warlock's daughter

You know what I want? A Teen Titans equivalent of Justice League Dark. 

I want Raven asking Robin to help her find young magic users like herself and proceeding to contact them with an offer to start a specialized team. 

I want Zachary Zatara, Traci Thirteen, Jakeem Thunder, Black Alice/Lori Zechlin, Sebastian Faust*, Anna Fortune*, Greta Hayes, Kid Eternity/Christopher Freeman, and Darla Aquista/Laura Fell/Warlock’s Daughter agreeing to be on Raven’s new team.

I want all of the living together somewhere with a library full of arcane books, artifacts from across the known realms.

I want them trading magic tips during while training. 

I want Zachary figuring out he can cast spells by typing words backwards then proceeding to post spells for happiness and good luck on his social media. 

I want Sebastian to send a bunch of emojis in a group message while thinking about how he should brush up on his demonology and accidentally summon a demon for the team to fight. After the fight he then dedicates two weeks to perfecting emoji spells and teaches Zachary.

I want Jakeem to command the genie to to fetch the pants he lent to Kid Eternity a couple of weeks ago  that still haven’t been returned only for the genie to return with Kid Eternity chasing him in his underwear. 

I want Greta to be baking cookies and suddenly the lost soul of a child appearing because the smell reminds them of their grandma and they long to be reunited with her on the other side. 

I want Lori sleep walking and accidentally borrowing her teammate’s powers that she then uses to fight monsters in her nightmares and chaos ensues.

I want Darla/Laura teaching the team the science behind magic and the team actively trying to incorporate it into improving their strategies.

I want Anna inventing magical weapons and constantly tinkering with things in order to magically upgrade them. I want her to show off her gauntlets after upgrading them and accidentally firing a spellcasing at the television. 

I want the Shazam Kids to be honorary members and be called in for epic team ups.

I want Zatanna and her father, Giovanni, stopping by unexpectedly to see Zachary and witness him accidentally turning Raven into a six-legged frog while a couple of other teammates walk into the room talking about their sex lives or something else that you would not want your parents to hear. Meanwhile something else goes horribly wrong making everything look like it is constant disorder and Zachary being utterly embarrassed. 

I want heart to hearts about shitty family life, crying and everyone being there for each other and learning how to heal. 

*Note: I am not sure if Sebastian and Anna are teens or young adults but I would like them on the team so I am headcannoning them as 17-19ish in this post and any fanfic I may write for this. 

Also, let me know if I should write fanfic about this please and thank you

Ok but when Alec was outside the institute looking for Magnus in 2x10 the first thing Magnus said when they reunited was “I found Madzie just in time… she’s safe” Like why would Magnus think that would be Alec’s main concern? Did they talk about her prior to the attack? Did Alec tell Magnus to find her once he realized she was at the institute with Valentine? Did these two unwittingly adopt a child and become her concerned parents? Who knows but i’m gonna crying about it

Shadowhunters Power swap au I will never write for @drakamena and @eighthplague

Alec= Warlock. Warlock mark sparkly iridescent scales along his arms and torso. Hides under clothes. (He has a strong hate for Twilight)
Izzy= Vampire. Vampire attack slaughtered their family when Isabelle asked to be turned to live with her brother forever.
Jace= Fae (abandoned and suspected was a changeling whose human parents gave him up when they realized he wasn’t human)

Jocelyn= Warlock Valentine experimented on to have children. Ran away to hide in mundane world with her Werewolf boyfriend and daughter (half fae?)

Ragnor= Head of New York Institute.

Plot can start where Clary’s mom goes missing. Somehow end up in care of Shadowhunters. Presume she’s mundane adopted daughter of Warlock at first and in order to learn more about Jocelyn they need to reach out to the High Warlock of the area. Unfortunately he’s a bit of a hermit. Luckily his two younger siblings are the exact opposite and can be frequently found at Club Pandemonium.

Izzy is Izzy. People often ask how she isn’t the most powerful clan leader in the world. She replies that taking care of her brothers is bad enough, and doesn’t need a clan of needy vampires that get in trouble with the law on top of that. (Really though every Vampire in New York answers to her and goes to her as their leader first soooooo). Idk about Jace too much.

Moving on to Malec (aka I don’t actually have a plot for anyone else)

Alec is extremely shy. Magnus is extremely not. Despite Shadowhunter homophobia Magnus is openly bisexual and has always had a devil may care attitude. He knows he’s an exceptional shadowhunter and doesn’t see why his sexuality should be anyone’s business. He, Catarina, Dot and Raphael are all orphan Shadowhunters taken in by their Institute.

Izzy and Jace tease Alec into asking Magnus out after the Shadowhunters save Jace and other Downworlder children Alec has under his care. There’s a lot of stuttering involved.

Eventually happy couple and Alec comes out of his shell (and his house) a lot more.
Alec used to have crush on Jace when they first met but explains to Magnus that he put that aside because he knew Jace needed a brother and a family more than he needed a romance at the time. Magnus shocked by the way Alec phrases it because how can you just push your feelings to the side?? Alec tries to explain it being like how Magnus has all his adopted Shadowhunter family but ultimately just settles for he would put everything aside for the happiness and wellbeing of his loved ones.

Angst time because this is me:

First there’s the immortality issue. Alec would give Magnus immortality but he knows how strongly Magnus feels everything and worries how Magnus would handle watching his friends and family grow old and die. That’s on hold in their relationship because Alec wants Magnus to be certain about throwing away his powers and station for immortality. Also y know maybe wait until they’ve dated more than a month.

Despite everyone at the NY Institute being well aware that Magnus is in a happy relationship with the High Warlock of Brooklyn Ragnor still has to report to him that the Clave would like to see Magnus rise in their ranks and are considering him as leading an Institute, but believe he should be married to a suitable Shadowhunter girl to raise his station and name. There are lots of girls in Idris lining up to marry the famous Magnus Bane.

Of course Magnus tells Alec.

Of course Alec takes this the very wrong way. Magnus was expecting Alec to be just as offended as he is but instead Alec just says “Oh.”

As he said, he would give up anything if he thought it would be for the happiness and wellbeing of his loved ones. So that’s what he thinks this is. He thinks Magnus is asking Alec to let him go. He doesn’t want to. Nooooooo he does not. But he just nods and instead mumbles something about Magnus making a fantastic leader and husband.

Magnus is pissed. Alec is moping. All of their friends are 1000% sure that there’s been a failure to communicate somewhere. Eventually there is a confrontation (Izzy and Catarina lock them in a room together) where Alec lays all of his doubts and fears out on the table. Because why should Magnus choose him when he could have a happy life in love with someone who has the same life span? Alec can’t give Magnus rank, influence or title. The Clave would very much consider his relationship with the High Warlock of Brooklyn to be a step down rather than anything. Truth be told Alec would love to spend the rest of his life with Magnus but he couldn’t stand taking so many choices of Magnus’ away just for his own happiness.

Magnus has to ask Alec if he’s stupid. Alec laughs and says he might be. Magnus tells him he can’t guarantee forever. He can’t even guarantee next year or the next. But right here and now he loves Alec. He has the rest of his life to build up a career with or without the Clave’s politics. Right now he’d be happy just getting to love Alec. That’s HIS choice and he’ll be damned if Alec would take that away from him.

Parenting Headcanon, you say?

I’ve got too many.

  • They end up with three kids: Little One, who is a warlock, a daughter who is a Shadowhunter from the Cairo Institute, adopted after her parents die in combat, and a third daughter, who is a mundane with the Sight and eventually goes through Ascension.
  • Magnus is totally the cool dad. But they go to Alec for more emotional support and serious stuff.
  • They’re just really laid-back parents and try to avoid being cruel fathers because of their own daddy issues.
  • Alec decides to learn how to cook because “no Magnus we can’t steal food for five people every single night and takeout/pizza is not healthy.” So now he’s home almost every night at five cooking dinner and the kids help out and Magnus just watches and admires and gushes over his gorgeous Alexander being all domestic.
  • They move out of the apartment and into a townhouse. It’s super big and the kids’ rooms change pretty much every month and that has caused some problems when Alec comes home and tries to kiss the kids goodnight and runs into a massive dollhouse randomly built in the middle of the room. 
  • MY FAVORITE: Alec develops a little bit of a swearing issue. Magnus doesn’t mind until Little One arrives and then Alec’s vocabulary problem has to go. So the Swear Jar is set up and within a month Alec has the little mason jar filled with quarters and has to take Magnus shopping. It’s never a problem after that.

hallfhearted  asked:

ORIGINAL CHARACTER I have played/considered playing!

 meet  aurora  thames   !     she  is  a  part  of  the  mortal  instruments  fandome.   she  is  a  warlock,   and  daughter  of  asmodeus  and  therefore  technically  a  sister  to  magnus  bane.  she  is  french, being  born  in  france  in  1824.  she  is  a  powerful  warlock  though  she  keeps  herself  distant  from  the  downworld.  however,  she  tends  to  sell  her  magic  to  mundanes  for  a  quick  buck.  her  warlock  mark  is  silver  vein  like  markings  along  all  her  skin,   though  she  keeps  it  glamoured  at  all  times.  she  is  superficial  and  materialistic,   believing  in  pretty things  and  money.       her  blog   (  which  is  inactive  )  can  be  found  here.

The warlocks daughter - Alec Lightwood

Imagine: Alec Lightwood
Summary: “Can you write an imagine Story about Alec. Y/N ( Female reader ) is Magnus Daugther and go to the Institute for a Mission to help the shadowhunters. Alec and She know each other better And Fall in love or something like .”

Your name: submit What is this?

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The illusion around the institute had fascinated ever since you were a little girl. The change from old and dilapidated to luxurious and modern was amazing still. And the fact that you were the daughter of one of the most powerful wizards didn’t change the fact. But you weren’t here to admire the building you reminded yourself. The institute had requested help in taking down a group of powerful demons causing hazard. Normally you would have a price for helping but the last time you were here Alec saved your life. Something you would never forget and this was only a small thanks. 

The moment you stepped in you were caught in a hug from Izzy. “Hi!” she laughed smiling. Izzy as well as Jace and Alec were a dear friend to you. Having spent time here helping, you grew close. The whole time you were updated on the mission you glanced at Alec catching his eyes and were giving a shy smile. Alec was too sweet for his own good and the fact that he didn’t know that made him cuter. You and Alec were closer than you were with the rest. Your personality’s simply matched and you saw sides of Alec nobody else before had seen. 

“Watch out!” Alec yelled desperately at you. The fight had started out in your control and everything was going to plan until suddenly the place had been swarmed by demons. You were a great team but 4 of you couldn’t take down 20 demons. You ducked before stabbing the demon killing it. Alec sighed with relief before returning to fight. If you wanted a chance to survive you had to do something. Your dad had taught you a powerful spell and the toll it would take on you would be better than you all being dead. Yelling out the words and throwing your arms up, a powerful blast surged the room effectively killing them. “Y/N” Alec shouted when you fell to the floor. You could hear him nearing and then the begging started. “Open your eyes,” he shook you desperately. “Please,” he whispered. When you didn’t answer a silent tear left his eye before he lifted you up. 

“She’s gonna be fine,” Jace and Izzy tried to reassure but the waver of doubt didn’t leave their voices. Alec didn’t answer just hurried home to the institute to call your dad hoping he had something up his sleeve. 

 The lights had been dimmed in the room but it was still brighter than the dark abyss you had spent time in. Still tired you tried to go back to sleep but all the memories surged back into your head. Alec, Izzy and Jace. Were they okay? You sat back up and attempted to get out of bed but a weight on your hand stopped you. You turned to find Alec sitting next to you on a crappy chair resting his head on the bed whilst tightly holding your hand. You sighed in relief, if he was here then the others were okay. Alec would never leave them alone without knowing they were safe. You gave his fingers a squeeze and ran a hand through his hair. The actions made him stir and he then seemed to remember where he was. “Y/N?” he spoke sitting up. 

“Hi,” you croaked smiling softly. “I was so worried! You don’t get to do that without telling me what’s going to happen!” he spoke getting angry. “I’m sorry,” you looked away the guilt gnawing at your gut. “No,” a finger turned your head towards him. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to get mad. I was just so worried and if you had died then I would have never told you I lo-” he stopped himself suddenly, a look of understanding crossing his face.  “What?” you asked confused. “That I love you,” he continued looking at you scared but still full of hope. “Good thing I didn’t cause then I could you that I love you, too!” you beamed back. His entire face lifted up into the most happy and loving smile you had ever seen. Hopefully you would see it a lot more.  

Future Day

My headcanon for the family Lightwood-Bane. 

- Magnus and Alec adopt one son, a warlock and two daughters, one is faerie and one is a shadowhunter. 
- They move to a country house to give their children more space to run around.

I Can’t say more, since I’m writing this story for The Alexander Tales which we’ll start working on after MalecWeek is behind us. And I want to surprise you all with Malec feels and family time. 

Let’s take a moment to talk about Magnus and Alec starting a support group for other parents raising kids outside their “species.” It sort of starts out accidentally; just dinner with a distant cousin of Alec’s who marries a mundane with a four-year old warlock daughter and the cousin wants some tips. Then a couple weeks later Alec gets a call from a friend of the cousin who has a ten year old that was recently bitten by a werewolf. Then an associate of Magnus drops by because she just adopted an abandoned fey child. And then suddenly they’re organizing picnics in Central Park so all the parents can chat and the kids can make friends with other children growing up in similar ways.

The wind on her face had currents of coolness and warmth, of spice and sweetness, as if some portions of it had traveled from the snow-capped Andes while others had last drifted through nutmeg groves or over the heated sugar cane fields of a Caribbean isle. The brush of it against her skin was a languid, inciting caress.