So, ignore the weird shadows my giant window cast (it washed out the color in the first pic; the second two are much more true).

This is the new ANGL hoodie. I love it. I really like that it’s slim cut, and curve-hugging. I love that, depending on how much zipper is unzipped, the neck/cowl part looks different. I like that the hood is big enough to cover my head even with my hair in a bun!

Now, for perspective, I’m wearing a medium, and I’m 5'8" and about a 37 bust, 28 waist. warlioness wanted measurements: the narrowest part of the hoodie, around the waist, is 18.5 inches, seam to seam, laid flat (that seems to be where the sizing chart got its measurement on the Bioware store site). The widest, armpit-to-armpit, is about 21. It’s about 27" from shoulder seam to hem. I have a little bit of extra room, and it’s REALLY comfy. (I also have the MK-II hoodie in a medium, and it has a lot more room than this one, but I expected that, given the cut of the ANGL.)

Full disclosure: there’s a lot of fabric in the front, partly because of the generous pockets (there are internal and external pockets; in my opinion, they could’ve done without the internal ones, since it’s so slim-cut and you’re probably not going to load up all four with stuff), and partly because of the angled cut; there’s a wide bit of fabric that rests across your torso inside; be advised it adds some bulk). Because the pocket openings are right on the hip (and above a band of stretchy ribbing) they tend to gap a little when your hands aren’t in them. I kind of wish they’d designed it to keep the N7 on the chest, but c'est la vie. The quality is great (though the terry isn’t as fuzzy as the MK-II). Overall? Totally love it, even if I can only currently wear it in my air-conditioned apartment and not in the still-sweltering outdoors ;)

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Wait … how does that Ted Cruz thing work? I thought “foreign national” meant no go for president.

Ted Cruz’s mother is an American citizen, so though he was born in Canada, he has legally been an American since birth. If you remember the 2008 elections, McCain was born in Panama - but in a similar circumstance to Cruz. So, sadly, Ted Cruz is probably eligible to run for POTUS.

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RE: Asshole who thinks romance is horrible: Your response doesn't even touch on the fact that, if mister-octopi wants to play a ME game with NO romance at all, that's fully within his power. In fact, it's not even that hard to do. Holy shit, the game he wants already exists! How fucking amazing.

it’s like they aren’t forcing you to take part in a segment of the game that you don’t want to!

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Herc Hansen and Stacker Pentecost

Over the years, Herc’s gone to more than his fair share of funerals. Goes with the job, he supposes. You fight monsters for a living, you’re going to say goodbye to friends. 

And when you fight monsters, there usually isn’t much left behind, just rubble, smoke, and silence. 

The last part, that’s the worst. 

No, it isn’t. 

The way they bury empty coffins like it’s nothing, like this is an acceptable way to mourn. That’s the worst part. 

After the service, he walks out to the edge of the sea, where he can’t smell pine any longer, and takes a deep breath of salt air. 

Somewhere out there is his son, and his best friend. Not behind him, not in those wooden boxes. As the water washes over his feet, teasing, playful, Herc tries to say his goodbyes, but all he manages is a dull, grasping anger. Stacker was a man of miracles; couldn’t he have pulled off just one more, and gotten Chuck home?

It’s not fair to Stacker, but Herc isn’t a hero anymore. He can be a father now, as the tide goes out and carries his son even farther away. 

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I made a cup of tea and I forgot it was tea and…

That’s the WORST

It’s my own fault! While I was under the influence of OCD, I’d always kept my mugs separated into tea mugs and coffee mugs and chocolate mugs. Because I’ve been eliminating my compulsions, I’ve been mixing up the mugs, not even on purpose. Making tea in a coffee mug when you’ve conditioned yourself over 20 years to see that particular mug as a coffee-exclusive mug is NOT A GOOD IDEA. (Yes, the mug is 20 years old. It’s an X-Files mug.)

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I REMEMBER THAT SMURFS GAME!!!!!! Also it’s kind of scary how closely your trip through gamerdom mirrors my own. Except, rather than RPGs, I “helped” my dad play puzzle games.

Oh, gosh, that REMINDS ME: my whole family got into the Myst games. Hissing “I must have the bluuuuuue paaaaages” is still an inside joke that will make my mom burst into laughter. <3 (Myst was awesome. And creepy. And AWESOME.)

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Jessica dun like Kaidan. And it’s all because of his voice. (and also a crybaby whineass but I’m not going there) Sbarge is a decent actor, a little over the top but not bad. I like him in OUAT.

I am the most wishy washy on whether I hate Kaidan or like him.

My first impression of him was not good (started in ME2, the first time I see him I get the traitorous cerberus scum introduction.. gee thanks random bro), and that stuck with me for a long time. I disliked him so much I chose Ashley (and never regretted it, ilu Ash) on my first run through of ME1 because of how much I didn’t like him.

It was only later on did I learn to come to like his character, but only sometimes. So now I go between both moods and whether I like him or not.

but I still like his voice. It’s very.. distinctive.

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David's thoughts when he realized that his mom and Garrus were serious about getting together.

Mom said she and Garrus are gonna be dating.

That’s weird, isn’t it? Aren’t they like way too old for that stuff? I don’t know. Some of the older kids at school are dating and they’re always giggling and staring at each other and the teachers tell them they can’t work together.

Mom isn’t acting like that, though, they’re just acting normal, except they were holding hands in the park the other day. Jana tried to hold my hand at recess the other day and her hands were really sweaty. I don’t know why people want to do that.

Grown-ups are weird.

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Happy Birthday! Blow something up. I’ve asked this several times to several and people have been labouring under the delusion that I was kidding

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Happy birthday!

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Happy birthday! semi-responsible adults unite!

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Ten years further on and I’m still waiting. I think it got lost in the mail. Also, happy birthday!

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I’m pushing 34 and STILL waiting for that badge. Happy birthday and may all the wonderful things you wish to happen happen with nothing horrible to take away your joy.

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Happy Birthday!!! Well I know I haven’t earned a badge, but at 30 myself a Responsible Adult Instruction Manual would be lovely.

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Happy birthday! (I think the Responsible Adult badge is a myth, personally.)

Thank you!

I say this periodically, but I’m really glad I joined this stupid website and met all you people.

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Which, you did admirably. If I may say so myself.


Honestly, though, people were amazing.

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TO THINK I WENT LOOKING FOR BEARS. Really glad you’re okay!

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Wow. Glad it was only ‘almost’!

warlioness replied to your post:I almost hit a bear in my car today.

Oh my stars and garters! I’m so glad everyone escaped from that okay!

Me too, friends. Me too.

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O_o Dude.

My feelings exactly.

sekritjay replied to your post:I almost hit a bear in my car today.

I don’t think anyone expects a bear

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Im not ashamed to admit I run straight to Google when this happens. Mostly because I want to find the person who recd my stuff and thank them. (And by thank? I mean hug them until Im in danger of suffocating them.)



Or something less scary-sounding.

(And I totally I run straight to Google too, but it doesn’t always give me what I need. In this case it’s drawing blanks.)

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Thats just happened to me too A Teagan fic.

It’s so strange. I’m not complaining: it’s a story I love, and I’m glad people are reading it (and liking it!)… but I did post it… six months ago. (Exactly! Bizarre!)

warlioness replied to your post: But where did it get recommended? (I cant be the…

Could be that they read something new, liked it then went back to see what else you wrote. I know I do that a lot as a reader.

Yeah, sometimes I’ll get those… the same username popping up several times over a couple of days as they work through ff.net or something. But this is a lot of different usernames all reading and liking the same story (which makes me wonder how they all found it at the same time). If it’s coincidence it’s a pleasant one! <3

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Ive wondered that. Also, sometimes one person is clearly working their way through everything Ive written, and I feel like I should say Hi! I see you there!


But I’m afraid it would seem strange. (Not that I’m not occasionally strange.)


The Hole in the Headcanon vs Valentine's Day, Recap

Bernard P Pennywhistle: So how’d the rest of the evening go?

Emmeline G Mason: Well, the talky one with the knives–

Bernard P Pennywhistle: Molly Hawke.

Emmeline G Mason: Right, but she insists on being called ‘the talky one with the knives’ now. She’s going to have it engraved on her calling cards, she says. Anyway, she came in with her Fenris and I didn’t see what gifts they exchanged if any but they got into an argument but I did what you said and just let it ride and within a half-hour, I don’t think they remembered what they were arguing about because they were too busy snogging the face off each other.

Bernard P Pennywhistle: Well, it was either that or Dial-a-Thug.

Emmeline G Mason: That was later. Anwyay, then the little dwarf - Natia - she came in with her king!Alistair and I sent them to the basement bar like you said. For all I know, they’re still down there, reminiscing. Their Majesties Theirin were only in for a flying visit - they only got half a pint down before their bodyguards showed up.

Bernard P Pennywhistle: And you said…?

Emmeline G Mason: That they could go out the back way and hide. In the little campsite Her Majesty asked you to set up. It got very noisy back there for awhile and I figure they’ll wake up and go at it again in about a half-hour. I left out the Nevarran red and the good cheese like you said.

Bernard P Pennywhistle: It does those two good to get away from the rigors of rulership. Then?

Emmeline G Mason: Then we had the quiet Jedi and her guy–

Bernard P Pennywhistle: Myla Quinn, with Atton Rand. She doesn’t come in nearly often enough.

Emmeline G Mason: Well, Atton Rand gave her lingerie. She Force-threw it at his head, but she was laughing. Even harder when he stood on the table and declared himself Darth Brassiere.

Bernard P Pennywhistle: Now THAT, I’m sorry I missed.

Emmeline G Mason: Then the cute little one with the staff – Astrid Hawke, right? She came in with that Anders guy and gave him a book that was full of little thank-you notes and testimonies from all the people he’d healed in his Darktown clinic and he was in tears; it was so sweet!

Bernard P Pennywhistle: Yes. Well, hopefully they were joy and gratitude, not guilt.

Emmeline G Mason: Oh. Right. Anyway, then the angry one with the big sword came in with HER Fenris and that got a bit slow so I called Dial-a-Thug like you said. They were considerate enough to take it to the alley on the west side of the building!

Bernard P Pennywhistle: Good for them! Better for our insurance premiums.

Emmeline G Mason: Warden Alistair and the little elf mage were in, but they were sort of in mid pub-crawl so they just got 'that stuff that tastes of apples. Well, mainly of apples’ and she made sparkle-fireworks in the shape of dancing griffons before they moved on. She had a kitten on her head.

Bernard P Pennywhistle: Looks like the Anderses aren’t the only ones who miss Ser Pounce.

Emmeline G Mason: Then there was the tiny little biotic Shepard and her Garrus, who was really quiet. Seems she’d figured out enough of his language to write him a love song. And then got the talky one with the combat drones to get it aired live on every extranet screen in the galaxy.

Bernard P Pennywhistle: So that’s why she wasn’t trying to co-opt the kitchen again!

Emmeline G Mason: So she starts asking if he’s okay, you know, because he’d been so quiet, and he presents her with this garment bag and it turns out to be this ivory silk dress in a sort of turian-ish style - as much as you can get for someone human in shape, anyway - and when she mentions that she didn’t think that turians went in for silk, he said … let me see if I can get this right … “Well, I was trying for a sort of marriage of turian and human styles. And speaking of marriage…” And he pulls an engagement ring out of his pocket!

Bernard P Pennywhistle: I thought those two got married ages ago!

Emmeline G Mason: No, that was the talky one with the combat drones, who insisted that Anderson marry her and Kaidan before the final push for the beam, or something. They were going to, but then there was the physical therapy and the Council stuff and the rebuilding and they never got around to it and now they are oh and by the way, she was asking whether this place does hen parties.

Bernard P Pennywhistle: …I may have to take out extra Jessie insurance, but it’ll be worth it. Wonder if they’re going to host the reception here.

Emmeline G Mason: I wonder if she’s going to invite the others. I wonder if the others will bring their plus-ones. …I wonder how they’ll tell the Garruses apart if she does.

Bernard P Pennywhistle: One step at a time, Em. Though I think they’ll figure out which is which when one of them says 'I do’.

Emmeline G Mason: …Is there really Jessie insurance?

Bernard P Pennywhistle: If you were an insurance agent, wouldn’t you see the gold mine in offering insurance against Random Acts of Jessie?

Emmeline: Shepard or Hawke?

Bernard P Pennywhistle: Yes.