warm clothings

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can you write about y/n finally getting to wear more comfy and warm clothing since it's fall and not blazing hot anymore, and ethan finding it adorable and literally being obsessed with her

“Hey, E?”

A disgruntled grumble followed by a bone cracking stretch jostled your figure a bit. Sweet brown eyes blinked tiredly in your direction, the hand that was tucked tiredly around your waist now moving to trail up the small of your back. Ethan’s fingers danced across your spine over the top of your sweater, head falling endearingly against the couch cushion. “Hmm?”

“You look cute.”

Ethan quirked an eyebrow. The smallest of smiles graced his lips as a pink tinge elicited to the high rise of his cheekbones. “Do I?”

With a small laugh, you nodded. “I love this-” lightly, you tucked on the midsection of his grey and black knit sweater, “-a lot.”

“I love you a lot.”

“You’re gross.”

“I’m tired,” He countered. He squinted up at you, thick eyelashes casting gentle shadows across his cheeks as he did so. “Besides, you in sweaters? The cutest.”

You rolled your eyes, situating yourself so that you were half laying across Ethan. The sleeve of your sweater fell loosely across your knuckles, drawing the material to scratch slightly against your cheek as you tucked it to your hand. “You’re still gross.”

“One question though,” Ethan’s dark irises again become prevalent as he peered down at you. You didn’t have time to verbally articulate an inquiry until his fingers were tugging on your hand, drawing it into his palm. “Where are your hands?”

“What are you talking about?” You laughed. You craned your neck to watch as he absently toyed with the ends of your fingertips as they crooked over the sleeve. Pointedly, you wriggled your fingers.

He smothered your fingers in his own, hiking your sweater up across your wrist in the process. “Your sweater is covering them. Are you cold?”

“No,” You laughed. Within his grasp, you managed to release the clench of your fist so that your palm laid flat against his own. “Just habit. Sweater paws are cute.”

“I’m not disagreeing with that statement,” Ethan bent his fingers so that they slipped into the spaces between your own. “Just making sure you aren’t cold. Seeing as we’re inside, wearing fall clothing, covered up by a blanket.”

You shrugged, releasing your grip on his hand to dip your fingers underneath the collar of his sweater. There, you pressed your palm flat against his bare collarbone. “I don’t know. Do my hands feel cold?”

His eyes widened immediately, the stark contrast of body temperature drawing any former fatigue from him. His torso bent at the waist, moving both of you to a crunched sitting position as he grasped your wrist, drawing your hand away form him. “Why are your hands so cold?” He cried ludicrously, staring at your relaxed digits as if they would turn blue any second. “Are you a reptile or something?”

You supported yourself on your elbow, drawing the loose hanging fabric of your sweater back across your knuckle. “That’s why I keep my sweater paws.” 

Ethan was silent as his eyes drew slowly across your facial features, to your hands, and back up. A slight shake of his head tousled his messy dark tendrils across his forehead. “They’re ridiculously cute, too. You can keep them.”

You emoted a playful glare, “Right. Thanks for the permission.”

“You’re welcome,” He grinned. With a full bodied movement, he grasped both of your wrists, drawing your hands against his chest as he dramatically fell back against the couch cushions. “Now that we’ve settled that you’re cuter, can we go back to sleep?”

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oh are you taking the Hurtigruten cruise from Bergen to Tromsoe by any chance? if not i highly recommend taking it if you ever travel here again! it's obv much slower than flying but it's a great way to see the coast! and wales! and fjords! and it goes all the way from bergen to kirkenes way up northeast (but yeah bring warm clothes and shoes/boots you can walk on ice with, maybe ice grips if you're staying up north for long)

nope but i’m going on a rail trip and cruise in bergen to see the fjords etc and i’m going on a short boat trip in tromso as well to see whales and fjords which is gonna be amazing! i actually HATE being on boats, last time i was on a boat i had a massive panic attack so i’m a bit nervous