warlock is best class

ya’ll don’t know how aggressively clerics have to hoard spell slots, they cant use fancy fun magic all the time because they need a long rest (an 8 hour rest you cant convince the party to take most days especially in a chase or dungeon) to recover their spell slots and pretty much every spell level has SOME form of healing spell, meaning using any of the cooler aggressive spells- like throwing a guiding bolt or summoning a spiritual weapon- take second place to heal spells. clerics are built to take the hits and throw healing around- even when playing the death cleric build.

So I just wanna say, with all my heart, thank you wizards of the coast for making warlocks able to recover there spell slots on a short, 1 hour rest. I will lovingly throw out witch bolts every other battle and laugh evilly the entire time

I challenge Square Enix to get me even half as hyped for KH next month as I am for Destiny 2 right now because Dawnblade literally has me sHAKING WITH EXCITEMENT