warm cardigan

[a few of my favourite things] • 28/02/17

In an attempt to stay positive in the midst of some not-so-great times and a bout of exam-period anxiety, I’m channelling my inner Fraulein Maria and reminding myself of my favourite things in the bad times (some of these are more superficial than others - actually never mind, they’re all pretty superficial). These are a few of my favourite things:

  • my phone, which is nice but actually isn’t working at the moment so I can’t use it
  • a half-burned candle that I couldn’t be bothered to light just for a photo (go figure, considering I staged the rest of this photo) but it smells nice and looks nice
  • my watch, which I literally wear everywhere I go
  • my laptop, which I depend on even more than the aforementioned watch
  • a cute pen that has featured in basically every other picture before this
  • a super warm chunky knit cardigan which doubles as an aesthetic throw blanket of sorts (just for the ’gram!)
  • and last but not least, one of my favourite feel-good books because (heaven forbid) it’s one of those fluffy trashy romances - if you look closely (or maybe not because of my terrible phone camera quality) you can read about my #1 fictional crush who I legitimately am in love with. I am in love with him to the point where if he somehow broke the fourth wall and jumped off the pages of this book into real life, I would marry him in an instant.

✨DADS REACT TO…dadsona wearing their clothes✨

[thank you @candywolf68aj for the prompt! 2 posts in one day wowie, I hope you enjoy it, feel free to send in asks!]

This could be after sex when you wake up and grabbing whatever clothes you find, or just when they’re not looking. Or for fun.


- when you wear his Hawaiian shirts he loves it so much just because it’s oversized (if you’re smaller sized) or when you button it up

- if you’re not wearing any underwear beneath it highly likely that he’ll sneak a small butt squeeze

- tells you you look adorable and gushes over you so, so, so much


- “bro, is that my shirt bro. no bro you know that’s my favourite shirt also it’s so sweaty ew bro just noooo”

- complains at first but one morning when you came out of the bedroom wearing his sweatpants he just,,, died,,, there,,,

- when the pants are too long and your heels always step on the hem he loves that also when you tie the string too loosely if the kids aren’t home he’ll pull the pants down


- tells you how to wear the clothing properly, embarrassed when you wear his animal shelter polo though (especially with the “HELLO MY NAME IS Damien” tag)

- gives them small tugs to make sure it fits, not particularly upset or excited

- suggests that you get your own Victorian wardrobe and insists on showing you the best websites/stores


- “is that my vest. a kid put his booger on that yesterday”

- his vest is pretty baggy so you like to dress up and order him around jokingly as if you were the teacher (always has to tie the bowtie for you though)

- amused but not impressed


- surprised but compliments you on how adorable you look in his cardigan/polo

- if he sees that you’re cold when you two go out he will offer you his cardigan and warm you up in his guns

- particularly insistent that you button the cardigan although it makes you look like an old grandfather


- offers you his jacket if you’re in the cinema/anywhere else and you’re hands are cold as ice

- his shirt is very soft and confy so you tend to wear it to sleep after you guys smash

- knows that you “secretly” like his clothes a tad more because of how they smell


- acts annoyed and grumbles when you steal his jacket but mutters that it fits you

- you like to dig into the pockets and pull out whatever things you find, once you found a fake rat and screamed

- his shirt’s head hole neck hole thing is so stretched from his sunglasses that if you wear it you can see so much of your chest (he likes it though ;))