anonymous asked:

who are your favourite people on here and why?

KIM. Kim. My wee scottish bird. I fucking love her to the moon and back. She could move into my house, and my parents would be totally fine with it. She’s a little babe and she’s the best wingwoman on a night out, mind that time I pulled the fittest guy in the club because she pointed him out and pushed me in his direction.

Abby. One of the sweetest girls I have ever talked to, she’s so beautiful and laid back and funny and I’m so so glad that I got to meet her EVEN THOUGH SHE SOUNDS LIKE A WOOKIE IN THE DISTANCE WHEN SHE SNORES.

Konnaire. I go on about him enough don’t I. If he lived closer he’d be one of my best friends. And I love him to bits and I want him to come up here for a weekend.

Josh. Probably one of the nicest guys I have ever had the pleasure of talking to. And he’s fucking hilarious and a proper little cutie. I WANT TO MEET HIM AS WELL YEP.

And um Fatima, Amy, Lauren, Matt, Danny, Ben, Gary, Patto, Ashley, Joe, and I can’t think of anyone else atm and I’ve probably missed people out so sorry sorry sorry.