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Why is the thought of Gio talking about masterbation with Cerys so cute? How long have they known each other for him to be so comfortable with her? It feels like they have kind of a sibling bond going on!

Haha it’s probably bc if they were to talk about it, it’s only with pure intentions rather than it being sexual at all haha. Cerys is the newest edition in the group, so Gio doesn’t hasn’t known her long, but she has a very warming and comforting aura about her that makes it easy to entrust her with things like this. She doesn’t pry, and makes sure that the other person is comfortable enough to talk about it and she doesn’t make it awkward at all. Gio never really had anyone to talk about his feelings/emotions and despite him being super close to Rein, Rein is– not the best person to seek emotional comfort in because well– Rein even has a hard time (if not, even more difficult) to talk out his emotions as well. Not only that, but Micah isn’t that great with talking things out too. Nuri is a bit better, but she’s the type that kind of tries to make you laugh and feel better rather than talking about it. Sin/Cin is a very logical person, so comforting someone is also kind of difficult for them too haha.

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luztoye #7?

Thank you for the prompt dear!!

For - Indirectly - while talking to somebody else

Luz wakes up comfortable and warm. He’s going to have to ask Joe where he bought his mattress. The last few weeks, sleeping on it has been some of the best sleep of his life.

He feels bad for stealing it from Joe, but Joe had insisted and refused to trade spots on the couch with Luz.

Speaking of Joe, the sound of muffled voices out in the living room makes him realize that Joe must be awake, and has another visitor. Luz rolls himself out of bed, and just barely has the bedroom door open when he recognizes the other voice as Bill’s.

“He’s sleeping with you now?” Bill’s incredulous tone comes from the couch where he’s sitting.

Luz closes the door enough so that he can only just see what is going on in the living room.

“He’s not ‘sleeping with me’,” Joe’s quieter voice comes from somewhere Luz can’t see. Then a moment later he appears from the kitchen, holding a mug out to Bill. “He’s sleeping in my bed, I’m sleeping on the couch. There’s a difference.”

Luz can’t make out Joe’s face, but from what he can see of Bill’s, he doesn’t look convinced.

“Is he gonna start paying rent?”

Joe scoffs. “He’s only gonna be here for a couple weeks.”

“And you’re driving him to work every morning?”

“He doesn’t have a car yet, and it’s on my way,” Joe argues, but even Luz thinks it sounds like an excuse.

It’s not that he hasn’t been aware that he’s been putting Joe out, staying with him while he finds his own place. But Joe has been insistent that he’s not been bothering him, and Joe is usually pretty good about telling people when they’re bothering him.

“Joe, you know I like Luz, but it seems like he’s takin’ advantage of you here.”

Joe stalks back to the kitchen, so his voice becomes a little more muffled, and Luz opens the door a little more so he can hear.

“He’s not taking advantage of me. I offered. I’m the one who convinced him to take this new job and move here. I’m just trying to help out.”

Bill gets up and moves so he’s standing in the doorway of the kitchen, and Luz opens the door just a little more.

“I get that, Joe, but you’re kind of going above and beyond here.”

“Please, like you weren’t constantly doing shit like this when you first fell in love with Fran.”

Luz feels the air get knocked out of his lungs, and he leans forward, afraid he’ll miss something.

It’s quiet for nearly a minute, except for the sound of clinking and the refrigerator door opening and closing.

“What?” Bill finally seems to find the words.


“What did you just say?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t remember how crazy you got,” Joe says, seeming completely unaware of Bill’s (and Luz’s) shock.

Bill backs up a couple steps as Joe tries to get past him out of the kitchen, holding another mug of coffee, and Luz quickly moves the door back to looking closed. Joe doesn’t get far out of the kitchen before Bill puts a hand on his shoulder.

“You know that you just implied that you’re in love with Luz, right?”

Joe steps away from Bill’s touch. “I-what?”

“You compared yourself to when I fell in love with Frannie. Are…are you in love with Luz?”

“I didn’t-” Joe starts to argue, but apparently Bill gives him a look, because he stops and lets his shoulders sag.

“Okay, tell Ol’ Guarnere what’s goin’ on,” Bill says, moving back over to the couch, leaving a spot for Joe to sit.

Joe sighs then follows Bill, sitting down next to him on the couch, setting the mug on the coffee table.

“I don’t know what to do, Luz doesn’t even know I have any kind of feelings for him.”

“Uh, this may seem obvious, but maybe just tell him?”

Luz wants to tell Joe to listen to Bill, that he should absolutely tell him.

But Joe shakes his head. “I can’t do that yet, man. I’ve gotta wait ‘til he’s more settled at his job, ya know, and once he finds his own place.”


“I don’t want him to feel like he’s got some kind of obligation to me when I tell him. He’s relying on me a lot right now, I don’t want to put him in some kind of position he doesn’t want to be in because he doesn’t feel like he has a choice.”

Bill shifts a little. “Maybe you shouldn’t have made him rely on you so much.”

“I know, I know. I just…I wanted him to move here, and I wanted to help him out. I wasn’t ever planning on feeling…ya know. It’s just these past few weeks have been nice and…I’m an idiot.”

“Yeah, but that’s just kind of what being in love is, I think,” Bill tells him with a chuckle.

Joe nods and shifts a little on the couch, the movement gives Luz a clear line of sight on Bill whose eyes meet his dead on and widen just a fraction.

Luz quickly jumps back from the door and curses to himself.

His heartbeat picks up as he listens for Bill to tell Joe that he doesn’t have to worry about telling him anymore. Only, he doesn’t hear anyone say anything for a few minutes, and he lets himself calm back down a little.

“Ya know,” Bill finally speaks up again. “I think I’m gonna get going actually. Thanks for the coffee.”

“Really?” Joe asks, clearly confused as to why Bill would come for such a short visit.

“Yeah, I’ve got lots of stuff to do today. And, I really think you should talk to Luz. He might understand more than you think.”

Luz takes that as his cue to get back into bed, to try and pretend he hasn’t heard a word anyone has said.

He hears a muffled version of what he’s sure is the two men saying goodbye, and just a couple minutes later there’s a light knock on the door.

“Luz?” Joe asks, poking his head through the still slightly open door.

Luz slowly lifts his head up off the bed.

“Hey, sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you up,” Joe says, he’s holding the mug that he’d had before.

“You didn’t, I was just kind of dozing,” Luz assures him.

Joe smiles. “I made you some coffee,” he tells him, holding the mug out for him.

Luz takes the mug - it’s prepared the exact way that Luz likes it, the exact way Joe has made it for him every morning since he got here - and hides his smile against the porcelain. There’s warmth flooding through his chest, and it’s definitely not because of the coffee.

“I’m gonna make breakfast, so just let me know if you have any requests,” Joe says, stepping back toward the door.

Luz nods and Joe leaves him again. He takes another sip, and then a breath, getting himself mentally prepared for the talk that they definitely need to have.

If only so that Luz can finally grab him and kiss him the way he’s always wanted.

Who want some fluff?!
Rung/Soundwave sfw.

@sarielgrace cause this is from the Spy!Rung au…


He onlined warm and in a comforting embrace. Teal optics blinking blearily at the wall in front of him, the memories of The previous night taking their time to come to him through the haze of the hangover that throbbed in the back of his processor. The orange mech fought the urge to groan as he already regretted giving in and drinking with whomever was snuggled up against his backplates.

He only prayed that he had not slipped his cover.. Jazz would smelt him alive if he had.

Rung squirmed in his captor’s grip until he found himself facing the mech in question, his optics widening at the blue armored mech that filled his vision, the energon freezing in his lines as his thoughts stopped dead in a loop.

Oh frag.
Oh frag.

A sigh escaped Soundwave as he pulled the smaller mech closer to him still; Rung’s nose bopped against the glass of his tape deck as the host mecha cuddled him tighter.

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im dating a guy and hes really sweet and fun and goofy and smart and aaaa!! i was afraid of going into a relationship after my last one because it was really toxic and unhealthy and heartbreaking, but hes so wonderful to me and i love spending time with him, and i can easily see myself falling in love with him in the future. it kinda scares me but he makes me so fucking happy that its worth the risk ❤️ im just so happy i can actually date after my ex/first love, and im finally over him 💘

It is worth the risk! It totally is! I know it can be scary but please just let yourself experience how warm and comforting his love is ; u ; It’ll help your self worth and confidence a whole lot to be loved and treated the way you deserve to be! Best of luck between the two of you! 


tbh i don’t get all the hate with tg:re 125??

People are going ‘omg ishida disappointed me’ ‘omg this is such a bad writing’ ‘tg is shit now’ ‘this chapter is a waste its not important at all’ etc etc 

Are people actually treating this chapter as just a perverted hentai ‘fanservice’ chapter with no meaning? At this point I cant even tell if they’re trolling or serious

If you have been reading tokyo ghoul, you should realize that ishida puts every chapter, scene and dialogues with meaning. So do you actually think that an ishida would spend AN ENTIRE FLIPPIN CHAPTER of kaniki’s and touka’s sexual intercourse with NO MEANING AT ALL? Like come on lol did you guys not see kaneki’s tears or the last scene? or have you guys given ANY THOUGHTS on why on earth there’s a picture of a butterfly in the first page?

there are a lot of times in films/novels where sexual intercourse is often used to symbolize comfort, warmth, and/or closeness of a relationship between 2 characters.

in my view this is some important process for kaneki’s development. Kaneki used to feel lonely and suicidal and all, and through arima he wanted to live again but it was more due to a sense of duty. Although he wanted to live, he had nothing to grasp on to make that feeling come alive. 

But through this chapter, he gained it through touka. He feels wanted and doesn’t feel lonely, as shown through the last panel of this chapter, where he is looking like a child sleeping on his mother’s laps, feeling warm and comfortable for once. This panel is all the more obvious if you see ishida’s older painting of kaneki in the same exact pose, except there’s no touka. You can tell when he cries. He’s never felt such emotions before other than tragedy and despair. The feeling of being loved by somebody else - especially from someone that he cares so much about, was something that he deeply longed for. 

And some people are acting as if the series has been butchered or it turned into some shit writing lmao 



when everyone feels comfy enough to lean against Jaehyun  ♡ ♡


Do you ever think about Harry and Draco dancing? Because I do, a lot.  I don’t even think I can do it justice. It’s just

A comfortable living room, the couch and armchairs have all been pushed back. The window is open letting in the distant sound of laughter, a few crickets chirping, a cool breeze creeping in that smells sweet and heavy with dew. There is only a lamp on and the light is muted. A wireless is playing softly in the corner. Draco hums along and Harry smiles. He rests his forehead on Draco’s shoulder, into the curve of his neck. He closes his eyes, breathes out the weight of the day. Draco leads with an easy grace, a firm hand on Harry’s waist. He leans his cheek against Harry’s hair, not really thinking as he guides them in loose looping circles of a waltz danced a hundred times to be danced a thousand times more in this place they built together


baeksoo forehead kiss (>/////<)