warm cocoa

some reasons to stay alive

i know i need this right now, so some of you might need it too. feel free to add on your own reasons as well

-warm sandy beaches
-hot cocoa on a snowy day
-snowball and water balloon fights
-seeing your significant other/partner again
-silly dance parties late at night
-pure hearty laughing, the kind that makes you feel bubbly and excited
-fall leaves
-fireworks on new year’s eve
-freshly baked cookies
-long phone calls when you’re half asleep and relaxed
-laying in the cool long grass when the sun is shining
-visiting new places
-seeing the stars at night
-lounge days
-having your favourite food again
-telling life to kiss your ass, because you made it further than before every single day

things that make me happy

- the sound of cat paws on a wooden surface

- the warmth and smell of a scented candle

- dim fairy lights with the curtains closed during the day

- when it rains and you’re under the bedsheets

- dipping an biscuit into tea

- hugging a favorite pillow

- drinking warm cocoa or tea during winter

- journalling some goals or doodles

- watching leaves fall

- listening to good or calming music

- taking a cool shower after a run

- having sunlight hit your face when you’re taking a nap

- hugging warm people

- being complimented on small things


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Summay: A sort of domestic life with Jimin that’s a mix of fluff and smut. (warning: contains Asphyxiation and  a little Dirty Talk) 

Rating: M (Smut)

You pouted as you stared outside the window, it was completely white outside. You used a sweater covered palm to swipe at the thick condensation that coated your view. But it was no use, you still couldn’t see anything. No cars, no people just the faint street lights in the distance but even they seemed a bit dim and blurry compared to normal nights. You sighed quietly to yourself, already dreading all the snow you’d have to tread through on your morning commute to work the next day.


You tore yourself away from the window, watching as your boyfriend quirk an eyebrow at you. You smiled to him sheepishly, sliding down from your seat on the windowsill perch to the floor. You scooted your way closer to him, picking up the discarded papers you left all over the floor.

“You were the one who called me over to help…” he began mumbling, a cute small pout forming on his lips. “But you’re making me do all the work!” he whined throwing his arms up in exasperation before crossing them over his chest.  

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today was completely lovely✨ this morning my love and i went christmas shopping and ate crepes, then we bought a tree and had a super fun time decorating, and i ended the day sipping cocoa and prepping for tomorrow. hopefully tomorrow will be another happy, cozy day!🎄☃️💫