warm day in february

17. grease stains

Bucky was having a great afternoon. Steve had made good on his promise and had taken him to Stark Tower the day after Christmas to show him his gift, and he’d been absolutely delighted; he took some time tinkering when he could, usually when Steve was off on missions or he needed to let some steam off. 

But it was an uncommonly warm day, the sun shining over early February frost until it melted, and he was having a great time fiddling with the engine of one of the antique cars Stark hadn’t bothered to try and tune up. He hummed to himself, wiping off his hands for a moment and taking a sip of beer as he looked it over. He’d been at it for a good hour and a half and knew he looked a mess, a little sweaty from the garage’s warmth and with a couple grease-smears on his face and arms, but it wasn’t like anybody was going to see him. 

Just as he had the thought, he heard the elevator doors beep. 

Beautiful warm February day here at university, so I decided to take my review session from the cozy place that is Starbucks to the breezy warm outdoors. Currently working on some physics. Monday is almost over! 💃🏼