warlock of brooklyn

If the shadowgang summoned a memory demon again and it asked for the same price as the one in season 1 (a memory of the person they love the most), do you think Alec would see Magnus as his memory?

If he did, I feel like he’d be real smug about it like, ‘yeah, that’s my boyfriend who I love with my whole heart. I sure do love him a LOT and I’m proud of it’

  • Simon: What's scarier, Magnus after someone hurts Alec or Alec after someone hurts Magnus?
  • *everyone falling quiet in thought*
  • Jace: Let's find out! *punches Magnus* *punches Alec*
  • Alec, getting up: *pulling out a seraph blade*
  • Magnus, standing up: *letting his magic flare out*
  • Jace: ...I have made a big mistake
  • Izzy, leaving the room: Good luck!
  • Simon, running out: Nice knowing you!
  • Clary, backing out quickly: It was good while it lasted!
  • Jace, sweating: Come on guys, let's talk about this

Magnus: Look, Jace, it says ‘gullible’ on the ceiling!

Jace: Nice try, Magnus, I’m not falling for that.

Magnus: I’m not kidding, Jace 

Jace: And I’m not looking 

Alec, walking into the room, looking up: Magnus, why does it say gullible on the ceiling? 

Jace, looking up: Really? Wher-oh you bastard

*Magnus and Alec high fiving*

what upsets me about the show refusing to show intimacy between Malec is that it doesn’t have to be graphic at all, which I’m assuming is what they’re afraid of. It can be just Alec’s head on top of Magnus’s chest as they lay on sofa, fully clothed. It can be Alec absently rubbing circles on the back of Magnus’s hand. It can be Magnus hugging Alec from behind and them just standing there (maybe sneaking a finger or two under Alec’s shirt). Them playing with each other’s hair. Forehead kisses. Alec doing Magnus’s nails (or at least trying to). It can honestly be so touchingly intimate without them ripping each other’s clothes off or making out against a wall.

That mini panic attack you have when your youngest adoptive son comes to visit you while your oldest son is already there and you know they are having a feud

  • Alec, drunk: Are you a cactus?
  • Magnus: What?
  • Alec: because I want to pat you
  • Magnus: ...how often do you have urges to pat cacti?
  • Alec: It's just that I feel like no one touches them because they're put off by the spikes and that must be a sad life. They're just an outer wall of defence and inside the cactus is just like us, I'm willing to push past that defence to get to them, y'know? Anything to make them feel better
  • Magnus, blinking slowly: ...definitely, darling. I think it's time we go home now