How To Get [Mesmerizing Fruit Hat]! 

When Warlords of Draenor launched last year, the much-anticipated garrisons were not quite what players had hoped.  Many cool features had been removed! :(  One such feature was the ability to make conga lines with your guards and followers

I’m happy to report THIS FEATURE IS NOW LIVE!

Step 1: Go to Valley of the Four Winds in Pandaria

Step 2: Go to the Imperial Grainary (map above):

Step 3: Find the bridge:

Step 4: Take a look under the bridge and loot: [Mesmerizing Fruit Hat]

**This IS NOT an account bound toy (yet) so you have to loot it on individual characters.**

Step 5: Use your Garrison Hearth!  DO NOT use the toy BEFORE going to your garrison or you’ll have to wait an hour to make your conga line!! 

Step 6: HIDE YOUR HELM!  This hat does not replace your current helm so if you have one showing, click Hide Helm in Interface > Display before using the Fruit Hat.


Step 7: Your guards and NPCs start dancing to your amazing rhythm and form a conga line!   They will conga behind you all around your garrison as long as you have the Fruit Hat buff!  

How long can you make your conga line?

Don’t feel like running around?  No problem!  Your NPCs will party with you instead!  CAN’T STOP THE BEAT 

(shout out to @kokiron for tellin me about this!)