warm place to sleep

You're asexual? But...

“but sex is what makes us human!”


in 1916 a French officer in his twenties writes his

doctoral dissertation under

heavy mortar fire.

he sends it by mail, a page

at a time, to his wife.

a week before he’s to step up to the podium and

defend his work rather than hiscountry

he is killed in action.

even as the bullets rip

through him he still wishes he could have become a professor

in French literature and

the university awards him a posthumous Ph.D.

sex is


a woman breaks down in tears on the phone because

a week is not enough time to

get over a breakup.

her sister drives an hour across town,

comes up the front steps with

a gallon of ice cream and somebeer

and together they eat moose tracks and marathon



Godzilla movie

ever made.


sex is

she’s late for work but her car isn’t

starting and even through her coat and hat she’s cold.

she knows she can’t be late again because she’s missed

one time too many already because her

father’s nurse was sick with the flu and someone

needed to help him bathe.

the clock ticks past fifteen after and she hits

the wheel like it’s a heavy bag as though that will help

steps on the gas like the car will go

and wonders how she will pay rent

and how she will feed her father.

sex is


it takes three people to hold the predator down because

even with the cover over his head

a bleeding eye and shattered wing

he is trying to hurt them.

none of them have seen this bird before in their lives but

they bandage his wing and head and give him a painkiller and

put him in a warm place to sleep and heal because

it is right.

at first he is paralyzed and cannot

fly but soon he is taking steps

and then fluttering, and then soaring, and

six months later he is whole and healed and hunting.

once he is gone they never see him again

which means they’ve done their jobs right.

sex is


in 1969 a girl watches grey-and-white footage on her parents’ tiny television and

can’t quite believe that what she is seeing is not a movie set but

another planet.

the men on the screen look a little like

aliens with bulbous heads and no faces and fat

marshmallow arms

but they are still men.

her mother puffs on a cigarette behind her and declares that

this is progress

even if it was just a small step.

the girl grows up to be not an astronaut but a secretary

and her boss calls her ‘sweetheart’.

but sex is


a boy is taught that real men don’t cry so

he doesn’t.

when his best friend dies from a self-inflicted

gunshot wound, he locks himself

in the shower every day and sobs under scalding

water until it runs cold

so nobody will see him grieving

so nobody will see that tears are just love that

has no place left to go.

he learns to dull love rather than suppress its expression and

soon the owner of the liquor store knows him by name.

three DUIs, two evictions, and twelve steps later,

he is feeding people at a homeless shelter,

and telling them it’s all right to cry.

Sex is


the broken man tells the comedian

that he didn’t mean to step in front of the car but the rain

made it hard to see.

he seems okay but his leg

does not.

the comedian clutches a grubby receipt with the driver’s

plate number scrawled on the back

in pink pen, stands out in the rain so the broken man

can have his umbrella,

and gives him the comedy routine that ruined his career

so the man doesn’t think about the pain in his leg.

once he’s out of the hospital, the fixed man sends him a thank-you card

with kittens on it.

what makes us human


yawning is contagious,

and there is a species of bird whose young we call “pufflings”.

melodic collections of sound, spaced by silence,

can move us to tears.

the tallest building in the world is

two-thousand seven-hundred and seventeen feet tall.

in less than eighty years we went from our first powered flight

to touching the moon,

and in one-hundred from the first phone call

to instantaneous connection between thinking machines of our own creation.

we make pies out of tree organs

and let cow’s milk ferment until it hardens and then

we put them together, because apple pie with cheddar cheese is delicious.

what makes us human is

the earliest fossils of anatomically modern humans are

two-hundred thousand years old .

we have had pet dogs

for sixteen-thousand of those years, longer

than corn

or the wheel.

the steps we take are part of

one of the most energy-efficient gaits the

animal kingdom has ever seen.

we invented the concepts of love

and hate

and justice, and mercy

and we invented the language to convey them.

we sharpened rocks, then metal, to convince other people

who don’t hold the same idea of those things as we do

because we think

it’s right.

we are two hundred millennia of love and disappointment and

sorrow and innovation and

mercy and kindness and dreams

and failure

and recovery.

but sex is what makes us human.

a blog called platonicsuggestion except all of the posts are like “contemplate Forms”, “wear a nice toga mmmmm oh yes”, “Where Is My Terrible Student Aristotle”, “caves are a cozy and warm place to sleep and hang out with friends”

Circus au

When Keith got out of prison there weren’t many options for work.
Few farm owners were willing to let him work for them even before he was caught with another man.
Now he was wondering the city and the sun was going down with Keith having no idea where he was going to sleep.
Keith sat in a door way just as it started to rain and shivered in the cold his fingers already turning blue.
His old army coat did little to keep the wind from chilling him right down to the bone.
“Are you ok?”
Keith looked up surprised to see a man wearing grey and black makeup, his hair was slicked back and was wearing a large black coat.
“Erm…” Keith found himself speechless staring at the intricate details painted across the mans face.
“Are you hurt? Or something…”
Keith seemed to snap out of his stupor. “N-no… j-just c-cold.”
The man looked at him for a moment clearly debating something in his mind. “Your coming with me then, I can offer you a warm place to sleep and hot meal if your willing to lend a hand tonight?”
Keith stared at him for a month “your serious?”
The man smiled “yeah, I mean we always need help on opening night.”
He nodded towards a colourful poster advertising the circus being in town, with a few prominent figures drawn doing an act.
One was a man hung upside down wearing all black with a familiar white strip in his hair.
“That’s you?” Keith asked as he struggled to his feet.
The man smiled “yeah, my stage name is Champion. But you can call me Shiro.” He offered a hand to shake and Keith took it without hesitation.
“Well Keith, let’s get you dried off and working. After all the show starts in little over an hour.”
Keith allowed himself to be pulled along by Shiro through the winding streets all the way to a field where a large red and white striped tent was already set up with people busily running around.
Keith stared as people in brightly coloured costumes darted around him carrying various pieces of equipment.
He was so focused on the pageantry of it all that he didn’t notice the person running towards them until the two collided.
“Ouch watch where your going!” He snapped looking up from where he had been knocked to the ground.
“Lance you ran into him.” Shiro sighed.
Lance pouted crossing his arms “still his fault.”
Keith looked him over.
He didn’t look like anything special, wearing a long light grey coat that almost reached the floor made him look positively scrawny.
Shiro rolled his eyes as he helped the boy up “be nice… just… go get ready for the show.”
Lance grinned giving him a two finger salute as he took off again, purposefully bumping shoulders with Keith as he passed.
“Who the hell was that?” Keith muttered staring after him angrily.
“Believe it all not, that’s the circus heart breaker. His names Lance, he only joined a little while ago but he’s already got a bit of a name for himself. People call him Siren.”
Keith rose an eyebrow, he found it hard to believe that the jerk he just met could break anyone’s heart.
“Come on, I’ll show you what you can do.” Shiro guided Keith in the opposite direction as Lance disappeared into a white tent.
“Yeah…” Keith sighed “ok.”

Make your own floral and herbal oils!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a recipe for an edible extract or an oil to use in cooking or baking! Be smart, and only use your oil in spells or as a perfume/supplement to your baths, etc.

What you’ll need:

~A mortar and pestle. Don’t fret if you don’t have these! You can use a spoon and a glass bowl, your fingers, etc. as a substitute.

~A cup of your chosen plant’s petals or leaves. Fresh is preferable, but dried works too. However, your oil may need to heat for longer, and you may need more than a cup of your ingredient for the smell to be strong.

~¾ths of a cup olive oil.

~A jar or glass container with a lid that’s heat-safe.

~A saucepan or pot, filled halfway with warm/heated water.

~Cheesecloth, or something else to strain the oil through.

~A tinted jar to store the final product in.

~Time and patience! (24 hours or more, depending on your discretion.)

This is a simple recipe that is great for a witch who can’t always have fresh ingredients like roses or lavender on hand, and it can be used in a lot of creative ways to infuse your daily life with your favorite scent! It also keeps for a long time, so if you have troubles storing your ingredients, perhaps working with oil might suit you better. Steps under the cut!

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good kobold fact #21

kobold young are instinctively drawn toward warm places when they need sleep

any warm-blooded traveler staying the night in kobold-populated areas should check thoroughly for tiny ‘bolds burrowed into the bedsheets for warmth.

it is recommended you do not disturb a slumbering babybold, but if you do make sure it’s so it gets a little cup of warm dragon milk and some scritches behind the horns

Petrichor [Yoonmin - M]

Author’s Note: This became way longer than intended, but enjoy university!au Yoonmin; apologies if at times they seem a bit out of character. This is for the lovely fic exchange with @btsbound.

Word Count: 11,861 (lord help me)

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

pet·ri·chor ˈpeˌtrīkôr/


a pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.

There are very few things in the world that truly grate on Yoongi’s nerves.

  1. When the sunlight creeps in his bedroom window, on the days when he was up far too late the night before; albeit the countless number of times he’s shut the blinds (he’s positive he did), some always manages to sneak through, successfully waking him hours before his mind was ready.
  2. When his roommate (and best friend) Hoseok always steals the last banana milk, even if Yoongi writes his name all over the damn bottle. (It’s not that big, there’s not that much space to scribble on, you’d think he’d get the point after four years?)
  3. And finally, when his favorite study room is taken in the library, the one by the far back window where it’s warm, and honestly, the best place for Yoongi to sleep in between classes.

And as his luck would have it, one of the three things happened to him today. Needless to say, he was in a shitty mood.

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In defense of Tina

I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff on tumblr regarding how Tina acts when she and Newt first meet, and it’s been pretty negative. So here’s my attempt to tell her side of the story:

  • Newt is literally trafficking exotic animals, good intentions be damned. And he absolutely knows it’s illegal (otherwise he wouldn’t have lied right off the bat).
  • One of the first things he does is break into a bank. Tina’s got law enforcement experience; she’s probably heard the “oh, my niffler just got loose and I was trying to get him back” excuse a million times.
  • Newt is the first person ever to attempt to write a book about magical creatures that isn’t an extermination guide. Her guessing that is merely “what, you mean like this thing I’m already familiar with which is therefore a reasonable point of reference?”
  • Did I mention the lying bit? Because Newt does that a lot, and not particularly convincingly. Tina has no reason to trust him from the get-go, and she’s still decent enough to feed him a warm dinner and give him a place to sleep for the night.
  • Do we get mad at dog owners who fail to keep their dogs from attacking people or property? It’s the same deal here. Newt’s an adult, he’s chosen to take responsibility for the creatures which includes keeping them contained, and he’s failed to do that.
  • His creatures literally took the wall off a building. They are dangerous. Full stop. Newt can keep them under control because he’s him, but they are dangerous to every other human being. For goodness sake, he’s got a nursing nundu in that case, and those take at least a hundred wizards to subdue; if that had gotten loose, the film would have been rated R for carnage.

Basically, the first time Newt gives Tina the slightest reason to think of him as something other than a lying criminal is when he starts to defend the creatures rather than himself at MACUSA headquarters. And during the interrogation, the reason Newt wants to convince Tina rather than Graves is because he knows he’s given her every reason not to trust him or his motives. At no point does he blame her; we could say it’s because he’s a Hufflepuff, but if he’s going to at least be honest with himself, it’s because Tina acted according to what she thought needed to be done for the safety of every living being in Manhattan.

c( ⁰ 〰 ⁰ )੭

When We Were Young - Part One

Summary: Mick Davies has been like a friend to you since you were a kid and decided to sneak out of school to spend time with him. Unfortunately, though you got caught and that way, got separated from Mick. Up to this day, you were saddened that you couldn’t do more for him. Until you happened to come across him on your vacation in America.

Words: 1465

Pairing: Mick Davies x Reader (This part is Primary School Age)

Warnings: Rude parents, eventually a tiny bit angsty but nothing much

A/N: This part kinda sucks, I know bad for the beginning but it’ll get better. I hope at least.


“Mum can we go get some ice-cream?” you had asked your mother once she picked you up from school.

“Of course. After you had such a great first week of school, you deserve it,” she nodded and smiled at you before walking over to the little ice-cream stand at a park near your school.

Lucky enough you could convince your mother to stay at the park and watch the squirrels while you ate your ice-cream. That was when you noticed him for the first time.

You believed he was around the same age as you. His clothes had holes and were dirty, his head facing the ground but you could still make out that he was sad. After looking around for a few moments, you didn’t seem to find his parents. Was he alone? Was that the reason he was sad? If it was, you could have been his friend and make him happy right?

“Mum? Can I give the rest of my ice-cream to this boy?” you pulled on your mother’s sleeve and pointed to the boy.

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anonymous asked:

I am crying and also request more Natsyuu child AU, as Natsume getting happiness as soon as he can is the best thing in the world. (also does he meet the Natsume Protection Squad in this are they children or teens who adopt him as their smol friend/little bro)

Part 1

I’m glad you enjoyed it ^^

Anyways yeah, the Natsume Protection Squad are also children in this one. In this au, everything is the same, it’s just that the Fujiwaras find Natsume earlier than they did in canon. So unfortunately Natsume won’t be meeting Taki and Tanuma for a few years, but he does befriend Nishimura and Kitamoto early on, since they go to the same school.

Nishimura and Kitamoto are actually the first ones to figure out something isn’t quite right with their new friend actually.

At nine years old, Natsume is just beginning to figure out that he’s not supposed to tell other people about the things he sees, so he’s able to hide it for a while. But Nishimura and Kitamoto are just so unerringly friendly, and they’re always dragging Natsume around with them to hang out and spend time at each others’ houses. 

And at first, Natsume’s all reserved and tries not to get attached, right? Because he just knows all this is going to end. These two friendly boys are going to start hating him and not want anything more to do with him, and the sweet couple that he’s staying with (the ones who feed him lots of yummy food and let him sleep in their room and don’t even get mad when he wakes up screaming from a nightmare - the ones comfort him gently and croon sweet lullabies into his ear until he falls back to sleep) will realize what a burden he is and will send him off to another family.

But then, when it all finally comes spilling out, it doesn’t happen anything like Natsume was expecting.

They’re walking home from school, the three of them, talking and laughing about something or other. When suddenly, a youkai jumps out of the bushes at Natsume, causing him to jump in alarm.

He can tell right away that it’s not one of the nice harmless ones, so he quickly makes an excuse to his friends, and starts running towards where he knows the shrine is.

But for some reason…Nishimura and Kitamoto follow him. They’re still laughing as they ask what kind of game this is, and Natsume is too breathless with fear to answer them. By the time they arrive at the shrine, Nishimura and Kitamoto have noticed how scared Natsume is, and they’re looking around with wide, terrified eyes, huddling close around Natsume to protect him and looking warily out at the forest around them.

Natsume calms down almost as soon as they’re in the shrine, and Nishimura and Kitamoto take their cue from him. They start bombarding Natsume with questions about what is going on. But before Natsume can answer them, a sudden gust of wind and an eerie wail startles Natsume into stumbling a few steps back, and breaking a seal.

And right before Nishimura and Kitamoto’s disbelieving eyes, the door to the tiny shrine bursts open with a violent gust of wind, to reveal an ugly lucky cat statue, staring at them through narrowed eyes.

Everything is completely still and silent for a few moments, and just as they’re beginning to think it’s nothing, the statue suddenly comes alive, and the ugly, fat little cat throws itself onto Natsume, knocking the child to the ground.

It sniffs at the child’s hair, batting at his cheeks with an inquiring paw, and studying him from every angle.

And when this impromptu inspection is over, the cat sits back, and says quite decisively, “You’re not Natsume Reiko.”

Nishimura and Kitamoto jump about a foot into the air in fright, while Natsume just tilts his head to the side inquiringly.

“She was my grandmother,” he offers, and something like understanding (and maybe even pain?) flits across the calico’s features.

And before the cat can ask anymore questions, Kitamoto and Nishimura descend upon their friend, asking him question after question about what the hell is going on, and why isn’t he surprised, and omg did that tanuki really just talk???

The cat just sits there, watching, as Natsume explains everything to his friends.

It takes note of the enraged youkai pacing menacingly around the perimeters of the shrine, and it realizes rather quickly why the children have come here.

And something about the situation just doesn’t sit right with him - a child running for his life from a monster, just because he can see it? 

So while the brat’s friends are wowing excitedly about how cool it is that Natsume can see spirits, the cat approaches the Natsume brat, and introduces himself as Nyanko-sensei.

“And in exchange for food and a warm place to sleep, I will do you the honour of becoming your bodyguard” he offers generously.

Natsume is surprised at the gesture, and maybe a little wary, but before he can think to refuse (“I don’t the Fujiwaras will-”), his friends interrupt him, saying that he definitely has to tell his parents about this. Because these monsters that he’s told them about seem dangerous, and you have to tell adults about dangerous things, so that they can protect you.

And truthfully, Natsume is still hung up on them calling the Fujiwaras his parents, so he doesn’t protest too much.

And in the end, that’s how the Fujiwaras find themselves sitting at their dining table, facing three scruffy children who look like they’ve been rolling around in mud all day, and a talking calico telling them he’s their foster son’s new bodyguard.

Surprisingly, the talk goes over pretty well actually, and Touko warmly welcomes Nyankichi into their little family, bowing and saying, “We leave our son in your care.”

When they asked me if i had a warm place for them to sleep, I don’t think this is what they had expected.

But once I explained that I wasn’t going to hurt them and they could leave if they wanted, they calmed down a bit and relaxed. I think they’re asleep now.

I have things I need to do, but I don’t really want to wake them up. It looked like they really did need a rest, and it feels nice having them inside my belly.

A Fortress of Cloth

It’s not a request fill or anything, just something I did between requests/prompts(Because I’ve really been craving Hybrid! Jungkook).

Pairing(s): Jungkook/Everyone


Warning(s): Hybrid Au

Summary: Jungkook’s preferred sleeping place is a nest of clothing.

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#90 [Finn Balor]

#90: “You’ve been replaced.” - “Alright, we’ll see how you feel when you need me to kill a spider in the shower.” from the list here.

Finn’s injury had been an entirely unexpected event in your lives. It felt like one minute he was the first ever champion, the next he was cut open on an operating table. The ensuing weeks post-surgery were tough on him, having gone from practically only knowing a life of constant travel, to being forced in to being stationary.

He made sure you knew he loved having the extra time with you, but you understood it wasn’t the life he had planned. It wasn’t one you had planned either. It was strange, that despite being together for almost two years, there was still so many things you realized you had to learn about him, that only came from being together daily. There had been some bumps, some adjustments, but you had worked them out. You both eventually fell in to a routine; you continuing to work, he attending rehab.

The time home allowed you to convince him to do one thing you had wanted to for years though; adopt a dog. He hadn’t actually taken a lot of convincing, with him rationalizing that it would also give him something to do and someone to hang out with at home. So after some disagreement, some research, and some sheer luck, you became proud owners a little black lab/pit mix puppy from a nearby shelter.

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Got My Priorities Straight
  • Gotham: Peguin's in Arkham!
  • Gotham: Jim Gordon's lying to everyone!
  • Gotham: Lee's super pregnant!
  • Gotham: Dr. Strange is here and he's insanely evil!
  • Gotham: Nygma's falling apart!
  • Gotham: Butch is King of Gotham!
  • Gotham: Tabitha's doing something!
  • Gotham: Mr. Freeze is here and he's tragic!
  • Me: ...
  • Gotham: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Gotham: ...
  • Me: But, like... Is Bruce getting to bed on time? Eating his vegetables? What about Selina? Is she okay? She's got a place to sleep tonight, right? A warm blanket? Enough food? Are her and Bruce talking? Are they friends again? Are they happy right now?
  • Gotham: ... but the darkness? the violence? the drama?

Speaking of Teba, tho 

Teba kind of falling into the role of a parental figure for Link and eventually, growing to see Link as his adopted son 

Teba respecting Link for the warrior that he is but, at the same time, still recognizing that he’s a young man without a father figure or really anyone there for him so he decides that he’ll at least attempt to be that in some way. He often offers advice, comfort (in his own way) and what not. It starts out simple, just him trying to be kind to a kid in a crappy situation but over time, the bond between him and Link grows until he thinks of the Hylian as his own

Teba flying over the plains of Hyrule, through the snowy winds of Tabantha, and sometimes even into the Hebra Mountains (or possibly even further), not really looking for Link but still using his keen bird eyes to try and pick out his familiar shape. It’s not conscious at first but after a few times of stumbling across him, he starts actively looking out of the corner of his eyes for the Hylian 

If he does seem him, he always takes the time to fly down and talk to him - helps him out with some monsters, makes sure he’s got food and medicine, makes sure he has warm clothes, always always ALWAYS offers him a safe place to sleep back in Rito Village. If Link takes him up on the offer of a warm, safe bed, Teba has no problem with the Hylian clambering up onto his back and him safely transporting him back

Link and Tulin being closer than peas in a pod - whenever Link visits Rito Village or the Flying Range (which he does often), he always wears little Tulin out by playing with him too much. A lot of the times, once night falls, they pass out together on Tulin’s bed with the little bird tucked close to Link’s side. Teba just kind of shakes his head but feels like his home is complete with everyone there

Teba isn’t really one for physical affection but sometimes, he’ll stand by Link’s side and drap his wing over his head and shoulders, holding him close to his side and squeezing him in a one armed hug. Link always leans a little bit into him whenever he goes that and it reminds Teba of how Tulin does the same. He also ruffles his hair from time to time (which is always a little awkward given the whole wings thing) or pats him on the back 

Teba spending a lot of time worrying about Link when he doesn’t have him in his sights. He knows the kid is capable and talented but he can’t help but to worry what he might be getting himself into. Saki is the one who always talks him down from that place, though he can always tell she’s just as worried as he is. Despite him a warrior himself and knowing Link to be one as well, it always sends a shock of fear and anger through him whenever the kid shows up in Rito Village covered in bruises and scraps 

 Teba teaching both Tulin and Link how to make various kinds of arrows, how to repair their bows, what to do when caught in nasty flying conditions then looking on proudly as they grasp hold of everything with ease. Teba quietly teaching them powerful lessons of the warrior, guiding them with a patient, steady hand and encouraging them every step of the way 

Teba being a calm, quiet presence in Link’s life whenever things get too hectic. Link knows he can just show up in Rito Village without explanation, sit himself beside Teba wherever he may be and just stay by his side, working out whatever is bothering him by himself or hesitantly voicing it to Teba, who always responds in considerate, mature way 

Just…Teba being the father that Link never really had, Teba treating Link the same way he treats Tulin and adoring the both of them, Teba teaching Link everything he knows and encouraging him, praising him all the time, Teba just being Link’s stern but loving birb father, just <3 <3 <3 <3 

Zootopia Take A Stand: The Star of Ceartas ADVANCED PREVIEW

Ok so I know the first TAKE A STAND isn’t finished yet (About 4-6 more chapters left) but I couldn’t help sharing the Prologue I’ve written for it’s sequel. Set 15 years after the events of the first fan fic this story sees a Natural Disaster devastate Zootopia and five young heroes rise to protect the citizens from the spiral of lawlessness engulfing the once great city. This Prologue however is set before the disaster happens and involves a grown up Luna Wilde giving her teenage sister some advice. The art for this was drawn by the amazing @senny74 and features @helthehatter OC Kodi Jones, thanks to both of you for helping with this project. Oh and if you don’t want to read don’t worry I’ll put a ‘read further’ link on it, so without further ado let’s get cracking with this new story…

Prologue: Wilde Sisters

Robyn Heather Wilde wore a sulk mixed with frustration as she sat inside the principal’s office, the fifteen year hybrid girl wasn’t looking the two faculty members in the eye as they kept watch over the scrappy teen. If you were to take a brief glance at Robyn you would almost certainly assume she was a very tall hare with long ears and red fur but if looked closer at her you’d notice something a little more canine about her; her inside of her paws had pads which no bunny or hare possessed they also had sharp claws unlike dull rabbit ones, her coat was thicker and fluffier than a bunny, also the fur colouring on her face resembled a European red fox complete with white speckles on her cheeks that looked like snowdrops, if she was talking you would notice her very sharp predator like teeth but the dead giveaway was her tail which instead of a cute fuzzy wuzzy little cotton tail was long and beautiful brush. Robyn had been dubbed many things; a hybrid, a interspecies child, a box, a funny and by crueller tongues a freak. The teen didn’t care if she had no official species name, she liked who she was and knew her family and her friends loved her, and despite her tough exterior a lot of mammals would say she was beautiful. But at the moment there was dent in the beautiful image, a swollen and cut right eyebrow and a busted lip that had yet to scab over.

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Lord of Thorns (Chapter Four)

We get a little more into Wade’s personality here. Also, I am fairly proud of how I managed to combine the “voices in Wade’s head” with the whole “no real servants in the castle” from the movie, so I hope you guys enjoy it.


Like and reblog for me guys! Spread the love for this fic!

Enjoy :)

You should put him in one of the bedrooms. He doesn’t need to be locked up, what harm could he do?
We haven’t had visitors in so long.
Don’t keep him in the cell.

Wade growled a little, pacing back in forth in his suite. “Lord of Thorns.” He snarled. “I used to be the most beautiful man in the kingdom and now I have been reduced to a child’s horror story. The enchantress has erased everything about who I am!”

That is not his fault.

“He stared at me like I was a monster!”

Can you blame him? You dragged him through the castle and threw him in prison. All he needed was a warm place to sleep.

“How did he even find me? All these years and not a single visitor and–”

Maybe he is the one. Maybe he can break the curse. Maybe that’s why he found us.

“I don’t even know how to break the curse. And why would some child be the key? No, he will stay where he is. I don’t want him anywhere around me.”
Then let him go.

“I–I can’t. He has to stay. I don’t think…I don’t think I can handle being alone here anymore.”

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