warlock of destruction

Okay, apparently it is “canon” that Magnus went to Spain to learn to control his powers. BUT I call BULLSHIT on that because that implies that there were zero warlocks who could train him in Indonesia so…

  • The reason he uses two fingers in his magic is because of his Indonesian Warlock trainers- they taught him that magic isn’t a tool or a weapon but another limb. A part of him.
    • As a result, he doesn’t have to work as hard at “controlling” it as some of his western trained friends 
  • He’s way better at sensing other warlock’s magic in his territory because they taught him about the community of magic. How it isn’t about the individual and each spell cast enters the Warlock into a broader community. 
  • They teach him the truth: Warlocks aren’t really “immortal.” They can’t outlast the sun, outlive the species. There will never be a billion-year-old warlock. There are barely any warlocks over a thousand years old. As a Warlock ages, their magic gets more powerful and eventually it circles back into a type of cancerous destruction. 
    • A healthy, able warlock will probably live around five thousand- seven thousand years. 
    • They teach him not to mourn that: everything that is created must eventually be destroyed 
  • They teach him to not use his magic for destruction, or death. They teach him he should protect himself, but he never goes out of his way to end human life. They teach him instead how to use his magic to heal, to create, to protect. They actually teach him how to create wards which are more powerful than traditional European magic. 
    • He actually doesn’t go into battle, because he goes slowly. He doesn’t shoot to kill (which is quick), he aims to injure and subdue, which takes more time. 
    • Only against humans obviously, he kills demons because their only purpose is to cause destruction 
Blizzcon 2016 predictions

Opening speech: Briefly touches on the VA strike, with a ambiguous pledge of support

World of Warcraft: Speak more on the Nighthold raid as well as a release date. Preview of 7.2. Any notable class changes such as to destruction warlocks, possibly hunters and explanations behind design decisions in classes.

Overwatch: Sombra (finally). Teaser / preview of potential maps, christmas holiday skins and maybe a short look at upcoming animated shorts in the Overwatch universe. Also talk about Symetra rework.

Diablo 3: New expansion with necromancer. Expansion will “have PvP”

SC2: More Nova single player missions

Hearthstone: New expansion in Gadgetzan (obvious).

Heroes of the Storm: 3 new heroes, one of which will be varian, 1 a “whacky” hero like TLV and Cho’gal was. New map, talk about design changes in heroes. 

Spell For Transforming Destructive Thoughts and Feelings

For when you have those bad thoughts stuck in your mind you wish to be rid of.

You will need:-

  • Fresh, (Ideally local), spring water. It is preferable that the water is stored in a glass bottle; It is widely known that glass is much better than other materials at retaining magickal energy.
  • A clean Corvidae feather, E.G. Crow, Raven, Jackdaw etc. You will only need one feather for this spell, however, it would be wise to collect several, as they are frequently used within spells. If nothing else, they will also look pretty on your altar.

The Method:-

  1. Cast a circle, and call upon your respective deities/spirits to witness your spell.
  2. Use a power chant and direct the energy (preferably with a wand or athame, for the most effectiveness) into a shallow dish of spring water.
  3. Pick up the feather, resting it on the palm of your hand. Now, envision it connecting with your own energies, as well as the energy of the circle and your surroundings.
  4. Hold the feather as you would a quill or pen. Slowly, write out words corresponding with your negative emotions/thoughts (E.G. Hatred, Fear, Sadness etc.). As you do this, imagine the emotions/thoughts leaving your body, and into the water. Write no more than three emotions/thoughts, as any more than this is too much for you to concentrate with for one spell, and could make it difficult for the next steps.
  5. Stop and think. Which emotions/thoughts would you like to feel in place of the ones you have just cast away. For example, If you cast away your ‘fear’, you may want to replace it with ‘courage’ etc.
  6. Gently, trying not to spill too much of the water, swish your hand within the water container; imagine the very energy of the water soaking up and transforming your negative emotions/thoughts, and transforming them.
  7. Pick up the feather, and now write out positive words which are opposite to the negative emotions/thoughts you cast away, E.G. ‘Fear’ into ‘Courage’. Imagine the now positive energy flowing back up the feather and into your body.
  8. Meditate upon the changes you have conducted.

You may now either throw away the water or collect it again for future use. It is safe to reuse, as you have transformed and re-absorbed the negative energy. You must be patient; magick doesn’t work instantaneously, and you must allow time for the now-positive energy to get to work.


A small sloppy pile of goblin doodles from yesterday. I may finish a couple of these eventually (like this one here). My three mains: Zanzik the Unholy/Blood Death Knight, Flizzyx the Protection Warrior/Gladiator, and Aerrik the Destruction Warlock. <3