warm up again again again


keith is and always will be, in my entirely biased eyes, The Most Beautiful Human In The Galaxy™  

the set so far: Keith | Lance | Allura | Pidge | Shiro


Oh shit.

And Kuroo finds himself falling in love all over again.

It was a lifetime ago...

Corrupted record : unknown pilot from The Alliance.  Image was taken approximately during 2172-2175 CE.

My stupid comment (see below) :

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i raised you from perdition
to be god’s ammunition
and now you need some rest
so i will do what’s best

I’m still working on the other three images for this AU, I should finish them tomorrow. I doodled this as a cool down drawing, cause sometimes you need to take a break from drawing to draw something else lol Ngl Yamaguchi makes an ADORABLE crow demon. And..that is some really impressive plumage you got there, Moonpie. It’s weird drawing Tsukki without his glasses. I wonder how ‘blind’ he actually is lolol