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Bad hookup survival guide

About a week ago I hooked up with someone and I felt absolutely disgusted, used, disappointed, and dirty because I wasnt comftorable, pleased, or happy with the situation and felt scared to say no so for personal reasons and recent experiences, I decided to share a personal lil guide I made that i follow after a really bad hook up.
*Reminder - this is a PERSONAL guide. What works for me may not work for you. Take what you need and leave the rest
1- Deep throating a dirty dick made me appreciate my tooth brush 10x more. I start off by brushing my teeth and flossing, followed by mouth wash. After this i’ll pour myself something to drink to calm my nerves. I recommend tea even tho i’m pouring myself a shot or 5 of vodka.

2- I’ll pick out clean and comftorable underwear, a clean bra, and a big T-shirt to change into for after my bath.

3- I’ll run my bath with warm water and dump ½ a cup of apple cider vinegar in with bath salts. I usually use lavender or eucalyptus. You best believe i’m dumping a shit load of body wash in there too, everyone knows a bubble bath is therapy.

4- I massage a deep conditioner into my scalp because that mofo yanked the shit out of my hair a little too hard and now my heads a little sore and my hairs a little knotted.

5- I scoop a generous amount of scrub and work it onto my legs, arms, belly, etc and rinse it off. At this point i’ll turn on my shower head then dose my loofah with body wash and scrub the shit out of my skin. Maybe a little too rough but it gives me the illusion that i’m washing away what the person I hooked up with did.

6- At this point I usually sit in the water to soak for a bit longer or i’ll rinse off and drain the tub and get out. I dry off and cover my body in lotion and spritz a comforting scent on (jasmine, lavender, vanilla) to get the smell of him off me.

7- after this I know my pussy is hurtin. When a guy cant get you wet and rips your dry pussy up it can take a toll on you and your pussy’s emotional health. I’ll take a wet warm wash cloth (please no soap) and gently press it on my labia for any swelling. Then i’ll rub on some coconut oil and put on my panties. No masturbating, let her chill for a bit and recover

8- ok so now that ive done all this i’ll put on my bra and Tshirt and get into bed. I like to write how i’m feeling or honestly just bawl my eyes out and remind myself of these 5 things-
~Who I sleep with doesnt define me
~How many people Ive slept with doesnt define me
~What I do in bed doesnt define me
~I am not less of a person
~I will be okay. My body will be okay. My heart will be okay.
This was kind of a messy little list I put together. Ive been meaning to write this and once I did I cant even put all my thoughts and routines into something that makes sense. But bad hook ups can really take a toll on you. They take a toll on me. And I want to give some kind of supports to others who find themselves in the same situation. Its a kind of misunderstood thing where you feel awful because you agreed to what you were doing but you still feel violated.

Shit I’ve Said To My Dog : Sentence Starters
  • Why do you get so upset when I blow into your ears?
  • Am I annoying you yet? Am I annoying you yet? Am I annoying you yet?
  • If you burp in my face we’re not friends anymore.
  • Why do you have such a floppy lip?
  • Oh, I didn’t realise you suddenly decided to have standards.
  • Stop looking at other people. Your world should revolve around me.
  • Remember that time, one year ago when you split open my lip by accident and it didn’t stop bleeding? No? Well I do.
  • Wanna roll around on the floor and make weird sounds later?
  • If you try to lick me when I’ve just gotten out of the shower again I sWEAR TO GOD.
  • Not everyone needs to hear your opinion on the existence of fire alarms.
  • I have never seen anyone so happy to pretend to be dead before.
  • Okay. You need a bath. I’m ready for battle, don’t even try to argue this.
  • How come you hate warm baths but love swamp water and muddy puddles?
  • I love that no matter what I say, if I hold up my hand you’ll high-five it without question. It’s like we’re always united, no matter who or what I’m roasting today.
  • I found one of your hairs in my breakfast. We need to talk.
  • I asked you to bring me my slippers. I did not ask you to check they were dead by shaking them like a crazed dingo before giving them to me.
  • You can’t just put your foot in my mouth then walk away. What kind of friendship do you think this is?
  • I love how efficient you are at using the tools around us to be as annoying as possible.
  • I never got to be the big spoon in bed before I had you. This is such a weird new perspective I have gained in life. 
  • I’m pretty sure this many snuggles is illegal in some countries.
  • No. Stop begging to try a piece of my food. It’s a vegetable. You hate vegetables. *Sigh* Fuck it. Fine. Here try some.
  • SEE? I told you you’d hate it!
  • Why do you insist on smooshing squishy foods before eating them?
  • I’m not sure how something so adorable and pure could have as many nightmares as you do, but I hope you’re okay.
  • I will never grow tired of booping your snoot.
  • Sometimes I look at you and I realise how lucky I am to have someone who is so tolerant of my weirdness.
  • Why do you get excited whenever I go to the bathroom?
  • You always look sad when you’re tired. It’s so fucking cute.
  • I love how if I get really excited over a stick, you trust me enough to see insane amounts of value in it too.
  • I got you another teddy to add to your already grossly large collection of teddies. Yes I’m an enabler. No I’m not going to stop enabling you.
  • Some kid asked me if you were a bear today. It made me wonder what your spirit animal would be.
  • Why do you always sleep by my door? Are you guarding it from demons?
  • Let’s go to the woods. You run through the trees and I’ll hum the Game of Thrones theme.
  • I’ve always wanted to braid your hair, but I’m also worried you won’t like it
  • How can you be both so polite and such a piece of shit at the same time?
  • Holy crap our souls were literally meant for one another.
Disenchanting Bath

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1 cup Epsom salts

Non-toxic marker

           Write the name of the spell you wish to remove on your body. If you do not know the name, draw a sigil to represent it.  If you wish to cleanse yourself completely, as per my Samhain ritual, draw a sigil representing positive magic, and a sigil representing negative magic. Also draw a sigil representation for others, and for yourself.

           Dissolve Epsom salts in warm bath water. Step in and soak for a few minutes to soften the ink. Scrub the sigils off gently, and visualize the energy of the spell(s) melting away with the ink.

           This can help with jinxes and hexes, as well as minor curses (when used in tandem with other measures). This is quite gentle neutralization, and sometimes more aggressive measures are very necessary, especially if you need an immediate and permanent fix.

Taking Care of the Kid(s) for the Day

Group/Member: BTS/Jungkook

Words: 491

Genre: fluff, Daddy!Jungkook

Summary: Jungkook’s in charge of bath time tonight

Requested: 7th part of series

A/N: Finally Jungkook’s! I’m sad that this series is ending, as I have mentioned multiple times that I am in love with BTS as dads. Thank you to everyone who read these, and I hope you enjoy this one!

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Jin Yoongi Hoseok Namjoon Jimin Taehyung


Jungkook took a deep breath before responding to his 4-year-old son. “Byung Ho, it is bath time.”

“No, it’s not! Eomma gives me baths!” The child stomped his foot in frustration.

“Eomma won’t be home until after bedtime, so she told me to give you a bath.”

“I don’t believe you!”

Jungkook sighed and pulled out his phone, dialing your number. “Hello?”

“Please tell our son that it’s bath time.” Jungkook asked while turning on speaker phone.

“Byung Ho, please go with Appa and take a bath.”

The child’s anger left his face. “Okay, Eomma. Love you!”

“Love you, too, baby! Be a good boy for Appa!”

Jungkook lifted the phone up to his mouth. “Love you! Bye!” He waited for you to say it back before hanging up and sticking the phone in his pocket. “You heard what she said, time for a bath!” He scooped his son up in his arms and carried him over his shoulder to the bathroom, smiling at the child’s shrieks of laughter. He set him down on the ground and kneeled in front of the tub. “Okay, you get undressed while I get the bath ready.” The sentence wasn’t even fully out of his mouth before Byung Ho was already taking his shirt off.

“Appa, guess what.”

Jungkook turned around to face his son as he waited for the water to heat up. “What?”

“I have a missile in my underwear!”

Jungkook tried to keep a straight face at his son’s words. He could tell his face was turning red from how he was having to hold back his coughs from choking on his own spit. Like most people, he assumed his son had come up with a new word for penis. “Is that so?” Byung Ho Nodded happily, rocking back on forth on his feet with his hands clasped behind his back, still wearing his pants. “Your appa has a missile in his pants, too.”

“Really?!” Byung Ho looked so excited as his dad nodded in confirmation. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!”

“Wait, what?” Jungkook said, but Byung Ho was already reaching into his pants. “You don’t-“ He stopped talking as Byung Ho pulled his hand back out, revealing a toy missile. “Oh, you meant…” Jungkook trailed off, feeling dumb for not realizing his son was talking about a toy missile.”

“Where’s your missile, appa?”

“Oh…uh……” Jungkook turned the water off as he tried to come up with an answer. “I meant I used to have a missile in my pants, but I, uh, lost it long ago.”

“That’s so sad!” Byung Ho cried out while Jungkook just nodded sadly, playing along. “You can have mine instead!” Byung Ho shoved the toy in Jungkook’s hand before removing his pants and underwear. “Bath time!!”

Jungkook chuckled at his on and set the toy missile down before picking the young boy up and placing him in the warm bath water.

Candles & Roses (Ethan)

Author’s Note - I know I said I was taking a hiatus and I still am but I had this written and thought I would share it with you all in my absence. Enjoy! 



You tossed your bag on the kitchen counter and sat down on the couch with your head in your hands. It had been the worst day of your life. Everything down to the coffee spilling on your lap on your way into work thus you having to turn around and change only to be late once again for work.

“This is the third time this week!” Your boss shouted in your face, pointing a fat finger at you. “One more slip up and your internship with Vogue will be over.”

You felt tears welling up in your eyes and you could think of nothing you wanted more than your boyfriend, Ethan’s, arms wrapped tight around you kissing your hair and rubbing your back like he always did when you were stressed and upset.

You fished your phone out of your pants pocket and dialled Ethan’s number quickly. When his voice filled your ears you felt a relief wash over you. Suddenly everything was okay.

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Daddy Issues

Pairing: JungKook & Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff, Angst

Summary: A top student, marks always high. College was not a dream for her…Except she didn’t have enough money. Her parents never earned much so they literally took care of themselves. Her boss acting as a dick towards her she quited her job. Even though she had no idea what she let herself into this was her only option.

Other Chapters: 1 - 2  -  3  - 5 - 6 - 7

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Shaving Cream (Sam x Reader)

Plot: The reader is helping to shave her boyfriend Sams face and accidentally puts a little bit too much shaving cream on his face. Pure fluff. 

Characters: Sam Winchester, reader

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, fluff, fluffy fluff fluff, then some, lots of kissing

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Period||Daniel Seavey||Imagine One♡

Summary:You get your period and Daniel takes care of you




Just a cute little photo of Daniel:))

As your eyes fluttered open they adjusted to the dark room you were once fast asleep in, the light of the moon shining through the blinds that hung in the window hitting the wall directly across from it. You look beside you to see your boyfriend of two months sleeping soundly, with his arms wrapped around your waist while his head lays back on the pillow next to yours. His peaceful face causing a small smile to play on yours as the soft snores he was making fill the room. This was the first time you had ever spent the night at the why don’t we house and if this is what it felt like, waking up next to the boy you were falling for than you could defiantly get use to it. You turned your head to see the clock. The bright red letters causing hurt to flash in your eyes as they weren’t ready for something so bright.

4:52 am

You had felt a sharp pain hit your stomach. Deciding that you hadn’t ate much today you were probably just hungry you grabbed your phone and headed down the stairs as quietly as possible, not wanting to wake anyone up or cause anyone to get angry. You found an apple and a bottle of water from the fridge before sitting down on one of the bar stools and opened up twitter to see what you had missed in the four hours you had been asleep.

You were just cleaning up the remander of your midnight snack when a sleepy Daniel appeared in front of you.

“Danny baby, what are you going out of bed?” you asked walking closer to him, he immediately wrapped his arms around your waist,laying his head in your neck, clearly still extremely sleepy.

“I got worried when I woke up and you weren’t there” He mumbled before placing a soft, sleepy kiss on your neck. Your heart melted right away, it was the little things like this that truly made you believe you were falling for him. Everyday he did something that made you feel so incredibly special.

You stood there for a second, swaying back and fourth still in his arms, when another wave of pain hit you, way stronger than before. Your knees when weak, Daniel noticed pulling his face away from your neck to come face to face with you again. Worry flashed through his eyes as they scanned your face which had “in extreme pain” written all over it.

“Lets get you back to bed, maybe its a stomach flew or something” He said, kissing your forehead before taking your hand in his and leading you back up the stairs. Still a little unfamiliar to the house you took out your phone and turned on the flash light, lighting up a pathway to Daniels room that you could both see.

The two of you walked into Daniels room when you both saw it, you stopped dead in your tracks and froze. The huge red stain that had taken up a large spot on Daniels bed sheets. You felt the tears start to form in your eyes, not only was this embarrassing, you had this horrible feeling that Daniel was going to get mad at you. This had only happened once before, with your ex and he had gotten angry and you felt the same way you did then. Venerable and scared.

Daniel turned to face you, his eyes flashing with worry and care. He pulled you into his chest and started rubbing your back as you closed your eyes and tried to stay claim.

“Im gonna go run you a bath, take off your clothes and Ill put them and the sheets in the wash. I think Christina leaves some girl products in Corbyns bathroom, Ill go find you some. Just sit down and stay put” He whispered, placing a kiss just under your ear before placing you on the bed and walking into the bathroom to start the bath water.

You sat there in shock, no one had ever been so sweet to you. No one had never taken care of you in such a loving and tender way. Daniel Seavey was honestly one of the most perfect guy in the whole world and he was yours.

He came back into the room a few minutes later carrying two boxes, one with tampons and one with pads, he walked into the bathroom and turned off the water once the bath was filled up and put the boxes down. He walked back out to see you sitting there, pain and shock written all over your face, but he didn’t say anything he just stuck out his hand, waiting for you to wake it. You took his hand in yours and you followed him as he brought you into the bathroom.

You started stripping, in too much pain to care if he was still standing there behind you. You rolled up your pants and underwear, careful to make sure the stain wasn’t showing before placing them on the counter. Daniel came up behind you, wrapping his arms around your exposed stomach and placed soft kisses along your shoulders. Just his touch alone made the pain subside and make you feel a little better.

“Ill be back baby, go relax” he whispered again, before walking out the door with your stained clothes in his hand. You got into the bath, the warm water hitting your skin. You leaned your head back, closing your eyes as you laid in the big soaker tub.

Daniel came in about 20 minutes later, holding a pair of his sweatpants and your favourite hoodie of his.

“I put these in the dryer, along with a blanket so they will be warm when you get out and I changed the bedsheets, come out when your read baby” He said, before coming over and bending down to place a kiss on your forehead before leaving you be again.

You had never known a boy could be such a gentleman, he had stood behind you naked and didn’t try anything, he didn’t even make a flirty joke, he had then see you in the bath tub naked but his eyes never left yours, not even for a second. He had made you feel so loved at 5 am and not once did he even seem to mind that you had kept him up.

Once you got out of the bath, you cleaned yourself up and took care of all the girly busniess you needed too before putting on his clothes that he had left for you and walked out to see him sitting on the edge of the bed on his phone.

“You could have gone back to sleep love, its 5:30” You said as you sat next to him. He turned off his phone, putting it on the night side table before sitting back up to place his head on your shoulder, grabbing your hand and intertwining your hands.

“I didn’t want to go back to bed without my girl,I wanted to make sure you were okay” He said, smiling up at you.

“Come on Danny boy, lets get some sleep” You told him, this time placing a kiss on his forehead before standing up to to turn off the lights.

Both of you laid back in bed, Daniel laying on his back while you laid half on top of him and half off the bed while he brought his hand under his hoodie and rubbed smooth circles on your exposed back.

“Sweet dreams princess” You heard him whisper before you fell asleep.

God you were falling for this boy.


This section will cover everything from tanning a pelt, to true taxidermy where an animal is mounted on a frame, to cleaning bones. Taxidermy is a very interesting art form that combines many different disciplines, but with guidance anyone can create amazing pieces that can be used to educate or decorate. I will give this warning though, because taxidermy deals with dead animals, it is incredibly important that you take all necessary precautions. Use protection when dealing with the animal, keep your workbench away from your living space, dispose of all leftovers properly, and make sure you look up the rules in your state about collecting roadkill.

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Downright Delinquents

“ouatpeterpan said: If u have seen jurassic world,can u make a zach x reader smut image where he catches you masturbating and then fucks you hard???”

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*Bad Date* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

I’d like to make a request if that’s okay! So Newt is very in love with Y/N, however Y/N only sees him as a very close friend. One night Y/N goes out with a guy, but the date goes horribly and he’s just extremely rude and creepy. Y/N runs to Tina & Queenie’s house in the rain, cold and wet, and Newt insists she comes in. It’s just really fluffy & sweet, like he gets blankets, fetches her her favorite treats & warm drinks, runs a hot bath for her, plays her favorite music, & maybe they kiss? And he’s just absolutely furious with that guy, and just genuinely tries to comfort her a ton and it’s really sweet. :D thank you!!

❤ Enjoy, lovelies ^_^ (protective/comforting Newt is my favorite)

Trying to focus on his work, Newt couldn’t help but think about you. Knowing you were on a date with someone at this very moment made his heart ache. For what seemed like ages, Newt had wanted to tell you his true feelings for you, but he was afraid he’d ruin what the two of you had; a beautiful and important friendship. 

Unable to focus, Newt placed his pen down and made his way out of the case. He was currently at the Goldstein’s apartment and was alone since Tina and Queenie were working late that night. It was rainy and cold and the the sound of the rain hitting the windows was somewhat comforting. 

Making himself a cup of hot tea, Newt made his way to the sofa near the fireplace where he picked up a random magazine and began flipping through. It wasn’t until an abrupt knock at the door tore him from his thoughts and he turned around, wondering who on earth it could be. The person knocked again and Newt hurried to the door. Afraid it may be the landlord, he cracked it the slightest only to reveal you, soaking wet, crying and shivering.

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Today Will be a Good Day Bath Spell

A morning bath spell to bring on a good positive day.

You will Need:

  • Lavender (happiness)
  • Rose Petals (happiness, joy)
  • Sweet Orange Essential Oil (happiness, empowerment, positivity)
  • Rosemary (energy, positivity, self love, happiness)
  • Rose Quartz (happiness, self love, general positivity)
  • Clear Quartz (increasing energy)
  • Tiger’s Eye (peace of mind)
  • Lavender Incense
  • Sachet or coffee filters (with string or rubber band to tie)


  • fill your sachet(s) with your lavender, rosemary and rose petals. If you do not have a sachet that works in a bath coffee filters work just as good
  • Begin filling your bath with warm water and place your herbs into it in their bag
  • Drop a few drops of sweet orange essential oil into bath, not too much.
  • Along the rim place your rose quartz, clear quartz, and tiger’s eye
  • light your lavender incense and get into the bath
  • While in the bath visualize all of the negativity in and on you fading away like steam as the water glows with a soft light and mixes around you, so you too are glowing. Breath in and out slowly and let your body relax, meditate if possible.
  • “Today will be a good day, today will be a nice day.” repeat this three times then return to visualization.
  • Once you are ready to get out: “Let today begin.” 

Notes: this spell is to be done in the morning before the day has really started. If you cannot access a bath you can soak the bag of herbs in a large basin of water and use it to wash your face. Or if you have a shower, tie your coffee filter to the head of the shower.

updated skin care routine!

hey! so for the past month i’ve changed up my skin care routine a bit and i thought i should share since it’s been so helpful. i realized all my problems started when i began washing my face with soap and using tons of product but ever since i stopped my skin cleared up a heck ton.
rinse face with cold water and apply vitamin e oil
night: remove makeup (if you wear it) with micellar water +makeup wipe and go over your face once more with a cotton ball soaked in the micellar water. rinse with warm water (not necessary) then cold to close pores and apply vitamin e oil
to exfoliate: in the shower or bath with warm water, gently rub face with soaked washcloth and then apply vitamin e oil to moisturize! (only exfoliate once or twice a week)
*sometimes if i pick my face i apply some witch hazel and then some aloe gel and it calms it down*
~vitamin e oil also helps fade acne marks~
for small acne breakouts i dab a bit of calamine lotion on at night and by the morning it shrinks!
note: this might not be helpful to all skin types (i have combination skin) but it’s just a suggestion if you’re looking to change up your routine!

if you’re searching for a face mask i suggest the origins charcoal mask or the aztec healing clay mask which you can find at the store for around $7!
A Gem in a Wolf’s Heart: Pt 5

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Robb Stark and Lady Stark survive the Red Wedding. Talisa/Jeyne died and Robb gets his sisters back, there is a new and better King in Kings landing. The North is independent and the Starks killed everyone that betrayed them. Now you are the gem of the North, your father a great general that promised Catelyn Stark to marry you to Robb Stark so he is to remain King in the North.

Part Three  Part Four 

(Y/N)= Your Name

(Y/L/N)= Your Last Name

Warning: Shit is about to go down ladies and gents! 

It was the day of your wedding, you never felt more nervous. In the morning, Robb went off with his men and guards to hunt for the feast, you can imagine Robb being nervous as well. You pace around the room, a tub filled with warm steaming water. 

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♥ Ways To Put A Little To Sleep ♥

1. Back rubs and neck kisses (Gently rub your littles back and kiss their neck until they relax and go to sleep.)

2. Bedtime story (read to your little and choose a book suitable for your littles age. For example, if they’re between 2-6 read a children book (Winnie The Pooh) If there between 7-13 maybe something like a chapter of Harry Potter)

3. Put on lullaby (It’s easy to go on youtube and search up lullabies for babies and children. They are super relaxing and will soothe your little as they fall asleep)

4. Give your little a bath (The warm water will relax them and help them fall asleep easier, most people also fall asleep easier if they feel clean. Put some nice scented bubble bath soap into the bath water and clean your little!)

5. Spray a fragrance in the room (If you have relaxing scented bottle Febreze spray in into the air of the room you little is sleeping in. Choose something like peppermint, spearmint, or lavender to help calm your little and keep them stress-free.)

6. Dress your little up! (It’s not what you think, I promise, or well… maybe it is, anyway. Dress your little up in cute jammies so that they feel happy and special before they good to be, this will keep them in a good mood while they sleep and will ensure good dreams)

7. Keep the room cool (keeps your littles room cool and bundle them in blankies, everyone likes it when the room is just at the right temperature, keep the room near 65-70 degrees)

8. Lights out (Keep the room dark, maybe put a nightlight in if necessary)

9. Paci! (Give your little their pacifier to suck on during the night, it should keep them quiet and soothe them to sleep)

10. Sleep withy your little! (Give them a sense of protection while they sleep. Holding your little close and rocking them gently to help them fall asleep are great tips!)

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How do you think Levi, Jean, and Marco would react to their s/o being on their period?


Marco would be very sweet and caring to his s/o. He’d always be asking if he could do anything for her. Marco would be the type of boyfriend to make late night runs to the store for his s/o simply because she was craving something sweet. He would so sweet things massage his s/o’s back or run some warm bath water for her.

Originally posted by relationshipaims


Jean would notice his s/o’s changes in behavior and appetite. His s/o would be a bit more emotional and clingly during that time of the month. Jean would be very understanding and cater to her every need even if it means extra cuddles and kisses. Its a bit embarrassing for him but he’d go to the store and buy some pads/tampons, unusual food combinations and pain relievers. He also goes the extra mile to buy his hunny a cute gift.

Originally posted by and-then-she-woke-up


I see Levi dropping his hardened exterior for his s/o during that time of the month. His s/o’s cramps would be killer so he would do everything in his power to relieve her of the pain. He wouldn’t exactly know what to do when his s/o is being emotional so he just pulls her into a hug and massage his hands into the small of her back. It pacifiers her instantly. Levi doesn’t hesitate to ive her everything she needs. Also his s/o receives extra affection during that time of the month.

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Valuable: Part 2

Kylo Ren x  Reader

Summary: Reader has spent the last few years living among the First Order after being taken along with other women to be used as breeders for a new generation of soldiers. Reader begins to wonder when her time will come to be used to produce children, until she has an interesting encounter with Kylo Ren himself.

Words: 2100 (ish)

Rated M for future chapters*

Warnings: kidnapping, trauma, unwanted pregnancy, angst 


“Did it work?” General Hux demanded one of the doctors as soon as he burst into the clinic. Hux had been doubtful of this plan, but the prospect of it opened a whole new window in their breeding program.

               “We find out today,” one of the doctors replied. “(Y/N)’s due for a checkup this afternoon, we will know then. Where’s Ren?”

               “He left on a mission with Captain Phasma a few hours ago,” Hux replied in a stale manner, as if the mention of Kylo Ren annoyed him. “As soon as you get the results I want you to send for me. Is that understood?”

               “Yes, sir,” the doctor complied, not looking up from where he was setting up the equipment for that afternoon.

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Something Similar

Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (coming soon)


As the group translator, you seem to be the only one who can wake Bucky from his nightmares but soon everyone is left wondering if it is just your language skills that have an effect on Bucky.


fluff, mention of sex


2.3K (wow this is a long one… worth it though)

A/N: If you messaged me about being on my tag list, see the bottom. I made a boo-boo lmao. Also, apologies if the Portuguese bits are wrong. I do speak a little Portuguese but not much so feel free to correct me!


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“Would you look at this,” Sam smirked from beside you. “The old crew back together again.” He sounded almost sarcastic as he glanced back at Bucky. 

“Yeah, bosom buddies we are.” Bucky rolled his eyes and Sam smiled, knowing he’d got his sparring partner back. 

“To share bosoms you’d actually have to get some, Barnes.” Sam teased and Steve chuckled, Bucky glaring at the back of Sam’s head. 

“I get some, birdbrain,” Bucky muttered. “Besides, at least I don’t pine after red-headed Russian spies who are clearly out of your league.” You chuckled from the driver’s seat, twisting the keys to turn the engine on. 

“Oh shut it, Miss Daisy,” Sam smiled and you fake gasped at his insult. 

“I’ll have you know, I am the most experienced out of all of you.” You smirked, pulling out of the gas station and onto the road. 

“Yeah right.” Bucky laughed and you looked in the rearview mirror to see his mouth twitching into a smile. 

“Think about it logically fellas.” You said, shrugging. “Golden boy here has been on ice for ninety years and has only just bagged himself a girl.” You gestured to Steve who blushed but smiled. He didn’t care about experience. “You have only been alive for what, thirty years?” You turned to Sam who frowned. 

“You say that like it’s an abnormal thing.” Sam muttered. 

“And Mr. Robot was brainwashed for most of his life and I doubt Hydra considered his sex life.” You shrugged. Bucky knew you were right but glared anyway. “I on the other hand was young, alive and kicking in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, decades of sexual exploration and freedom.” You smirked at the road and the men glared at you. Bucky suddenly felt uncomfortable talking about your sex life and Steve noticed. 

“Ugh, this isn’t fair.” Sam muttered. 

“Suck it up, chickie.” You teased, pinching his cheeks. “How does it feel to be the baby of the group?” You teased and Sam glared, causing you to laugh. 

The next twenty minutes passed, full of Bucky and Sam bickering sarcastically. You all couldn’t help the grins on your faces as you slipped back into the normal routine. Usually, after this amount of time, you and Steve would step in but neither of you could bring yourself to do it. The boys automatically silenced when the border approached. You passed the old man in the crappy toll booth without a problem and were soon on your way, the car comfortably quiet as you all admired the mountainous scenery. 

“So how many?” Steve asked suddenly. 

“How many what?” Bucky asked, frowning. 

“People.” He was looking at you and you stared back at him, wide-eyed. 

“I’m not telling you that.” You laughed quietly, focusing on the road. 

“You brought it up.” Sam sided with Steve and you laughed again, ignoring them. The two continued pestering you. You finally gave in. 

“It’s above thirty.” You admitted just as Bucky exploded. 

“Cut it out!” He shouted and you all silenced. Steve smirked at his friend who stuttered for an explanation. “I was just gonna tell you to stop making her share something she doesn’t wanna share.” Sam looked at Steve and raised his eyebrows. You smiled at Bucky in the rearview mirror but he wasn’t looking. 

“Thanks, Buck.” You said. He mumbled something that sounded like ‘no problem’ under his breath, looking out the window. 

The rest of the journey through Spain consisted of Sam and Steve worming out stories of Tony’s childhood from you. You told them about his fascination with building things as a kid and how his father wasn’t around much to help him grow. You told him about the day you prepped him for his first date and how you watched him suffer through his parents’ death alone. That story was told in hushed tones, worried about Bucky’s reaction. He stilled but didn’t speak, relieved when the subject was changed to your life in the 70s. As night began to fall, you were pleased to find that Steve was right, you had made it to the border by the evening. Crossing the final pointless border check, you led the van behind you to a motel, parking up in the carpark. 

“We can go for dinner tonight if you want?” Clint suggested and you smiled but declined the offer, declaring you needed to rest. This time you managed to get three rooms, one twin, one double and one twin with a sofa bed. You and Wanda offered to take the double, Clint and Scott settling for the twin, leaving Steve, Sam and Bucky with the family room. You dragged your duffle up the stairs and collapsed onto the bed, Wanda laughing at your exhaustion. 

“You sure you don’t want to come for dinner?” She asked you for the millionth time as you lazily lounged on the bed, reading again. 

“I’m sure Wanda.” You smiled. “I’m going to order some room service and take a bath.” She hesitated before leaving the room but said goodnight and shut the door behind her. 

You were thankful you were finally alone. It had felt like weeks since that had happened. You decided on bathing first, filling the tub with hot water and bubbles as you sat on the side of the tub reading. When the tub was full you stripped down and assessed the damage under the bandage. Luckily the scratches had closed up a lot with your healing capabilities but the bruising was dark and sore. It was that that was causing you the most pain now. You ripped the bandage away, knowing it was doing no good now that the cuts had healed and climbed into the bath. 

The warm water immediately soothed your aches and you relaxed, enjoying the quiet. After a long soak, you climbed out, stared at your clothes on the floor and huffed, not feeling like dressing in the clingy jeans and t-shirt. Instead, you wore the robe. It was a little small for you, the material only just covering your butt, and the material was a little scratchy, but it was loose and comforting and better than the alternative. With that you exited the bathroom, ready to order room service. To your surprise, Bucky was relaxing on your bed, your notebook in his hands. 

“Hey.” You frowned at him, snatching the book away. He immediately jumped up, shocked at your presence. 

“Y/N!” He stuttered, looking anywhere but your face. He tried to explain himself but gave up and settled on an apology. “I’m sorry.” 

“It’s not like you it’s anything you haven’t heard me tell you today.” You sighed, instantly forgiving him as you walked over to the room service menu. 

“I wish you’d stop that,” Bucky mumbled. 

“Stop what?” You asked, flicking through the menu. 

“Forgiving me so easy.” He admitted. “I don’t want you to treat you different.” 

“I’m not treating you differently, Bucky.” you turned to him, holding out the menu. “I’m treating you like someone I care about.” Bucky frowned but took the menu from you, scanning its contents. You picked up the phone and began talking in Portuguese, ordering a Spaghetti Bolognese for yourself before turning to Bucky. 

“Chicken pie.” he whispered. 

“Torta de frango.” You repeated down the phone. You mimed a sign for beer followed by a thumbs up and Bucky responded with a nod “Quatro cervejas também, por favor.” You asked. 

“Si, Obrigado” You said. “Tchau” Bucky looked at you in awe and you frowned. 


“How do you speak so many languages.” He asked and you smiled. 

“I’ve had a lot of time to practice.” 

“What’s your favourite?” He sat down on your bed, legs kicked up onto the mattress. 

“Portuguese, actually.” You admitted, sitting at the foot of the other side of the bed. You swung your legs up, careful not to flash under your robe, and used your arms to prop yourself up. “It’s the first language, besides English, that I could speak fluently.” 

You weren’t sure why Bucky was in your room but you were unable to ask why. It seemed out of place. Like it shouldn’t be questioned - it was just happening. You talked more about languages and you even started teaching Bucky some Portuguese, laughing as he failed at the pronunciation. 

“I’m sorry about this morning,” Bucky said suddenly and you rolled your eyes. “No, let me say it. I’m sorry I hurt you - both physically and emotionally.” 

You studied him for a second, examining the worry on his face. “I already forgave you for all of that, Barnes.” you whispered. You both looked at each other for what felt like a lifetime and you swore you saw his arm twitch toward your legs when there was a knock on the door. 

“Serviço de quarto.” The voice called from the door and you grinned, jumping up to get the food. The man entered the room, placing the tray on the table by the window. You handed him some euros as a tip and he thanked you, nodding his head with a smile. 

“Aproveite, senhor e senhora Y/S/N.” You blushed as he assumed you were married but didn’t have the heart to correct him, moving to sit at the table. Bucky joined you, taking his pie and opening the beer bottle with his teeth. You handed him your beer and he did the same with yours, throwing the two bottle caps in the bin. Silence settled over the pair of you as you ate but it wasn’t uncomfortable. You were just enjoying each other’s presence. It did, however, give you time to think about the last twenty-four hours. You had somehow managed to spill your secret back story to the entire group, fall out and makeup with Bucky in one morning and now you were eating dinner with the stupid super soldier you had a crush on. Your head spun. Bucky also couldn’t keep his mind from wandering. He too was baffled by this morning’s events and even more baffled to discover your history. 

You were like him. Steve always tried to relate to him but willingly enduring a couple of hours of pain in a machine never seemed to stack up to Bucky’s eighty years of mindless torture. Sure the two had been in the war together and suffered through the losses of shared friends, but Steve and Bucky knew there were bridges that were impossible to build. But now, everything you said to him and the way you acted around him made sense. It may have only been a few years you were tortured, but it wasn’t consensual and it was repetitive. Bucky finished his meal and watched you scoop the last spoonful of spaghetti into your mouth, chuckling at the spot of red sauce at the side of your lip. Instinctively, he reached out and ran the pad of his thumb across the spot, wiping it away. You froze under his touch and even Bucky looked surprised at his action, quickly licking the tomato sauce off his finger. 

Did he really just do that? You thought, leaning closer over the table. 

“Y/N.” Bucky leaned forward, watching as your body inched closer to him. You froze for a second realising what was happening but stood abruptly. Bucky joined, stepping around the table and taking you into his arms, his hands cupping the small of your back as he lowered his face to yours. The kiss was soft but powerful, his lips moving against yours gently. You placed your hands on his chest, kissing back immediately. The heat of his body pressed against yours was enough to drive you insane and your hands moved up over his shoulders to tangle in his hair. His hands steadily moved downwards and you gasped when they gripped your ass. 

Bucky took advantage of this and deepened the kiss, tongue running against yours. You lost yourself in his touch, the feeling of relief becoming too overpowering to notice the door opening. Bucky, however, did hear the clearing of a throat and broke the kiss, turning to see Wanda stood in the doorway, eyebrows raised. You held your breath and Bucky stepped away, looking at you then back at Wanda. He bit his lip. “I’m sorry.” He frowned and then in three strides, crossed the small room and left, brushing past Wanda. You stared at the door long after he’d gone before turning to Wanda, who smiled sheepishly. “

What was that?” She teased, her voice excited but you just sighed, grabbing your pyjamas from the duffle. 

“I don’t know.” You muttered, storming into the bathroom. You changed out of the robe and into the pyjamas quickly, knowing you didn’t want to think too much about what had just happened. You focused on brushing your teeth and splashing your face with water. Wanda was changed and waiting on the bed when you returned to the room and she looked up from her phone to greet you. 

“Well, well, well.” She smirked and you ignored her, climbing under the covers. “You know I could just read your mind and find it all out myself.” She muttered. “Go ahead.” You murmured drowsily. “It’s not like you could make sense of that either.” Wanda frowned, going through your memory of what just happened. 

“You’re right.” She defeatedly admitted. “But it was hot.” She wiggled her eyebrows at your back and you kicked her, causing her to let out a yelp. Wanda watched it a few more times over in her head, trying to piece things together. She couldn’t - but knew one thing. 

“One thing is for sure.” She started, not aware that you were already fast asleep. “Bucky likes you too.”


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anonymous asked:

♟: Patching up a wound or ♤: Taking a bath together with Kurt?

Prompts: Patching up a wound and taking a bath with Kurt Wagner.

The mission was tough on everyone, and you were grateful to finally be on solid ground once again. As soon as you landed, you had run to the nearest garbage can and hurled whatever was left of your lunch. You weren’t normally the one to become sick on flight, your stomach usually being settled, but it seems you have been feeling uneasy since the battle had ended. As you leaned against the trashcan, your closed your eyes, attempting to catch you breath after heaving out the remainder of your lunch. You could vividly see the images of the battle flicker throughout your mind, the blood, the smoke, and the image of your boyfriend being hit repeatedly with a Sentinel’s laser blast. Your eyes immediately shot open, as you once again felt the urge to throw up inside the garbage can once more. This time you managed to contain yourself, opting to instead, wipe the bile off the corner of your mouth.

Kurt, god, your thoughts immediately turned frantic as you realized what kind of state your boyfriend was currently in. Glancing behind you, the ship was completely empty, the rest of your team members leaving to grieve in their own personal ways. For a second there you had completely forgotten about him, which was completely odd, since your mind was completely preoccupied with him throughout the entire ride back. You had wounds of your own that you should probably have taken care of on the ship, but as he sat next to you could barely stomach it to glance in his direction, hence you losing the rest of your lunch. The two of you were in love and as close as two people in love could be, and yet you couldn’t help but beat yourself up for how awfully you must have been treating him. You felt selfish,  the wound in your arm being nothing in comparison to the agony he was facing.

You stood up, wiping the dirt from beneath your pants, as you glanced around looking for the rest of your team mates. The entire hanger was deserted, which sent a drop into the pit of your stomach, and you could only assume they were healing and resting in their own personal ways. Before you could even collect your thoughts, you had stood and took off in search of your boyfriend, your feet leading you throughout the entire mansion. It was quiet, almost silent throughout the home, as you could only assume that most of its residents were currently asleep. Following the route you have taken an abundance of times before, your feet found themselves outside his closed door.

Inside his room was quiet, and for second you could only assume that he had fallen asleep. However, that theory was soon put to rest as soon as you heard a semi-loud crash echo throughout the room, along with a soft sigh. Before you could think of a better course of action, you had already knocked on the door—the sensor on the door sensed your presence and opened up to the inside of his room. The sudden intrusion was enough to startle him, and in his position he looked quite guilty holding the first aid box in one hand and an unraveled roll of gauze in the other. Your heart couldn’t help but melt in the state he was in, and you stepped into the room, allowing the door to close with a soft thud behind you.

He didn’t look mad at you, in fact his expression was quite the opposite, instead you could only assume it was a look of relief that crossed his features. Kurt had finished picking up the rest of the supplies that had fallen on the floor, placing them on his bed, before sitting down and looking at you. You immediately took that as your invitation to come in closer, and you did, seating yourself on the bed beside him. Up close you could vividly see all the injuries he has sustained, only further causing your heart to hurt. Across his skin littered dark purplish bruises, and deep cuts—one in particular that was continuing to leak onto the carpet below.

“You’re bleeding,” it came out as more of a soft whisper instead of a firm statement, your voice merely a soft puff of air. Gently, you grabbed the gauze from his hand, and gripped the arm that was wounded, and gingerly began to dress the wound. Your brows were currently furrowed in concentration, nibbling on your lower lip, as you continued to wrap the material around his cut. You then continued, dressing all the wounds across his body that needed your attention, before finishing, as you stood back and took him in. This time, the purple on his face was not from bruises, but instead from his flushed cheeks. Even after a couple of months of dating, you don’t think you could ever get over how adorable and innocent he is.

“Thank you,” he grins, rubbing the back of his neck. You shook of his thanks, since there was obviously no need for it. You were his partner, his lover, the one person he could count on through thick and thin. At the moment, you felt personally responsible for his injuries, despite not a single one being your direct fault. However, you could only think about it as guilt by association, that maybe if you had protected him better, shielded him better—been better, then maybe you could have spared him from all the pain he was feeling right now. Tears began to cloud your vision, the guilt beginning to become too overwhelming for you to bear.

Kurt looked at you, with this kind of unreadable expression, and those big yellow eyes. Sniffling, you looked up at the blank white ceiling, attempting to compose yourself before you glanced at him again. Unbeknownst to you, his heart was practically breaking the sight of you, and all he wanted to do was dry your tears and to see you smile again. Honestly, he wasn’t really the best with these types of situations, but for you he would do anything. He absolutely hated seeing you like this, broken down and worried about his current situation, someone so strong reduced to a broken mess of tears and sadness. 

You couldn’t protest fast enough, as he scooped you into his arms and brought you in the bathroom. He began to run a bath, warm water beginning to fill the bathtub. One piece of clothing he began to strip, before all his clothes were off and he slipped into the tub.You merely stood there, completely dumbfounded by the actions that took place. He beckoned for you to join him inside the tub; however, when you didn’t move from your spot on the floor, he stepped out of the tub and began undressing you. After you were fully unclothed, he took your hand and the two of you sat inside the tub. 

That’s when the waterworks started, and you finally let go of all the worries and fears that you have had since the mission. And as the warm water attempted to soothe you, more comfort came from the circles that Kurt rubbed into your back and the soft kisses he pressed into your skin. Melting away most of the trauma caused that night, as you finally felt safe inside your lover’s arms.