warm undertone

  • Jacob: He has medium skin tone but he became more pale because he rarely went outside after Abe died; he tans easily though. His skin is oily also and he is prone to minor breakouts on his face. Has an oval shaped face with a average sized greek nose. He has almond shaped blue eyes also. His top lip his smaller than his bottom lip. His hair is dark and it covers half of his ears and covers his forehead. He is average height for his age and he has a lean build to him.
  • Emma: Emma has a fair skin with warm undertones. She has a heart shaped face with a small button nose. Her eyebrows are darker than her hair color and are arched. She has almond shaped chocolate brown eyes with light eyelashes. Her lips are full and the corners of her mouth naturally turn down when relaxed. She is isn't short but she she isn't tall either for a girl and has more development on her upper body than lower body- so inverted triangle shaped body. She has sandy blonde hair that is parted in the middle, it reaches right above her shoulders and curls a little bit outwards.
  • Bronwyn: She has tan skin with a square shaped face. Has nice high cheek bones and a jawline that could cut you. Her elbows and knees are scarred up from rough housing. She is from a Filipino descent also. Medium size flatter looking nose that is naturally highlighted a little bit at the tip. Her top lip is bigger than her bottom lip and she has a prominent Cupid's bow. Has broader shoulders and has a muscular build to her. On the taller side for a girl too. She has dark brown hair cut into a pixie cut that nicely frames her face and is parted in the middle.
  • Millard: He has fair skin covered in freckles from head to toe. Has a diamond shaped face with a medium sided button nose. Has straight thin lips. Is on the tall side, and he has a little bit of pudge on him. He has round eyes with beautiful lashes and has heterochromia (one green eye and one brown eye). He also has wavy mousy brown hair with a widows peak. Wears glasses when he reads.
  • Horace: His skin is practically porcelain-uses the best products for himself. Triangle shaped face with an aquiline nose. Has the brightest, whitest teeth. Thinner lips but his bottom lip is just a little bit bigger than his top. Has bigger ears which he covers by his top hat. Has grayish blue deep set eyes. He is short but with long legs. His hair is platinum blonde and is nicely slicked back.
  • Enoch: Very very pale because he rarely goes outside. Rounded face with a nose that turns a little bit upwards. Has sharp lips and when he smiles on that very rare occasion you can see his dimples. Is pudgy and does not care. Has a short and stocky build to him. His eyes are droopy and are a hazel green color and he has prominent eye bags. He has dirty blonde hair that is two inches longer on top and is always a mess.
  • Fiona: Has dark brown skin with a few moles and freckles here and there. She has an oval shaped face with a funnel nose. Her lips are full and plump. She is at average height and carries most of her weight at her bottom half. She has almond shaped brown eyes with thick eyelashes. She has very thick curly hair that is brown but when the sunlight hit it you can make out red and she often has flowers, leaves, etc scattered throughout her hair.
  • Hugh: Hugh has such a tan line, his covered skin is ivory. Has a rectangular shaped face with a greek nose. His lips aren't full but aren't thin either. When he opens his mouth you can make out prominent canines. He is very tall and he has a lanky build to him but his arms are a little muscular. He has almond shaped brown eyes that he hides under his goggles because his eyes are sensitive to sunlight. His hair is dark brown with cool tones that he brushes back but doesn't add any product to it.
  • Olive: She has cool toned medium colored skin. Her face is round and she has a roman shaped nose that is a little crooked. She has small full lips and is almost always smiling. Her eyes are hooded and are hazel. She is of average height for her age and she has nicely toned legs because of her shoes. She has wavy brown hair with bangs that reach just above her eyes.
  • Claire: She has fair skin with a pink undertone. Her face is heart shaped and she a small button nose. Her lips naturally pout a little. She has very cute dimples too. Very small when it comes to height and still has a little bit of baby fat on her. Her eyes are big and round and are light blue. She has curly platinum blonde hair which she loves having accessorized.

typical-doggo  asked:

Okay not a writer but I'm anosmic so I'm curious. What does a hospital smell like? More importantly what do nurses and other medical professionals smell like at the end of the day? My moms a nurse so ive always wondered

Hospitals have different smells. A lot of the time they just smell… neutral. No particular scent. But that can change in a heartbeat.

First off, anywhere in the hospital you can find either a whiff of bleach (sharp), or alcohol (ethereal and sharp), as something gets cleaned down. We’re big on cleanliness, for obvious reasons. You may also be able to catch a whiff of floor wax (warm and undertone-y).

An ER may have some very strong odors. They’re a catchall for the unwashed  masses, including those who pee and poop on themselves, so they may have very strong scents of urine (noxious, acrid, stale, disgusting) or feces (nausea-inducing, pungent, foul).

An OR can smell like a lot of different things, none of them pleasant. There’s disinfectant, there’s the burning-tissue smell of a cauterizing wand (not pleasant like barbecue, acrid and penetrating like… well, like a cauterizing wand.)
When bone gets ground up by a saw there’s definitely a smell; it’s a burning, flat, acrid kind of a smell, that would be smoky if it wasn’t so dusty. It burns your nostrils, and there’s a deep, primal WRONGNESS to it.

Oh, and patients in the ICU will usually smell sick. I know that’s a silly thing to say, but it’s a real smell: sweet (in the bad way), a sweaty, sickly musk.

And then there’s the cloying scent of the elderly that’s hard to describe.

All in all, I hope this was a useful answer, but I wish I had more something useful to say! It turns out I’m not very good at describing smells (though I can, unfortunately, recall the scent of all of these with ease). I wonder if that’s a function of our language or my vocabulary?

Anyway, I hope this helped!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

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The problem I have with highlighters is that no matter how much I try to blend it, either it's a liquid illuminator like NYX gleam or Anastasia Beverly Hills that glow kit in color 'bubbly', it looks like it just sits on top of face and ashy. Any tips? I have also tried using a beauty blender for the liquid illuminator

You’re going towards shades that are too cool toned. I have that NYX illuminator but in the shade Pure Gold which is more suitable for brown skin and won’t make you look ashy. I use liquid highlighters under my foundation (using my fingers) and it just gives it a foundation that I build up on later with a powder. 

In terms of that glow kit, ABH also has more cool-toned than warm. This is why I don’t buy pallets or ‘kits’ because I feel like I’m wasting money because I won’t use all of the shades. 

Try using highlighters with more of a warm/gold undertone. Hope that helps!

A commotion in the early hours of a soft spring morning threatens to alarm any citizen foolish enough to be awake just before dawn. The source is a noisy, fluttery argument—a pair of Vesselites striding down Dolgorukiy Boulevard. One can tell they’re Vesselites because they’re speaking that throaty, minor-key dialect, rather than Ladsky, and because both are wearing skullcaps and ritual piercings, advertising their religious affiliation to all and sundry.

Let us observe them. For more than a scant second, it’s hard to tell whether the pair are men or women. Some decades past, the skullcaps would indicate the former, but these days Vesselite women have taken to wearing them, too. The pair’s looks offer up only red herrings and deliberate diversions. The taller one’s inky tresses fall to the waist in a cascade of Art Deco curls. The face is pale, almost ashen, despite a warm olive undertone of the skin. The nose is an elegant hook coming to a dainty point. Fervent eyes, the colour of gant, that impossible starry-gray colour of the Celestial Abyss, gaze vacantly from behind thick glasses, locked in the thousand-yard stare of dissociation. A triad of phosphorescing gant eye-spots shines upon a broad forehead like Czarevna Lebed’s star. The mouth is soft, girlish, the lips parted to allow white, slightly too large incisors to peer at the outside world. The skin is delicately veined with viric—a remnant of shoggot genetics, along with the eye-spots the mark of a starborn changeling. Silvery jeans tight enough to imperil circulation clutch long, skinny legs; an over-large pink pullover, bedecked with lilac blossoms, hides the shape of the torso and a gauzy scarf conceals the neck. This one clutches a walking-stick in one gaunt hand; the knuckles have gone white.

The other is a full two heads shorter, but where the first is nigh-skeletal, the second is stocky, though broad and solid rather than fat. Adrift in a cloud of perfume, umber face carefully painted in shimmering metallics, swaddled in silks and an eye-burning pink fur stole, the other one sashays rather than walks; the gait is almost-not-quite the gait of a working girl seeking trade. Spiky heels strike sparks off the cobbles of Dolgorukiy Boulevard’s pedestrian sidewalk. The face is all angles; a vicious, crooked nose juts forward like the prow of an ancient Ormic longboat. On the edifice of each sharp cheekbone glimmer two apocyan eye-spots; two more ride high just above the bridge of the nose, upon the tips of carefully plucked eyebrows. Eyelashes as exuberant as a doll’s cradle wide apocyan eyes. The jaw is square, firmly set; the mouth is full, bee-stung. Long, spidery fingers drip with rings. And the voice is a cracked alto, harpyish and piercing, completely unhelpful to one wishing to gender this apparition.

“Darling, I’m telling you,“ that one insists, with all the forcefulness of a paper guillotine, “if we keep heading this way, we’re going to end up walking right out of Svet-Dmitrin—“

“Like, no?” says this one, in a faint kind of undertone that strangles itself on the way out. “I— I know where I’m going?”

“Do you, sweetness?” says that one, glancing up to scowl theatrically. “That makes one of us, then! Care to enlighten me? Or am I mere luggage in this little enterprise?”

anyway my style is “bad attempt at bulgakov pastiche” apparently

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Hi Hollie! I need ur help. Should i buy a blush pink or a baby blue dress for prom? I have light brown hair and brown eyes and my skin has warm undertones. And also please tell me how i should do my eye makeup with the pink or blue dress? Thanks 💕💕💕

Deffo pink! And for makeup something similar to this with nude lips would look gorgeous https://instagram.com/p/BPnppQjFMzG/ 💕

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I was wondering if you know a good method for getting those nude lips male cartoon/anime characters have? Like, I've seen methods use either foundation or concealer, but those usually dry your lips out. I know nude lipstick is a thing but it's not super effective, for me at least. Thanks a ton!!!

I’ve usually gone for the foundation method. Most foundations aren’t as drying as concealer, and the ones I use are meant for dry skin anyway. I also exfoliate my lips with a soft toothbrush (or a made at home scrub) and use a nice balm before I put on the foundation. 

Some also just lightly dust their lips with a bit of powder foundation, just to neut rel the pink. It may still dry you out, but not as badly as liquid foundation. Nude lipsticks are tricky because skin tones are weird and often nude lipsticks are nude for Caucasian women with a warm or neutral undertone.

It’s also a stylized choice that I’ve liked for some years now, but I also usually but a bit of tan/nude lipstick on my upper lip only. It bleeds onto the lower lip just slightly but gives me a nice bishie pout look.

I really wish more artists understood undertones

Like, I’d rather see a poorly chosen color than whitewashing, but like


Brown skin can have a ton of different undertones, p much regardless of how dark they are

Warm undertones! Red! Yellow! Orange! Maybe some pink!

Cool undertones! Blue! Purple (usually for darker skin)!

But you will almost never see a healthy person with a green undertone.

Just… pick an undertone that isn’t green. Look at pictures of people. Use the color dropper to make a palette off of that, even. Use palettes from any of the dozens of palette tumblrs

Obvs I’m not talking about the intricacies of how different lighting can affect the appearance of someone, esp bc those more dreary palettes can really add to the mood of a piece

But like

If you’re gonna bother to include dark skinned peeps (which you absolutely should), at least maybe don’t make them look like they’re rotting?

Voice Headcanons!

Elias: A smooth and overall calming voice. His tone can get a bit uneasy sometimes due to stress, and it can even have a bit of an edge at times, but it’s usually confident and bold. It sounds cold at first, but still has warm undertones to it that are only noticed if you pay close attention.
Luca: Almost always has a teasing tone to it that can be infuriating. It’s light and playful, and the pitch is higher when he wants to push someone’s buttons; but when he’s serious, you can hear it. His voice turns softer, the joking tone drops, and you can hear the sincerity.
Yukiya: His voice is deep and husky, and a bit monotonous when he speaks. There’s a noticeable power behind it, but he speaks so gently it’s hard to believe he has purpose for it. When he’s happy it becomes more animated by the slightest, and you can just hear his smile.
Klaus: A full, fruity sound that can make one’s heart leap. It’s a lot like Elias’ voice, but clearer and the slightest bit lower. His tone can range from extremely harsh and terrifying to so soft it can make you melt. When he’s tired it tends to get even lower and more gruff.
Randy: Honeyed and pleasant. It can rise and fall in pitch depending on his mood, but it’s usually a singsong kind of voice. He’s rather loud most of the time, but his silvery sound can be hard to complain about. When he’s quieter, his voice grows more husky.
Azusa: A modulated and charismatic voice. His tone is kind and persuasive, which can easily draw people in. Because he’s from Hinomoto, his pacing is a bit faster than usual and there’s a small accent on certain vowels. Despite this, he still speaks clearly, and is easy to understand.

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Hello :o I wanna ask something and it's kinda weird btw, if your opinion which one of the member is on the skin "pale side" and which one aren't? It's super hard for me to tell because of the makeup, etc. for example once I watched a video where Kookie told jimin that he was pale as him and then I saw a picture here and in my mind I thought... But this isn't that pale... Sorry if this bothers you, I love all the races :) ^^

Hello! don’t worry, it’s not that weird haha. well first of all, there’s no such thing as a “pale side” or “dark side”. Skintones come from a varying gradient and can have neutral, cool, or warm undertones. Jungkook and Jimin are both mediums with different undertones. They were probably referring to their skintone comparing to each other/within the group and not as a whole in the human race. Even tho all the members get very whitewashed, in Jungkook’s case it can be very misleading, giving the idea that he’s very pale as in close to Yoongi for example, which is not true. It’s also worth mentioning that they got darker with time since debut, with the exception of Jimin, he got paler.

Here’s a good scale of light to deep skintones with neutral/cool/warm undertones:

You can use the pictures from their recent Puma advertising photoshoot as reference:

We hope this helped clarify your doubts ~

Admin Gloss and Admin Matte


Wanted to do a quick post on some of my favorite drugstore lip products! NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are honestly some of the most amazing drugstore lippies out there so if you can find one in a shade you like, make sure to grab it! Pictured here are Antwerp and Copenhagen (the deeper red color - was really difficult to locate, it’s sold out pretty much everywhere). Though I don’t like Antwerp as a full on lip color for my skintone, I usually sheer it out with some lip balm. These NYX lip creams have amazing lasting power and are really really matte!
The shade on the bottom is a Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in Pink Truffle which is a really beautiful (slightly sheer) warm pinkish-brown color. I think it looks amazing on darker skintones like mine especially if you have warm undertones. The wear on this is meh. maybe 3 hours tops without having to reapply but it feels great and the color range isn’t half bad.

I have a lot more time on my hands now so please feel free to let me know what you’d like to see next here!


Fall Fashion 1/3: Mustard Yellow

Though it technically has been fall for nearly seven weeks now, it is only just starting to feel like fall in Atlanta. With the ceaseless showers and cooler temperatures, it feels as if we have finally received Autumn’s calling card. Fall tends to be the favorite season of fashionistas everywhere for a reason. One reason being the amazing color palette that comes with the season: yellow, orange, red, and brown. The changing of the leaves has become Fall’s trademark, so naturally, Angela and I wanted to use the colors as inspiration for this look and two looks to follow in our Fall Fashion series. This post will focus on Angela’s favorite color of all time, let alone this season: Mustard Yellow. This color, in various hues and undertones, can work on any skintone, but for people with medium or dark skin and warm undertones, this color can do wonders. The proof? These two looks we have put together using the color as our central statement piece. Check them out for inspiration on how to rock this classic fall trend!

Erin Victoria’s Look:

Fitted Maroon Dress: Forever 21
Chunky Mustard Knit Sweater: H&M
Shoes: White Converse
Floral Headband: American Apparel

Angela’s Look:

Mustard Turtle Neck: American Apparel
Brown Corduroy Skirt: American Apparel
Black Thigh High Socks: American Apparel
Black Boots: Doc Martens

With the right shade, anybody can rock this trendy Fall color. Have fun experimenting with different colors and textures this season, and if you can help yourselves, please try and celebrate one holiday at a time ;)

Peace. Love. Afroglow.


Written by forgaven // August Monday 3, 2015 // Photo credit: beansiie

INSTAGRAM is one of the most popular social networks (right after Tumblr, of course!) for teens these days. There is just something so satisfying about having an aesthetic feed and pretending like your life is more social than it actually is. Haha, jokes! (Or am I..) Here are five must follow Instagrams that will brighten up your feed even more:

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