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This is a little gift for you guys, yesterday I reached 700 followers, and omg I can’t believe it so this is my way to say thank you so much for being there!

Dean hears the soft tinkling of glass against glass and smile softly at the pan where he is preparing breakfast.

‘‘ What is he into this week?’‘ Dean doesn’t need to look at his brother to know that he is smiling, clearly amussed.

‘‘ I thinks he wants to go out and catch butterflies’‘ Dean shakes his head softly and lets out a little huff. Since Cas came back being human again he’s bent on enjoying all the little things he wasn’t able to experience the first time he saw himself in the same situation. 

Dean finds it really funny, every week the former angel appears with a new hobby, every week weirder than the last one. Dean smiles even more  when he remembers the week Cas tried to learn how to dance. Not to mention pottery week when Dean had to endure seven days of really horrible mugs and vases and a little brother humming ‘‘ Unchained Melody’‘ down the hallway. But if he is honest he doesn’t really have the right to complain, mostly because Cas’ curiosity and experiments also appear in bed from time to time. And, even if he hadn’t tell anyone, he has made it his mission to give Cas everything he could’t give him that first time, to make being human easy for him, to make him happy.

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well I wonder

I love angst, Spencer, and The Smiths. So I made this for you guys.

warning: angst, I guess.

The warm cups of coffee had begun to get cold. The pastries as well along becoming stale. Two ex-lovers sat in front of each other questioning themselves why they decided to meet after a long time.

Y/n ran her finger along the rim of the cold mug.

Spencer on the other hand watched her movement. 

Ten minutes. Ten full minutes had gone in complete silence. Neither of them could bring themselves to talk. Was their broken heart that wounded?

“Well I wonder, do you hear me when you sleep? I hoarsely cry.” 

Spencer’s voice broke her daze from looking at the chipped mug. Her eyes focused on his soft ones. And so a soft smile grew on her face, looking up to contain the threatening tears.

“Do you see me when we pass? I half-die.” Spencer wished he could grab her hands and warm away the coldness they gained. Y/n wanted to wrap her arms around him instead.

“I miss you…” 

“I miss you too. So fucking much, Spencer.” It was true. In fact no one could remember why they even broke up a year ago.

And though it had been a year since the two had broken up. They still loved and adored each other so much. That was the life of the ones who love with an immense passion.

An immense passion that to this day- they love each other like they did when they started. But who knew, there were plenty of possibilities as to why they had parted.

Was it his constant time away due to his job? Her need for attention? The attention she would never ask for, but eventually claim it. Was it also either of them commited to infidelity? 

Would they ever result to that sort of ungratefulness?


“Please keep me in mind.”

“Please keep me in mind.”

Taking a sip of her warm coffe, y/n looked at Spencer. Her eyes smiling at him as he stared back at her. 

“Remember our first date? How I nervously tried talking while you ate the breadstick. I stuttered at almost every word I tried to say and I kept thinking ‘She most definitely thinks I’m a lose. Why would she agree to have a date, with me…?’ But still you kept your smile. Listening to me ramble about things that I was passionate about and I’ll never forget what you said-”

“I think you deserve the world and more…”

Smiling at each other. It was one in a life time that both lovers knew what they said in their first date. Sometimes neither of the lovers can remember what the other said, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true love.

“So how have you been?” Spencer asked her eating the cookies that were given to them. 

“Gasping, but somehow still alive. This is the fierce last stand of all I am. You?”

“Gasping, dying, but somehow still alive. This is the final stand of all I am.”

There y/n reached for his warm large hands. Running her thumb over his knuckles, Spencer pulled them to kiss her hands.

“Can we please try again. I love you and miss you. Please, I would do anything to stay by your side once again…”

Y/n smiled looking at his warm eyes. His hair trying to cover the sweetness they delivered. 

“Oh, Spencer. That’s all I want. Please keep me in mind.”

And so that moment the two stood up after paying the bill. They smiled at each other and walked away together.

lol it was more of a one shot than a imagine.