Best of 2013: Women of Color- Queens, Kings, Warleaders and Diplomats

This requested compilation ranges a bit further afield than is usual for this blog, in an attempt to bring you some of the lesser-known women of color from the history of warfare and politics.

Some of these links are external, and although Women’s History is a massively written-on topic, the work regarding the unique and particular contributions and achievements of women of color leave rather much to be desired. I encourage the addition of links, book recommendations, oral history, and any other materials my readers have found or would recommend to others.

Women of Color at the Medical College of Philadelphia, 1885

The Trung Sisters, Warleaders of Medieval Vietnam (more here)

Xipaguazin Moctezuma, Aztec Princess in Renaissance Europe

Dahomey’s Women Warriors of West Africa

Ching Shih, Possibly the Most Successful Pirate in History

Queen Charlotte of Great Britain and Ireland

Sorghaghtani Beki (Empress Xianyi Zhuangsheng), Minister of Trade and Daughter-In-Law to Genghis Khan

Dido Elizabeth Belle, Scottish Aristocrat

The Queen of Sheba

Khutulun, Wrestler Princess of Mongolia

Etruscan Warrior Prince “Really” A Princess (cissexism)

Chabi, Influential Wife of Khubilai Khan

Nakano Takeko, Japanese Warrior

Sacajawea, Adventurer and Diplomat

Xiang Fei, the Fragrant Concubine

Urraca of León and Castile, Empress of Spain

Woman Who Kills a Would-Be Rapist and is Presented with his Belongings

Hua Mulan

Stagecoach Mary Fields, Warrior of the West

Finds-Them-And-Kills-Them, Crow Warrior

Mandukhai Khatun, Queen Manduhai the Wise of Mongolia

Lady Sarah Forbes Bonetta Davies

Amina of Zaria, Military Mastermind and basis for Xena, Warrior Princess

Ishi-jo and the Onna Bugeisha, Samurai Women

Madame Loreta Janeta Velazquez, Otherwise Known as Lieutenant Harry T. Buford

The Katuns (Queens) of Mongolia

Empress Xiao Yanyan

Further Reading and Exploration:

And now we present Aurelia. Or is that Auriel? Maybe both. Anyway, I painted the thing.

This was a commission for a fellow tumblr user. I let it go pretty cheap, but if anyone else is looking for a commission of their own, refer to the prices on my commissions page (scroll down): thelineart.tumblr.com/commissions

Mmmmmmm having fun drawing Jinsoku, one of my talonok warlords and Ifreet’s boy -er, best friend, *giggles to herself*. I never did finalize his design, so THIS IS FINAL! BAM! Now to go put this in Ifreet’s bio with a description of him~!

Like all Silverfeather Raptorik he wears the Talonok word for Silverwing on his belt… which i’m not too please with i might change it later- anyhoo. All Warleaders/generally important Raptorik wear a sash across their chest, while most flocks use the rune for Unity, the rune of the unified beast clans, the Silverfeathers use the rune for Sanctuary, indicating their neutrality in the war.

I like that there is a new centaur defector herd now though. According to the centaur article, Dunhoof is the name for all Centaurs collectively, or at least it was until recently. They had one single worldwide herd system going on, all Dunhoofs. However, once the dragons started fighting over everything there were defectors. These were herds that took on the name of their leader; first was Wintermane, and now we know of Swiftfoot.

A growing number of Dunhoof have begun to defect from established herds, citing dragonkind as a bane to the world and all centaurs. Defectors have created new herds, abandoning the Dunhoof name and taking on the names of their warleaders. These new herds are increasingly martial in focus, intending to use both weapons and the elemental magics against the dragon clans, driving them from their lands. It is believed that only when the last dragon has perished and the gods are forced to slumber again will the beastclans know peace.

Which means that there are now 3 canon named Beastclan members, 4 if you want to assume that Dunhoof was the original leader of the world herd: Dunhoof, Wintermane, Swiftfoot, and Talona.


Magic: the Gathering - FNM Promos 

February 2015 Promo - Disdainful Stroke 

Regular Khans of Tarkir Common, illustrated by Svetlin Velinov

Friday Night Magic Promo, illustrated by Svetlin Velinov


2014 Friday Night Magic Promo Cards

January: Warleader’s Helix

February: Elvish Mystic

March: Banisher Priest

April: Encroaching Wastes

May: Tormented Hero

June: Dissolve

July: Magma Spray

August: Bile Blight

September: Banishing Light

October: Fanatic of Xenagos

November: Brain Maggot

December: Stoke the Flames

2015 Friday Night Magic Promo Cards

January: Frenzied Goblin

February: Disdainful Stroke

Because damned if I’m going to miss goblin week again:

Her name is Fea Belthe, the Thorough. She used to be a fierce and feared fighter and warleader, but since losing her leg she’s resigned to a less physically demanding strategist position, where she remains fierce and feared.

Much to her eternal disappointment, the goblin tribes have no actual wars waging at the moment. She exercises her leadership skills by overseeing the much less satisfying “Missions of Mischief” for which goblins are known - an unfortunate but not entirely unfounded stereotype - and by training stag beetles. Her itch for battle remains unscratched in the most uncomfortable of ways.

Deck List, Standard - Infinite Angels

This deck has been thrown around a little bit as of late, but this is the first time I’ve seen it finish well in a Magic Online Daily Event! Nukesaku scored a respectable 3–1 record with it. With two mana creatures; Felhide Spiritbinder; and Aurelia, the Warleader, you can attack as many times as you’d like thanks to the new legend rule.

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anonymous asked:

The early parts of Robert's Rebellion have always fascinated me, particularly the period between the executions and before Jon Arryn calls his banners (what I wouldn't give for some POVs on that discussion!) Anyway, in the event that Robert didn't have Targaryen blood, how would the rebels decide who to acclaim since it would involve ascending an entirely new bloodline?

I still think Robert would have gotten the nod. Certainly, his blood helped smooth things over and ensure a clean succession, but Robert also had a lot of other things going for him. He was a successful warleader and kings were seen as martial positions, the provider of defense and justice (which inevitably requires force to back it up). He was wronged by the previous administration unjustly, and there’s a poetic sense to that. Unlike Eddard, he is (at least nominally) a follower of the Faith of the Seven, the dominant religion on Westeros. The Faith and the Old Gods have been at peace for a number of years, but the Faith has never had to deal with an Old Gods worshipper sitting the Iron Throne, and the King of Westeros is the Defender of the Faith as per the compromise of Jaehaerys I. As a young, healthy man (with rumored bastard children), Robert is believed to be able to sire heirs to ensure a stable succession once he weds. In short, Robert has the qualities to be a successful compromise candidate for the King of Westeros that the four major lords of the Rebellion could agree on.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

Progress is progress.

Decided to add another infinite combat steps enabler with Felhide Spiritbinder, some Myr’s, and Aurelia (which was actually the basis of a Naya deck back in RtR-Theros standard believe it or not, just with different mana dorks).

Now granted it’s a lot of pieces but I’m putting Enlightened Tutor and Recruiter of the Guard to help grab the Myr’s at least. Plus each card is good on its own, so.

Not only that, but I didn’t realize Sunforger could grab as many things as it could, so I went ahead and included it too. Should do a perfect job of grabbing Order//Chaos when I need Chaos for the no blocks.


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