warm breezes

concept: you live in a whimsical fairy cottage with pink floral wallpaper and a vast backyard of daisies and dandelions. you’re on a tire swing, sunkissed in an airy white sundress. it’s a buttery golden summer of soft warm breezes, cicadas humming, and birds singing. your cheeks are rosy and your eyes are bright as you blow on a dandelion. you don’t wish for anything.

things i’m craving:
  • rides on the back of a motorcycle down country roads in the summertime with someone you care about to hold on to
  • peach cobbler with vanilla bean ice cream
  • days with 16 hours of sunshine
  • warm, gentle breezes
  • walks in the hills and valleys
  • waterfall hunting with friends
  • camping in the springtime
  • riding in the passenger seat down country roads at night and looking up to find orion and the big and little dipper constellations in the bright stars above
  • weekend roadtrips with friends
  • feeling a genuine sense of security and of home
Winter Morning

The first snow of the year.  Bitty can feel it before he can see it.  It’s an easy thing, waking up in Jack’s bed, a warm arm hitched tight round his waist.  It’s a possessive hold, but one that makes Bitty feel wanted and safe instead of trapped.

The light filtering through the crack in the curtains is a mottled white, bright without the sun.  The heater cranks on, but there’s a chill in the air in spite of the warm breeze from the vents and Bitty knows–winter’s begun.

It’s no chore, really, to make his way to Providence.  It’s no chore to stay tucked away from the outside world, making a home in Jack’s kitchen, making a nest of pillows and blankets in a bed he’s coming to think of as half his.  He’s got his side of the bed now, and Jack only lays there when they’re skyping and he misses Bitty.

He tells him that, too.  He hugs Bitty’s pillow and sighs and whispers, “I wish you were here with me right now.”

And Bitty misses him just as much, but it’s easier with the stress of games and classes.  Neither of them think about it all the time.  Just enough so when they’re finally reunited, that first embrace, those first kisses, are just a little bit sweeter.

They’ve been together long enough that Bitty can’t count their time together in weeks anymore.  One summer, and one Autumn.  It’s just before the holidays and neither of them are sure about plans, but they’re sure about this.  They’re sure about sneaking what little time they can get together.

It’s a weight, sometimes, not being able to tell everyone just how much he adores Jack, but sometimes it’s also a relief that this is just for him.

He reaches a hand out, brushing it along the cut of Jack’s jaw.  Jack is awake, his breathing is different when he’s asleep.  Jack’s mouth twitches up in a smile, but he doesn’t open his eyes yet.  He just shuffled forward and pushes his face into Bitty’s neck and sighs.

A warmth floods through Bitty.  One he’s never felt before, but it doesn’t mean he recognises it any less.  The words dance at the tip of his tongue like they’ve been doing for so long now, but fear keeps them at bay.  Fear, of not hearing them back.  Of seeing regret or hesitation in those wide, blue eyes that look at him with such affection.  He knows he can be okay with just this, so long as he never has to feel rejection.

So he’s quiet.

Jack is less so.  He isn’t loud, but he makes little noises–gentle hums against Bitty’s skin, the wetness of an open-mouthed kiss against Bitty’s collar bone, a groan when he finally pulls back to stretch and yawn.

Jack rolls onto his side, his fingers coming up to toy with the sleep rumpled fringe on Bitty’s forehead.  He needs a haircut, he thinks, but he likes the way Jack’s fingers are drawn to his hair.  Their eyes meet when Jack finally opens his.  Red-rimmed, bright blue, pupils wide and dark.

Bitty can’t help the warmth spreading from limb to limb, and he cups Jack’s face, the desire to be touching him in some way overwhelming.  He breathes in, and it’s a little shaky with this feeling, but it’s good.

It’s so good.

Jack smiles at him.  It’s unbidden and soft, and sweeter than anything Bitty has ever seen.  When he opens his mouth to speak, his voice is hoarse with disuse.  “Morning, bud.”

Bitty flushes a little.  “Morning, sweetheart.”

They stare, and Jack keeps playing with his hair.  His eyes flick up from Bitty’s, to where his fingers are buried in blonde locks, and then back down again.  He licks his lips, and his own breath has a slight tremble to it, but there’s no hesitation when he opens his mouth to speak again.

“I love you.”

Bitty blinks, and his entire body feels frozen, like he’s outside of himself.  Like this moment can’t possibly be real.  Not because he doesn’t think Jack can love him, but because he’s wanted this for far too long now, and he can’t believe he’s ever done anything good enough in his life to have it.

He knows he has to say something.  If only he remembered how to make his tongue work.

Sweetheart.”  He takes a second, because it’s just so much, and Jack is watching him with his intense gaze.  “I love you too.  So much.”

He’s rewarded with the smile he was hoping for, the one that looks like a literal ray of sunshine breaking through heavy snow clouds.  Jack touches his chin, cups his face like he always does when he kisses Bitty, like he needs to ground himself before their lips meet.

And then they do.  Bitty drags his fingers against Jack’s coarse chest hair, and the kiss stays small because their tongues are sour, but this kiss means…

Everything.  It means everything.

Jack breaks away, pressing their noses together, still smiling.  “Pancakes?”

Bitty laughs, then nods.  “I still have some blueberries left.”  He closes his eyes against the onslaught of emotions, and let’s Jack hug him before he’s drawn up, and into the day.

‘’I thought I’d find you here.’’

A/N: This kind of just came to me as I started typing and I hope you like it! If you suffer from anxiety then I hope that this may help in any way, other than that I want you to know that you can always come to me if you need anyone to talk to. Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: Bucky finds you at your not so secret comfort place, making you think that maybe you could have the things that you desired… Angst/Fluff

Warnings: Reader suffers from an anxiety attack 

Word count: 1888

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The rain fell from the sky, water blanketing over the ground on this calm evening. The only sound to be heard was the occasional honking from New York traffic and the tapping sound of drops hitting the roof. The air was warm, a light breeze flowing through the city on this mid summer day while the last rays of the sun edged their way through the tall buildings. 

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More Vietnam AU pleeeeeease I need to know what's happening! *folds hands and makes puppy dog eyes*

Vietnam AU

Claire idly tapped her fingers on the steering wheel as she waited for the traffic signal – hanging limply from an overhead wire, swaying gently in the warm breeze, a sparrow jauntily perched on top – to turn green.

Saturday morning. Not too early, but not too late.

She hadn’t slept. Agonizing over what to wear, what to say. What to want.

And what *did* she want? To be Jamie’s…love interest again? Or simply to bring him news that she was well?

It didn’t matter anymore. If the motel’s kind receptionist was to be believed, this was the final turn-off before Beauly Boulevard – the only access road to the vast Fraser estate.

Once Dr. Beaton had told her about the long and illustrious Fraser history in Boone, suddenly she saw the name everywhere. In the handprinted tag attached to a skein of yarn in the small gift shop near her motel (“Would you believe that the wool is grown right here in town, on the big old Fraser farm?”); in the mom-and-pop hardware store (“We still call it Fraser’s even though they sold off the business right after the war”); even in the name of the town’s small library (“Fraser Memorial – yes, *those* Frasers. The money was donated way back in the 1800s in memory of the Frasers who had died in the War Between the States, and the Revolution, and even back to some old war in Scotland before they all came over and settled in the mountains”).

It was a grand name – a proud name. And the kind people in the village usually followed up their anecdote with a comment or two about the current Frasers. She had learned that Jamie had a sister – Jenny – who was married with a few children of her own. That Jenny and her husband ran the farm, even though Jamie owned it – had inherited it after their father died about five years back. That Jamie was a war hero, of course. But quiet about it – never wanted to draw too much attention to himself. Which was a shame, because he was *such* an eligible bachelor…

Claire jolted as the truck behind her gently tapped on its horn. Blinking harshly, she looked up at the signal – green – and pulled her car forward.

Just as the receptionist had said, Beauly Boulevard was the first right after the intersection. She turned onto the unpaved road, slid her sweaty palms further down the steering wheel, and breathed.

Gravel crunched as the car gently climbed a steep hill. All of a sudden she was in the middle of a forest – surrounded by greens and browns and pine branches and an overwhelming stillness.


The road curved around to the left, and the grand old manor house came into view.

Three stories. Beautiful tall white columns. Black shutters. A porch scattered with empty rocking chairs.


One more gate – stone, with “Fraser 1768” and a coat of arms carved into one side. Claire squinted out her window to read the motto.

*Je suis prest.*

She swallowed, pulled the car into an empty spot beside a worn but well-kept pickup truck, and cut the engine.

I am ready. But ready for what?

Claire grit her teeth, reached to the passenger seat for her purse, and stepped out of the car.

It was an old house, to be sure – and had clearly been added on to over the years. But the additions were tasteful. The house wasn’t overpowering – even though the family who built it and still lived in it commanded great power and respect.

And then a child laughed somewhere inside – and the house became a home.

Her home?

Softly, quickly Claire climbed the steps and pushed the doorbell.

Somewhere inside, footsteps pounded and doors slammed.

Suddenly self-conscious, Claire patted her hair and straightened the collar of her coat. Too late now.

The door flung open, revealing a small, dark-haired woman clad in jeans and an apron. An infant slept snug against her chest.

The woman stood back a bit, hands on her hips. Impatient.

“How may I help you?”

Claire’s heart had floated out of her body. She had rehearsed these words so many times – and now it didn’t matter one bit.

“My name is Claire Beauchamp. I’m looking for Jamie Fraser.”

The woman openly eyed Claire up and down. Appraising. “Jamie’s up at the barn just now. Is he expecting you? You’re not from around here.”

Claire slid her sweaty hands into her pockets. Lint stuck like glue to her fingers. “No – no he’s not. I – I served with Jamie in Viet Nam. I’m visiting the area this week and thought I’d stop by.”

“Did you, now? He doesn’t speak much about it.” The baby fussed, and she lay one soothing hand against its back. Her wide, practical wedding ring flashed in the late morning sunlight.

Claire held her ground, meeting the woman’s gaze. Not challenging her – but proving herself. Proving her worth. “I treated him when he was injured. At the Chu Lai field hospital.”

For the briefest of moments, the most extraordinary look came across the woman’s face – but then it was gone. And Claire wasn’t even sure that it had truly happened.

“Well then. He’s at the horse barn, looking at the harnesses. Do you want me to take you, Ms. Beauchamp?”

“No – no, thank you.” It was Claire’s voice, but someone else had to be speaking. “Can you just please tell me how to get there?”

“Of course – it’s just up the hill, around the rear on the right side. You can’t miss it.”

Claire nodded and pasted a thin smile on her lips. “Thank you – ”

“Oh! How rude of me. I’m Jenny Murray – Jamie’s sister. This is my youngest, Maggie. And let me be the first to welcome you to Fraser’s Ridge – and Lallybroch.”

Claire gratefully shook Jenny’s extended hand, and nodded, and quietly walked down the steps and around the back of the house.

Just a few more steps.

Her feet weren’t touching the ground.

This couldn’t be real.

So many outbuildings – all old, but all well-maintained. Constructed of solid, honest stone with just the barest hints of modern upgrades.

The barn wasn’t as big as she thought it would be – but then again, what use did a modern farm have for horses, anyway?

Moss coated the damp stones of the barn, where the doors stood open. Claire padded over and into the old building, footsteps silent on the carpet of leaves and wood chips.

It wasn’t just one large room, but rather one main room with a series of smaller chambers branching out – old stalls, undoubtedly. Quiet. Peaceful – just like the rest of this place.

A rack to one side held various accoutrements associated with horses: saddles, bridles, bits. Old posters were tacked up on the opposite wall – even folded and yellowed with age, she could tell that they were for equestrian shows.

The door to the back stall was open. Claire slipped past the other stalls – to her surprise, full of horses – and followed the sound of a hammer.

Finally, finally she arrived at the back stall. Bent over a saddle mounted on a wooden block, his back turned to her, was Jamie.

“Is that you, Jenny?” he asked, not turning around. He was dressed in jeans and a simple button-down, and had a tool of some kind in his hand, with which he was doing something to the leather of the saddle. “Took you long enough. Did you get the – ”

“It isn’t Jenny,” Claire said. Her voice was higher than usual. “It’s me. Claire.”

He straightened up very slowly. His hair was longer than the last time she’d seen him – the ends brushed his shoulders, but he didn’t choose to wear it up.

Then he turned around – and they stared at each other, not speaking.

After all, reading is arguably a far more creative and imaginative process than writing; when the reader creates emotion in their head, or the colors of the sky during the setting sun, or the smell of a warm summer’s breeze on their face, they should reserve as much praise for themselves as the do for the writer - perhaps more.
—  Jasper Fforde, The Well of Lost Plots
A List of Things
  • the feeling when you hit that high note
  • that moment of quiet when everyone you live with is asleep
  • unnatural hair colors that are hella cool
  • tangled up sheets that are soft to the touch
  • waking up to the smell of coffee in the morning
  • the feeling of soft hair between your fingertips
  • Hair that is always somehow falling out of a bun and tumbling in just the right places
  • Far off places that are on everyone’s bucket list
  • the climax of orchestral pieces
  • the smell of fresh air at the top of a mountain. 
  • holding hands in the dark
  • Going to the museum on a rainy day
  • Pages and pages of neat cursive handwriting
  • a warm breeze tugging at hair that is done up
  • the sound of church bells tolling out the hours
  • wearing someone else’s clothes
  • Arctic Monkey soundtracks
  • A swim in a glacier-fed river
  • late afternoon sunshine slanting through a window
  • Freckles spattered across smiling cheeks. 
  • Paint brushes that have been stained from over use
  • Red glints in sunlit hair
  • Peacoats in brisk sunny afternoons, 
  • knitting needles among vibrant colors of yarn
  • Soft baggy sweaters and foggy glasses
  • long afternoons with rain tapping on the window
  • the feeling of a very small hand wrapped around your finger
  • finding the perfect harmony for a song
  • watching the sunrise
  • the sound of a spoon tinkling against you mug as you stir your beverage
  • echoey footsteps in an empty church
Proposal Scenario

So it’s the day of the proposal. Adrien, the romantic dork he is has all the gushy-gooey shenanigans all up and running.

He’s as gentlemanly as usual, escorting, flowers for his lady, opening doors, yadda yadda, the whole sappy schtick. They have a nice dinner together, candle lit, warm summer breeze, extremely nice staff, they’re dressed all fancy and beautiful and trying each other’s desserts and having a dorky “food critic” situation.

Across the street from the venue, conveniently is a theatre hall.
‘Decides to take Marinette to a play, you know, one of those feel-good romantic comedy musical sort of deals. Of course, this is planned, but he makes it seem all so very spur of the moment. They head in and are handed their rom-com program guides. 

The two lovebirds sit all cute next to each other in nerdy harmony. There is soft romantic music flowing from the orchestra pit. They flicker through the program together, looking at all the cute ads and whose-playing-who pages. Deciding what places they want to visit and if they recognize any of the actor’s profiles.

 When suddenly, in between ads there’s a page that starts off with "Marinette Dupain-Cheng" in calligraphy followed by a poem, and then it continues on with a love letter. Marinette is literally loosing it and she keeps on looking back and forth from the page and Adrien, whose already on one knee, she’s bawling and smiling and everything it just so cute and perfect and when she finally gets to the final sentence

“Will you Mari me?”

Marinette, stares, dead ass and just.  

It’s the most aspirational time of year, as people cast about for their resolutions — often resorting to the same old standbys they’ve tried, and abandoned, before.

This year, why not try something new? We happen to have a few suggestions on hand …

For the Ads for Nicer Living project, NPR listeners are writing short ads pitching life’s little joys, five of which will be produced by NPR.

Most of the submissions so far are about appreciation — for children’s laughter, dogs, sunsets, warm socks, balmy breezes.

So, while we’re still weeks away from picking the scripts to produce, we figured we’d offer a sneak peek for some New Year’s Eve inspiration. And if you’re inspired to write an ad of your own, enter it here!

From Rain Marie I. Davis in East Stroudsburg, Pa:

Are you tired of being stressed? Do you wish you could achieve some form of inner peace? Well, you can — with the new revolutionary product MEDITATION™.

MEDITATION™ is an easy affordable means of relaxation. MEDITATION™ will ease your stress, bring you peace, and improve your health; improving your quality of life and extending your lifespan. All that for the affordable price of zero dollars. That’s right — all this for free.

To use MEDITATION™ all you need in a relaxing location and YOURSELF™. (YOURSELF™ is not included in the purchase and takes at least nine months for delivery and 18 years to reach maturity).

In your relaxing location assume a comfortable meditation posture and clear your mind, focus on a positive feeling and voila — MEDITATION™ is already improving your quality of life.

Just call 1-800-notarealnumber and order MEDITATION™ today! Also look into a YOURSELF™ package for a future love one … give them the gift of life!

In The Market For A New Year’s Resolution? Let Us Sell You Some Ideas

Illustration: Chelsea Beck/NPR

Idk what this is but after last week’s episode with more confirmation that Oliver Queen is a reader, I got a spark of inspiration to write something including that little tidbit about him. And also baseball because, why not? Un-beta-ed so read at your own risk lol. 

Felicity held down the pages of her notebook as a warm spring breeze blew by and tickled her face.

“Do you want a ride home?”

She turned her head to see Iris joining her on the bleachers.

“No that’s okay. I think I’m just going to get some homework done and then walk home.”  

“You’ve been spending a lot of time out here lately.”

Shrugging, she replied, “It’s nice out. And mom’s been working weird hours again so I’d rather be here than alone at home.”

Iris tilted her head towards the baseball field where the team was starting their after school practice, “Are you sure it has nothing to do with that?”

“I don’t—“ She could feel a faint blush spreading across her cheeks at how high pitched her voice sounded and she coughed, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Mhmm,” Iris raised a skeptical eyebrow but let it go. “Well, I’ll see you in chem tomorrow.”

Felicity nodded, “Yep. Don’t forget that it’ll be the third Tuesday of the month which means, according to my algorithm, we’re going to have a pop quiz.”

Iris shook her head in amusement, “I am friends with all of the biggest nerds at this school.”

Felicity grinned, “Happy studying!”

She watched as Iris walked away from the field before sliding her eyes over to where the guys had lined up for throwing drills. Squinting in the sunlight, she paused for a fraction of a second on one of the players before ducking her head back down into her chemistry notes.

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Imagine playing soccer with the group in Alexandria to relieve stress.

(So here’s my “tribute”imagine before the big reveal tonight of who got Lucilled. I switched it from baseball to soccer because i’m more familiar with it XD Hope it is as requested and I promise it’s super fluffy and silly :3 PS. I tried my best to included everyone at the line up as well as the others in Alexandria XD Gif not mine/Found it on google/Credit to the original owner.)

As you stepped outside of your house, you felt the warm breeze and the sun shining down.

It was a beautiful day and looking over at your friends out and about their day, made you smile and grateful to have finally found a place to call home.

You suddenly felt an arm wrapping around your neck and someone pulling you over for a kiss on the cheek.

It surprised for a moment but instantly you knew it was only Daryl being his usual sweet self.

“Mornin’ Y/N”

You chuckled and holding to his arm and looking over at him, you replied “Morning Daryl…but you do realize it’s at least noon!”

He laughed and nodded.

“Yeah, I know! It’s just habit I have to say it to you when I wake up, that’s all! Besides it’s your fault I woke up this late!”

You laughed and agreed with him.

“Fine…You’re right! But it’s only because everyone else told me it was okay for us to take a rest for the day …especially after the hard work we did yesterday…”

Listening to you he chuckled and his hands had wandered to hold you by your waist. As you looked into his eyes a thought came to you.

“And since we have the rest of the day to us…and it’s such a beautiful day…I think we should all have some fun…Come on! I have an idea!”

You pulled him by the arm and ran over into the garage of your house. Seeing your enthusiasm made him smile and get just as excited as you.


You then both stepped out of your house and walked over to the large field.

Your friends all saw the both of you and wondered what was going on. They saw you holding a soccer ball and few cones while Daryl held some paint cans.

They then noticed you setting the cones as the limits of the goal and later saw you and Daryl spray painting the field.

Rick first approached the both of you and smiling, loudly asked “What are you two up to?!”

You pulled down your scarf protecting you from the fumes and waved over at him.

In a joyful tone, you told him “We’re preparing a soccer field to play in! It’ll be ready in a few moment! Just go tell everyone to come over! We all deserve a fun break!”

He shook his head laughing and turned to run to go and get the others.


As you and Daryl wrapped up the preparations, all of your friends and family came over. They stood looking at you in amusement while some

With the ball in hand you walked over and looked at all of them. Daryl followed you and said “Alright! Listen up! We all worked hard for this place to work since we got here! So Y/N and I thought that maybe it’s time for us to finally get a break!”

They all agreed clapping and cheering and laughed at your suggestion.

You then said “Alright, here’s how it’s going to go down! We’ll separate into two teams first! We’ll play a game of soccer…winner gets a reward while the losers gets a punishment…”

Glenn then raised his hand and said “What’s the reward?!”

They clapped and asked the same and as you signal them to calm down you said “The rewards is…Drum roll, please…anything the winners want…something in the realm of possibility, alright! We can’t exaggerate!”

They chuckled and agreed with you and let you continue.

“So let’s start…Who wants to be team captain?”

As Daryl heard you, he immediately took the ball away from you and said “No…No team captains! Girls vs. Guys! That’s it! Let’s see who’s best!”

He laughed and began to run to the other side of the field and instantly the men all followed him.

“Daryl!” You yelled as he got further away and the others got closer.

As they passed by you they all laughed and Eugene jokingly pushed you out of the way while Abraham caught you and ruffled your hair into a mess.

Carl passed by sticking his tongue out at you and Maggie came over to pull your hand over to the middle of the field.

Their actions surprised you but nonetheless it all made you laugh as well.


The instant you all gathered in the center to start playing, Daryl got cocky and said “Ready to lose Girls? Huh, Y/N?! Ready to reward me after you lose?!”

You pushed his shoulder in a playful manner and replied “You’re overconfident?! You really think you can win this with your team?! Please?!”

Rick got closer and being just as overly confident said “Yeah we’re gonna win! Why wouldn’t we? We have the best on the men’s side, there’s no chance we’re losing anytime soon…”

You scoffed and rolling your eyes replied “Seriously, Rick you too?!”

Michonne walked over and pushing Rick the way you did Daryl, said “Alright, enough chit chat! Let’s start!”

Daryl immediately kick the ball out of your way and passed it over to Rick.

Rick ran as much as he could, only to be intercepted by Michonne. She kicked the ball out over to Rosita.

She passed ran with it and seeing you near the goal passed it over to you. You got it and in that moment, you kicked hard and managed to make Eugene miss the ball and scoring one for the team.

Instantly, you were overjoyed and ran towards your teammates while Tara ran over to you to pick you up in a big hug.They hugged you and you just had to do your silly celebratory dance.

Daryl taking the ball back and walking over to you said “Okay, okay we got it! You don’t need to rub it in our faces!”

You stuck your tongue out at him and shrugged placing yourself back for another round.


Daryl looked over at Rick and nodded, only to make his pass over to Glenn instead. It threw you off for a moment but Maggie went after him and tried to get the ball away.

She ended up pulling him by his shirt, making him slip and fall. However, he grabbed onto her before and ended up pulling her down with him.

They laughed and so did everyone else but suddenly Abraham got to the ball before you could.

He ran with it and heard Carl yelling from the other side “Abraham, over here!”

As you heard that, you ran over to block Carl and keep him from the pass.

However, Abraham passed it over to him and he managed to get away from you. Despite your teammates giving him a hard time he managed to go further and score.

Abraham raised his arms up in celebration and said “Yeah! Now we’re talking about!”

He ran over to Carl and picked him up on his shoulder to continue the celebration. The guys all high fives each other for it and sang a little something to celebrate.

Sasha chuckled realizing she missed and seeing how just as childish the guys could be.

Daryl then got closer to you, just as you stuck his tongue out.

You mimicked him mockingly and said “You didn’t even score it! All you did was pass it at the start! Not that impressive…”

He mimicked you back only to pinch your cheeks tightly.

“Daryl! Let go!”

The others then approached with the ball back and was about to restart.


Suddenly you heard a voice approaching and asked “What’s happening here?”

You turned over to see Father Gabriel walking over with Aaron. As well as Morgan following from behind.

As they arrived, you smiled and said “We’re playing soccer! Winner gets a reward! Losers gets punished!”

They chuckled hearing you and Gabriel said “Well then can we join?”

You all cheered and nodded at them to come over. Daryl then said “Alright guys, over here!”

You shook your head and put yourself in front of Daryl and said “Wait this is unfair! You guys out number us! At least one of you should join us!”

Daryl laughed and Rick approached you replying “No, no, no Y/N! It’s guys vs. girls! These three are all men, they’re with us! It doesn’t matter how many we are!”

You pouted and frowned at him saying “Oh come on guys!”

Wanting to be nice Gabriel raised his hand and said “I don’t mind being part of your team Y/N…”

Daryl shook his head and went over to reach his raised hand and said “No, Father…You’re a man! You’re with us! Don’t try being nice to her! The moment she wins she’ll rub it in my face!”

His comment made everyone laugh and as he pulled him over to men’s side of the field, Aaron approached you and mouth out “Sorry” before going to join Daryl.

You caught Morgan by the arm and tried to beg him to be on your team but just as Aaron he apologized saying “Sorry, Y/N…You heard Rick and Daryl…It’s guys vs. girls…”

You jokingly got frustrated and stared over at Daryl to warn him. He simply laughed and shrugged at you.


Their team outnumbered the girls and being as unfair as they could they all stood to play in the field.

Rosita approached you as you walked over and said “What the hell?! How can they just all be on the field at once?”

Maggie got closer and said in a loud tone “Well maybe it’s because they’re all scared of losing to us!”

You laughed at her statement and Daryl imitated you to make fun of you.

You pushed him over and you all restarted to play. You played a little more aggressively and pushed and tugged at them to get the ball.

You all got down and dirty on the ground and couldn’t help laughing whenever someone slipped and fell or just completely missed the ball.

Although, they were more men than women, you still managed to get more scores than them and in the end won.

You all celebrated and just as Daryl said, you totally rubbed it in his face while dancing.

“I won! We won! And You didn’t! We didn’t even need more player on our team! So…I told you so! I told you so! I told you! I told you! I told you so!”

Even though he thought you were cute, Daryl couldn’t let you celebrate too much and grabbed you to hug you tightly and tackled you softly to the ground. He ruffled your hair and tickled you.

He finally let go and as everyone took a little break, you went over to your teammates and discussed what your reward was going to be and what punishment they were going to get.


You finally made your decision and walked back to tell them.

“Alright, so it’s been decided! As a reward for us winning, you will all have to cook a great and amazing meal for us, once we get back in! All of you, together! No objections!”

Crossing his arms and listening to you, Rick said replied “Fair enough…”

He looked over at his teammates and continued “But you all better know how to cook well because I don’t think you can count on me!”

It made you all laugh and you continued “And as for your punishment…we wanted to see you all humiliate yourselves so…line up!”

They all looked at each other and you could see in their eyes the nervousness of what was going to happen.

You laughed along with the other girls and said “Alright when I call upon your name, you will have to move forward and turn around, so that your butts are facing us! You will then be obligated to spell your name in the air by using your butt! Don’t worry, we’ll only take your first names!”

They chuckled here and there and were in disbelief to their punishment.

Trying your best to keep yourself from bursting into laughter, you continued “So, Daryl! You’re up! Hurry!”

He moved forward and looking at you said “You’re unbelievable, Y/N! This has you written all over it!”

You scoffed and crossed your arms and said “Just write your name!”

He followed your orders and as he did, heard you laughing with the other girls and saw his teammates laughing as well.

“You guys all laugh, now! But you’ll be up next too!”

He looked ridiculous shaking his butt to spell each letter of his name yet was so adorable, you couldn’t help but give him a pat on the butt when he was done.

One at a time, they all went through what Daryl and at each of them you laughed as much.

When it was all done, as everyone was laughing and having such a good time taking a break, you all sat down and enjoyed watching the sunset together in the field, forgetting about your worries.

It’s the most aspirational time of year, as people cast about for their resolutions — often resorting to the same old standbys they’ve tried, and abandoned, before.

This year, why not try something new? We happen to have a few suggestions on hand …

For the Ads for Nicer Living project, NPR listeners are writing short ads pitching life’s little joys, five of which will be produced by NPR.

Most of the submissions so far are about appreciation — for children’s laughter, dogs, sunsets, warm socks, balmy breezes.

But a few were calls to action.

So, while we’re still weeks away from picking the scripts to produce, we figured we’d offer a sneak peek for some New Year’s Eve inspiration. And if you’re inspired to write an ad of your own, enter it here!

In The Market For A New Year’s Resolution? Let Us Sell You Some Ideas

Illustration: Chelsea Beck/NPR


The Night Court. 

“Just to say good-bye.” A warm breeze ruffled his hair, brushing tendrils of darkness off his shoulders. “Before your beloved whisks you away forever.” “Not forever,” I said, wiggling my tattooed fingers for him to see. “Don’t you get a week every month?” Those words, thankfully, came out frosty. Rhys smiled slightly, his wings rustling and then settling. “How could I forget?”

The moment after the first kiss

His lips were tingling, excited by the promise of many more amazing kisses to come.

The tips of their noses were gently nuzzling each other.

He welcomed the other boy’s breath on his cheeks as a sweet, warm breeze caressing his face.

He heard his heart celebrating in his chest, beating at the rythm of his bounding joy.

He opened his eyes, willing this experience to not have been the mere result of a vivid dream…

And he met Scorpius’s loving gaze, returning the beautiful smile that graced his best friend’s face.

He allowed himself a moment to think what this wonderful kiss would mean to them.

That’s when Albus remembered to breathe.

the passing of time
is much like
the subtle embrace
of a warm summer breeze
each passing minute
softly slipping
through my grasp
just as a gentle wind
through the trees

time whispers
rejuvenating breathes
silently upon my day
her each enchanting steps
into the morning air
before taking me
by the hand
to join her
in this graceful
for i live
and move
and long to stay

within her every rhythm

away from her
i dare not glance
her eager pulse
my only guide
of course i let her
take the lead
each step belongs
to her alone
before it’s mine
before i’m shown
which way to move
for i would never
stand a chance
to dance this life
all on my own

it’s with her
and steady
that i am kept alive
within the precision
of her choreography
is where my love for life
is fully revived

Brie –
my dance with time


Barcelona, Spain // July 9, 2015 

The sun was setting in the sky in front of the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, but that didn’t stop the locals and tourists from still exploring the streets. The last of the sun’s light dipped down being the buildings and my host sister, Mireia, and I sat on some steps waiting for her parents. The air was comfortable, not too hot and not too cool. There was a warm breeze that blew through all of the alleyways and buildings, around corners and under cars, finally reaching us, fluttering our hair and tickling our warm skin. It was going to be a beautiful night in the city.


Prompt: Nalu 
Mermaid/Mercenary soulmate AU

Rating: T for language

A/N: The FT Fic Exchange for @akela-nakamura! Surprise Marissa! It’s an AU just for you! I hope you have a wonderful holiday :3 

Still unsure if I tag @rivendell101 but Imma do it anyway


Hurling his upper body over the railing, his legs kicked out as the vile sounds of vomiting surrounded the upper deck of the ship. The sun dimmed down on the rusty vessel, a storm looming in the distance, creeping closer with each lull of waves on the hull.

Natsu Dragneel wiped his lips with the back of his hand, a grimace on his face and a queasy burp escaping his mouth. Pink locks swayed in the warm breeze, the sound of the engine churning yards below the surface of the ocean, but vibrating the ship: a constant promise. Knees clothed in green cargo pants hit the polished deck, large bare hands gripping the painted iron rails for support.

“Ugh, pitiful. How did you ever survive basic training?” A snarky voice barked, disturbing the peace. Natsu scowled and turned his head to see the black haired man that was on his ass since they were assigned to this ship.

Gajeel Redfox, the famous Black Steel Gajeel, known for his skills in combat and defense. Natsu wasn’t surprised that he was hired for a head guard.

He also wasn’t surprised he was also hired for this expedition. This was a big game, and the Master wanted the best. Both he and Gajeel were the best…or the best available at the moment.

Natsu sneered, licking his lips as he forced himself to stand. Motion sick or not, Natsu refused to be seen as weak. He cannot get fired from this voyage. Everything depended on it.

“Shaddup. I just took my anti nausea pill late this morning.” It was a lousy excuse, but true. Wendy gave him enough anti nausea meds to stay at sea for months. The only downside was that he had to be diligent and take them at the exact same time each day.

Gajeel could write off his motion sickness, but Natsu knew the man had his own stash of meds. How else could they survive the high seas?

“You are useless, Salamander. Why are you even on this ship?” Gajeel grumbled, black eyes scanning the horizon with little interest. “Don’t tell me-”

Natsu sat up, slamming his forehead to the other man’s forcefully. “We ain’t supposed to say anything about the Master, Tin Can.” Seriously, they swore to secrecy before they cheated to the top of the applicant lists. It was the second rule behind not killing anybody.

Still, Natsu got to be a mercenary with a hot headed personality. Gajeel was stuck with babysitting the scientist in charge of this military expedition. Loser.

Speaking of…

“Gajeel! How are you supposed to guard me if you can’t even keep a decent eye on me?” A woman snapped, and both men turned to see their employer stomp up to them. 

Her blue hair was tied up in a ponytail as reading glasses rested on the bridge of her nose. The white coat was blinding in the halogen lamps now flickering to life. Both males had only seen it in the dark and damp inside of the ship lab.

“Damn it, the bookworm vampire came out to play.” Gajeel muttered to Natsu. “I thought we had to be professional, shrimp.”

The woman scowled as she stopped right before him, hands on her hips. Through gritted teeth and a slicing gaze, she spoke, “I happen to be a doctor, Redfox. I demand to be known as such. That is professionalism, along with doing your job correctly.”

Natsu snickered, and the woman shifted her eyes to him. “You, Mr. Dragneel, have no job here. You are lucky my senior adviser, Dr. Jose, demanded a mercenary soldier be deployed on my peaceful expedition.” Her tone was steely. “I am here to study sea life and take samples, not kill everything in sight.”

The pink haired man rolled his eyes. 

The hunt was why he was here, yeah. The rumors that monsters have been fished out of the sea was thrilling. Beating up said monsters sounded even more thrilling. Any threat to Magnolia would be his job to dispose of, regardless of his employers thoughts.

Made things more interesting, at least to him. Monster slaying was a specialty of his.

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