Tumblr Crushes:

okay,so ima tell you why you should follow them and what they reblog most about,so you can be like “whoa,i love them now and ima go follow them cause she says so,” Ainhochu- young justice, wally and artemis, roy and cheshire, harry potter, awesome artwork yeah!, hot boys and yummy supernatural ness,and other stuff ive probs missed. celectialteez- weird but crazy cool stuff, cute comics, also she likes one direction if your into that stuff, artpixie- awesome actresses and actors, pretty art, cute pictures,i love everything on this blog. warl0ck- hot boys, merlin, pretty art C:, cool clothes. viria- really awesome art, she just draws all tha time, she loves merlin too and doctor who. jincera- young justice and just tonnes of DC stuff C:. eriinmillerr- okay, one direction, glee, harry potter, starkid, robin from young justice,i made her watch it,hahaha. peaceandpotter- harry potter, doctor who, supernatural sometimes, just awesome stuff i suppose. starndpolkadots- lots a art that is awesome sauce. And im surprised andiree aint there cause she loves all the stuff i love and vise versa- hot boys, she draws really awesome too, mmm,and heaps more that ive missed,just check them all out,yeah XD