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Believe It or Not. Part 14/?

Summary: With tensions increasing between Derek and the rest of the pack, they try to understand why he’s turning other teenagers. In the midst of everything, expectations of one’s self get in the way.

(Based off 2x02 “Shape Shifted”)

“I’m serious. It’s not like the last full moon. I don’t feel the same.” Scott said with reassurance while walking down the halls between his sister and best friend.

“Oh, does that include the urge to maim and kill people, like me?” Stiles quipped sarcastically. At his comment y/n leaned behind Scott and punched Stiles in the arm playfully.

“Hey!” He shouted grabbing his arm. Y/n just laughed.

“I swear I don’t have the urge to maim and kill you.” Scott laughed along with y/n as they continued walking.

“You say that now, but then the full moon goes up and out come the fangs and the claws and there’s a lot of howling and screaming and running everywhere, okay? And it’s very stressful on me so yes, I’m still locking you up.” Stiles finished without taking a second to breathe.

“Okay, fine,” the beta gave in, “but I do think I have more control now. Especially with how good things are with Allison.”

Y/n rolled her eyes, “Oh my god Scott! Yes, we’re aware of how good things are with Allison. You make us aware every 2 seconds.”

Her words barely phased the boy, “they’re really good.” He whispered with a big goofy smile on his face.

“Please just shut the hell up before I have the urge to maim and kill myself.” Stiles chimed in, making Scott look butt-hurt and y/n to continue giggling. They parted ways as the boys entered the boys’ locker and y/n the girls.


Y/n rather quickly dressed in her cheerleading uniform and made her way out to the field. She found a nice, dry spot on the grass to sit down and begin their routine of stretches. Silently, she watched the lacrosse team run laps for warm-up. A jersey she’d never seen before, number 14, caught her eye. He must be a new player.

Time seemed to pass by as she was down to the last 15 minutes of practice. She felt a little bit a sweat lightly run down as she ran through the new routine for what felt like the 50th time. She decided to take a break, walking to the bleachers to grab her water bottle. As she was taking a cool drink, she turned towards the lacrosse field to see her brother practically running over every single person trying to score a goal.

The players were all in one straight line practicing running towards the goal, Scott guarding the goal which was odd since that’s not his position. She watched a few more guys try to run through and score, and each time Scott ran away from the goal and straight at them. Ramming into them and making each of them flip and land on their backs.

“McCall! The positions goal keeper. Not goal abandoner.” Coach yelled at her brother, before blowing his whistle.

Y/n noticed Stiles standing outside the line of players intently watching Scott plow through everyone. Y/n found herself walking across the field until she reached Stiles.

“Hey.” She said rather firmly, grabbing his attention as he turned to look at her.

“You wanna tell me why Scott’s beating down half the team?” She stood next to Stiles, watching as Scott, again, destroyed a poor boy.

“Look it’s fine,” he said holding his hand up to her signaling for her to calm down, which actually just annoyed her more causing her to cross her arms, “When we were in the locker room Scott felt the presence, or smelt, or something but he thinks there’s another werewolf on the team.”

“So… He’s attacking everyone on the team because he knows the werewolf will use their abilities to land and not let themselves get hurt?” She clarified, putting the pieces together.

“Yeah exactly, although no luck so far.” He said as Scott repeated his actions, Stiles and y/n flinching as the player obviously wasn’t a werewolf.

Without them noticing coach had marched over to them, “Stilinski! What the hell is wrong with your friend?”

“Uh, he’s failing two classes. He’s a little socially awkward and if you look close enough, his jawline is slightly uneven.”
Y/n didn’t even try to suppress the snort that left her as she immediately put her hand over her mouth to control her laughter at the sarcastic boy’s response.

Coach looked at her as she laughed, finally noticing she was there.

“You, who are you?” He asked pointing at her.

“Y/n McCall.” She furrowed her eyebrows.

“Oh great,” coach rolled his eyes, “there’s more of you.” After that he blew his whistle again, and walked away.

“And that’s my cue to leave-” y/n started to walk away but caught herself turning on her heal. They both watched as Scott ran at the last player in the line, number 14. But this time, as the boy flipped in the air, he landed on his feet in front of Scott. Y/n’s jaw dropped in shock.

“I think we found him.” Stiles whispered from next to her. Not taking her gaze off the scene in front of her, she just nodded her head in response.


Just ten minutes after the figured out that the boy who’s the beta’s name is Isaac, the police showed up and arrested him.

Scott, Stiles, and y/n stood together watching him be taken away.

“So they think he killed his own dad?” Y/n asked while watching them drag the boy away, he turned around and made direct eye contact with her as if he had heard her. She turned away immediately, feeling a little bit of fear take over her.

“They can lock him in a holding cell for 24 hours.” Stiles said.

“Like, overnight?” Scott replied.

Knowing exactly why Scott was asking he looked at him with an expression y/n had never seen before, “During the full moon.” Stiles confirmed.

“Why would Derek choose Isaac?” Scott asked out loud, not really expecting an answer.

Before anyone could say anything else, they bell rang signaling they had ten minutes to change and get back to class.

“We gotta go.” Y/n reminded, picking up her bag.


They were sitting in their biology class at their lab table that seats three. Y/n in the middle with Scott or Stiles on either side of her.

“Doesn’t being a teenager mean your dad can’t hold him?” Scott leaned forward to look at Stiles.

“Not unless they have solid evidence, or a witness” y/n answered before Stiles could.

“Wait,” Stiles said turning around to the table behind him, “Danny, where’s Jackson?” Now all three of them had turned around and were staring at the poor boy.

“Principals office.”

“Why?” Y/n questioned.

“He lives across the street from Isaac.”

They turned back around, all glancing at each other.

“We have to get to the principal’s office.” Y/n smirked.

“How?” Scott asked.

Stiles and y/n locked eyes, smiling, already knowing what the other was thinking.

All of the sudden, three pieces of balled up paper flew across the room, all hitting Mr. Harris.

He turned around, annoyed. “Alright, who in the hell did that?”

The three determined teenagers all pointed at each other, solidifying their plan.


The plan to get to the principal’s office turned out to be a bust, except for finding out that Allison’s grandpa, Gerard, is the school’s new principal.

He asked that only one of them stay behind to accept the punishment. It couldn’t be Scott, because he had to talk to Derek. So Stiles finally gave in, offering to stay behind.

Scott and y/n pushed open the door exiting the office, and Scott took off sprinting towards the exit.

“Scott wait!” Y/n called after him, breaking out into a run as well.

He ran straight through the two blue doors, only to see Isaac in the back of a police car being driven to the station. He was too late.

Finally, y/n managed to catch up. Doubling over and breathing heavily. Once she caught her breath she stood up, still wincing.

“You know,” she took another deep breath, “I don’t remember you ever being that fast.”

“We were too late.” He ignored her sarcastic statement, watching the police car until it was officially out of sight.

As if on cue, Derek’s car speedily pulled up to the curb.

“Get in.” He said directly to Scott.

“Are you serious?” Y/n yelled back before Scott could.

“You did that! That’s your fault!” Scott yelled angrily, walking down the steps until he was at the window of Derek’s car.

Y/n wouldn’t say it out loud, but she felt a little hurt, and disappointed in Derek. He was the first person to tell her the truth, and she thought she had a friend or at least an ally in him. And now he was going around biting teenagers? Taking their life away from them? He didn’t have the right to do that. She slowly walked down the steps, following Scott.

“I know that. Now get in the car and help me.” Derek demanded.

“No, I’ve got a better idea. I’m gonna call a lawyer. Because a lawyer might actually have a chance at getting him out before the moon goes up.”

Y/n was proud of her brother for taking charge, almost like an alpha would. At least a good alpha. But his last sentence kind of caught her off guard.

“Scott, we can’t afford a lawyer.” She whispered to her brother, but both of them ignored her.

“Not when they do a search of the house.” Derek said smugly, “Whatever Jackson said to the cops, what’s in the house, it’s worse. It’s way worse.”

Y/n heard Scott sigh. Defeated, he opened the door to the car.

“I’m coming too.” Y/n piped up, hopping in the back and buckling her seatbelt all in one quick motion.

Both Scott and Derek turned around to look at her.

“No.” They shouted simultaneously.

Y/n raised her eyebrows at them, it was cute that they were trying.

“Okay,” she nodded, “which one of you is going to drag me out of the car then?” She crossed her arms, staring at them with a smile.

Derek and Scott turned to look at each other. Derek annoyed, but Scott’s expression had turned into a smile.

“She’s coming.” Scott stated, Derek rolling his eyes before pressing on the accelerator and taking off towards Isaac’s house.


Derek pulled up to the house, the brakes screeching as he came to a sudden stop.

“Damn, where’d you get your license? Doggy-Day care?” Y/n said while rubbing her neck.

“You’re fine.” Derek got out of the car, not even glancing at her.

“I think I got whiplash.” She whispered to herself before finally exiting the vehicle.

She followed Derek and Scott into the Eerily quiet house.

“If Isaac didn’t kill his father, who did?” Scott asked breaking the silence.

“I don’t know yet.” Derek replied walking further into the dark house.

“How do you know he’s not lying?” Asked y/n, glancing around the house and taking in all her surroundings.

“Because I trust my senses,” Derek turned around and snapped at her, “and it’s a combination of them. Not just your sense of smell.” He aimed the last statement at Scott.

Scott’s cheeks turned red with embarrassment.

“You saw the lacrosse thing today? Did it look that bad?”

Derek smirked, “yeah.”

Derek grabbed Scott’s arm and lead him to a door that opened up to a staircase, leading to the basement of the house.

Y/n watched from behind them, not really thrilled about what she assumed was to come next.

All three of them stood there, looking down on what faded into complete darkness. You couldn’t even see the whole staircase.

“You want to learn? Let’s start now.” Derek’s voice echoed down the stairs.

“What’s down there?” Scott asked, fear evident in his shaky voice.


“And what am I looking for?”

“Follow your senses.” Was the last thing Derek said before Scott started taking hesitant steps through the doorway and into the basement.

“What happened down here?” Y/n could barely hear Scott’s voice.

No more creaking from the stairs could be heard, signaling that Scott was finally and completely inside the room downstairs. Y/n crossed her arms over her chest for some sort of comfort.

“Stay here, I’m going to go guide him.” Derek whispered to y/n.

“Wha- really? No I don’t want to stay up here by myself.” Y/n complained moving closer to Derek.

“You being down there will just distract him, you’ll be fine.” Before she could say anything else he was already hopping down the stairs leaving her behind.

She sighed rolling her eyes and moving away from the open door. She walked around the house, looking at photos on the wall in the kitchen, trying to keep her mind occupied. Y/n took a few more steps before she heard something break beneath her foot. She bent down to pick up whatever it was, it looked like it was part of a glass that had broke. Examining it, she shifted her gaze to the wall in front of her. It had a dent in it, she stood up to get a closer look at that too. Once y/n could see clearly, she saw a piece of glass sticking out of the wall as well. The glass had been thrown across the room. The thought sent a shiver down her spine, she knew at that moment a lot of bad things happened in here.


Stiles was let out late again from detention purely just for Mr. Harris’ enjoyment. It was now dark out. As he frantically made his way to the jeep he quickly got out his phone to call Allison.

“Hey, sorry, Harris literally just let me out of detention. Literally. And he had my phone the whole fricken time.” The boy babbled.

“Well, we need to do something right now. They were asking me all these questions about Lydia and how she was bitten by Peter, and then they sent this guy out.”

“Wait, what guy?” Stiles asked as he opened the door of his jeep and put the keys in the ignition.

“He was dressed as a sheriff’s deputy.” She calmly replied.

Stiles stop moving altogether, rolling his eyes as he put it all together, “They’re sending him into the station for Isaac.”

“I’m on it.” Allison hung up quickly, a devised plan already in place.


She followed the guy sent out to kill Isaac. knowing exactly what streets the car was going to drive down, the girl positioned herself out of sight behind a corner.

She patiently waited until she could see the dim glow of headlights shine on the brick wall in front of her. She placed the arrow in the correct place on the bow, readying herself.

Allison watched as the car drove by and waiting until it was just a little bit in front of her, aiming her arrow towards the back tire and releasing. It wa a direct hit.

She confidently placed another arrow in place. Once the man stepped out of the car, she shot another one right into his calf.

She smirked to herself and called Stiles back.

“Hey, did you slow him down.” His voice echoed through the phone.

“You could say that.”

“All right, I’m headed to the station right now. Scott’s at Isaac’s.”

She furrowed her brows, “does he have as plan?” She asked knowing tonight was the full moon and Scott may still need some help controlling himself.

“Yeah,” Stiles’ voice interrupted her thoughts, “but not a very good one. And unfortunately we don’t really have time for anything better. I’m on my way there now to pick up Derek but I won’t be able to stay.”

“I’ll go there now.” Allison said, hanging up on Stiles’ again.


Y/n continuously paced around the cold, dark house. Her teeth slightly chattering as she shivered, although she wasn’t cold. Just scared. Scott and Derek had been in the basement for awhile, and she still remained upstairs.

Y/n walked back into the kitchen to look at the hole in the wall she had found earlier.
As she was looking at it, a sudden burst of light illuminated the wall make her turn on her heel quickly. It was headlights from as car that were blinding her.

She walked closer to the kitchen window to try and determine who had just pulled up. Only to recognize the familiar blue jeep. She ran outside to see what he was doing here.

Stiles looked up to see the McCall girl standing in front of his car. The light from the jeep making her look even more beautiful. However, he was overcome with confusion to why she was here.

He rolled down the window as she made her way over to him, grasping the the door with her hands and staring at him.

“What are you doing here.” They both questioned simultaneously. Stiles was the one to continue.

“Y/n why in hell would Scott let you come here?”

She tilted her head in confusion at the outburst, “what do you mean?”

“You remember what day it is right? The full moon. What happens when Scott loses control and attacks you? What happens when Derek decides to widen his pack even more and he bites you? You can’t just be running around and going wherever you want.”

She was shocked to say the least, not really understanding where this was coming from.

“And you can?” She sasses back, catching him off guard.

“Stiles you’re human too. Every risk that I’m taking right now you’ve taken everyday for the last couple of months. So don’t you dare sit here and tell me that I should just stay home while my brother and my- and you are out here every night risking your lives for our friends who happen to be my friends too.”

When she finally stopped, face red and breathing heavy, he stayed completely silent. Honestly, he was speechless. He knew everything she just said was right, and that he had no right to make her feel stupid. They just stayed there, locked in each other’s eye contact until the sound of the passenger door opening startled them both.

“Let’s get going, we don’t have much time.” Derek said to Stiles as he buckled himself in.

Stiles wanted to apologize, but it would have to wait. Y/n backed away from the car and he drove off, leaving her standing in the street.

No more than 15 seconds later another car pulled into the driveway that she recognized as Allison’s.

Feeling more calm, she waited for Allison to get out of the car. Once she stepped out, she didn’t waste anytime.

“Where’s Scott?” She asked with worried eyes.

“In the basement,” y/n answered, “here I’ll take you to him.” She started walking back inside the house, Allison right behind her.

Once the girls reached the bottom of the stairs they were met with Scott doubled over, heavily breathing.

Allison began walking towards him, y/n remained in place knowing that he needed Allison right now. The brunette glanced to the duffle bag filled with chains on the ground, knowing what was about to take place.

“Scott, are you sure we have to do this?” She whispered sweetly to the boy.

“Yes.” He huffed back.

“Where?” She placed her hand on his arm.

Both Allison and y/n watched as he glanced back to a large freezer behind him.

Y/n watched sadly as Scott placed himself inside, Allison shutting the lid and locking it. Not before kissing him on the forehead. Y/n couldn’t watch as Allison officially locked it.

“Scott-” y/n started to speak to her brother.

“Just go!” He yelled, almost sounding like a growl.

Y/n and Allison hurriedly made their way up the stairs, neither one of them wanting to be down there any longer.

When they reached the top y/n waited for Allison to get through the door before shutting it completely.

They both stood there for what felt like hours. Silence drowning them both.

“Talk about something,” y/n said grabbing Allison’s attention. She looked up to see y/n staring back at her, “please, anything so I don’t have to think about what my brother’s going through right now.”

Allison smiled, “Okay, sure,” she swallowed, “well, what’s going on with you and Stiles?” She teased slightly.

“Oh god, anything other than that.” Y/n sighed throwing her head back against the wall she was leaning against.

Allison laughed at her reaction, “no, come on, before everything went to hell the night of the dance you two totally could not stop staring into each other’s eyes while dancing.”

Y/n squeezed her eyes shut, sinking down to the floor in embarrassment as Allison continued to laugh.

She covered her eyes with her hands so she couldn’t see Allison as she let the words fall from her mouth, “We kissed.”

Allison’s jaw dropped, “you what?” Well have you guys talked about it at all?”

“No!” Y/n threw her hands up in the air in frustration, “I’m afraid to. Because just ten minutes ago he was a complete asshole, also he’s probably still in love with Lydia.”

Allison’s shocked facial expression faded into an empathetic smile. “You’ll never know anything until you ask him.”

Y/n knew she was right, so she didn’t say anything back. The room becoming silent until Allison spoke again.

“Okay but I have to ask, was he good?” Y/n couldn’t help but completely lose control and burst out laughing at the question, Allison following suit and doing the same.

Everything was fine, and they were having a good time until Allison lifted her finger to her mouth and shushed her. Y/n stood up from her place on the ground, fear consuming her again.

“Do you hear that?” Allison whispered.
Y/n just shook her head.

She followed Allison into the kitchen, watching her grab two knives, handing one to her.

Y/n gripped the knife with both hands, trying to steady her shaking hands. Frozen still, she watched Allison continue to walk forwards. Then she heard it, a hissing noise.

Glancing up towards the ceiling, she saw- whatever it was- glancing down at her.

“Allison” she whispered with terror lacing her voice.

Allison turned around, but before she could do anything the animal used its long tail to rip the knife from y/n’s grasp. Continuing to wrap around her ankle and throw her on the ground, knocking the air out of her.

“Come on!” Allison shouted at the creature, but it never approached her. It ran away and broke through the front windows of the house.

Allison ran towards her friend on the ground, trying to help her sit up.

“Y/n are you okay?”

The girl struggled to get her breath back, and once she did she looked at Allison with wide eyes.

“What the hell was that?”

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I just got done playing soccer with some old guys for fun and I noticed one of their warm up jerseys said “cuzcatleco” and I got so hype

So I’m like “you’re salvadoran aren’t you” and apparently like 5 of them were so that was nice

ps…im out of shape maje esos hijueputas me tenían corriendo como por media hora im really about to throw up lmao

I’ve been obsessed about akkr break up lately so have some exes!akkr

Happy ending, u guys should know I can’t write angst to save my life

Also my tenses are all over the place in this, so forgive me


“Captains, shake hands!”

Akashi and Kuroko step forward, and shake hands.

They don’t say anything, but the aura of doom and gloom that surrounds them is more than enough to make their teammates cower.

“Lay-ups!” Akashi orders, eyes fixed on a certain no. 4 jersey.

“Warm up thoroughly, I don’t want anyone to get injured,” Kuroko says, very much aware of a pair of crimson eyes on him.

“Um, am I wrong or is there some tension between our Captain and Rakuzan’s Captain?” Ichinose, a Seirin first year benchwarmer asks, and Furihata Kouki turns to give him a reassuring smile.

“It’s nothing to worry about, Ichinose,” Furihata says, “They’re… exes.”

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Yes but imagine Mikasa and Sasha being on an ice hockey team together.  

•One of them getting hurt during a game and the other one helping. 
•Mikasa and Sasha being defensive partners.
•Changing together before practice/games and blushing like crazy because holy shit they’re both so gay.
•Sasha getting punched during a game and Mikasa attacking the person who hit her babe, and getting a major for it. 
•Goalie Sasha being violently protected and basically worshiped by Mikasa
•Mikasa teaching Sasha how to take better slapshots. 
•Sasha being in awe of Mikasa’s skating. 
•Going on dates while wearing matching team swag
•Stealing each other’s jerseys/warm up gear so that the back of Mikasa’s stuff says “Braus” and the back of Sasha’s says “Ackerman” 
•Showering together after games ;) 

There’s so much good stuff…..

I Got a Boy - Chapter 24

IGAB Tag / FF.net / AO3


“Decent?” Annabeth called from her side of the bathroom door.

“Decent,” came Percy’s muffled reply.

She emerged from the bathroom and found Percy leaning on his desk, still holding onto his personalized Coke bottle, and he stood up straighter when Annabeth emerged in her pajamas.

“We should have a code word, like marshmallow or something,” Annabeth said. “You know, so we can avoid stuff like this.”

Percy’s cheeks pinked. “I didn’t see anything, so no problem.”

“I wasn’t expecting you to be home so early.”

“Coach let us out so we could carbo-load.”

“You’re hungry?”


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You Look Good In My Shirt


Summary: Or the Bartender!Bellarke series you didn’t realize you needed.
Rating: T (for language) — later installments will definitely hit the E mark

Author’s Note: Not beta-ed, all mistakes are mine.  And thank you for everyone who sent such love over part one!

Night Eleven & Twelve: A Moscow Mule & Tom Collins

“So you used to play for the university, right?  Before grad school?” She’s elbow deep in glass duty when she yells across the bar at her partner for the night.

Bellamy looks up from the register, counting off their tips for the night and finishing up with the deposit so Miller can take it to the bank in the morning.  He gives her a confused look and then she practically sees his ego double in size as his chest puffs up against the worn flannel of his shirt.

“NCAA champs of 2010.  Still hold the scoring record for a single game.”

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Say what you want about hockey. I’ve met many people who tell me it’s stupid. It’s a mindless sport. It’s barbaric and that it has no substance. And to those people I say this:

The NHL is the only major North American sports league to have every one of it’s teams openly support gay fans and athletes. They are the only league in North America to openly support mental illness and try and raise awareness by not only wearing warm up jerseys of a fallen player at one game but at that same game handing out information about how to ask for help and reach out.  Where as in the NFL a player wore green shoes to support mental illness and was fined $25,000.  Players are constantly donating to charities and visiting hospitals. Not for the publicity but for the joy it brings to the people. The hockey community mourned the loss of one dedicated fan, Sam Berns, even though he may have been a fan of our rival the Bruins.  We know how to put the rivalries aside to come together.  Sometimes the fans, including myself, may seem like a bunch of assholes but the NHL is one of the classiest leagues in North America.  This is a league who goes past the normal “Thanks for supporting us”. 

So as a fan of one of the most hated teams in the league, your blind if you don’t see how amazing this league really is. 

i’m crying so hard i can’t do this, i can’t believe we aren’t going to see anymore training pictures with him in awkward poses, i can’t believe we won’t see anymore xavi 360’s, i can’t believe that after this season we aren’t going to see him in a barcelona jersey, warming up in the odd way that he does and never blinking for a second, i just can’t believe that this era of magical and incredible footballers is almost over