion of the race at the post-race party, you became fast friends.

You were on a training cruise in the Laurentians when the Narada incident occurred, and heard that Pav had acquitted himself well. You thought fondly on him often as you finished your studies, hoping your paths would meet again. You were astonished to received your duty assignment to the Enterprise on graduation, and excitedly commed Pavel to let him know.

“великолепный! I look forward to having a running partner on the ship!” He replied with excitement. You laughed and shook your head.

“My marathon days are done, Pasha, short distance is my thing now,” you replied.

“Short distance is what I do on the ship, Y/N,” Pavel smiled. “I will see you soon!”

The look on his face when you reported to bridge to hand your duty assignment to the captain was enough to make your heart warm.

“лисичка!” He leapt up from the helmsman station and threw his arms around you. “Captain! This is my good friend, Y/N. She completed the Academy Marathon with me. She had never run before, and started training shortly before the race. She finished 11th in the women!”

“And is she any good at her job?” Captain Kirk asked him, a look of indulgent bemusement on his face.

“She was top in her class. And has a better record in simulations than I do,” Pavel nodded. “She’s a good addition to this crew, Captain.”

“I’m pleased to have your endorsement, Chekov,” Kirk laughed. “Welcome aboard, Ensign.”

Good Enough (b1)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven; part eight;part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; part fourteen; part fifteen; part sixteen; part seventeen; part eighteen; part nineteen; part twenty; part twenty one; part twenty two; part twenty three; part twenty four; epilogue.

bonus scenes: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

“Daddy!” Nari exclaimed, sprinting across the room into awaiting arms and squealing with excitement as he scooped her up and spun her around in the air.

This was the reason Sehun loved to come home every day. Walking through the door and being greeted by his beautiful girls, there was no better feeling in the world. He’d found his place in the world – wherever his family was.

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  • fam I already know this is going to mess me up big time
  • here goes nothing
  • this would be the realest relationship in the world
  • and by that I just mean that there’s no suga coating (see what I did there lol)
  • if Yoongi has an opinion about something, you’re hearing it honestly
  • which is one of the reasons I love him so much tbh
  • “Yoongi, what do you think about this dress?”
  • “It doesn’t look very flattering on you.”
  • but you can’t get upset with him. you asked
  • but even though his bluntness can seem harsh, it means that he gives really good advice
  • if you’re ever going through anything, he’ll always tell you exactly what he thinks about the situation
  • the down side to his tough exterior is that it will take him a while to open up to you
  • but once he does, you have to listen to him
  • he’s struggled with so much
  • I feel like he’s the type to bottle up his feelings
  • you need to be there for him always
  • well damn this got serious so quickly
  • let’s be happy shall we??
  • once he opens up to you, you’ll meet a whole new side of him that you never expected
  • I feel like even though he’s blunt and harsh at times, he’s actually really warm and caring on the inside
  • you slowly wake up to the fresh scent of your clean bed sheets
  • “Well good morning sleepy head.” Yoongi says in his low, raspy morning voice, as he runs his fingers through your hair
  • tired, you don’t say anything. instead, you wrap your arms around his naked torso and pull him closer to you
  • the two of you stay in bed for another hour or so, just cuddling and kissing and feeling one another’s embrace
  • when you finally get out of bed, you go to the kitchen and make some hot chocolate while he slips on a shirt and goes to the couch to fire up Netflix
  • these are what your lazy days with Yoongi are like: cuddling, warm drinks, endless movie marathons, you in nothing but an oversized sweater and underwear, and him in a t-shirt and his boxers
  • you wouldn’t have it any other way
  • yes, Yoongi sleeps in nothing but his boxers :))) source (skip to 5:20)
  • you can also expect many love songs written about you/for you
  • he would always want to share his love for music with you
  • he’s just not your typical romantic
  • he doesn’t care for the regular mushy stuff because to him, it comes off as fake
  • oh, and you’re just going to have to get over the fact that he will always love J-Hope more than he loves you
  • it’s just one of those things
  • but in conclusion, he just really loves you
  • he’d do anything for you
  • except you know, move
  • he doesn’t do that for anyone

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him texting you

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“well, you asked for my opinion.”

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“right here jagI”


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i’ll take it


on the road to new york

The Buffalo Half Marathon now in the books, not my best run but will take it, finished in 1:18:00 even - saw the clock ticking towards 1:18 as I neared the finish line, tried to put on the jets and thought I might’ve got under but not quite - 2nd masters finisher, 1st in the 50-54 age group.  Won some beer money with a couple hundred bucks.  A warm up plus a 4 miler afterwards added up to an 18 mile day.   

Never felt comfortable during the race, didn’t slept well last night and didn’t feel rested enough.  The legs were tight and fatigued throughout, and never loosened up as they normally do during a race.  Can’t complain about the temps, they were ideal.  Might still be recovering from last month’s marathon.  

Any way, not bad for a first race since then.  Some speed work should get the legs going faster the next couple months before actual training for New York starts.

It was the end of my sophomore year in college, and my friends were piled into my mini van as we drove to Rosendale to volunteer to stand at a table on the side of the rail trail and hand out little cups of water to marathon runners. I had no idea where I was, I was desperate to go exploring, and I had a crushed gravel, wheelchair accessible trail that I had never been on stretching out on either side of me for miles and miles. This combination of circumstances was intoxicating. I felt guilty about abandoning my service project crew, but honestly, me trying to hand a marathon runner a cup of water with my weak, spindly hand would only end in spilled water everywhere. I needed to wander. So, I picked a direction and I just kept going. The air was chilly, but my excitement and the jiggling vibrations from my wheelchair on the trail warmed my body up and made my nose run. I kept moving forward quickly because I wanted to explore the maximum distance of trail that I possibly could, without being gone so long that people had to worry about me. Right when I thought I was pushing my luck and I should probably turn around, I saw this long, rickety looking, beautiful bridge up ahead of me. It was the Rosendale Tressel, and before that moment, I had no idea it existed. I crossed the bridge multiple times, looking down at the Walkill Valley far below me, and.the people’s little backyards with gardens and lawn furniture. I hope everyone gets these moments in life. Where you discover a hidden treasure on your own, and you’re stunned by how beautiful and exciting life can be. When its perfectly ok that when you get back to your group of college students huddled around a fold up table covered in small paper cups, nobody really cares that you found a bridge. And no, they don’t want to walk to the bridge after the service project is over, even though it’s a super long, high up, impressive bridge. That’s ok, because a smile will keep creeping up on your face every time you think about this little secret you share with the universe.

Chester Marathon W3 D4

Double whammy! Body pump in the am, 3 mile run in the pm.

When we moved into the new office I was pretty determined to give the whole run commuting thing a go. Well, I managed about 5 runs until I gave up. It was just really difficult carrying everything in my bag and it was a killer on my knees. Now though, things are warming up!

I was only wearing shorts and tshirt to work today and I walked in with my running shoes on. So all I had in my backpack running home was my clothes, keys and phone, empty tupperware, empty water bottle, travel towel and mini toiletries (as I’d been to the gym this morning). Nice and light-ish!

And the run went ok! I get into work late and leave late on Thursdays to fit in body pump and by running home I got back the time I usually would! Huzzah! Hopefully this means I can get a few more sneaky miles in now that the weather is getting better and I can pack lighter.

Body pump was super busy which is nice to see. I actually lowered my weights for the squat track. I’ve noticed recently my form is off a bit and I’m not squatting as low as I should be. It definitely helped today!

The photo is from the other morning. I had a mark from my pillow when I was heading out for my run… I just pretended I had a bad ass scar.

pretty-eyes-jaeger  asked:

Bertholdt for the character thing! (And thank you for the shoutout! It means a lot!) (PS I will answer yours in a bit, when I'm not on mobile!)

Ahh thank you for the ask! And no problem, all of your answers are fantastic :D

I was thinking mainly in terms of the modern/college AU I work with for these, although I realize now pretty much all of them apply to both that and canon. Anyway, Bertholdt!

  1. Bertholdt is an observer. He prefers to see everything that’s happening around him and think before he acts. While this means he doesn’t love new situations, he’s also gotten very good at noticing and predicting his environment and the people in it. He’s very quick to pick up on emotions and respond accordingly, and he can give good, objective advice to people because he sees the big picture (assuming they actually ask for his opinion - he won’t tend to share it otherwise).
  2. Coffee hurts his stomach, so Bertholdt drinks a lot of tea. He likes how many different types there are and he’ll drink them both for energy and to calm down.
  3. When he gets really stressed, he’ll curl up somewhere comfortable and quiet and listen to music or read for a while. If he can’t do that, especially in social settings, he’ll find a seat and take some deep breaths until he feels better. Bathrooms are a common hiding place.
  4. Running is one of his favorite activities. This is another great way for him to de-stress, out by himself on a quiet trail, but he also doesn’t mind going for jogs with friends. He’s fast and he’s considered running marathons before, but doesn’t think he’d be that good (even though his friends tell him otherwise).
  5. He enjoys listening to rainstorms and staying warm and cozy inside, but he’ll quickly turn miserable if he’s outside in them for long.
  6. Bertholdt doesn’t like making a big show of his birthday. He’s content to take a day for himself, staying snuggled up inside with a good book, out of the cold weather. However, even though he says he doesn’t want people to do anything for him that day, he still greatly appreciates when his friends do remember and give him little gifts and gestures. Just no surprise parties, please.
  7. The origin of the nickname “Bertl” came from when he and Reiner were little and Reiner couldn’t actually pronounce his name. The nickname stuck and now his close friends and family will use it.
  8. Bertholdt is suprisingly competitive. He likes to work hard and he’ll try his best in any situation, especially when he’s given direction or a goal to achieve.
  9. That said, he’s also very kind and considerate. He’ll offer to help others even when he doesn’t entirely have confidence in himself if he thinks they can use it.
  10. He doesn’t like being really tall. It makes him stand out (literally) from everyone else when he wants to blend in and people comment on it all the time. He’s also hurt himself plenty of times because of that, mostly from hitting his head on things. And nothing ever seems to fit him.
  11. He’s a very good kisser, once he actually opens up enough to someone special.

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