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@thalsianiii , For thoughts my muse has about your muse.

“He seems pretty friendly for a guy that rips souls out of bodies and summons horrors from the nether.”

“I don’t think I’m getting my rainbow sock back… is he wearing it? Are we sock friends?” A thoughtful look crosses her features causing her lips to purse and her brow to rise towards her hairline. Rin fishes the remaining sock out of the drawer and tugs it on, up to the thigh. “Sock friends.” she repeats, a small smile curving her lips as her eyes pinched close. It didn’t matter if it was actually true. She’d already decided it was.

Somewhere out in the world, as he slaughtered his foes and subjugated demons of every ilk, the old warlock surely had on the other rainbow sock.

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Im addicted to your palettes I swear! Can I get a palette for my little 14 y/o celestiel warlock Gilda? She’s a member of the queens spy network rooting out nighthags invading the kingdoms criminal underworld and has the advantage of never needing to sleep (warlocks are weird). She’s a bubbly maverick and pathological liar (spy) who loves to sketch everything she sees and has her heart in the right place she swears! I associate gold (her eyes and magic color) and grey/silver with her along with anything with sparkles.

Nothing wrong with a little addiction as long as you know how to moderate it! ;)

Anyway, I love this character and the art you have for her. She sounds like she’s got a lot of work to do and a lot to work on. I’m sure that with her party, she’ll learn a lot and grow into both a spectacular warlock and artist. I wish her well and I hope you enjoy!

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And again, she was alone. Her team perished in that blasted forest, changed to trees by some ancient druid. Or Fey. Or just some demonic abomination of chaos - who knows?

She knew she would meet new friends eventually, but her only thought right then was to find a way to save old ones. She would have to find some allies for that…

Determined, Veltari Windstrider went on to find allies to help her in this endeavour.